Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Me and Elder Dayley at Zone Conference

Cool Views of South Korea

The Marriott

Cool view of where we play soccer

The Haunted House. In the basement of our church

My new haircut:)

Us acting cool. Haha

Me making phone calls

A Family driving by

I took pics of them and they took pics of us.  Haha

OCTOBER 26,2014

Oh my awesome family. How are you. I saw all the pictures of you guys in california at Jared's homecoming. Can't believe he's home. He's the coolest.  Ah the dude who spoke portugese is korean. He lived in brazil for 23 years, but he's korean. like what the i know. haha Yeah we spend about an equal amount of time. As we visit less actives we try to talk to people along the way and see if anyone is interested. Yeah I think that the bright yellow spiders are poisonous. But like they're not aggressive at all. i got super close to one to take those pics.  anyway, our recent convert is back. he's not going to that place. so yeah kinda weird. and i can't believe that about david. he's in a tough situation. hope he turns out \okay. oh snap! 

Monday was p-day. after email i went and got my hair cut then we just went home and relaxed all day. much needed and super nice. :) haha i cleaned our bathroom so it's super nice now. like a lot better. haha but yeah. after the nice relaxation we called tons of people trying to get some appointments set up. and got a bunch of people to come to english class so that was good. also got a few appointments so that's awesome. :) Then we went to find a less active but like the place was locked so we, being good missionaries didn't take that for an answer and just typed in the code cuz in korea the codes are always written somewhere where you can see them you just have to look. so yeah we did that and then when we knocked on the door the lady slammed the door in our face, so classic experience. ;) haha it was cool. then we came home! 

Tuesday was good. we got up and went straight to 영등포 youngdeungpo for zone conference. that was super super good. I really enjoyed it. we got some family history training. also about setting goals and stuff. it was good. haha but yeah we had zone conference which was super long. it took until like 5 oclock so we came home and had dinner then we had lanugage study then we called some members to get some appointments. so it was awesome. but yeah that was pretty much it. Wednesday was really good! After our studies we went and met Mr. Park. Elder Dayley and I met him in the park last week and he wanted "a relationship with [us]". according to him. ;) haha so we met him and he took us to get lunch and now he's a new investigator! so that's awesome! he's pretty cool. I don't know his korean name actually haha didn't get around to asking him. He's super active in the methodist church, but super open to religion and us so it's cool. :) haha we ended up giving him a book of mormon and plan of salvation pamphlet and have been talking to him pretty often so it's good. :) haha then we went to visit less actives newar where we met him and one had a super good view. then we visited our CU friend. he really appreciates our visits, he always thanks us. so like we are hoping he'll want to investigate the church here real soon. then we came home and had dinner and english class! That was super fun. i always love it. we were able to teach just one guy who we are working with to get to be an investigator. so we'll see what happens. :) and yeah that's pretty much it!

Thursday was really good as well. we got up and had all of our studies and elder dayley practiced teaching the book of mormon, he's super good. he's getting really good at korean. then we went and had lunch with one of our members, 정경수 Jung Kyungsoo. he's the elders quorum president. he's super nice and way cool. love him. he fed us 떡볶이 which i dont' know what that is in english. just put it into the translator i guess. ;) haha it's spicy. but it was good. then we had a practice lesson with him and commited him to invite someone to the halloween party friday. then we looked for less actives then planned/set up our haunted house and then got dinner and had a nother practice lesson with 김성환 Kim Sunghwan. he's the ward secretary? i think that's right. sure. so we practiced with him and committed him to do the same thing. to invite someone to our halloween party. So yteah! Then we spent the rest of the night setting up our haunted house, but when we went back the next day, literally everything had fallen down. so lame. :( 

Friday was super super good. :) haha we got up and had our studies and stuff i read about alma's conversion. so heck yeah. :) haha then we had weekly planning which was entertaining. haha it was good. we finished all of weekly planning then looked through both of our less active books that we called people from. we like picked out the ones we wanted to call. then we had dinner and then we started calling people. a bunch didn't answer but two of the less actives that answered we were able to get appointements for this week with. so that was awesome. one was like wow its been like a few years since the missionaries have called i really miss you guys! I am getting married in 2 weeks you guys should come! but its across the river so we can't. :( but that's okay. we are going to meet him tonight. :) then we went and had a practice lesson with 안상철 Ahn SahngChor. he's the best. he's the first counselor in the bishopric. so yeah we gave him the invite someone to the halloween party commitment and then he bought us a ton of bread. and while we were there the lady was like hey i've been meaning to talk to you guys for a long time but what church are you guys from? There's always people here so i can never ask, but since there's no one here i can! haha her boss guy is interested and she scanned our card to get to the website so hopefully she gets interested! we'll see what happens. :) 

