Wednesday, March 25, 2015

PICS of the Week:)


최영규 Choi Younggyu our Ward Mission Leader

A thing from District Meeting

MARCH 22,2015

I'm so good this week. :) 

Monday - P Day
Well after email not too much exciting happened because I found out i got that scholarship so really nothing made me excited after that haha. but yeah we went to get some pizza and that was good. then we went to gangnam to party. i love it there haha it's so busy and like just way cool...Anyway then we came home and for the rest of the night we did PMGTIP and made calls. so that was fun. :) Love that one

Tuesday - Streetboarding and Less actives! 
Pretty good tuesday. we got up and had studies. those were awesome. Then after that i left my bag at the pizza place so we had to go get it cuz it had my journal and other stuff i we went and got that then we did street boarding which was fun! Haha it was funny like 3 people were like i've already done this we are gonna go somewhere else for sure next time. haha anyway, that was fun. Then we went and got dInner at the chinese place. on the way there a super interesting guy came up to me and was like hey i'm meeting the missionaries down in Busan can you do something for me? He asked me to bring something to one of the ambassadors to korea? It was weird...anyway. then we had dinner as a district and that was super fun. then we went and visited some less actives and a potential investigator in our area but they weren't that was sad. Everyone is so busy in 서초 Seocho. but that's alright. 

Wednesday - District Meeting and English Class as well as Elder Wiseman's "Mom"
Are you sick of hearing about this every wednesday yet? Cuz i think i am sick of typing it. :) haha just kiddin. Anyway, We went to mcdonalds for lunch! That's good! haha i love it so much! classic america. anyway, then we had district meeting which was good. told you we would talk about setting goals and stuff...we also talked about the prodigal son for a little and that was good. then we had like a zonewide PMGTIP conference thing. haha everyone had district meeting in 서초 Seocho this week and after the zone leaders talked to us about how we need to do it and have motivation. it was good! Then we came home and had chicken then we went to 최명숙 Choi Myungsook's house. she's the best. we did a 20 minute lesson with her. she loves elder wiseman so much. haha she was complimenting him like crazy. like oh my elder wiseman your korean has gotten SO much better! Like wow! IT was so cute. she like adjusted his tie and stuff. haha oh i should probably tell you that she is a 50 year old lady who is married but doesn't have kids so she like loves us haha. anyway, she fed us too. just a little. then we went to the church and had english class!

Thursday - 정재승 or Jason
Okay so we did PMG TIP and stuff and then we also worked on the map and member stuff cuz it was lackin a little bit which was all good. then we went and met a guy named 정재승 Jung Jaysung. or Jason. that's his english name. he's so cool. he met the missionaries back in 2008/2009 ish and he really liked it then. he like almost had a baptismal date and stuff but then he moved to australia cuz he hates korean work ethic. he thinks it's way too much haha cuz they work from like 7 in the morning to like 7 or 8 at night. so crazy. anyway, he's so cool. he lives in Australia and has for 5 years but he is back in korea for a little bit. he said that when he came back one of the first things he remembered was the missionaries and how much he liked meeting with them. so we have high hopes for him. we did some just like get to know you stuff, get his background and that was about it. then we went and met 최영규 Choi Younggyu our ward mission leader cuz we needed to go over our member book with him. We have a book that is full of each of the active members with like all their information so we went over it and talked about who could use a visit and who is starting to go less active, that kinda stuff. it was way good. then we came home and had dinner.

Friday - Weekly Planning/Jason again
So friday was good. we went to the donkas place for lunch. It's japanese food. anyway, that was fun. then we went to the church and did part of weekly planning and then we met Jason! He's the best. holy cow. haha he just has to take things really slow. we taught him only prophets and apostasy. he had lots of questions which is awesome! He's so cute. haha he gets it though. and i think that he believes what we teach. and he is really sincere. so it's good. but yeah. then we went and got dinner with one of our english class members. he's the best. haha then we came home and had to finish weekly planning! 

