Sunday, June 21, 2015

JUNE 14, 2015

Haha I haven't mentioned the mers thing because it's nothing at all. not a big deal. It doesn't effect anyone who is our age so it's not a big deal. Robert is doing good. :) haha he's the cutest. i love him so much. Thanks for all the prayers you've been tossin our way. :) We need em. Our week was pretty good. Kinda slow, but hey it happens. I'm gonna do the same thing as last week. 

So monday we taught 차성욱 Cha sungook. he's the man. Anway, it was kinda hard to teach em cuz it was the first time and we didn't know exactly how to teach him, but we figured it out after so it's all taken care of. :) Haha but yeah that lesson was okay. Tuesday was a little difficult. we had nothing to do in the afternoon so that's always a challenge. especially when it's over 90 degrees outside. but we mad eit through. we met Robert and took him to dinner. that was good. he's comin along. the bishop approved him to go to BYU so now he just needs the stake president's approval and he'll be good to go! After that we taught 김시홍 Kim Shihong. he's doin good too. he's still on date to get baptized. We tuaght him the plan of salvation. i felt the spirit. it's a good plan. and then we had our weekly coorelation meeting. that was good! Wednesday not too much happened. we had district meeting where we talked all about the book of mormon. that was super good. then we went and met 정병윤 Jung Byungyoon and 이승현 Lee Seunghyun. They're the two guys that are in the pics. anyway, we played basketball with em for a little and are gonna meet em this week to make em investigators. we're excited. they're so cool. then we had english class. Thursday we did a PMG TIP eval with the zone leaders and then we taught 차성욱 again. He's the guy we taught monday. it went really good this time! He mostly wants to know the stories in the book of mormon and about our church so we are sharing those with him. we shared 1 Nephi 1 about lehi's vision and talked about prophets. we are teachin him that way. so that was awesome. Friday we had weekly planning. that was good. THen we went and met robert which was good. he said that when he was younger he got an answer the book of mormon was true so that's good! He just needs to remember that and act based on it. so we are hoping things go well for him. problem is he works all this next week so we won't be able to meet him. THen we went and got dinner with the bishop which went really well! He's the man! Talked all about missionary work and stuff, really good. so yeah. :) Saturday was good too. We had english class which was fun. lots of people came and yeah. then we went and visited a less active guy who was really cool. Sunday was good too. 김시홍 Kim Shihong came to church which was really good. We taught him the gospel of jesus christ after church which was really good too. :) Haha love it. Then we had our weekyl coorelation meeting. Last night we had dinner with a member which was really good! Shared a great message about scripture study. robert was there so we were hoping that the sisters testimony would spark something in him. so yeah. :) And that was our week! 
Here is the message this week. It is a quote by our beloved prophet. Thomas S. Monson. I was thinking about what i was gonna say and i saw this on so yeah. :) It's really good. Basically what i have to say about it is. that this is his work. everyday. no matter where we are in life, there's always someone we can serve, someway we can show christlike love every single day. and through doing it, through living what he has taught us, we will bring not only peace and happiness to others, but to ourselves. :)Inline image 1

Love you more than I could possible say.
Elder Breinholt


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