Saturday we had soccer so we woke up and went straight there. It was way fun! Some people from 수원 Suwon, my first area's stake came and they were way cool! After we were done the first thing one of the guys said to me is hey you're super handsome. :) haha it made my day. way cool. and our bishop made jokes too. i had a wide open goal but totally missed it way bad and then like 5 minutes later i had a actually pretty dang nice goal and the bishop goes, in english, the worst and the best! haha too funny. Then after soccer we went with the bishop to subway of course. then we came home and showered then we had our weekly coorelation meeting with kim surgi. he's way cool. haha that was good. then we came home and studied and had lunch then we went to youngdeungpo for stake conference and were there the rest of the night! it was awesome! I love it. I learned the word for food storage haha. pretty cool. and yeah!

Sunday we had stake conference again. so we went there and it was way good. our stake president is a boss. his talk was super good. and so was everyone else that spoke. well at least, what i could understand. my understanding is pretty good. :) haha so i could understand maybe like 60% of it? then we came home and had our studies. those were good. then we had our evaluation thing for the two new missionaries to teach. love them. haha it was way good. so yeah! Then we had dinner and went to visit our less active friend and invited him to the halloween party so hopefully he comes! we'll see! but yeah! Then we came home and made lots of calls and got appointements for like everyday this week. so we are excited. should be a good one! please throw your prayers are way. we could use them to help progress our area. things are looking up though. i'm really excited about this next week. :) also, the reason we have practice lessons with members is because president morrise wants us to get as much practice teaching as possible. Also, we keep track of a total lessons stat which the standard of excellence in our mission is 10 and those go towards it. so yeah! i miss you guys a ton. you're the best. like honestly, i really do love you guys. and i hope you guys are doing good. i think you are based on all the fun stories i hear. :) i love you so much!

elder breinholt

Pics of the Week OCTOBER 19,2014

Pic of the Yellow Spider

Cool view of City

The recent convert 이승룡.

Us at the 순대국soondaygook place. 

Us at the 순대국soondaygook place.

Really Cool view of Korea

Another view of Korea

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

O C T O B E R 1 9, 2 0 1 4

Hey hey hey guys! How are you? This week was a pretty decent one for me over here in korea. things are going good. We saw a few miracles towards the end of the week that were pretty awesome! 

Monday after email we went to 유가네 our fried rice place that's delicious. It was way good. then we went to the church and had fun with the 봉천 (BongChun) ward missionaries. It was super fun. We played ping pong badminton and other stuff. Took some pics so look out for those. :) then after that we went to find less actives and got some sweet pictures from the view of their apartment. but yeah they weren't home so we just went back to the church and taught our friend 오상일 Oh SahngIr. He's doin good. We taught him about the atonement and commited him to read a talk and the information and scriptures related to the atonement that are listed in the back of the book of mormon. But yeah!

Tuesday. We had our studies which were wesome. I'm lovin em lately. Then we went out to find less actives and talk to people which went pretty good! It was fun. Found out that one person moved, of course. haha can't ever rfind em at home sadly. but that's okay. after a not too successful hunt of less actives we came home and had dinner and then we went to visit our recent convert who left for his recuperation thing on friday. We talked to him about the book of mormon and he loved that. he loves the book of mormon. said he would read and study super hard while he was gone! so he better! haha

Wednesday was cool. we got up and had our studies. i've been reading the teachings of the presidents of the church joseph smith book lately and like it's super solid. I learned that he knows/at least attempted to read the bible in german, latin, greek, and hebrew. not to mention that he knew the book of mormon language plus english. so that was cool. but after our studies we decided to go get some fun food so we went and got what's called 순대국 (Soondaygook). it's a soup made out of like blood sausage that is stuffed with noodles? it's good. i enjoyed it. But it was crazy. we were there and this old dude comes up to us and asks the lady how much our meal is and then is like yeah i'll pay for it. no big deal. so that was awesome. love cool people. i think he lived in georgia for a year and met some missionaries there, so that was awesome. Then we were going to go talk to people and we ran into the other elders investigator mr. oh so we talked to him for a little bit. he bought us some milk. :) haha i love him. he's the best. he's 67 years old and just wants to do what's right. he just is old so it's hard for him to change what he's been doing for 67 years. but yeah! Then we went to find some less actives and talked to some cool people! THen we had english class! A new guy came who lived in brazil for 23 years so he knows fluent portugese and spanish and now wants to learn english and japanese. pretty crazy right? he's pretty fun. But yeah! That's it for wednesday. english class was fun!

