Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Awesome Pics!!

What…..A Dragon Fly?  Cool!!


Me and Elder Lim Elder 임종우 is his korean name

A cool Temple in Korea

On top of the Temple

The YEAR Mark-June 22, 2014

Well girls camp is over! I'm sure that's nice! Sounds like a ton of fun! Haha alright I'll be sure to keep in mind that mountains are symbolic of temples next time i'm excercisin up there. :) Oh Yuba will be fun! I love that place! The only time i went was with Jayden. Speakin of which haven't heard from that guy in a long time. Awe no way! Cute little clayton playing baseball. That's the cutest. I can only imagine. Tball right? Dad went to seattle. He just never stops travelin does that guy. haha anyways, this week was pretty good actually! Like yeah it was good. So monday after emailing  we went to a 목욕탕 (Bathhouse place) with the 목동 (Mokdong) elders. That was super relaxing. So that was super nice. haha then we decided to go up to 방화(BangHwa) an place in our area that is kinda far away. So that was fun. We got to talk to some cool people and stuff. We saw the church again that was shut down. It's way nicce! Shoulda got a picture... darn. haha but yeah! That was about it. nothing too special. Tuesday we went to service which is fun as always. we got to deliver some lunchboxes. or 도시락 in korean. Super fun! Then after we of course went to mcdonalds. :) haha i'm sure you guys are gettin sick of hearin that. but it's too good. Then we met 최인식(Choi InSheek). Ah frustrating. He just wants a sign. He wants to know God exists but won't put forth any effort. So if anyone has any idea or anything of what we can share with him, let me know. Tomorrow we are going to talk about James 2 and how faith without works is dead. shouold be good. :) But yeah. Then later that night we had english class and 선교협의 모임. Or weekly coorelation meeting with our ward mission leader. English class was way fun. I like our class. And 선교협의 모임 was pretty good too. I'm sorry that you guys can't read korean. Haha it makes things difficult and probably sound really dumb. but it's whatever haha. so yeah!

Wednesday we had lunch at a 김밥천국 which is just like everything korea has to offer place. pretty good! Love it. Then we had district meeting. It was on following the spirit. I think it was probably the best one that I've ever done! So that was good. Haha the spirit was there. We talked about being able to recognize and follow the spirit. And now the other elders have 3 baptismal dates so that's awesome! Then we practiced our song for some primary thing in a month. Then we came home and called some less active members and visited a few...but none were home too bad. haha then we just talked to people! Thursday. This was it! The day that I hit a year as a missionary! holy cow. Like it's gone so fast! I can't believe it. jeez. but what the heck. I don't feel like I've done too much! So that is too bad. but we're gonna get it going. Like i said this week was good. :) haha so we had lunch with the AP cuz he was on splits with Elder Hakes so we got lunch together at a chinese place. pretty good! Then we went and visited less actives. they weren't too happy. well actually one was wrong haha. then we talked to people had dinner and then had our lesson with 한용호 or frank. haha that was actually probably the best lesson we've had with him. So that was aweosme. He said that he believes the book of mormon is true and that joseph smith is a prophet. he didn't know if Thomas S. monson was one so we gave him one of his talks. He also said that he wanted the gift of the holy ghost. So i'm not sure where the disconnect is that he needs to become a member of our church. haha it's tickin me off. but it's fine. we'll get it. we're just gonna go through the baptismal interview questions and start workin with him on each one. but yeah good lesson!

