Sunday, June 21, 2015

병윤 Jung Byungyoon and 이승현 Lee Seunghyun.

Me, Elder Coleman, Jung Byungyoon, and Lee Seunghyun.

 We played basketball with 병윤 Jung Byungyoon and 이승현 Lee Seunghyun. We are gonna meet them this week to make em investigators. we're excited. they're so cool. 

JUNE 14, 2015

Haha I haven't mentioned the mers thing because it's nothing at all. not a big deal. It doesn't effect anyone who is our age so it's not a big deal. Robert is doing good. :) haha he's the cutest. i love him so much. Thanks for all the prayers you've been tossin our way. :) We need em. Our week was pretty good. Kinda slow, but hey it happens. I'm gonna do the same thing as last week. 

So monday we taught 차성욱 Cha sungook. he's the man. Anway, it was kinda hard to teach em cuz it was the first time and we didn't know exactly how to teach him, but we figured it out after so it's all taken care of. :) Haha but yeah that lesson was okay. Tuesday was a little difficult. we had nothing to do in the afternoon so that's always a challenge. especially when it's over 90 degrees outside. but we mad eit through. we met Robert and took him to dinner. that was good. he's comin along. the bishop approved him to go to BYU so now he just needs the stake president's approval and he'll be good to go! After that we taught 김시홍 Kim Shihong. he's doin good too. he's still on date to get baptized. We tuaght him the plan of salvation. i felt the spirit. it's a good plan. and then we had our weekly coorelation meeting. that was good! Wednesday not too much happened. we had district meeting where we talked all about the book of mormon. that was super good. then we went and met 정병윤 Jung Byungyoon and 이승현 Lee Seunghyun. They're the two guys that are in the pics. anyway, we played basketball with em for a little and are gonna meet em this week to make em investigators. we're excited. they're so cool. then we had english class. Thursday we did a PMG TIP eval with the zone leaders and then we taught 차성욱 again. He's the guy we taught monday. it went really good this time! He mostly wants to know the stories in the book of mormon and about our church so we are sharing those with him. we shared 1 Nephi 1 about lehi's vision and talked about prophets. we are teachin him that way. so that was awesome. Friday we had weekly planning. that was good. THen we went and met robert which was good. he said that when he was younger he got an answer the book of mormon was true so that's good! He just needs to remember that and act based on it. so we are hoping things go well for him. problem is he works all this next week so we won't be able to meet him. THen we went and got dinner with the bishop which went really well! He's the man! Talked all about missionary work and stuff, really good. so yeah. :) Saturday was good too. We had english class which was fun. lots of people came and yeah. then we went and visited a less active guy who was really cool. Sunday was good too. 김시홍 Kim Shihong came to church which was really good. We taught him the gospel of jesus christ after church which was really good too. :) Haha love it. Then we had our weekyl coorelation meeting. Last night we had dinner with a member which was really good! Shared a great message about scripture study. robert was there so we were hoping that the sisters testimony would spark something in him. so yeah. :) And that was our week! 
Here is the message this week. It is a quote by our beloved prophet. Thomas S. Monson. I was thinking about what i was gonna say and i saw this on so yeah. :) It's really good. Basically what i have to say about it is. that this is his work. everyday. no matter where we are in life, there's always someone we can serve, someway we can show christlike love every single day. and through doing it, through living what he has taught us, we will bring not only peace and happiness to others, but to ourselves. :)Inline image 1

Love you more than I could possible say.
Elder Breinholt

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

JUNE 7, 2015

Ah the church video thing looks way cool! I recognize like all the pics you sent me from the bible videos haha love it. so that was awesome huh? Looked way fun! Yeah it's kinda weird that i only email 2 times after today. so weird ahhh. but it's fine i guess. I'm gonna keep workin hard just for you!   Our week was good! I'm gonna go a different approach today you ready? 