Thursday was fun too. we got up and had our studies then we went to visit bong the leather man. he's the best. he took us to get some chinese food and then we went back to his shop. we were able to teach him about the word of wisdom and living prophets. so that was awesome! He's the best. ah i missed him. it had been like a month since we last met him so it was super good to see him again. i just want him to accept the gospel. we'll see how it goes this week. :) then we went to the park in our area and talked to ome people and then we went to subway which was good of course. haha just like america. then we went to viist our recent convert for the last time before he leaves. we gave him a ablessing in a aconvenience store haha it was pretty cool. the lady who was in there might have been freaked out but hey that's fine. but yeah! THen we came back to our church and we met 오상일 again! So yeah! Pretty darn good day except having to say goodbye to 이승룡 (Lee SeungYong). :( haha but yeah. 

Friday was okay. we had our studies then went to go get lunch and then we had weekly planning! That was okay! took a while but yhey that's fine. Afgter weekly planning we left tto tlak to peole and to meet 오상일 but he cancelled so that was lame. he had to work. his priorities are still a little twisted but we are trying. so sad. i just want him to come back to church. ahh. but hey that's fine i guess. then we went to try and talk to people til we had to come home. 

Saturday was pretty good! We had all of our studies then we went to the church and had our weekly coorelation meeting! That was fun! I liked it. But yeah! After that on the way home our ward mission leader but us some 삼겹살 which is like korean bacon. pretty good. Kinda greasy though. but that's okay. Haha so yeah we then had lunch and that was fun. then we went to find more less actives! That was fun! Confirmed that two people don't live there anymore. saving a lot of missionaries a lot of time! heck yeah. :) also had a super nice view. the area was super cool. like up against the mountains and stuff. i took a few pictures. then in one of the apartment complexes it was super super nice. it made me feel like i was back at a nice marriott. ;) haha it seriously was like beverly hills though. like usually in apartments the first floor will have someone living on it but this one because it's so nice, they didn't have people living on the first floor because that's the one that everyone walks to get to their apartments on higher floors so it can be kinda loud. pretty cool. haha anyway after that we went to the park and started talking to people and the first guy that we talked to took a book of mormon! So that was awesome! haha it was way cool. eventually we jsut amde our way home after that. 

sunday baby. nothing too big happened. :) but it was still okay. we had personal study then went to church! Church was good! we were able to talk to some cool members and get a better relationship with them ya know. basic stuff. then we came home and had lunch then we had our evaluation where we teach a practice lesson to elder pruner. that went really good. elder dayley continues to surprise me. he's super good. then we had dinner and language study. then we went to the park again...haha anyway. on the way there this dude was like ah i know your church! So we stopped and talked to him and it turns out that like 30 years ago literally the same time dad was on his mission this guy met with missionaries and he was super tight with them. he showed us pictures they took and stuff it was super cute. haha so he gave us his name card and told us to call him! Should be awesome! then we continued to talk to people till we came home!

Fun things of the week: In korea there are these giant yellow spiders that i showed you guys in a picture. i got a really good one. Well we were walking on the street and all of a sudden the couple in front of us stops and his girlfriend freaks out and the guy had one of the huge yellow spiders on his head so he freaks out and like shoves it off. too funny. :) Other thing that you guys will find interesting. So lately the mosquitos have been worse than normal because it's cold outside they come into houses where it's warm. i don't know how they get in. but they do. so yeah. so as we sleep they attack us but not only do they bite you they like fly around your ear and wake you up. so finally i was just like alright mogi (모기) (The word for mosquito in korean) So i waited and then it came near my ear infact it flew in my ear so i killed it in my ear and went back to sleep. the next morning when i woke up i cleaned out my ear and there was a nice dead mosquito haha too funny. super gross though. but yeah i did that twice this week. anyway, i love you guys. missionary work is still goin. elder dayley rocks. the ward rocks. you guys rock. love you so much. :)

Elder Breinholt

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Connor and one of his Korean friends
These are some of the milk choices in Korean!