Saturday - Stake Conference
Today we had stake conference! It was good. haha anyway we had our studies first which were great. Then we had lunch and did PMG TIP. Elder Wiseman did a great job teachin me in korean. he's gettin better! Love that guy. he's the cutest. Then we went to 영등포 Youngdeungpo for stake conference and that took the rest of the day. The first was the priesthood session. that was awesome. i got to see everyone from 노량진 noryangjeen so that was super good. love them so much. holy cow. they're the best. One of the area seventy's came. he's cool. haha but yeah. then in the night session we sung! President Morrise gave a talk and he had all the full time missionaries in the stake get up and sing the mission hymn. it was way good. haha we did the 3rd verse in sign language. that was cool. :) 

Sunday - More Stake Conference/Family Home Evening
We had companionship study in the morning then went to stake conference. that was fun. i love stake conference. got to see even more noryangjeen people so that made it way good! The conference was all about Ward Council and the Work of Salvation. So that was interesting haha. but yeah it was good. a bunch of return missionaries gave talks. love that. :) haha it was good. then we came home and had lunch then we had our weekly coorlation meeting with Choi Younggyu. the man. haha i love him to death. Then we came home and had personal study. then we went to 박봉규 Park Bonggyu's house. he used to be the bishop until like december and yesterday was called as the 2nd counselor in the stake presidency. pretty aweosme. haha he's way cool. his family is the best. we did family home evening with them and shared a message on love. so love everyone. :) haha but yeah that was our week! Pretty aweosme! BJ or kim bojoon couldn't meet...he was too busy so that was sad. but we still keep in touch with him. i love him to death. haha and yeah! love you so much!

Thought - Christlike Attributes
This week's district meeting will be on Christlike attributes. Arguably the most important thing we do as missionaries is change ourselves so that we can be as much like christ as possible. PMG actually says that you can know you are being a successful missionary if you are developing Christlike attributes. so i'd invite you to watch the mormon message on it. there it is! And then to think about what you can do to be more like Him. :)

Elder Breinholt

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Some pics from the art museum. One of the artists is Vladimir kush or somethin like that. He's way cool. 

Pics of the JW. i'll try to get better ones some other time. it's so nice. 5 stars. Well that's what was outside at least. Holy cow it was nice. haha

 Pic of our bishops house from the outside haha. 

Me and Giltay

Me with the balloons:)

MARCH 15, 2015

Yeah Papa Johns was way good. I want to order it again. Problem is it's like 35 bucks. haha so that's rough. I got the letter kira sent this week. On friday. :) So that made my day. :) I haven't gotten a different package other than the one with the "hugs" in it. :) haha 

Monday - The Art Center
So after email we went and got lunch as a district and that was good. We got 김치찌개 Kimchee Chigae. It was really good. Maybe i can make it for you guys when i get home. I love it. Anyway, then we went to this like famous art center place. It's like the central one in korea and it's right near our church! So that's nice. :) haha anyway, they have like all the famous artist paintings that they bring to korea go there. and that was really cool and big. the only problem is the galleries cost like 15 bucks so we kinda just checked it out and when we decide that we want to pay that to see some paintings then we will go in. But by the way we are so going to the Louvre when we go to france. so then we came home and shopped and relzxed. Then we went and found some less actives but they weren't home...shocker. We passed this giant church which holy cow. it's so big. you should look it up on like google maps. It's right near 서초역 Seocho Subway Station exit like 4 and 3 i think. it's called Church of Love in english. haha but yeah. anyway, that was crazy. great and spacious building. anyway, thenwe came home and did some PMG TIP.

Tuesday - Marriott/Exchange
So I was on exchanges with elder meeks on tuesday. that was way fun. they have an eternal investigator who will take them to supernice restaraunts like the ritz and JW. And this week when we were on exchanges she called and took us to the JW marriott for lunch. the buffet. It was 75 bucks a person. haha but it was sooo good. like beyond. steak, sushi, tons of korean food, and crab legs. ah so good. haha like yeah way worth it. anyway then we shared our conversion stories with her which was really good. then we came back and streetboarded which was fun. thenwe went to the church and had a lesson with 조승환 Jo Seunghwan. He's the other elder's investigator. He's way cute. We met him with a member and they became really good friends. anywaya, he's way cool. we taught him the plan of salvation. so that was really good. The spirit was strong and he was taking notes in church on sunday! So that's a huge improvement! Then we met 김길태 Kim giltay. he's a way cool 16 year old kid who was baptized a year ago. He's way nice. just not like the biggest fan of church cuz he's 16 and gets bored easily. one of those who like always has to be entertained. but it was good! We taught him about baptisms for the dead and then we went and got dinner with him at mcdonalds. 