Monday we met with 유복준 Daniel Yoo and got dinner and then taught him about the plan of salvation. That went aweosme. He said he had a bunch of questions but he answered them all himself. Then we taught 최영규 Choi Younggyu, our ward mission leader, about the gift of the holy ghost. That was super good. He said he felt the spirit and gave us some super good tips so that was awesome. Also talked to him about how he's been doing on missionary work. Tuesday we had district meeting and then we met robert which was good. We taught him the restoration and he's been praying like every day that we remind him. so that's awesome. THere's been a real change in him from just praying so i know that prayer can have a huge effect. Do it everyday! Then we got dinner with some of our friends we've been trying to meet. They also came to english class! So they might become new investigators this week. We'll see what happens! We also met a guy who was a missionary for another church that has similar beliefs to ours minus the book of mormon. But they have a prophet and apostles and stuff. So that was awesome. Wednesday we had our interviews which were super awesome. I'll have to tell you guys about em some other time. AKA like when i get home. Needless to say i love president. The rest of the day we didn't meet with anyone so that was sad. But president after interviews stayed in seocho and worked with the other elders so that was cool. Thursday we had my last Zone Training Meeting. That was sad....but it's fine. It was gonna happen eventually right? So that was fun. I gave like a 마지막말씀 which in english doesn't make sense cuz we don't say that. So yeah i gave that. and it was okay. There's only one other person in our zone going home with me. So that was fun. after that we came back and met Mr. Lee and this woman he knows who isn't his wife so that was interesting, but we got dinner with him and then talked to em abuot stuff. tried to keep it on church then we came and talked to easun and 차성욱 Cha Sungook for a while and watched the because he lives video. Cha Sungook said he wanted to do the family english program with us so new investigator! Heck yeah! Friday we had weekly planningThen went and talked with a grandma for forever because her son who was less active wasn't home haha so we talked to her then met easun again. He wanted to get pizza cuz he couldn't on wednesday which was elder coleman's birthday so we did that. so cool. then we went and met our boy, 김시홍 Kim Shihong. that went really good! We taught him the restoration and got a baptismal date with him! That was so good! Its for June 27th. THe day after i get home haha. but that's fine. The spirit was there, and it was just a really good lesson. Saturday was awesome too. We met robert again and he taught us the restoration this time so that was good. :) Then we met a guy before english class who is interested in God too. THen we had english class and then we visited 어덕수 Oh Ducksoo> That was awesome. he's super cool. And his wife is hilarious. But we met them and shared a message on families and how the gospel can really bless us. So yeah! Yesterday we had church and weren't able to meet anyone! But pretty good week right? Lots of stuff going on here. I'm definitely tryin to go out with a bang. :) So that's cool. Basically highlights of this week are the baptismal date. Super aweosme! Haha also, sunday we had two people come up to us and want us to contact them and asked us for their numbers so that was crazy. :)

Thought for this week: Reason for Obedience - Dieter F. Uchtdorf
I decided I really really like deiter f. uchtdorf. Every one of his talks is exactly what i need. So i was reading this talk and really liked it. It's called Living the Gospel Joyful. He gave it to the sisters in October 2014. the first quote is "When we treat God’s commandments and our part in building His kingdom like something to check off on a to-do list, we miss the heart of discipleship. We miss the growth that comes from joyfully living the commandments of our Father in Heaven." So basically we need to see the commandments as a blessing. There for our benefit. Cuz when we don't when we see the commandments as things forced on us, "we imagine that God has all of His blessings locked in a huge cloud up in heaven, refusing to give them to us unless we comply with some strict, paternalistic requirements He has setup. But the commandments aren’t like that at all. In reality, Heavenly Father is constantly raining blessings upon us. It is our fear, doubt, and sin that, like an umbrella, block these blessings from reaching us." He's always blessing us. It's up to us to accept them or not. Based on our obedience and our heart. if our heart wants to obey, then we will be extremely blessed. :) 

Elder Breinholt

See you soon. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

MAY 31, 2015

Yeah last week was really good and so was this one. :) He didn't come yesterday that was too bad. Um I don't really know what you do at a traditional korean wedding cuz i've never been to one....i just know it involves a 한복 hanbok which is the like traditional korean dress thing. but that's all i know. Haha i'm sorry my emails are lackin the details. I'll try to put more in today. :)  I'm trying to work hard. :) So yeah. We really are doing our best. Workin pretty dang hard. but yeah. :)

Monday - Ward Party 유복준 and robert
So monday was fun. As you already know we went to the ward party thing like right in the morning which is why i was late emailing. but yeah. That was way fun. Played dodgeball, baseball, relaxed, had good food. And yeah. :) Then that night we had dinner with 유복준 or daniel. He's pretty cool. We ate with him at the chinese restaurant. that was pretty awesome. WE taught him about family and answered some of the questions he had about the family proclamation. Then we went and met Robert. We talked to him about repentance and that went really really well. He understood it pretty well. He's doing a lot better than when i first got here. so yeah. I love that guy to death. 