This is a super funny sign that in Korean is telling people that in the park drinking and smoking is prohibited, but in English it says stop smoking and drinking. :) haha

Greenie Fire

Hello Family,

Hey so we have a portable dvd player that we watch the district movies on. It's way fun. There's a lot more than is just on mormonchannel.  Yeah we called all the people, but nothing happened this week. We weren't able to get any appointments with them, but they are still super friendly and we are hoping to meet them this week. We just keep on prayin haha. and the guy on the bus no we never got his phone number or anything sadly.  Tell grandma i love her. She's the best. We didnt' get to watch conference this week. We watch it a week late so we will watch it this weekend. 

Okay so this week! It was pretty good! Had some good stuff happen. :) P-day we went and got chicken and hung out at the church, played games and watched some movies haha it was way fun. We had fried chicken for lunch and mcdonald's for dinner so it was super healthy. :) haha i love it. then we went to try and visit the service guy after p-day but the place was closed so we weren't able to get any service in this week. Kinda sad. THen we decided to go to the han river. that was pretty cool! Talked to some nice guys for a while then we took a bus home and it was just a good night led by the spirit. we were able to talk to some people on the bus and then i decided to get off a stop early and because we did we were able to talk to a guy who was interested in learning english so we were able to give him a card. that was super good. just a good night. :) 

Tuesday. last day of september. crazy. we got to watch an hour and a half video of the district as part of the first 12 weeks for elder dayley. Speaking of which, i heard you became facebook friends with his mom. that's too cute. haha so we had our studies then we went and met our friend named moses. he's the funniest. He's an old man who i've visited once before. he's reading the book of mormon but really isn't willing to change religions because of his family and stuff so that's why we don't meet with him. Plus we ask him to meet and he's like no. he talks like a black man from the 70's it's so cute. haha he was talking about a missionary who was here before me and he was a black guy and calls him the "black gentleman". stuff like that. then we walked and wandered around and then went to the park and talked to people which was fun. then we had dinner. after that we went to meet our recent convert who is doin way good. he had some sort of accident. So he picks up cardboard and puts it in a handcart type thing that he pulls around. and he was going down a hill and the cart like hit a bump or something and flipped over and flipped him over and because he's so old like 60 years old it coulda been super bad but the only place he was hurt was a scrape on his knee and wrist. he said "god protected him". so it was way cute. I love him. we taught him about prophets and the ten commandmenbts and that was good. he is a fan of prophets. he's excited to watch conference this week. So yeah!

Wednesday we got up and had studies and then we went to 봉천 (BongChun) The other area in our district and got lunch and then had district meeting down there. it was super fun. their church is nice. speaking of which i haven't taken any pictures of the churches here. i gotta do that. maybe i'll do it this week. :) Anyway, we had lunch and then we had district meeting that was good. talked about feeling the spirit and keeping christ on our mind which we always need to do. then we went to go visit our CU convenience store friend. that was fun. then we bought groceries as part of dinner cuz we didn't have money on monday haha so we bought groceries during dinner and had cereal and then we had english class. that was super fun. then we talked to people but not really too much happened. 

Thursday. We had our studies which were good. like i say everyday haha. then we went down to find less actives. we were able to confirm some. and then we talked to people but it started to rain so we just went on the subway to talk to people. Talked to some nice people. then we came home and had dinner and then we called formers. our friend bong said he couldn't meet until the 11th so i'm pretty darn upset about that. it was super sad. ah come on bong. then we decided to call one more. his name is 홍승표 (Hong SeungPyo). He's like 45. so we called him and he wanted to meet so we went to meet him! We went to a seafood restaraunt and he ordered raw fish. It's called 회 Hway. It's literally, slices of raw fish on an icepack. Haha it was intense. But it was good actually. like it wasn't weird or super fishy or anything. cuz they like killed it right there in front of us. pretty cool. haha but he just likes to meet people and get to know people. he wasn't really too interested in the message but it was a fun night. Oh! haha he tried to get us to drink this alcohol called 소주 SoJoo. it's basically just like korean version of vodka i dunno cuz i've never had either haha. but they drink it all the time. he really wanted us to drink it. he's like aren't you interested as to what it tastes like? I was like um no. he's like oh just dip your tongue in it and see what it tastes like. it's not drinking it! And we were both like uh no way man! haha it was kinda weird. but it was easy to say no. heck yeah for testimonies. :)

Friday. we had our studies and then we went out for lunch which was super good then we did weeekly planning at the church. that was fun. always is. :) haha after that we had some ice cream with a different recent convert in our ward and then we had our 12-week evaluation teaching with the zone leaders and that was super good! It was fun. We taught the plan of salvation (second lesson). so it was super cool. then we had a meal appointment with a lady in our ward and her son. It was super fun and delicious. We went to a 갈비탕 (Karbi Tahng) place. Its like the rib meat, dad knows that one that he always gets at sam hawk. but in a soup. pretty good! Best one i've had yet. haha it was a nice restaraunt. they're the best. but we had that and then we went to find less actives and found that some moved and talked to some nice ladies and then that was our day!