Wednesday - District Meeting/English Class
So we had district meeting! That was good! We talked about faith and that was super fun. Watched Russell M. Nelson's talk on faith from like 2 conferences ago. Anyway, that was good. :) Then went and talked to people on our way home and worked on our member list thing. then we had english class and that was fun! Haha there was only one person though so that was sad. anyway, that's like all that happened...

Thursday - Lots of PMGTIP/강남Gangnam
So after lunch on thursday we did a lot of PMG TIP cuz elder Wiseman had to finish it before he evaluated with the zone leaders on friday but that didn't end up happening...anyway, after that we went to 김광현 Kim Gwanghyeun's house. he lives in gangnam so we got to see what gangnam style is like. :) haha it's a lot more businessy and busier that seocho. Seocho is mostly just like places for people to live. so it's a lot more chill. but it' way more fun. He was baptized 5 years ago so he still doesn't know too much about the church so we taught him about temples and stuff and that was good. :) THen we came home and had dinner then we went and visited some less actives who neither were home. so that was sad. :( Then we came home

Friday - Interviews/Elder Andersen's birthday
So Friday was elder andersen's birthday so we made a ton of the balloon animals that we learned how to do and put em on his desk as a surprise present. :) haha it was way funny. the picture is on dropbox. Anyway, we started weekly planning but we didn't realy have too much time since we had to go to youngdeungpo for interviews with President Morrise. Those were super good! I love interviews so much. :) Haha they're always good. Then we came home and dropped all the stuff off that we got and then went and met 이재호 Lee Jayho. he's interesting. We aren't gonna meet him again. haha he doesn't let us talk and literally just talked at us for 45 minutes. it was ridiculous. but that's fine. haha so that was fun. then we got outta there and came home. we were able to give him a restoration pamphlet and teach him a little however... so we'll see. 

Saturday - Teaching
Saturday was way good. We met 김보준 Kim Bojoon. Or BJ Kim. :) haha he's so cool. His girlfriend is meeting with the sisters at the same time...that guy. anyway, he's like the best. we taught him english for 30 minutes and then we taught him the first half of the restoration. Speaking of that. I hope you guys are studying PMG like at least once a week cuz it's amazing even if you are just members. :) also, you can know what i'm talking about when i say that we taught him the first half of the restoration. :) So yeah! That went good! And then we committed him to read the intro and witness part of the book of mormon and he's like yeah sure like it's not that much! So we're excited about him. :) Haha then we had english class and that was fun. Mr. So came. He's the same guy that came in noryangjeen. haha way too funny. he's crazy. anyway, that was way cool. kinda stressful. but yeah. then we met Robert or 양태윤 Yang Tayyoon. He's a 18 year old member. We did a practice lesson with him. He's not a fan of the church but he's so funny. Haha he doesn't really have a testimony so we are gonna try to strengthen that/get him one. i'll tell ya though, it springs from not reading the scriptures everyday and not praying. so do those for sure. then we got dinner and then we came home and had to finish weekly planning. but yeah! 

Sunday - Meetings for days. 
So yesterday we had PEC and Ward Council so those took forever. Haha before church we went to PEC, me and elder meeks, and then we had church which was awesome. haha love it of course. Understanding is basically there now. Except for Sacrament is hard because they never take a break and let you catch up. so that's still hard, but like the rest  is decent. then after church we had ward council and then we had our weekly coorelation meeting with Choi Younggyu our ward mission leader. he's the best. :) haha i love him. then we came home adn had our studies then we went to our ward mission leader's house for dinner! That was way fun. and so good. haha his wife made like 3 salads and some like kimchee sweet potatoe thing. that was way good. love it. so yeah! Then that was our week! I'm lovin seocho. that's for sure. 

Message - Using Time Wisely and Reaching Goals
So this week our district meeting is going to be on reaching our goals and making sure our actions are in line with our goals. And so this last conference elder Quentin L. Cook's talk was exactly about. It was so good. Probably my favorite talk from conference. But this is the quote. "I encourage everyone, young and old, to review goals and objectives and strive to exercise greater discipline. Our daily conduct and choices shouldbe consistent with our goals. We need to rise above rationalizations and distractions. It is especially important to make choices consistent with our covenants to serve Jesus Christ in righteousness. We must not take our eyes off or drop that ball for any reason." So just make sure you have goals set. Long term and short term for what you want to do and how you want to progress. then make sure you are doing everything you can to reach those goals. 