Friday was good! we went to our members restaurant for lunch! We'll have to get it if you guys come. Maybe not like at their restaurant but at a different place same thing. so good. 삼계탕. Its the whole chicken in a soup thing. But yeah. There was another american guy in there and the koreans he was with were speaking english to him. it was too cute. like koreans trying to speak english is the coolest. Oh gosh. I forgot the best part. On the way there we were sitting on the subway and i look over and this old guy starts walkin towards us and he has this look in his eye like I'm gonna get you guys good! It was so weird. so he comes and sits down next to me and grabs my hand and starts givin himself high fives. so weird. but then he tells me to grab his hand which i didn't cuz i was like uh wait what? And he started to hold my hand anyway. Like interlaced fingers. Haha what in the world. and apparently i wasn't holding on tight enough cuz he's like hold on tighter! Then he asked me for money....ah i felt bad. this crazy old man. but it was way funny! He was holding on so tight i din't think he was going to let go when i had to get off but luckily he did. :) haha so funny. Then we came home and had weekly planning which was fun. Then at night we had an appointment with a new investigator. His name is 김진혁 (Kim JeanHyuck) We thought originally he was a missionary for a different church, but turns out he hasn't gone to church in like 10 years. He's 28 and way cool! He accepted a soft baptismal commitment which was awesome. But he wants to meet god in order to like know 100% that he exists so we are going to work on that haha. hopefully that'll turn out good. we'll see what happens. :)but yeah that was a good friday. 

Saturday was good too! We were talking about our day in companionship study and we got a call from a guy that we talked to maybe 3 weeks ago and gave him our card and he wanted to meet! So we went and met him and he talked for like an hour and a half. not too good haha we were able to obviously get in there but most of it was him. But he also accepted a soft baptismal commitment! So that's aweosme! We're gonna start meeting him too. Then we were able to meet another guy his name is 박성걸 (Park SungGol) He's way cool. He's like 70? His son lived in utah. so cool. haha so he sorta knew us not really. but yeah. We got him as a new investigator too! So 3 new investigators! Yeah! :) haha it was awesome. Then we helped our bishop set up the church for ward conference. thatw as good. then we had chicken for dinner. love it.  haha so that was fun. then we had a little music conferennce! Our little 10 year old friends we are trying to turn into investigators came. that was fun. Sunday was good! we had church which was way good! And we had an investigator come! Except for one problem. He's kinda crazy. haha he's friends with a crazy guy in our ward. haha but that's okay. so it was a little rough...but it was fun. he slept the entire time during sacrament meeting. i even like bumped him pretty bad and he like looked at me and 2 seconds later was snoring again. haha it was kinda funny actually. after that we had a meal with the ward which was way good. like i always love those. hey is it watermelon season in america? Cuz we've gotten like 2 huge ones given to us. so good haha. so yeah we just talked with some ward members which was awesome! Love it! but then we came home and had language study and dinner and then went out and talked to people! We talked to a guy who made elder empey sing right next to a pretty darn busy subway station haha it was pretty funny. but we were able to set up an appointment with him too so hopefully he'll become an investigator! So cool! Haha love it. we'll see. but yeah that was our week. :) Good one over here in 화곡동 강서구 서울시 대한민국. :) Love you guys. Stay cute. Try not to change too much in the next year. <3 

