Friday, April 24, 2015


My Zone

Zone Conference

A cool View

Me and Elder Morgan

Me and Elder Nemelka

The Awesome Ping Pong Tournament!!!

PICS of the Week

Some pretty flowers:)

Me and Elder Pruner at the place we went to. 여의나루

Me and Elder Meeks on our couch

A cool bunny I found

Me and Elder Andersen on the Subway and Bus

Me and Elder Coleman

Me and 문호빈 Moon Hobeen. I was with him in the MTC

APRIL 19, 2015

Things with Jason are going really good actually! We had a super good lesson with him saturday which i'll tell you guys about a little later. So good. Oh like at district meeting i'm the only one who has to say stuff...but i make it more of a discussion cuz if its not then it's boring and they don't learn anything haha. so yeah that's how i do it. Yeah the trees were way gorgeous. 

Monday - 여의나루 Yoeuinaru
For p-day after we emailed we went to hang out with elder pruner again and we went to a place in youngdeungpo area. It's like right on the river way cool. way fun. just kinda relaxed with em. so fun. So that was fun. kinda went shopping but not really, i didn't buy anything. Then we came back home and tried to relax. then we went to dinner with 김종봉 Kim Jongbong and his wife sharon. She's from uzbeckistan and speaks korean way good. super impressive. anyway that was way good. super delicious stake. probably the best one i've ever had in my life haha. but that's all. anyway, then we went to visit a less-active who apparently was sleeping at 8 o clock so that was kinda lame but it's fine. and that was our day! 

Tuesday - Exchange with Elder Andersen
So we had our studies, and as you read already i was on exchanges with Elder Andersen. That was so fun. So we studied thenwe had lunch and then we talked about their area and helped him to set goals for what he can do to be better and help out his area more. so that was really good. :) Then we went out and visited a few people said hi and then we went to the park were we saw a few bunnies. that was super aewsome! So fun! Then we went and got dinner which was fun. then I taught elder andersen the gospel for PMG TIP and then we went and found some more less actives talked to some good people then we went to the stake president's house to teach him a practice lesson we taught the law of the fast which was really good. :) And then we came home! 

Wednesday - Busy day :)
So wednesday was good. It ws way busy which was way good. after commpanion study we went to meet a guy which was fun. he isn't gonna be a new investigator any time soon though so that's sad...but ti's okay. then we had district meeting which was really good. it was on being bold. ANd how e can be more bold in everything we do. I think it was okay. Then we went and met another old man. HIs name was 박평석 Park Pyungsuck. He's the best. haha he was interesting. he wasn't really too interested in the church but he said he had friends who he would tell to meet us! So that'd be awesome! Then we had language study which was good. then we went and got dinner. then we went back to the church and had english class for the rest of the night! ANd that was our day! so pretty dang awesome. :) 

Thursday - Jason and a few other appointments
So thursday was good. we got up and had our studies, ya know like every other day. then we went and met simon and that was fun. he's adorable. he's a former investigator who just can't come to church because his mom won't let him. so we are prayin for him. hope things progress there. then we went and met Jason at the library again. that was super good! We taught him the gospel of jesus christ. so that was good. :) So good. At first he didn't really understand but then at the end he was like yeah i get it it makes sense! And then he committed to reading alma 32! So heck yeah! He's doin it! Then we went and met 고중희 you can call him Jonny ko. he's so cool. haha he's a recent convert sort of. he was baptized two years ago. way solid. but we met him and he talked to us for a while and we taught him the restoration which was awesome! Loved it! then we came home and had dinner and that was all we had time for! haha

Friday - Last Zone Conference
So we got up and had part of personal study then we went to 영등포 Youngdeungpo for zone conference. It was my last one of my mission! Which is way sad, but it's alright. haha anyway, learned a lot. I learned how i need to be better as a missionary and a district leader so that was good. and also, how i need to have a lot more love and charity. so that's what i'm workin on right now. I  also had my temple recommend interview! That was awesome. I now have a recommend in korean. so that's cool. :) haha anyway, we first had a training by sister morrise on asking questions. then the AP's trained. that was really good. Also, Elder NEmelka is the AP and it might have been my last time seeing him so that was way sad. we played a super fun pop the district leader's balloon game and it was me versus a whole other district at the end which was way fun. haha then we had lunch and then we went to 여의나루 the same place we went to monday for more training and to have fun. palyed a get to know you game and then we had a way good training by President morrise on coming to christ. holy cow it was good. i have a long way to go. but that's alrightt. anyway then we went back to the church where we did the 7 minute workout. that was way fun. :) haha president is in such good shape its unbelievable. haha but basically it's an intense workout that's 7 minutes long and works out your whole body. i did pretty good! Pushups are still my weakness, but i've gotten stronger for sure. :) haha but yeah! that was fun. I got a super fun picture with president after but it's only on the facebook page RM's can see so i'm'll have to wait a few months haha. but yeah! Then we came home and got dinner and then we went home! 