Tuesday - Daniel and Makin beats with Easun
So tuesday was super fun too. THis week was just good. WE were really busy like all week. So that's always super good. We look like we are going to be this week as well. But yeah. So we had studies and then went out and talked with some people then we made a bunch of calls and got some appintments then we went and visited a less active and then we went and met daniel again. That was super good. We met him in the basement of a theology school in our area so that was kinda scary but it was fine cuz no one said anything. haha but anyway, we talked to him about the restoration and he understands it well! Then we went and met Easun and got dinner with him and taught him about the book of mormon. We are really trying to spark some interest in him. He says he's not really interested in God and religion but like when we teach him he always sounds like he likes it. Anyway, as part of our dinner haha he taught us how to make songs on his ipad. it was beyond cool actually. Also, he was part of a hip hop group like 15 years ago and we listened to it. It was pretty good! Haha super funny. but yeah!

Wednesday - District Meeting, English Class, and our boy. 
So we had our studies and then we had district meeting which was fun. We talked all about finding more people. That went really good i thought. We also watched the because he lives video. So good. Then after that we came home and mde a bunch of calls to members that went well. We are trying to follow up with like referall potential so yeah. Then we went and got dinner, ot ready for english class and had it! It was fun. THere was no one in the beginning class so i got to teach te advanced one. Then we taught a guy who has been coming to church 김시홍 Kim Shihong. He's our boy. haha he's really interesting. Anyway, he's a great guy. He has a decent amount of interest too. Like we asked him to read the intro to the book of mormon and we caught up to him after he left and he was reading it. So that was super awesome. He's cool. THen we came home. 

Thursday - Temple and 평택
So Thursday we went to the temple in the morning which was super awesome. I hope you guys are going like at least every month if not every week. Great job. :) Anyway, that was super nice. Nice to have some peace in my life and some time to simply relax. But yeah then we went down to 평택 Pyeongtaek with Elder Champion (It was their temple day too) to buy suits. That was super cool! I bought a light gray one! I hope you like it mom! I will get it next week i think. So yeah. Should be awesome. But yeah it was a long trip down there and back. But we made it. It's about an hour to an hour and  a half depending on the trains. But it was fun to talk to elder champion and be back in my greenie area. Love it. :) haha then we came back and met 유복준 again. That went really good! We had dinner with him then we went to the church and taught him and finished the restoration. He understands super well and is super accepting of what we believe. 

Friday - Combined Mission Conference and Weekly Planning
So friday was super fun! We got ready to go then went straight to 영등포 for the combined mission conference. That was pretty good! Elder Ringwood and Elder Maynes came. They're both in the seventy and Elder Ringwood is the area president right now. I think he goes back to america this year. But yeah. That was really good. We learned all about how we need to do better. Haha but yeah. Just told us the importance of talkin to everyone and trying to find youth. Then after that we got to talk to the people in the other mission who we were in the MTC with for like 5 minutes. So good though. I miss those guys so much. They're literally the best. Ah. I can't wait to see them again at like BYU. we'll see what happens. Then we had a leadership meeting with just our mission which was nothin special. haha nothing too exciting happened. then we came home and did weekly planning the rest of the night! But yeah! That was good

Saturday - Calls, English Class, A Lesson, Ping Pong and A Book Report
A lot happened on saturday! It was another busy day here in seoul. We got up and had our studies. I read a Dieter F. Uchtdorf talk which I'm gonna talk about at the end. It was way good. Then we called tons of less actives and that was good. Then we went to the church and had english class which was a party. Haha same as always. then we taught a girl named 김수희 with the bishop. That was really good. She's like way cool. She's 12 and her mom is a member but her dad kinda opposes her getting baptized cuz he doesn't think that she's old enough to know what she's getting herself into. Which makes sense. But anyway, we taught her the restoration and it went really good! She's at church like every week. Then we played ping pong wiht some of the english class guys who stayed. That was fun. THen we went and had dinner then we went and met robert again. Love him. haha we had to help him with his book report which his dad is making him do. So that was fun. Haha he's such a character. 