Saturday. We went to soccer which was fun of course. I love it. It was super fun. I tried to get one of the young men to switch to our team haha. he wouldn't do it though. But then we went to subway of course with the bishop and the bishopric. it was super good. i love it. they have an egg salad sandwhich here actually. it's super cheap of course. haha korean's love it. then we showered and went to the church and had our weekly coordination meeting. and then we went and got lunch with our cu friend! That was awesome! He's doing way good. We are trying to get him interested in the gospel. he has some interest. he asks us questions. we are gonna go into it this week with a more solid plan and say hey do you want to do this english thing with us or not. maybe. i don't know. ah missionary stress. then we came hom e and had our studies and then we went to visit 이승룡 our recent convert. that was super fun. he made elder dayley get the number of the worker at the place we meet out of so that we could preach the gospel to her. haha but she is not in it for the right reasons. she thinks elder dayley is super cute so...awkward haha. then we left that place and got some delicious chicken with him. super fun. Then we went to the church and watched fireworks with some members. that was awesome! There should be some pics. Apparently every year the first weekend of october there's a huge fireworks show near our area. super cool. so that was that!

Sunday. We had church! It was way fun. We got to greet our members who are the best like always. too nice. our recent convert was there for all 3 hours finally so that was awesome. haha i love him. he brought his cute dog. too funny. but yeah! Church was good. i got to talk to the bishop's son who is about to be old enough to go on a mission so we'll see if i can get him to go soon haha. we'll see though. then we came home and had ours tudies and then because we were incredibly hungry cuz of fasting we tried to call people but like not really anyone was interested sadly. so then we had dinner that was good. then we went and visited our elss active friend. his name is 김화랑 (Kim Hwarang) he's way cool. He's a junior high student. We invited him to the activity on thursday and that was super good! He seemed like he was interested and would be coming to it! So lets pray! haha we'll see what happens. then we walked around trying to talk to people visiting less actives and stuff. Then right before we had to come home we started talking to a kid in a american flag hoodie. haha he was way cool. he was buddhist but we talked to him about the book of mormon and how it's blessed our lives and he said it was cool! And so we were like yeah man we'll give one to you if you'll read it! And he's like heck yeah i'll read it! So that was aesome! He jsut doesn't live in our are so that's the problem...:( But yeah! That was our little last minute miracle. :)  Can't believe Jared comes home so soon. that's crazy. absolutely insane. you guys are the best. i miss you tons. you rock. :)

Elder Breinholt

Friday, October 3, 2014

Pics of the Week

View of Seoul Korea

A cool area as we visit less actives and an epic look out. ;) haha i had to do it. it was actually a selfie. 

View of Seoul Korea

A cool area as we visit less actives and an epic look out. ;) haha i had to do it. it was actually a selfie. 

Really cool area

Really cool view

Family History Chart

a cool statue


Oh hey it's fine. Getting yelled at is cool haha. just kidding it's not cool, but it's just the pains of bein a missionary. They were dress pants. Pretty nice. And comfy. I'm wearin em right now. :) haha yeah the korean temple is way pretty! It's super small though. But super cool. 

This week was pretty good! We saw a few miracles that were way cool. Elder Dayley is a great missionary with greenie fire so yeah! MOnday was cool. We were going to go to the park which woulda been way fun but thenwe realized we would have gotten there and only had like an hour before we would have to leave so we decided to come back to the church and just play clue instead. :) So we played clue and that was super fun. Elder Dayley won one and i won one. Heck yeah :) haha then we came home after shopping and then we went to the college in our area. There was some party thing going on so we felt super ouut of place so we left then we had a lesson with our friend 오상일 the less active man. He's super cool. He was a lot of help as well. We taught him the restoration. That was super cool.  I love the restoration. Joseph smith man. he was a prophet of god. But like every time we meet 오상일 (Oh Sahngeer?) haha i don't know how to konglish his name. Anyway, every time we meet him i can see the light in him and he wants to do what's right he just doesn't meet us often enough. He has a super good heart and wants to come back, there is just something holding him back and we can't figure out what it is. Anyway, that was pretty much it! 

