Tuesday, May 26, 2015

MAY 24th, 2015

Haha so sorry I couldn't make it easier for you. Yeah our week last week was really good. This week was good too. The guy who came to church last week came yesterday and also to our ward party thing too! I'll try to be better at pictures. I took a decent amount this week. Well I tried. It's more than last week for sure. So that's good. :) 

Monday - Package Ping Pong P-day
So after email last week we went to the office area which is like 45 minutes from us to pick up a package for Elder Coleman because it had stuff for his knee which has been botherin him. So that was good. Then we came straight back to the church and played ping pong for a while. That was super fun. Then we got dinner and called a bunch of people. Then we went and talked to people and had our weekly coorelation meeting cuz we couldn't do it on monday. 

Tuesday - Exchange With Elder Meeks
So Tuesday was fun. We had our studies which were good. I am lovin the book of mormon lately. Like dang i really like it. :) We had lunch and then we talked about how things are going and what i can do to help him to be a better missionary. That was super good. Talked a lot about just bein a missionary and how awesome missions are. Then we went to the bus terminal in our area and tried talkin to people but we actually ran into these people who went to byu and were here to have a "korean" wedding. The guy is american and his wife is korean and they were married a year ago in america and now are here to have their traditional wedding. pretty cool. :) haha so that was crazy then we went and visited a bunch of people tryin to strengthen the faith! and then we came home and made calls. then we had dinner and went to 최명숙 Choi Myungsook's house and taught her about the plan of salvation. That was super good actually. I love teaching about the plan of salvation. And she gave us ice cream. :) pretty good. haha love her. anyway, then we came home!

Wednesday - District Meeting and English Class
So after our studies we went and we met a cute man lamed Mr. Lee. He's the cutest. He teaches english sometimes in seoul and loves to meet when he's here haha he's adorable. He is also beyond rich. He told us that his house is 1000평 which converts to about 12,000 square feet. which like wow even in america that's giant, but like for korea that's unheard of. And he has a yard. pretty dang aweosme. but we had lunch with him and taught him a little about the restoration and went to the church for district meeting. We talked about accountability so that was awesome of course. i thought it went well. then we went and visited some peeps and then called some poeple and then we had dinner and then we had english class which was actually really fun. A bunch of fun people came so that was cool. And yeah!

Thursday - Cool Kid and the Kerns
Okay so thursday was fun. After lunch we made a bunch of calls and then we went and met a super cool kid named 송재환 Song Jayhwan. he's way cool. haha he has super short hair which never happens in korea. Anyway, he lived in New Zealand for 2 years so he's somewhat okay at english. easier to talk in korean though. But yeah! We did some how to begin teaching stuff and then we taught him about the book of mormon. THat was really good! he said he'd come to church yesterday but he didn't....so that was disappointing but it's fine. hopefully this week. then we talked to some poeple and then we had dinner and then we went to the Kern's house and taught them a practice lesson. The Kerns are a new couple who moved into our ward. he works for samsung and his wife is workin on her dissertation. they got married like 4 months ago or so. so cool. He served his mission in our mission like 10 years ago so that's really cool. anyway, we taught em about the earth life and atonement. That went really really good! We actually taught them in english cuz she doesn't know korean and wanted her to be involved. but yeah. that was really good. Then we came home!

Friday - Weekly Planning and off to 영등포
So after we had lunch we had our awesome weekly planning which was good. Same as every week just like i said last week. but yeah it's fun. :) By the end of it it will have been 104 weekly plannings! haha so crazy. but anyway, then we went to 영등포 Youngdeungpo to get started with our exchange with the Zone Leaders. That was super fun. I was with Elder Stowe who was way fun. he's a great guy. he's from Riverton. If i can be like him by the end of my mission i'd be so happy. But anyway, we talked about our appointment we had and then we went to costco and had dinner. that wass super yummy. pizza baby. then we went and talked to people which was awesome. then we went and met a guy named 한증태 Han Jeungtay i think. if i remember right. Anyway, he was way cool. We got his religious background and that was basically all we were able to do. then we came home and made calls. classic

Saturday - Finished Exchange, English Class, and 유복준
The rest of our exchange was awesome. We had our studies then we had english class which was way fun. There's a super cool recent convert in Youngdeungpo's ward which i've told you about. i love him to death. his name is 오준형 Oh Joonhyung. He's studying to go to BYU right now. so we'll see if that happens. anyway, i basically just talked to him the whole time. then we went and got lunch and then we came back to seocho. Good to be back. Haha it's always weird to leave. But anyway, Then we met 유복준 or Daniel Yoo. He's the man. We talked to him about his background again. he basically just talked to us about how bad korean churches are. Found out that the church in our area 사랑의 교회 Church of Love or Sarang church or whatever it is in english cost 350 million dollars. so that was crazy. holy cow. then we went and got dinner with him then we made calls which was way fun and then we met Robert and helpped him sign up for BYU which is what we will be doing again tonight. We weren't able to finish it. 

Sunday - Church and a nice meal
So yesterday was super good. We had our companion study to get ready for the day then we went to church and said hi to members ya know and we also made a bunch of calls to our investigators and stuff....then we had a meal after cuhrch which was okay. then we had our weekyl coorelation meeting which was super fun. then we came home adn studied so that was super good. Then we went to 최명숙's house. I put her name in english above before if you care. but anyway, we had a crzy good meal with her. It was a crazy course meal haha holy cow. like dang. then me and elder coleman shared a killer message about missionary work which i thought went really well! We talked all about how important the members are and if they don't help us out then nothing is ever gonna happen. but yeah. it's cool. then we came home!

Message - Humility
So I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Like what it means to be humble. And so I'll share this quote from PMG in chapter 6. by the way, i've told you this before, but even as normal members there's so much good stuff in there we should be studying it at least once a week as members if not everyday. in fact, study it every day. anyway, here's the quote. "Humility is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of spiritual strength. When you humbly trust Him and acknowledge His power and mercy, you can have the assurance that His commandments are for your good. You are confident that you can do whatever the Lord requires of you if you rely on Him. You are also willing to trust His chosen servants and follow their counsel. Humility will help you as you strive to be obedient, to work hard, and serve selflessly" So I have been thinking a lot lately about just trusting the lord and how important it is. To know that he's in charge and to try and have our will in line with His. To just always think what would Jesus do if he was in this situation kind of a thing. And I really like the last part. To serve others selflessly. We should always be trying to serve those around us. Especially those closest to us like our family. Always be trying to do good for them and help them when they need it. :) Love you guys so much! have a great week!

Elder Breinholt


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