Have a great week! We'll see ya next week. :) 

Elder Breinholt

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pics of the Week

Streetboarding results

Me and 오준형 Oh Junhyung. He's a recent convert in Youngdeungpo

Me Elder Empey and Elder Williamson
Same people plus Elder Hafen and Hodges

                 Me and Elder Dayley

Makin the brownies

Had to make somewhat of a birthday cake:)

My balloon puppy I made:)

They were doing construction outside our house and i hit my head on a beam...
So happy with Papa Johns holy cow!!

THE DRESS. Tell me you've heard about this. Is it blue and black or white and gold? I keep seeing both. Earlier today it was white and gold but now it is black and blue. so confused!!!! 

MARCH 8, 2015

The girl that came to english class is meeting with the sisters. So that'll be good. :) Yeah we met kim bojoon and his girlfriend. she is meeting with the sisters and we are meeting with him. i'll tell ya about that. he's way cool. :) Yeah i was a little scared of the other church's missionaries for sure haha. way scary. but it's okay. Ah okay june and ruby are the cutest thing i've ever seen. straight up. like dang.  The typhoid shot? no. it just was like a bubble in my arm for a day then it was gone. it was fine. anyway, thanks for emailing me this week. :) you sent lots of pics! This pics are up now for you guys to see. I had a really good birhtday. we ordered papa johns. :) It was like 30 bucks for a large pizza in america but it was the biggest one they sell here haha. classic koreans. but it tasted the same. oh gosh. so good haha. anyway.

Monday - Disappointing P-day :(
So monday was a holiday and it was super busy like everywhere we went. we went to two places to email and they are usually empty but they were completely full. so that was hard to deal with. then we went to get pizza but the place was an hour wait so we went somewhere else wehre the wait was also an hour. so disappointing. then we went to burger king which was actually really good. so that was good. then we went and got our hair cut which was fun. then we cam ehome and relaxed. then once p-day was over we went and visited some less active which was good and thne we cam ehome and made calls.

Tuesday - Rainy Day 
Pretty good day! it was raining all day though. so that was sad. but it's fine. we had our personal and companion study then we went out to visit 전중광 Jun Joonggwang. he's way funny. he's 70 years ol.d anywy, he's way cool. we taught him part of the restoration which is alway good. he took it pretty well and said he'd come to church next week! So heck yeah. :) haha he accepts it pretty well. problem is though cuz he's so old he's kinda crazy. haha but not too bad. so we're hoping to baptize him before he goes back to hong kong. Then we came home and had lunch and language study and we were gonna street board but since it was raining we couldn' we just made calls to try and set up some appointments. then we went to take some birthday cake to some people in our ward whose birthday it was. but sometimes in korea they use the lunar calendar for their birthday instead of the solar it isn't actually their birthday on the day it says. Then we went and got dinner and then we took cake to some more members who actually really appreciated it so that was awesome! THen we came home and tried to make more calls. 

Wednesday - Street Boarding 
We had our studies and then we went to streetboard. that was way good. we did it closer to our church hoping to get a turn out. there are tons of younger people cuz there's a college nearby. the only problem is it is a theology college so they are studying to be pastors for other churches haha. but yeah. that was way fun. tons of kids that are just super fun. i sent a pic of it. then we went and visited a investigator who isn't answering our calls but he wasn't there...but that's okay because on the way we met a guy who wants to meet us to learn english haha. so hopefully we are able to meet him and convert him! we then came back and had dinner with the district and that was fun. then we practiced the song we had to sing at the baptism yesterday. then we had english class!

Thursday - Zone Training Meeting
Pretty dang good zone training meeting. love it. haha so we had personal study and headed right on over to Youngdeungpo for the district leader meeting thing. that was good. talked all about how to properly correct other missionaries. so that was good. then we had zone training meeting which was good. we talked about faith which i'm a fan of haha. so that was good. we also talked about how we need to baptize more in our mission which i agree with so we're hoping to get it going this transfer. :) haha heck yeah. then we came home and got chinese food and then we came home and had language study/ called people.