Tuesday. We had our studies and that was fun. We watched a ton of the district which is always good. I would suggest watching it. Then we went out to take notes to some members houses. That aws awesome and we were able to confirm that a less active had moved. Then we were on the bus and elder dayley started talking to a guy and it turned out that he had gone to the polynesian cultural center in hawaii and met missionaries there. Then he just reached into his wallet and pulled out his card and was like hey call me anytime. so then we called him that night and he was drunk haha it was hilarious. He answers and elder dayley is like hello? And he goes oh 댈리장로!! I love you! How do you do? Just all this funny stuff. tellin him how much he loves him and it was too funny. But long story short we called him the next day and we are going to meet him hopefully today. :) so that should be awesome. After that we went to the mpark and started talking to some people and that was fun. Then we went to meet our recent convert and taught him some of the commandments. Obedience, prayer, scriptures and keeping the sabbath day holy. but yeah. he's doin great. didn't come to church though...stress. ah.

wednesday we got up and had our studies and then we had district meeting. It was good! We talked about commitments and how important they are. But yeah! Then we went to visit our cu friend. the guy who works at the convenience store. we are meeting him this week saturday for lunch so that should be awesome. Gonna try to make him an investigator. after that we had dinner and english class. that was fun.. Some recent convert guy from seoul mission came and we taught him. haha that was too cute. he's kinda odd. but then we went out and talked to people and saw a few miracles. we were walking and a lady said hi to us so we started talking to her and it turns out she's a less active of ten years! She wouldn't tell us anything about herself but we were able to at least tell her when church is and give her a card. Then we were walking and a black guy passed us and we started talking to him. it was cool. he's from ethiopia. he knew our church though and we were able to give him a book of mormon! So yeah! Win! Haha but that was pretty much it!

Thursday we had our studies, watched more of the district. I love it. We watch a lot of it as part of Elder Dayley's training. So that's fun. Anyway, we went to the park and talked to some people, had a drunk guy breathe in elder dayley's face for a while. It was too funny. He almost threw up. haha i felt super bad. but it's okay. then we did the little foot massage path thing and a bunch of people were laughing at us because they've never seen an american do that thing in their life. It's a path thing that has little stones and you take off your shoes and walk on it. it's way painful but fun. and you feel way good after. then we went to find some less actives but none of them lived there...lame. then we had dinner and then we went to meet 이승룡 our recent convert. that was different...he was in a super bad mood. He was havin a hard day and just kinda wanted to chill with us. i felt so bad. he is in a llot of pain and stuff. and so bad. but then we left and were going to meet our less active friend but then he cancelled. so lame. but yeah that was pretty much our day. 

Friday. We saw a few miracles as well. It was crazy. So we got up had studies then we had weekly planning which was good. Classic. then we went down to our investigators area to find less actives. On the way down there we were talking to a group of 3 guys and almost gave one a book of mormon but the most interested guy wouldn't take it. He seemed like he really liked it so i was super disappointed...:( but that's fine. then we went on with our day and found a few less actives had moved and stuff of course. then we decided to go find one more before having dinner so we went and knocked on this door hoping they'd live there, but they didn't so we were like dang it! Haha not too much was going our way. but that's fine. cuz when we walked out of the apartment a lady stopped us and was like yeah i haven't believed in god my whole life but like recently i had an accident or some experience that made her believe in god. and she knew our church somehow. and so she asked us lots of questions about what we believe and we answered em and gave her a book of mormon and she said she'd read it! So that was crazy! Miracle in and of itself. And if that wasn't enough we turn away from that conversation take another 2 steps and see the most interested guy from the bus. Like what. we saw him and were like hey hey how are you! And were able to give him a restoration pamphlet before he ran away. :) It was a crazy "coincidence". i love it. that was awesome. Then we had dinner and our leather man moved our apointment to today, but he cancelled today. lame. ah. well after that we went to the park and tried to talk to people and yeah! Then we came home. good day. :)

Saturday we were able to go to 송파 (Songpa) where the mission home is for a 12-week training follow up meeting. That was way good. Got to see my friends from the mission and all the greenies. I love greenies. they're the best. Anyway, we were able to share a lot of experiences that were uplifting and got me stoked to do missionary work. :) President morrise has a lot of fire too lately so its good. Things are really starting to get going in our mission. Anyway, then we came home and had dinner then we went to find less actives but none of them were home so that was lame. on the way home though another miracle. i was praying that someone would come sit next to me so i could talk to em. cuz there was like barely anyone on the bus right. so i prayed and some girl drooling over her boyfriend comes and sits next to me. but then they moved and a guy that was sitting somewhere else comes and talks to me and he goes. hey are you christian? And i go yeah man! And we were talking and he was really cool. He knew we didn't drink alcohol and he knew utah and the jazz haha. for some reason koreans know the jazz. but its cool. anyway, so we were talking and i was able to give him a card and he's like k now i'm gonna go sit next to my girlfriend again. too funny. but crazy! And yeah that was pretty much it!