Elder Breinholt
브라인홀트 장로

June 15, 2014

Well hello! How are you guys doin? Didn't really get a long email from you, but it looks like scout camp was fun jace! Pretty jealous. I miss those days. Is his little house thing nice? I never got to go there. :( but the mountain thing looks fun! Good luck with girls camp this week! Try not to be too stressed. :) Anyways, our week was pretty good! Monday was fun! after we emailed we went to Gasan Digital Complex to look if there were any good deals on suits, but the only good ones were on the like thicker ones. None on summer suits which is what we wanted. So that was a big let down. After that we wet out and talked to people for a little bit. Man. Haha it's fun. We walk the same street all the time actually. Pretty sure we've talked to anyone who has ever walked on it. It's way funny. But that's fine. Tuesday we had service in the morning! THat was super fun. Me and elder Empey got to clean a nice old lady's house who can't clean the floor cuz of her back. So we cleaned her floor for her. It was so easy. It took us like 10 minutes. Then we helped them finish delivering lunch boxes. Pretty fun. After that we did the classic post-service thing and went to mcdonalds. :) So good. haha I alwas love going there. THen we had our lesson with 최인식(Choi InSheek). That was fun. We sung some songs with him which he really liked then had our lesson. He still like doesn't even care whether or not god exists. It simply doesn't matter cuz he doesn't think that it will make a difference. But hopefully we are going to change that really soon. Then we came home and had dinner and then english class! That was fun! Our investigator Frank (한용호) brought two of his friends that used to attend an old class that got shut down a few years ago. That was cool! They were way nice and good at english! Then we had our weekly coorleation meeting which was fun. Our ward mission leader brought his kid. He's so cute. Haha he's way cute. So we got to hang out with him for a little bit. That was fun. When it ended it was raining super hard! Like wayyy hard! It was lightning and thundering! I don't know what to call that haha. There was thunder? Yeah and it was way loud! So 변창기 gave us a ride home. Pretty fun!
Wednesday was fun too. We studied then elder empey did some pass offf stuff. Then we called some less actives but only one guy answered and he wasn't interested at all for coming back to church. Actually i don't know why i never thought of this before but I thought of a way good way to get in with less actives. Just call em and be like hey i'm a new missionary and I was just wanting to say hi to all of the members in our ward! So is it okay if we come by and visit you for like 5 minutes? When do you have time. Then you can gauge really well at how interested they are and it's not awkward at all. So yeah! Anyway then we went out to visit some of our less active friends but none of them were home. So that was lame. And one of the places we visited the lady couldn't understand us. Then we were walking by our friend who parks cars at a restaraunt and he waved us over and asked us for a book of mormon! so we gave it to him but before we could ask him to meet he told us to go. So next time we see him we are going to ask him if he wants to meet us. :) So good! Then we were walking visiting another guy and we found a super cool buddhist temple that we got pictures of! So I'll be sure to get those on dropbox. :) Oh haha the guy who we were visiting his house has now been replaced by a brand new villa. Like the only new place on the street and it's our members. Haha of course. So he had moved for sure. Then it was sorta raining and we went hiking on a tiny little mountain for like five minutes that was pretty fun. :)
Thursday was good! Just not very eventful. We made cookies for our homies. :) haha we want to give em to people to try and help their families warm up to us.  then we went and tried to visit a less ative down in the south part of our area, but big surprise he moved! Ah so frustrating. Literally everyone we visited had moved. haha so anyway, then we were talking to people and talked to this crazy grandma who hated churches. Even though she goes...haha so confused. But yeah.THen we had our lesson with 한용호! But our member that we explained the lesson plan to very clearly decided well he assumed that we didn't teach anything to him even though he knows literally everything abou our church. so he just talked at our investigator for like an hour about stuff he already knew. haha it was so frustrating. but ah so dumb. i was pretty angry haha. but it's fine. 한용호 still loves us. :) haha so that's good. Friday was good! We had service! They needed us for whatever that was fun. Us and two other companionships of elders went. They are serving in 목동 (MokDong). So then we of course went to get mcdonalds with them. It was way fun. :) haha i loved it. Oh on the way to mcdonalds we started talking to a cool kid who lived in new york for a long time and he hated the fact that we spoke korean to him. So we were jus talking to him got his number. that was literaly the worst language i've ever heard in my life. haha but it's fin. After that we had weekly planning then went to find a less actives house. So we found the building but couldn't find a way up to the apartments. So lame. So we were like okay the stairs don't go up to it...maybe there i a place in the basement that does. So we went all the way down there and found the entrance. :) haha we found an elevator that went up to the floor his apartment was on...but the house number wasn't there. it was like 601-603 but his was 605. So then we went to the main floor of the apartment place and had to switch elevators. Ah so confusing. So we found it and he wasn't home so we left something on his door and when we left we figured out that if we went in the main door we wouldn't have been able to get in. It would have been locked. But since we went the way we did we were able to find a back way in. :) haha i felt like a spy. way cool. So yeah that was friday! Oh hang on. Haha we said hi to this drunk guy on our way to that place and he was like oh yeah hi! And we started to talk to him but figured since he was soo drunk we would just keep goin. But we stopped to talk to someone else and he passed us with an icecream in his hand, gave it to Elder Empey, showed him the receipt and moved on. haha he was so proud of his 60 cent icecream he gave to him. haha it was way funny. :)
Saturday was awesome! We had our personal study then we went over to 영등포(YoungDeungPo) for a leadership meeting which was good!  I got to see people from the MTC which was way fun. We were trained on how we need to do anything we can to help our bishops, which is good of couse. And then we had training on baptismal interviews. So yeah pretty fun little training meeting. Then me and elder Lim started our split. He's the coolest. He is the other companionship in 화곡. We started visiting some less actives but they had both moved. So then we had an appointment with a less active which was way cool! His name is 익주 (Lee GeeJew) i think. He's way cool. He had an accident a few years ago that left him in a wheelchair, not paralyzed there is just something wrong with his legs. So that was sad. But he's a waycool guy. Stopped coming to church cuz a member offended him. I can't believe how many people here were offened so they stop coming. It's pretty mind blowing. But he took us to get 삼계탕 (SahmGayTahng) Pretty good! Ah it's probably m favorite thing in korea. SO that was perfect. Then we went back to his house cuz we had to help him in and out of the taxi and his wheelchair. Pretty sad. Ah. But it was good! Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Okay so we were hanging out at his house and we were just talking and all of a sudden BANG!!! Literally the loudest fart i'd ever heard in my life. It would have blown your mind. He just lets it rip! And he played it off like nothing happened. In fact he was like oh that darn skunk. It was seriously so loud. It was the funniest. Oh my gosh. Elder Lim was at the counter getting water for us and he turns around and goes whoa!!! What was that! Haha it was so funny! oh my gosh. When me and elder Lim got outside his house we just fell on the ground and started laughing. It was soo funny. We were lauging about it for probably the next half hour. Jeez. Then we went and visited a less active but the address was weird. It was in a far part of our area where a wardused to be and the building was still there! It's nicer than the one we meet in! So that was cool to see that! Sunday was good too! We got up and went to church which was fun. our ffriend came! He's so cool! His name is 진수! or JeenSu. He's the coolest. Hah i lovehim. He's in 8th grade right now? So he came to church with us and sat next to us so cool. THen after church a kid that eldr empey met on his split came to the churhc. He's like 10 years old. His name is 하늘 in korean which means heaven or sky in english. So cool. haha he's a boss. so we hung out with him for a little then went home and studies. THen we went out and talked to people! Talked to a cool guy named winston from the phillipines! He's so cool! He complained about how hard korean was haha it was funny. then we came home and called people! But that was our week! A good one over here in Seoul korea! I love you guys! Try not to grow up too much in the next year. <3. I love you! I hit my year mark on thursday! Can you believe that! It'll be a year since the last time i saw you guys when i email you next! Weird! Ah. Love you!
Elder Breinholt<3