Friday - The Birthday. :)
So we got up and had personal study and left for youngdeungpo again! we had a missionwide leadership meeting. so all the district leaders and zone leaders came. it was way good! Got to see everyone. so that's good. elder dayley was there. he's so cute. haha we talked more about how to give good correction. that was good. and also how we need to get rid of pride. i felt that one! look out! We also got new proselyting cards. turns out that the church is gonna be the only advertiser on youtube in like 20 countries on easter. pretty crazy. they're launching a whole new like social media thing that we got new cards for to hand out to people. pretty awesome! haha i'm excited for it. but that was good. then we came back and the other elders and sisters in our district bought me cake and icecream. :) That was super awesome. they're the best. then we had dinner. papa johns. dang it brought the good memories back. so good. haha garlic sauce and everything. it was amazing. :) Haha also made the brownies that were way good. then we had to do weekly planning! 

Saturday - Busy Day 
So it was a realyl good saturday! We had our studies and stuff then we went to the church to practice our song with the district again. that was good. then we met 김보준 Kim Bojoon. he's the best. he's so funny. he's like a huge guy for a korean. like 6'2 and pretty big build. we basically jsut got to know him. he doesn't go to church anymore cuz he wants to rest on sunday. he did go to the catholic church so that was good. but yeah. the spirit was there. then we had english class which was the same as always. then we met 박봉규 Park Bonggyu. he's way cool. he was the bishop like 3 months ago. but not anymore. we taught him about families and god. i love families. i've taught it so many times i've really got an appreciation for you guys. :) Ya'll are the best. Then we cleaned up the church and then we went and got chicken with 이재호 who is the guy that we met on tuesday about english. he's cool. haha he took us to a famous chicken place. it was good. :) Then we cam ehome!

Sunday - Baptism
So yesterday was super good! We had companionship study then we went to the church. that was fun. the members are way fun. i really love them. after church we had a member baptism. so that was way fun. we sung at it. sister gooch played the guitar and the rest of us sung. we sung When I am Baptized and I feel my savior's love, it was way good. :) I'm a fan. but the spirit is always so strong during baptisms. so yeah it was good. :) Then we had our weekly coorlation meeting where our ward missionleader taught us how to make balloon animals. so that was super fun. :) I sent a pic of it. i can now make a puppy! Then we came home and finished our studies and had dinner. then we called people and set up the week! 

Thought - Pride and Humility. 
Another Dieter F. Uchtdorf quote. Haha needless to say i love him. It's kinda 3 different thoughts.
1 "So what is the difference between this kind of feelingand the pride that President Benson called “theuniversal sin”? 6  Pride is sinful, as President Benson somemorably taught, because it breeds hatred or hostilityand places us in opposition to God and our fellowmen.At its core, pride is a sin of comparison, for though itusually begins with “Look how wonderful I am and whatgreat things I have done,” it always seems to end with“Therefore, I am better than you.”" We need to stop comparing ourselves!

2 We are servants of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Weare not given the priesthood so that we can take ourbows and bask in praise. We are here to roll up oursleeves and go to work. We are enlisted in no ordinarytask. We are called to prepare the world for the comingof our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We seek not ourown honor but give praise and glory to God. We knowthat the contribution we can make by ourselves is small;nevertheless, as we exercise the power of thepriesthood in righteousness, God can cause a great andmarvelous work to come forth through our efforts. Wemust learn, as Moses did, that “man is nothing”  by himself but that “with God all things are possible.” 
We need to recognize that everything we do in life should be to represent the savior.

3 So how do we conquer this sin of pride that is soprevalent and so damaging? How do we become more humble? It is almost impossible to be lifted up in pride when ourhearts are filled with charity. “No one can assist in thiswork except he shall be humble and full of love.” 22 When we see the world around us through the lens ofthe pure love of Christ, we begin to understandhumility. Some suppose that humility is about beating ourselvesup. Humility does not mean convincing ourselves thatwe are worthless, meaningless, or of little value. Nordoes it mean denying or withholding the talents Godhas given us. We don’t discover humility by thinking lessof ourselves; we discover humility by thinking less aboutourselves. It comes as we go about our work with anattitude of serving God and our fellowman. 
The way to conquer pride is to get lost in the service of others. to stop thinking about yourself and to turn outward. 

Love you to pieces. :)

Elder Breinholt

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pics of the Week

Some Gundam Base pics 


Chinese place

The sign I made for our ward

The sign

My Wall

My wall

Pics of the Week

The donkas place. 