Sunday was kinda relaxed. We got up and went straight to the church. We went to PEC so that was great. Then we had church. That was crazy. Haha in sunday school they had some quiz thing that got crazy. lots of koreans trying to beat one another in their knowledge of the old testament. too funny. after church we came hom and had our studies and evaluations for their 12-week thing and then we had dinner. by the time alll of that was done we had an hour and a half left of the day so we decided to go talk to people but it started to rain so we came home and made phone calls instead. but we talked to a nice guy or two! Haha but yeah! It was a really good faith building week of missionary work! I loved it!^^ Hope to just keep building off of it. Let me know if there's anything else you guys want to know. I love you so much. Miss you tons. :)

Elder Breinholt

Pics of the Week

Love going to the Temple!! I just soak up the spirit when I'm here:)

cool view. the gold building is hanwha. it's like 100 stories haha it's so tall. 

Us at Soccer


 Happy birthday kenah! I know it's not your birthday in America, but it is here!^^ You're 13! What the! That blows my mind! You're way too big. 7th grade now? Like what the. mind blown. So good to hear that BYU is 4-0 now. :) i love that. And the pics, keep em coming, they're awesome. :) haha i love all of dad's. what are you guys doing for kenah's birthday? Dad, i'm sure that the bahamas must be so hard to have a business trip too. Try not to work too hard at Atlantis. ;)

Our week! Monday was pretty good! So after email we went to pizza school which was a terrible decision. But it's okay. THen we came home and had to do this evaluation thing with the other elders for the restoration lesson. That went really good! I was really impressed with their teaching. After that we had dinner and then we went out to find less actives. We talked to a dude on a bench who didn't have an arm. That was cool. He just didn't believe in god so he ddin't really want anything to do with us. THen we were going to meet our less active friend 오상일 but he cancelled. He's been cancelling a lot lately. but because of that we just went home and made calls. One of the people we called seemed really interested and said to keep callin him so we're gonna keep on that. But yeah that was monday. 

Tuesday we studied then we went to take notes to some members. That was good! We just like wrote nice notes like hey we are thinkin about ya, here's an awesome scripture we read this morning! Stuff like that. so that took a long time. We talked to people on the way. talked to a nice Jehovah's witness lady. tellin us all about daniel and isaiah and how the secrets in the bible, they know em. it was actually really sincere and she was way cool. so we talked to here about the plan of salvation, so that was cool! Then we talked to a lady who called us a cult. but like that was whatever. she was funny about it so i kinda joked around with her and was like well, you can believe that if you want but like i know it's true so it's fine. then we came home and had dinner then we were visiting less actives and we got yelled at way hard. haha it was the one door that i had elder dayley do. we knocked on it and asked if this person lives there and he said no leave and so we started to leave and he just like exploded it was crazy. he was yelling way loud. i'm sure there were some profanities in there that i have no idea what they were and stuff, haha but like it was way ridiculous. so that was annoying. but it was cool. then we taught 이승룡 our recent convert, the third lesson. Which is the gospel of jesus christ. so that was aweosme. talked about enduring to the end which is so hard. it's where we all are. so yeah. So we teach him outside of a convenience store called GS25 and so he introduced us to one of the workers who thinks that elder dayley is way cute. :) haha it was too funny. but yeah that was pretty much it. 

Wednesday was good! We had our studies and then we had district meeting. That was actually super good! Elder PRuner did a really good job. I was impressed. He talked alot about becoming consecrated missionaries so i decided to read a talk on that by Tad R. Callister. it is way good. anyway then we went to visit our friend at the CU place. it's another convenience store. anyway, he wasn't there so we just walked around and tried to talk to people. It was okay. went decently. Then we went to english class and a guy named Adam, the other elders golden investigator came. he's so cool. But yeah, we had english class and that was fun. A new lady came. There were a lot of people there. Other than that after english class we went out to talk to people for like 30 minutes and were able to give a guy a restoration pamphlet so that was pretty good for only 30 minutes! haha 