Sunday - Church, Calls for days. 
Yesterday was good too. Good way to end the week. We had personal study which was great then we went to church! Found out that L. Tom Perry passed away. That was shocking and super super sad. I couldn't believe it at first. It's so mind blowing. BUt it's fine. God needed him on the other side! BUt yeah church was good. Then we had our weekly coorelation meeting which was fun. Then we came home, finished our studies, had dinner and then made calls and got tons of appointments and that was our day! 

Message - Service
Okay so as i was reading the talk by Dieter F. Uchtdorf this stood out to me. it's kind of long so prepare yourself. "My dear friends and fellow priesthood holders, if Jesus Christ were to sit down with us and ask for an accounting of our stewardship, I am not sure He would focus much on programs and statistics. What the Savior would want to know is the condition of our heart. He would want to know how we love and minister to those in our care, how we show our love to our spouse and family, and how we lighten their daily load. And the Savior would want to know how you and I grow closer to Him and to our Heavenly Father......The greatest, most capable, most accomplished man who ever walked this earth was also the most humble.He performed some of His most impressive service in private moments, with only a few observers, whom He asked to “tell no man” what He had done. When someone called Him “good,” He quickly deflected the compliment, insisting that only God is truly good. Clearly the praise of the world meant nothing to Him;His single purpose was to serve His Father and “do always those things that please him.” We would do well to follow the example of our Master." And one thing i've been learning lately is that God can't bless us nearly as much when we do things with a unwilling heart. We have to want to be obedient, we have to want to serve others simply out of love for them and not care about the thanks or praise that may or may not come. Our heart and desires have to be set on just him and we have to simply want to serve others. And as we do that, we can become much more christlike and can progress our christlike attribute of charity. :) 

Elder Breinholt

PS. 3 more emails.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

PICS of the Week

Zone pic:)

Me and Elder Coleman in an Apartment Complex

Me in the Subway:)

Me and 오준형

Me and Robert


Me and Elder Meeks at that amazing meal

Us today on our way to the ward party. They rented a bus

Us and our ward mission leader. He's the man.

MAY 24th, 2015

Haha so sorry I couldn't make it easier for you. Yeah our week last week was really good. This week was good too. The guy who came to church last week came yesterday and also to our ward party thing too! I'll try to be better at pictures. I took a decent amount this week. Well I tried. It's more than last week for sure. So that's good. :) 

Monday - Package Ping Pong P-day
So after email last week we went to the office area which is like 45 minutes from us to pick up a package for Elder Coleman because it had stuff for his knee which has been botherin him. So that was good. Then we came straight back to the church and played ping pong for a while. That was super fun. Then we got dinner and called a bunch of people. Then we went and talked to people and had our weekly coorelation meeting cuz we couldn't do it on monday. 

Tuesday - Exchange With Elder Meeks
So Tuesday was fun. We had our studies which were good. I am lovin the book of mormon lately. Like dang i really like it. :) We had lunch and then we talked about how things are going and what i can do to help him to be a better missionary. That was super good. Talked a lot about just bein a missionary and how awesome missions are. Then we went to the bus terminal in our area and tried talkin to people but we actually ran into these people who went to byu and were here to have a "korean" wedding. The guy is american and his wife is korean and they were married a year ago in america and now are here to have their traditional wedding. pretty cool. :) haha so that was crazy then we went and visited a bunch of people tryin to strengthen the faith! and then we came home and made calls. then we had dinner and went to 최명숙 Choi Myungsook's house and taught her about the plan of salvation. That was super good actually. I love teaching about the plan of salvation. And she gave us ice cream. :) pretty good. haha love her. anyway, then we came home!

Wednesday - District Meeting and English Class
So after our studies we went and we met a cute man lamed Mr. Lee. He's the cutest. He teaches english sometimes in seoul and loves to meet when he's here haha he's adorable. He is also beyond rich. He told us that his house is 1000평 which converts to about 12,000 square feet. which like wow even in america that's giant, but like for korea that's unheard of. And he has a yard. pretty dang aweosme. but we had lunch with him and taught him a little about the restoration and went to the church for district meeting. We talked about accountability so that was awesome of course. i thought it went well. then we went and visited some peeps and then called some poeple and then we had dinner and then we had english class which was actually really fun. A bunch of fun people came so that was cool. And yeah!