Saturday - Ping Pong Tournament and Jason
So saturday was way fun! We had our studies and stuff and that was way good. THen we had lunch and had weekly planning! that was fun of course. haha same as the last 100 weeks i've done it. :) so yeah! that was fun! Then we went to the church and helped set up for the ping pong tournament and then we had english class! That was way fun! Then we had the ping poing tournament! it took a long time! but a bunch of people came! It was so fun! The people from english class came so they got to know some of the members so that was way good! Elder Meeks, who mom may have met his mom, anyway, he's way good at ping pong and was the top 2 people. haha he almost won! but the guy who won was like super super good. so that was kinda sad. but it's okay. then after that we had pizza and chicken and stuff. way good. :) haha then we met jason and taught him. we originally planned to teach him the plan of salvation but in the lesson i was like no we shouldn't do that and got a prompting to teach him how to recognize answers to prayers. it was way good. like way by the spirit. so that was super aewosme. :) He's gonna come to church in a few weeks! Keep praying for him please. he needs it. :) 

Sunday - Meetings, Robert, and a 식사
So me and elder meeks got ready and went to the church for PEC which was awesome. That was pretty darn fun. haha good to be involved. so we did that then we had church which was good. A guy brought one of his friends! So that was cool! I talked to him and got to know him! He was nice. We'll see if he keeps coming! I got his number so i'll probably call him and see what's up. But yeah! Then we had ward council which was good. Then we went home for a little and tried to eat something then we went and met Robert. He's the best. He's a member. we helped him sign up for LDSBC which is where he wants to go. He's the cutest haha he just has like no testimony so we are hoping to get him one. Anyway, we met him and taught him about the word of wisdom and how it helps us. So that was good. then we committed him to read the book of mormon everyday. so he's gonna do it! I hope! Then we went to 최영규 our ward mission leader's house for our weekly coorelation meeting which was really really good! he's the man! And after that we had a meal with him and his family. so thatw as awesome. then we came home and i had personal study! and yeah! that was our week!

Thought - Where are we? 
I really really love the mormon message by dieter f. uchtdorf about waiting on the road to damascus. not because we will have that kind of conversion experience but because he talks about in there about how we need to be fully engaged as disciples of Jesus Christ and so yeah here's the quote. "Do not doubt. Remember, “Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” God loves you. He hears your prayers. He speaks to His children and offers comfort, peace, and understanding to those who seek Him and honor Him by walking in His way.Brothers and sisters, dear friends, let us not wait too long on our road to Damascus. Instead, let us courageously move forward in faith, hope, and charity, and we will be blessed with the light we are all seeking upon the path of true discipleship" We shouldn't wait for something to shake us or have a vision to do our best in callings and everyday as His disciples. So yeah. :) Have a great week. Love you so much. You guys are the best. can't believe all the crazy news i've heard this week haha anyway, love you!

Elder Breinholt

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pics of the Week

Funny sign. i think it is a play or something

Found our way to Auntie Anne's. so good. :)

Some pretty trees we found:)

A cool bridge we found

his article said "Tropical Guide" instead of topical guide. i miss the days when i thought it was the tropical guide. :) 

Awesome Mission Selfie. Haha

APRIL 12, 2015

 This week was really good!

Monday - Shoppin
So after emailing you guys we went and shopped over in 영등포 Youngdeungpo. So that was fun. We met up with elder pruner and wiseman. Love them to death. haha that was way fun. Basically just went to H&M. That was super fun. Made me want to shop for real clothes though haha. it was hard not to buy anything. haha but that's alright. we had a dgood time there. then we went home and relaxed the rest of p=day. then we made a bunch of calls to some former investigators and then we met Easun and 차성우 Cha Sungoo. they're way cool. kinda just got to know them a little more and then we were able to talk a little about the gospel. trying to make em a new investigator. keepin our hopes up. :) and yeah!

