Friday, October 3, 2014


Oh hey it's fine. Getting yelled at is cool haha. just kidding it's not cool, but it's just the pains of bein a missionary. They were dress pants. Pretty nice. And comfy. I'm wearin em right now. :) haha yeah the korean temple is way pretty! It's super small though. But super cool. 

This week was pretty good! We saw a few miracles that were way cool. Elder Dayley is a great missionary with greenie fire so yeah! MOnday was cool. We were going to go to the park which woulda been way fun but thenwe realized we would have gotten there and only had like an hour before we would have to leave so we decided to come back to the church and just play clue instead. :) So we played clue and that was super fun. Elder Dayley won one and i won one. Heck yeah :) haha then we came home after shopping and then we went to the college in our area. There was some party thing going on so we felt super ouut of place so we left then we had a lesson with our friend 오상일 the less active man. He's super cool. He was a lot of help as well. We taught him the restoration. That was super cool.  I love the restoration. Joseph smith man. he was a prophet of god. But like every time we meet 오상일 (Oh Sahngeer?) haha i don't know how to konglish his name. Anyway, every time we meet him i can see the light in him and he wants to do what's right he just doesn't meet us often enough. He has a super good heart and wants to come back, there is just something holding him back and we can't figure out what it is. Anyway, that was pretty much it! 

Tuesday. We had our studies and that was fun. We watched a ton of the district which is always good. I would suggest watching it. Then we went out to take notes to some members houses. That aws awesome and we were able to confirm that a less active had moved. Then we were on the bus and elder dayley started talking to a guy and it turned out that he had gone to the polynesian cultural center in hawaii and met missionaries there. Then he just reached into his wallet and pulled out his card and was like hey call me anytime. so then we called him that night and he was drunk haha it was hilarious. He answers and elder dayley is like hello? And he goes oh 댈리장로!! I love you! How do you do? Just all this funny stuff. tellin him how much he loves him and it was too funny. But long story short we called him the next day and we are going to meet him hopefully today. :) so that should be awesome. After that we went to the mpark and started talking to some people and that was fun. Then we went to meet our recent convert and taught him some of the commandments. Obedience, prayer, scriptures and keeping the sabbath day holy. but yeah. he's doin great. didn't come to church though...stress. ah.

wednesday we got up and had our studies and then we had district meeting. It was good! We talked about commitments and how important they are. But yeah! Then we went to visit our cu friend. the guy who works at the convenience store. we are meeting him this week saturday for lunch so that should be awesome. Gonna try to make him an investigator. after that we had dinner and english class. that was fun.. Some recent convert guy from seoul mission came and we taught him. haha that was too cute. he's kinda odd. but then we went out and talked to people and saw a few miracles. we were walking and a lady said hi to us so we started talking to her and it turns out she's a less active of ten years! She wouldn't tell us anything about herself but we were able to at least tell her when church is and give her a card. Then we were walking and a black guy passed us and we started talking to him. it was cool. he's from ethiopia. he knew our church though and we were able to give him a book of mormon! So yeah! Win! Haha but that was pretty much it!

Thursday we had our studies, watched more of the district. I love it. We watch a lot of it as part of Elder Dayley's training. So that's fun. Anyway, we went to the park and talked to some people, had a drunk guy breathe in elder dayley's face for a while. It was too funny. He almost threw up. haha i felt super bad. but it's okay. then we did the little foot massage path thing and a bunch of people were laughing at us because they've never seen an american do that thing in their life. It's a path thing that has little stones and you take off your shoes and walk on it. it's way painful but fun. and you feel way good after. then we went to find some less actives but none of them lived there...lame. then we had dinner and then we went to meet 이승룡 our recent convert. that was different...he was in a super bad mood. He was havin a hard day and just kinda wanted to chill with us. i felt so bad. he is in a llot of pain and stuff. and so bad. but then we left and were going to meet our less active friend but then he cancelled. so lame. but yeah that was pretty much our day. 

Friday. We saw a few miracles as well. It was crazy. So we got up had studies then we had weekly planning which was good. Classic. then we went down to our investigators area to find less actives. On the way down there we were talking to a group of 3 guys and almost gave one a book of mormon but the most interested guy wouldn't take it. He seemed like he really liked it so i was super disappointed...:( but that's fine. then we went on with our day and found a few less actives had moved and stuff of course. then we decided to go find one more before having dinner so we went and knocked on this door hoping they'd live there, but they didn't so we were like dang it! Haha not too much was going our way. but that's fine. cuz when we walked out of the apartment a lady stopped us and was like yeah i haven't believed in god my whole life but like recently i had an accident or some experience that made her believe in god. and she knew our church somehow. and so she asked us lots of questions about what we believe and we answered em and gave her a book of mormon and she said she'd read it! So that was crazy! Miracle in and of itself. And if that wasn't enough we turn away from that conversation take another 2 steps and see the most interested guy from the bus. Like what. we saw him and were like hey hey how are you! And were able to give him a restoration pamphlet before he ran away. :) It was a crazy "coincidence". i love it. that was awesome. Then we had dinner and our leather man moved our apointment to today, but he cancelled today. lame. ah. well after that we went to the park and tried to talk to people and yeah! Then we came home. good day. :)

Saturday we were able to go to 송파 (Songpa) where the mission home is for a 12-week training follow up meeting. That was way good. Got to see my friends from the mission and all the greenies. I love greenies. they're the best. Anyway, we were able to share a lot of experiences that were uplifting and got me stoked to do missionary work. :) President morrise has a lot of fire too lately so its good. Things are really starting to get going in our mission. Anyway, then we came home and had dinner then we went to find less actives but none of them were home so that was lame. on the way home though another miracle. i was praying that someone would come sit next to me so i could talk to em. cuz there was like barely anyone on the bus right. so i prayed and some girl drooling over her boyfriend comes and sits next to me. but then they moved and a guy that was sitting somewhere else comes and talks to me and he goes. hey are you christian? And i go yeah man! And we were talking and he was really cool. He knew we didn't drink alcohol and he knew utah and the jazz haha. for some reason koreans know the jazz. but its cool. anyway, so we were talking and i was able to give him a card and he's like k now i'm gonna go sit next to my girlfriend again. too funny. but crazy! And yeah that was pretty much it!

Sunday was kinda relaxed. We got up and went straight to the church. We went to PEC so that was great. Then we had church. That was crazy. Haha in sunday school they had some quiz thing that got crazy. lots of koreans trying to beat one another in their knowledge of the old testament. too funny. after church we came hom and had our studies and evaluations for their 12-week thing and then we had dinner. by the time alll of that was done we had an hour and a half left of the day so we decided to go talk to people but it started to rain so we came home and made phone calls instead. but we talked to a nice guy or two! Haha but yeah! It was a really good faith building week of missionary work! I loved it!^^ Hope to just keep building off of it. Let me know if there's anything else you guys want to know. I love you so much. Miss you tons. :)

Elder Breinholt

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