Thursday - Cool Kid and the Kerns
Okay so thursday was fun. After lunch we made a bunch of calls and then we went and met a super cool kid named 송재환 Song Jayhwan. he's way cool. haha he has super short hair which never happens in korea. Anyway, he lived in New Zealand for 2 years so he's somewhat okay at english. easier to talk in korean though. But yeah! We did some how to begin teaching stuff and then we taught him about the book of mormon. THat was really good! he said he'd come to church yesterday but he didn' that was disappointing but it's fine. hopefully this week. then we talked to some poeple and then we had dinner and then we went to the Kern's house and taught them a practice lesson. The Kerns are a new couple who moved into our ward. he works for samsung and his wife is workin on her dissertation. they got married like 4 months ago or so. so cool. He served his mission in our mission like 10 years ago so that's really cool. anyway, we taught em about the earth life and atonement. That went really really good! We actually taught them in english cuz she doesn't know korean and wanted her to be involved. but yeah. that was really good. Then we came home!

Friday - Weekly Planning and off to 영등포
So after we had lunch we had our awesome weekly planning which was good. Same as every week just like i said last week. but yeah it's fun. :) By the end of it it will have been 104 weekly plannings! haha so crazy. but anyway, then we went to 영등포 Youngdeungpo to get started with our exchange with the Zone Leaders. That was super fun. I was with Elder Stowe who was way fun. he's a great guy. he's from Riverton. If i can be like him by the end of my mission i'd be so happy. But anyway, we talked about our appointment we had and then we went to costco and had dinner. that wass super yummy. pizza baby. then we went and talked to people which was awesome. then we went and met a guy named 한증태 Han Jeungtay i think. if i remember right. Anyway, he was way cool. We got his religious background and that was basically all we were able to do. then we came home and made calls. classic

Saturday - Finished Exchange, English Class, and 유복준
The rest of our exchange was awesome. We had our studies then we had english class which was way fun. There's a super cool recent convert in Youngdeungpo's ward which i've told you about. i love him to death. his name is 오준형 Oh Joonhyung. He's studying to go to BYU right now. so we'll see if that happens. anyway, i basically just talked to him the whole time. then we went and got lunch and then we came back to seocho. Good to be back. Haha it's always weird to leave. But anyway, Then we met 유복준 or Daniel Yoo. He's the man. We talked to him about his background again. he basically just talked to us about how bad korean churches are. Found out that the church in our area 사랑의 교회 Church of Love or Sarang church or whatever it is in english cost 350 million dollars. so that was crazy. holy cow. then we went and got dinner with him then we made calls which was way fun and then we met Robert and helpped him sign up for BYU which is what we will be doing again tonight. We weren't able to finish it. 

Sunday - Church and a nice meal
So yesterday was super good. We had our companion study to get ready for the day then we went to church and said hi to members ya know and we also made a bunch of calls to our investigators and stuff....then we had a meal after cuhrch which was okay. then we had our weekyl coorelation meeting which was super fun. then we came home adn studied so that was super good. Then we went to 최명숙's house. I put her name in english above before if you care. but anyway, we had a crzy good meal with her. It was a crazy course meal haha holy cow. like dang. then me and elder coleman shared a killer message about missionary work which i thought went really well! We talked all about how important the members are and if they don't help us out then nothing is ever gonna happen. but yeah. it's cool. then we came home!

Message - Humility
So I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Like what it means to be humble. And so I'll share this quote from PMG in chapter 6. by the way, i've told you this before, but even as normal members there's so much good stuff in there we should be studying it at least once a week as members if not everyday. in fact, study it every day. anyway, here's the quote. "Humility is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of spiritual strength. When you humbly trust Him and acknowledge His power and mercy, you can have the assurance that His commandments are for your good. You are confident that you can do whatever the Lord requires of you if you rely on Him. You are also willing to trust His chosen servants and follow their counsel. Humility will help you as you strive to be obedient, to work hard, and serve selflessly" So I have been thinking a lot lately about just trusting the lord and how important it is. To know that he's in charge and to try and have our will in line with His. To just always think what would Jesus do if he was in this situation kind of a thing. And I really like the last part. To serve others selflessly. We should always be trying to serve those around us. Especially those closest to us like our family. Always be trying to do good for them and help them when they need it. :) Love you guys so much! have a great week!

Elder Breinholt

Sunday, May 24, 2015

PICS of the Week

Me and Elder Andersen before he left

one of 양재

The hyundai headquarters in 양재