Tuesday - Less Actives and a Practice Lesson
Tuesday was good. WE had our studies which were good. then we went and visited a bunch of less actives and called and texted a bunch of people so that took a while. we added some people on the map that shoulda been there then we went out and visited some people. of of the people was there and said that her son was not too much of a fan of our church and so she told us to leave...that wasn't too nice. but that's alright. then we went and got dinner at the chinese place with everyone. that was way fun of course. then we went ot visit more less actives but none were home so we just left a note on some of the doors and one called us later that night! So that was awesome! Then we went to 최영규's house for a practice lesson. ah he is the man. haha our lesson went really well. we taught him the restoration and just talke dto him. so good. i love the restoration .:) 

Wednesday - District Meeting/English Class + Car Day
So wednesday we had our studies and stuff and during companionship study one of the members calls us and says hey are you home? I'm outside with food come get it. We bring it into the house, and there are costco bagels, cream cheese, mangoes, and stakes. it was amazing. also, orange juice. oh my gosh it was so good. haha words don't describe how grateful i am for that one. so that was aweosme. then we had district meeting. it was about prayer. :) So yeah way good! I learned what i need to do better, so that was aweosme. then we went and visited some less actives. You'll never guess how many nice cars we saw. Get ready. 3 bentleys, 1 lamborghini, 1 ferrari, 3 maseraties, and 1 aston martin. like what? Haha it was pretty crazy. but the visiting went great. the cherry blossoms are out right now and they're so pretty. we're going to a park today that should have a bunch. so i'm happy about that one. :) Then we went back to the church and had dinner and then we had english class! THat was fun of course. then we went to a members house for a lat edinner! haha that was fun. she's way funny. 

Thursday - Zone Training meeting and Practice Lessons
Thursday was really good. we had personal study, then we went to 영등포 (Can you read that one yet?) and had our zone training meeting. that was suepr awesome! Talked about asking questions and what the effect our words have on others is. so that was really good. learned i need to hold my tongue/say nicer things. so yeah. :) After that elder coleman had to do a PMGTIP evaluation with the zone leaders so i basically just got to talk to some of the other misisonaries doin the same thing. haha pretty fun. then we came home and had dinner then we had two appointments at the church. both were with members. we taught the first one the restoration .that was really good! He helped us a lot. then we met the bishop. he's so cool. we taught him about the earth life and atonement. way good. he's a big help with korean. :) so that's good. and yeah! That was our day! 

Friday - Weekly Planning and Jason
So after our studies we went to the church and did weekly planning. We weren't able to get all of it done before we had to meet jason. he's so cool. :) haha we helped him with english for a little then we taught him about Jesus Christ and the great apostasy. that went really good! Took a while but he was really interested! So that was awesome! Then we did a little weekly planning but went to go get dinner. that was fun. went to the donkas place. thta was delicious. Then we had to finish weekly planning so that was fun. Haha then we made calls to some members trying to encourage them to do missionary work. :) haha so that was good. 

Saturday - General Conference and Jason
Pretty good day. We got up and had our studies then we went and bought a bunch of snacks and lunch for general conference. man did they talk about marriage a lot or was it just me? Should title this one General Conference April 2015 - Marriage and the Family. haha just kidding. but it was really good. Of course. after the afternoon session we went to visit jason. We met him at the library and taught him the restoration. that went really well! After he told us that he was really interested in the gospel! So I ask for prayers his way. :) Thank you. :) Then we went back to the church and watched the priesthood session. That was way good too! I thought that Elder Ballard's talk was really good. he's the best. haha but yeah! 