The donkas place. 

The Sticker Board

Lamborghini we walked by…crazy!!

Some Cool Glasses:)

서초 stop in the subway

the next two...look in the background and tell me if you see a little gold statue

MARCH 1,2015

You shoulda seen our bishops house last night. wow. mind blowing. Our new apartment is super super nice! LIke way big and not too old so i really like it. It's warming up too so that's super nice. Like today is pretty warm. I'll try to take some cool ones for you this week. :) 

Monday - Sticker Boarding
After emailing we went to 고속 or express bus terminal which is like one of the busiest subway stops in all of korea and did some stickerboarding. Basically what it is is you have a board with a question and a few answers and then you ask people to stick a sticker on the answer and then you can give them a flyer or keep talking to them. it's way fun! Ours was like what is the hardest thing about english! So pretty cool. haha that was way fun. Then we went to a donkas place which is a japanese pork thing. it was way good. it's one of the tabs that a member pays for for us to go to here. haha it's a joke. way nice place. anyway, that was way good. then i wasn't feelin good like my stomach was hurtin so we just decided to take it easy and just make a new sticker board cuz ours was pretty old. 

Tuesday - Less Active/Members
We had part of our studies then we went to go visit a guy cuz he told us he'd be home at that time. so we went over to his place but he didn't answer so we came back home, finished our studies, then he called and wanted to meet so we met him. haha it was funny. he couldn't hear us knocking over the sound of his TV and his phone is a chinese phone so we couldn't call him. but the number he called from was a land line so we can now call that one. :) haha anyway, he was fun. He lived in hong kong for like 30 years so he's decent at english. not too good. but he can get by. we basically got to know him and his religious background and that was it! Then we went and visited a less active. i got us lost which was fun haha. love that. then we went and met a member named 허태영 ho tayyoung. he's a boss. he's the man. he talked to us for a long time and then we taught him faith and repentance which was really good. i felt the spirit really strongly. then he gave us a ride home in his mercedes. i think every member in our ward drives like a bmw mercedes or audi. haha it's crazy. or something just as nice. it's way cool. but yeah that was fun. :)

Wednesday - District Meeting/English Class
Well after our studies we had district meeting which was super cool. haha we talked all about how we could work with our members and improve our relationship with them. So that was super awesome! I think we came up with a bunch of really good ideas. so we are proud of those ones. that was way fun. then we had dinner and got ready for english class and had that! There were a few new people this week which was awesome! A girl who was literally fluent in english came. that was cool. she actually wants to learn about the church so that's awesome! then we met 이철행 His english name is Joel. He's a 29 year old in our ward. he's so cool. i really like him. He helped us a lot. We taught him the restoration and i definitely felt the spirit. it was way strong. so that was good. :) He gave us some good tips.

Thursday - Temple!
Way good temple day. We left for the temple and that was way good. I always love the temple. literally every time you learn something. it's the best. :) So that was fun. and talking to everyone. of course that was fun. then we went to gangnam and had taco bell. so good. i love it. then we went to a place called the gundam base. it was way cool. gundam is basically a japan anime show that's about people who make robots that fight in space and this place has the like action figures of them. pretty awesome haha i'll send pics for sure. but that was way fun. Then we came home and that was p=day. then we made phone calls and then we went to 최영규 Choi Younggyu our ward mission leaders house and taught him a lesson. it was way good. :) He's the best. i'll get a picture with him this next week. he's the cutest. oh my gosh. haha anyway, that was our day. he also gave us a ride home in his mercedes. 

Friday - Weekly Planning
To be honest, not too much happened today. haha we had our studies which were good. then we went to the chinest place for lunch which was super super good. haha then we had weekly planning which was good. then we went to a really old guy in our ward's house. that was good too. we shared a message on ether 12:4 how christ needs to be the anchor of our lives and hope and stuff and that was way good. we gave him a cute little bear that was holding an anchor. he's cute. anyway, then we came home and then for the rest of the night i had to work on the sheet for the ward about who we are. that took a while cuz i'm a perfectionist.

