Friday, October 3, 2014


 Happy birthday kenah! I know it's not your birthday in America, but it is here!^^ You're 13! What the! That blows my mind! You're way too big. 7th grade now? Like what the. mind blown. So good to hear that BYU is 4-0 now. :) i love that. And the pics, keep em coming, they're awesome. :) haha i love all of dad's. what are you guys doing for kenah's birthday? Dad, i'm sure that the bahamas must be so hard to have a business trip too. Try not to work too hard at Atlantis. ;)

Our week! Monday was pretty good! So after email we went to pizza school which was a terrible decision. But it's okay. THen we came home and had to do this evaluation thing with the other elders for the restoration lesson. That went really good! I was really impressed with their teaching. After that we had dinner and then we went out to find less actives. We talked to a dude on a bench who didn't have an arm. That was cool. He just didn't believe in god so he ddin't really want anything to do with us. THen we were going to meet our less active friend 오상일 but he cancelled. He's been cancelling a lot lately. but because of that we just went home and made calls. One of the people we called seemed really interested and said to keep callin him so we're gonna keep on that. But yeah that was monday. 

Tuesday we studied then we went to take notes to some members. That was good! We just like wrote nice notes like hey we are thinkin about ya, here's an awesome scripture we read this morning! Stuff like that. so that took a long time. We talked to people on the way. talked to a nice Jehovah's witness lady. tellin us all about daniel and isaiah and how the secrets in the bible, they know em. it was actually really sincere and she was way cool. so we talked to here about the plan of salvation, so that was cool! Then we talked to a lady who called us a cult. but like that was whatever. she was funny about it so i kinda joked around with her and was like well, you can believe that if you want but like i know it's true so it's fine. then we came home and had dinner then we were visiting less actives and we got yelled at way hard. haha it was the one door that i had elder dayley do. we knocked on it and asked if this person lives there and he said no leave and so we started to leave and he just like exploded it was crazy. he was yelling way loud. i'm sure there were some profanities in there that i have no idea what they were and stuff, haha but like it was way ridiculous. so that was annoying. but it was cool. then we taught 이승룡 our recent convert, the third lesson. Which is the gospel of jesus christ. so that was aweosme. talked about enduring to the end which is so hard. it's where we all are. so yeah. So we teach him outside of a convenience store called GS25 and so he introduced us to one of the workers who thinks that elder dayley is way cute. :) haha it was too funny. but yeah that was pretty much it. 

Wednesday was good! We had our studies and then we had district meeting. That was actually super good! Elder PRuner did a really good job. I was impressed. He talked alot about becoming consecrated missionaries so i decided to read a talk on that by Tad R. Callister. it is way good. anyway then we went to visit our friend at the CU place. it's another convenience store. anyway, he wasn't there so we just walked around and tried to talk to people. It was okay. went decently. Then we went to english class and a guy named Adam, the other elders golden investigator came. he's so cool. But yeah, we had english class and that was fun. A new lady came. There were a lot of people there. Other than that after english class we went out to talk to people for like 30 minutes and were able to give a guy a restoration pamphlet so that was pretty good for only 30 minutes! haha 

Thursday! It was temple day! I love it! So awesome. The temple rocks. So sacred. I just soaked in the spirit. I didn't really learn anything crazy new but just felt the spirit. After that we went to 영등포 (YoungDeungPo) to do some shopping. That was way fun. I bought two pairs of pants. They were 25$ each so i hopped on that train. haha they were super nice too. so hopefully i'll be able to wear them after i get home as well. That was my thought process behind that one. But yeah! Elder Pruner bought some shoes and then we were looking for other stuff to buy but didn't really find anything. THen we came home and i finished a new book of mormon case. It's a lot more simple than the one i have now. I'll be sure to send you pics. I haven't taken any of it yet. it's just a book of mormon on the outside with a family pic on it. :) too cute. but yeah! After that we went to visit less actives and then we went to teach 이승룡 again. We taught him about tithing and fasting. He really liked it. We gave him the pamphlet and he's like ah i haven't read this one 10 times yet give it to me! haha it was really funny. Cuz he read the restoration, plan of salvation and gospel of jesus christ pamphlets like 20 times each. he's so solid. so yeah he liked that lesson a lot. Pay your tithing peeps. :) 