Sunday - General Conference and Calls
So we got up and were having personal study when we found out that we had to go to the church cuz general conference was starting. so we went straight to the church and watched general conference. so good. thought it was intersting that Elder Scott didn't speak and that President monson didn't give his like big sunday morning talk. but that's okay. Anyway, after general conference we had a meal with the ward which was way good and fun. love them so much. then we had our weekly coorelation meeting with our ward mission leader. he's the best. then we came home and finished all of our studies. that took a decent amount of time. haha then we had dinner and called some people and got a lot of appointments set up for this week! So heck yeah. :) haha

Thought - Service to Others
In conference i really enjoyed Elder Ringwood's talk. He is the area president here, so i've heard him talk a lot but here is an exerpt from his talk on serving others and being good without guile. He says "[Service is] not done for praise or accolades.These men and women are not motivated by the possibility of receiving titles or authority. They are disciples of Christ, going about doing good continually,and like Shiblon, they are trying to please their Father in Heaven. It saddens me when I hear of some who stop serving or even attending church because they are released from a calling or feel overlooked for a position or title. I hope they will one day learn the same lesson I learned as a young missionary—that the service that counts most is usually recognized by God alone. In our pursuit of me and mine, have we forgotten Thee and Thine?" The reason i like this is because i've learned this over and over on my mission. That we should serve others with all our heart even when they may not thank us or even when we don't gain anything from it. Cuz the truly important thing is that we are thinking of others instead of ourselves. Love you guys. :) Have a great week!

Elder Breinholt

PS how are your guys' goals going? reachin em? 

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Me and the package you sent me:)

Loved the Granola!!

Our new cards we pass out. Pretty cool huh? :) 

 A good view we had one night. 


Elder Pruner's memory book that i made haha way good right? 

Me Elder Preisler and Elder Kelson. They're cool. :)
Me and Elder Dent

Me and good ol' Elder Dayley. Love that guy to death. 
Me with Elder Pruner and Elder Gamble
Me and Elder Despain

                       Me and Elder Yang.  He's fun.

APRIL 5, 2015

Oh mother. You're so motherly. :) haha I don't carry the water bottle no. I have it at home though! It's not hot enough to need it. And even when it is hot, it's easier to just buy a bottle for 50 cents somewhere and just drink that. :) Yeah the grafitti tunnel was awesome! haha no you don't really get too much of a workout on them, but if you were a grandma you would. Haha it's awesome. the schedule is 15 credits. not bad huh? We don't watch conference when you do. Was it way good though? We watch it a week late. So we'll watch it this weekend. should be great! I'm way excited! so glad you liked the pics. :) haha Anyway this week was fun! Got a new companion and so that was good.

Monday - Classes and Dinner with 이철행 (Joel)
Monday was a good p-day. I got my hair cut and then after emailing you guys we went back to 서초 Seocho and then we signed up for my classes at BYU so that was good. So much stress gone after that. haha then we went to just relax at home so that was of course good. Then we had dinner with 이철행 Lee Chorheng. Not sure how to put his name in english...his english name is Joel! so yeah anyway, he's way cool. Elder Wiseman wanted to say goodbye to him so we ate with him. that was good. He gave us tons of snacks. I sent a pic with him last week. Anyway, then we did some PMG TIP for the rest of the night!

Tuesday - Last Day with Elder Wiseman
So it was my last full day with elder wiseman. He's a super good guy. I'm actually gonna see him today so i'm excited for that one. Should be fun. Anyway, we went to 사당 Sadang so that we could do some PMG TIP outside and get it done, that was fun. haha a bunch of smokers always came and like smoked near enough to us that we could smell it so we kept like having to move, it was way funny. anyway, then we met Jason which was really good! We met him at a little coffee shop over there. He's way awesome. Elder wiseman again basically just said goodbye! Then we went and talked to people gfor a little then we had dinner at the chinese place. Love that. Haha elder wiseman wanted it one last itme. Then we went and visited some peeps....then we visited 박웅용 Park Ungyong. He's the second counselor and way awesome! I love him to death. He's like slightly awkward which like makes you love him all the more. Anyway, again elder wiseman took a picture, we shared a short message and then we came home! 

Wednesday - First Day with Elder Coleman
Well it was a really good day! So sad to see Elder Wiseman leave. i'm gonna miss him for sure. He's the best...but that's alright. Time for a change! We went to youngdeungpo and had transfers. So sad to see like some people i've been close to go home. Like elder gamble one of my companions, and elder hodges who is the best. but that's alright. We then came home and had a quick lunch and then we had district meeting. That was super fun! We talked about member lessons and the importance of them. So that was good. Then we came home and had to make up some studies. then we had english class which was awesome. We talked about arches and zions so that was fun. hah showed em some pics and their minds were blown. super cool. koreans really love nature. anyway, then we had a practice lesson with the bishop planned but we got a call from a member saying she wanted us to give her non-member husband a blessing so we went and did that! That was a super big miracle! SO awesome! Like dang it was way cool. But yeah! Then w came home! 