Saturday - English Class Part 2 and the First Bishop of Korea
So today was pretty good. We had our studies and then we did PMG TIP which was super good. I love it haha. elder wiseman is a good teacher. he did it in english and one in korean so it took a while. after that we went to the church and had english class which was fun. not too many people came htough...anyway, then we came home and had dinner. then we went and met one of our members 김종열 Kim Jongyour. He was the first bishop in seoul when the seoul korea stake was organized and super proud of it haha it's adorable. he's the funniest little man in the world. he's a yunsei university professor aka like the equivilent to yale in america. super cool. haha but yeah! We taught him the pre earth life then he went into some serious doctrine and stuff it wasfunny. classic old man i love it. he's a way strong member though. he moved to where he lives now just so he can live close to the church. he can see it from his window haha. like he lives across the street. pretty cool. :) 

Sunday - 전도사s attack and the bishop 
Well yesterday was super interesting holy cow haha. we got up and had a companionship study then we went to the church and greeted all the members and that was good. our ward is so cool. they all speak like really good english and since they can all afford to send their kids to america all the youth speak fluent english. haha it's crazy. but yeah! It was way good. :) After church we had our weekly correlation meeting with our ward mission leader. he's the man. holy cow he's cute. i love him so much. Then we came home and studied then we went and met a new guy who called off of an english flyer. his name is 김보준 Kim Bojoon. he's so cool. Haha i was surprised. and his girlfriend wants to meet too. so like it's perfect! We basically got to know them, set up the program and that was it! Then we went to a members house and wished him happy birthday and gave him some homemade bread the sisters made. :) haha that was good. Oh my gosh! On the way there holy cow. so i think i've told you about 전도사s jundosaws. they are crazy. anyway, in other churches they have "missionaries" but their thing is they just go on the street and yell at em and tell em to believe in jesus. but basically we passed them and they recognized us as mormons of course...two white guys with nametags carrying books that arent the bible. but they came up to us as we were waiting for the light to change and in fluent english cuz one was actually american they ask so you guys are mormons right? How can you believe in a book that's not the bible? Then we sorta explained but the light changed and we were like oh we gotta go! And then they kept following us and started yelling and telling us that we were deceived by the devil and basically told us we were going to hell. it was so crazy. and when i say yelling i mean like as loud as they could yell. it was so crazy. they kept following us for like 5 minutes just yelling as we just try to get away. haha it was the craziest thing in the world. but after alll that craziness we went to the bishops house. he lives in the beverly hills of korea. like the brangelina couple of korea? They live on the floor below them and the son is friends with a moviestar's son. haha it's so crazy. he works for qualcomm doing human resources. so yeah. he does okay. haha it was way nice. anyway, their kids are hilarious. crazy thing is like their kids don't really speak korean. like they lived in america and china their whole lives until now so they understand like basic parent to kid stuff but because the parents are also so good at english they aren't too good at korean. plus they have the american culture engrained in em so that plays a lot into teenage life. haha but taht was way fun. he's way cool. and yeah! Crazy end to the week! Haha then the bishop drove us home in his audi. :) haha told ya! anyway, i hope you guys are doing oaky! Have a great week! 

Cool thought - Prophets and the true church
This is in the liahona this month at the very end. you may have read it but here is part of the article. "Many years ago there came to Utah a learned prelate of [another] church. … He had been to a “Mormon”sacrament meeting and had much to say in criticism of our method of administering the Lord’s Supper, particularly our use of water instead of wine on such occasions. He said it made him shudder when he saw the people sipping the water; and he pointed out the fact, for it is a fact, that according to the Bible, the Savior, when He instituted the sacrament among the Jews, used wine, declaring that it was His blood or that it represented His blood. I could add that the Book of Mormon also states that the Savior used wine when He introduced the sacrament among the Nephites. My … friend, whether he knew it or not, had hit upon the great distinguishing feature that differentiates God’s Church from all other churches under the sun—in this, that while they are founded upon books and traditions and the precepts of men, this Church is built upon the rock of Christ, upon the principle of immediate and continuous revelation. The Latter-day Saints do not do things because they happen to be printed in a book [of scripture]. They do not do things because God told the Jews to do them; nor do they do or leave undone anything because of instructions that Christ gave to the Nephites. Whatever is done [officially] by this Church is because God, speaking from heaven in our day, has commanded this Church to do it. … That is the constitution of the Church of Christ. If we use water instead of wine in the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, it is because Christ has so commanded [see D&C 27:1–4]." Cool huh? 

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