Friday was pretty busy. We had personal and companion study then we went to 송파 (songpa) where the mission home is to have our interviews with president. This will put into perspective how small our mission is for you by the way. From anywhere in our mission where missionaries are. They are within 3 hours by public transportation to the mission home. Most are within an hour and a half by subway. But yeah! On the way there we gave a lady a plan of salvation pamphlet. I keep wanting to call it a 구원의 계획 (Kuwon-ay Kaywake) pamphlet haha. that's what it is in korean. so anyway then we had our interviews and that was good. i love talking to sister morrise at interviews. it's like the best part haha. she's the coolest lady ever. love her and president morrise. but yeah! After that we came home and had language study. On the way home this beyond drunk guy started talking to us. Like when i say that i mean when we would talk to me i would have to turn my head. Cuz if i didn't his breath smelled so much like alcohol, it was so strong that i basically dry heaved on the subway. it was terrible. but he was insistent on talking to us so we were talking to him and we were actually able to give him a book of mormon and a restoration pamphlet! So that was good! But after that i was on splits with elder pruner. so that was fun. We went to an area called 신링 (Shillim) and had dinner and then we went to 안태훈 (Ahn Tayhoon)'s houseto visit them. it was super short. but way good. one of his sons doesn't really like church and he's about 14 so it's a crucial point haha. so we are trying to get in with him. it's hard though. but after that we just talked to people! Pretty average! But yeah! That was our split! 

Saturday not too much happened. We had another busy day. haha we woke up and went to soccer and a ton of people went. Adam came! The other elder's investigator. He came in jeans, vans and a v-neck. classic haha. it was funy. but yeah then a bunch of official people came for some reason so we played them. not very fun. they were too serious, and also too good. Like some of our people were way better than all of their players, there were just so many of them haha. so that was okay. after that we went to subway of course with our bishop. :) He's the best. :) It was way good. It always reminds me of my freshman days at byu cuz that's all i ever ate. Haha love it. then we came home and had personal study and then we had a practice lesson with 허병석 (Ho byungsuck). he's the best. He's the old stake president. His kids live in canada if you remember him haha. he's the first family i had a meal appointment with in 노량진. So we taught him the restoration then came home and had companion and language study. then we had dinner and had weekly planning! All day gone! haha so yeah that was saturday.

Yesterday was pretty good. I still think it's weird that yesterday for me is today for you guys. ;) But yesterday was good too! We had personal study then went to the church and got it ready and stuff then we sung to our ward members as they came in. Love them. Adam and 이승룡 came and also one of the sister missionaries investigators. so things are looking really good in our area right now. Just not for me and elder dayley. :) haha but that's fine. we're workin trying to get it done. after church we had our studies and then we had the teaching evaluation thing. it was pretty good! I could tell that elder dayley is more confident and has improved. We both still have a long ways to go, but it's getting a lot better. :) Then we had dinenr and went to find less actives. And guess what! One was home! So we got to talk to him for a little bit. His name is 김화랑 (Kim Hwarang). He's a 8th grader who is way nice. i wasn't expecting an eighth grader though. haha but anyway, he was way nice, got to know him and told him we'd be comin back! So that was awesome! Then we went around and talked to people!

But yeah that's our week! I think that things are about to explode here. I'm hoping and praying for some miracles this week. Missionary work man. It's hard. But it's way worth it. I'm lovin the time that i've served with elder Dayley. He's a way good missionary. for a greenie? yeah he's good. way better than i was haha. but we're gonna get stuff done this week and hopefully finally find some new investigators. We'll see what happens. :) Haha i love and miss you. think about you often. You rock!

Elder Breinholt

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