Thursday - Korean Pastor and Less Active work
So thursday was interesting. We got up and had our studies which were good. Then we had to do some PMG TIP so we decided to go to a park and do that. That was good. haha we sat down and started to do it then this guy comes up to us and says Hello! I've met missionaries like you! I'm a pastor! And i was just like oh no. what is about to happen. but it turns out he was really nice. so it was okay. He received some revelation about living like God. It was really weird. he wrote a book on it apparently. Anyway, basically you tell yourself you're god and that god is you it's so weird. i'll have to explain it not on email...but yeah that's the basic idea. So that was fun. 2 hours later we were able to get away from him haha he knew how to talk. Way funny. Then we went and visited some less actives, had dinner then w went and had a lot of work to do with the less actives in our ward so we ar workin on that right now. pretty awesome. 

Friday - Weekly Planning and Calls
So friday was good. We had our studies and weekly planning which was fun. Took a while. THen we went to the park and had ome PMG TIP get donwe and played basketball withsome kids for a little and thne one of them like rolled his ankle so that's no good. haha but it was funny. then we came home and worked on more Less active stuff and clled abounch of members so that was really good! but that was about all we had time for friday!

Saturday - BJ and Less Active finding
We had our studies and then we had lunch...then we went to go visit an investigator but they weren't hjome so then a lady started talking to us and that was really funny because she saw the Book of Mormon and then asked me when mormon was born or when he lived and i was like 400 ad. and she's like what? No no your church isn't that old, when did mormon live? And i was like 1600 years ago! In 400 Ad! And then she started to get upset haha so she looked it up online and saw when it was founded haha pretty interesting. anyway, talked to her for a while. she was nice. THen we went to the church and talked ,김보준 or BJ. He's the best. he is so cute. we taught him the rest of the restoration and he's like alright i guess i gotta pray about this! So i'm hoping he's gonna do it! So stoked! Haha if he does that'll be the best thing ever. anyway, that was good. then we had english clas which was fun of course. Then we had to do some work on the church. some members bought 3 ping pong tables for this ping pong tournament they're having in a few weeks. haha so we helped them bring those into the church. that was fun. Then we went and got dinner and then we visited a bunch of less actives which was super good! Kinda got lost...but that was okay. haha one was home though! So we were able to share a message with her. that was good. And yeah! 

Sunday - Church and more less actives. :)
Yesterday. Elder Coleman's first day at church. Church was really good! Elder Coleman gave his intro talk thing and that was really good. He's from Georgia. Sorry i realized i told you nothing about him. But yeah he's from georgia and now lives in Connecticut. pretty cool! But yeah. I love our ward. they're way funny and cool. anyway, after church we had our weekly coorlation meeting with the ward mission leader. thatw as fun. :) Haha he's straight up the best. haha then we cam ehome and had our studies and then we had dinner, then we went to visit some people which was good! And yeah! That was our week! Pretty good. Trying to get things going. they're starting! So i'm happy about that. :) Glad to hear you guys had a good week too. :) You guys are the best. i miss you tons. can't wait to see you soon! 

Thought - Gratitude
Read a super awesome talk by Dieter. I'm pretty sure i've talked about it before but it's so good! Here's a quote! "How blessed we are if we recognize God’s handiwork in the marvelous tapestry of life. Gratitude to our Father inHeaven broadens our perception and clears our vision.It inspires humility and fosters empathy toward our fellowmen and all of God’s creation. Gratitude is acatalyst to all Christlike attributes! A thankful heart is the parent of all virtues." Pretty good right? We need to be grateful for everything we have. I've started to be more grateful, still have a long ways to go, but as i have done it there's been a definite change in my life. so i would recommend thinking about what you can do to be more grateful for all that our heavenly father gives does for us. :)

Elder Breinholt 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

PICS of the WEEK

Me workin hard on those grandma machines haha 

                                          A good view.

The bus terminal in our area. you can actually see the marriott too haha 

Me drinkin some  milk in the Mart where we heard about jewel heaven!

The rest of the pics are just some of Korea:)