Tuesday, October 28, 2014

O C T O B E R 1 9, 2 0 1 4

Hey hey hey guys! How are you? This week was a pretty decent one for me over here in korea. things are going good. We saw a few miracles towards the end of the week that were pretty awesome! 

Monday after email we went to 유가네 our fried rice place that's delicious. It was way good. then we went to the church and had fun with the 봉천 (BongChun) ward missionaries. It was super fun. We played ping pong badminton and other stuff. Took some pics so look out for those. :) then after that we went to find less actives and got some sweet pictures from the view of their apartment. but yeah they weren't home so we just went back to the church and taught our friend 오상일 Oh SahngIr. He's doin good. We taught him about the atonement and commited him to read a talk and the information and scriptures related to the atonement that are listed in the back of the book of mormon. But yeah!

Tuesday. We had our studies which were wesome. I'm lovin em lately. Then we went out to find less actives and talk to people which went pretty good! It was fun. Found out that one person moved, of course. haha can't ever rfind em at home sadly. but that's okay. after a not too successful hunt of less actives we came home and had dinner and then we went to visit our recent convert who left for his recuperation thing on friday. We talked to him about the book of mormon and he loved that. he loves the book of mormon. said he would read and study super hard while he was gone! so he better! haha

Wednesday was cool. we got up and had our studies. i've been reading the teachings of the presidents of the church joseph smith book lately and like it's super solid. I learned that he knows/at least attempted to read the bible in german, latin, greek, and hebrew. not to mention that he knew the book of mormon language plus english. so that was cool. but after our studies we decided to go get some fun food so we went and got what's called 순대국 (Soondaygook). it's a soup made out of like blood sausage that is stuffed with noodles? it's good. i enjoyed it. But it was crazy. we were there and this old dude comes up to us and asks the lady how much our meal is and then is like yeah i'll pay for it. no big deal. so that was awesome. love cool people. i think he lived in georgia for a year and met some missionaries there, so that was awesome. Then we were going to go talk to people and we ran into the other elders investigator mr. oh so we talked to him for a little bit. he bought us some milk. :) haha i love him. he's the best. he's 67 years old and just wants to do what's right. he just is old so it's hard for him to change what he's been doing for 67 years. but yeah! Then we went to find some less actives and talked to some cool people! THen we had english class! A new guy came who lived in brazil for 23 years so he knows fluent portugese and spanish and now wants to learn english and japanese. pretty crazy right? he's pretty fun. But yeah! That's it for wednesday. english class was fun!

Thursday was fun too. we got up and had our studies then we went to visit bong the leather man. he's the best. he took us to get some chinese food and then we went back to his shop. we were able to teach him about the word of wisdom and living prophets. so that was awesome! He's the best. ah i missed him. it had been like a month since we last met him so it was super good to see him again. i just want him to accept the gospel. we'll see how it goes this week. :) then we went to the park in our area and talked to ome people and then we went to subway which was good of course. haha just like america. then we went to viist our recent convert for the last time before he leaves. we gave him a ablessing in a aconvenience store haha it was pretty cool. the lady who was in there might have been freaked out but hey that's fine. but yeah! THen we came back to our church and we met 오상일 again! So yeah! Pretty darn good day except having to say goodbye to 이승룡 (Lee SeungYong). :( haha but yeah. 

Friday was okay. we had our studies then went to go get lunch and then we had weekly planning! That was okay! took a while but yhey that's fine. Afgter weekly planning we left tto tlak to peole and to meet 오상일 but he cancelled so that was lame. he had to work. his priorities are still a little twisted but we are trying. so sad. i just want him to come back to church. ahh. but hey that's fine i guess. then we went to try and talk to people til we had to come home. 

Saturday was pretty good! We had all of our studies then we went to the church and had our weekly coorelation meeting! That was fun! I liked it. But yeah! After that on the way home our ward mission leader but us some 삼겹살 which is like korean bacon. pretty good. Kinda greasy though. but that's okay. Haha so yeah we then had lunch and that was fun. then we went to find more less actives! That was fun! Confirmed that two people don't live there anymore. saving a lot of missionaries a lot of time! heck yeah. :) also had a super nice view. the area was super cool. like up against the mountains and stuff. i took a few pictures. then in one of the apartment complexes it was super super nice. it made me feel like i was back at a nice marriott. ;) haha it seriously was like beverly hills though. like usually in apartments the first floor will have someone living on it but this one because it's so nice, they didn't have people living on the first floor because that's the one that everyone walks to get to their apartments on higher floors so it can be kinda loud. pretty cool. haha anyway after that we went to the park and started talking to people and the first guy that we talked to took a book of mormon! So that was awesome! haha it was way cool. eventually we jsut amde our way home after that. 

sunday baby. nothing too big happened. :) but it was still okay. we had personal study then went to church! Church was good! we were able to talk to some cool members and get a better relationship with them ya know. basic stuff. then we came home and had lunch then we had our evaluation where we teach a practice lesson to elder pruner. that went really good. elder dayley continues to surprise me. he's super good. then we had dinner and language study. then we went to the park again...haha anyway. on the way there this dude was like ah i know your church! So we stopped and talked to him and it turns out that like 30 years ago literally the same time dad was on his mission this guy met with missionaries and he was super tight with them. he showed us pictures they took and stuff it was super cute. haha so he gave us his name card and told us to call him! Should be awesome! then we continued to talk to people till we came home!

Fun things of the week: In korea there are these giant yellow spiders that i showed you guys in a picture. i got a really good one. Well we were walking on the street and all of a sudden the couple in front of us stops and his girlfriend freaks out and the guy had one of the huge yellow spiders on his head so he freaks out and like shoves it off. too funny. :) Other thing that you guys will find interesting. So lately the mosquitos have been worse than normal because it's cold outside they come into houses where it's warm. i don't know how they get in. but they do. so yeah. so as we sleep they attack us but not only do they bite you they like fly around your ear and wake you up. so finally i was just like alright mogi (모기) (The word for mosquito in korean) So i waited and then it came near my ear infact it flew in my ear so i killed it in my ear and went back to sleep. the next morning when i woke up i cleaned out my ear and there was a nice dead mosquito haha too funny. super gross though. but yeah i did that twice this week. anyway, i love you guys. missionary work is still goin. elder dayley rocks. the ward rocks. you guys rock. love you so much. :)

Elder Breinholt

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