Thursday! It was temple day! I love it! So awesome. The temple rocks. So sacred. I just soaked in the spirit. I didn't really learn anything crazy new but just felt the spirit. After that we went to 영등포 (YoungDeungPo) to do some shopping. That was way fun. I bought two pairs of pants. They were 25$ each so i hopped on that train. haha they were super nice too. so hopefully i'll be able to wear them after i get home as well. That was my thought process behind that one. But yeah! Elder Pruner bought some shoes and then we were looking for other stuff to buy but didn't really find anything. THen we came home and i finished a new book of mormon case. It's a lot more simple than the one i have now. I'll be sure to send you pics. I haven't taken any of it yet. it's just a book of mormon on the outside with a family pic on it. :) too cute. but yeah! After that we went to visit less actives and then we went to teach 이승룡 again. We taught him about tithing and fasting. He really liked it. We gave him the pamphlet and he's like ah i haven't read this one 10 times yet give it to me! haha it was really funny. Cuz he read the restoration, plan of salvation and gospel of jesus christ pamphlets like 20 times each. he's so solid. so yeah he liked that lesson a lot. Pay your tithing peeps. :) 

Friday was pretty busy. We had personal and companion study then we went to 송파 (songpa) where the mission home is to have our interviews with president. This will put into perspective how small our mission is for you by the way. From anywhere in our mission where missionaries are. They are within 3 hours by public transportation to the mission home. Most are within an hour and a half by subway. But yeah! On the way there we gave a lady a plan of salvation pamphlet. I keep wanting to call it a 구원의 계획 (Kuwon-ay Kaywake) pamphlet haha. that's what it is in korean. so anyway then we had our interviews and that was good. i love talking to sister morrise at interviews. it's like the best part haha. she's the coolest lady ever. love her and president morrise. but yeah! After that we came home and had language study. On the way home this beyond drunk guy started talking to us. Like when i say that i mean when we would talk to me i would have to turn my head. Cuz if i didn't his breath smelled so much like alcohol, it was so strong that i basically dry heaved on the subway. it was terrible. but he was insistent on talking to us so we were talking to him and we were actually able to give him a book of mormon and a restoration pamphlet! So that was good! But after that i was on splits with elder pruner. so that was fun. We went to an area called 신링 (Shillim) and had dinner and then we went to 안태훈 (Ahn Tayhoon)'s houseto visit them. it was super short. but way good. one of his sons doesn't really like church and he's about 14 so it's a crucial point haha. so we are trying to get in with him. it's hard though. but after that we just talked to people! Pretty average! But yeah! That was our split! 

Saturday not too much happened. We had another busy day. haha we woke up and went to soccer and a ton of people went. Adam came! The other elder's investigator. He came in jeans, vans and a v-neck. classic haha. it was funy. but yeah then a bunch of official people came for some reason so we played them. not very fun. they were too serious, and also too good. Like some of our people were way better than all of their players, there were just so many of them haha. so that was okay. after that we went to subway of course with our bishop. :) He's the best. :) It was way good. It always reminds me of my freshman days at byu cuz that's all i ever ate. Haha love it. then we came home and had personal study and then we had a practice lesson with 허병석 (Ho byungsuck). he's the best. He's the old stake president. His kids live in canada if you remember him haha. he's the first family i had a meal appointment with in 노량진. So we taught him the restoration then came home and had companion and language study. then we had dinner and had weekly planning! All day gone! haha so yeah that was saturday.

Yesterday was pretty good. I still think it's weird that yesterday for me is today for you guys. ;) But yesterday was good too! We had personal study then went to the church and got it ready and stuff then we sung to our ward members as they came in. Love them. Adam and 이승룡 came and also one of the sister missionaries investigators. so things are looking really good in our area right now. Just not for me and elder dayley. :) haha but that's fine. we're workin trying to get it done. after church we had our studies and then we had the teaching evaluation thing. it was pretty good! I could tell that elder dayley is more confident and has improved. We both still have a long ways to go, but it's getting a lot better. :) Then we had dinenr and went to find less actives. And guess what! One was home! So we got to talk to him for a little bit. His name is 김화랑 (Kim Hwarang). He's a 8th grader who is way nice. i wasn't expecting an eighth grader though. haha but anyway, he was way nice, got to know him and told him we'd be comin back! So that was awesome! Then we went around and talked to people!

But yeah that's our week! I think that things are about to explode here. I'm hoping and praying for some miracles this week. Missionary work man. It's hard. But it's way worth it. I'm lovin the time that i've served with elder Dayley. He's a way good missionary. for a greenie? yeah he's good. way better than i was haha. but we're gonna get stuff done this week and hopefully finally find some new investigators. We'll see what happens. :) Haha i love and miss you. think about you often. You rock!

Elder Breinholt