CUPBOP-June 8, 2014

Ah that cupbob place looks way good! Bop, that'd be rice in korean. ;) haha so anyways. Oh was Mary Ann sewin something for me?! Yes! I'm so excited for that package. ;) Well hot dang! Sounds like you guys scored big! Good thing grandma likes it. :) She's too cute. Haha you guys were just havin quite the day! Jeez! Free Korean food, free waffles, and free tacos in one day! Like what the! Haha that's awesome. Oh hey that's good that David is doing better! Awe cute little guy usin a walker. :) I feel so bad for him. That's gotta be way hard. Um like understanding! Actually there was one talk this week in church where i understood everything he said! That was awesome. haha i felt super accomplished. I think that I can understand a decent amount. More than i can speak that's for sure. :) Yeah they are all super like self conscious about it, but most of em are fluent. If they graduated from college in korea you can have a conversation with them no problem. Awe cute little kenah. That looked way fun! Where is girls camp at this year? AF canyon? 

Our week! It was pretty good! I'm gonna be in 화곡(Hwagok) for 6 more weeks! We got our transfer call on saturday night and no one in our area changed. So I'll be here for 6 months just like 평택. :) The time here though has gone much much faster. It's so crazy. Anyway. Monday was good! We went to the 목욕탕 (Bathouse) It was way relaxing. It was a super super nice one. Nicest one i've been to. The pool had like a massage thing like a sauna! Way cool! And got to take a nap. They're so relaxing. If you guys maybe we won't go to one haha. Anyway. After that we went out to visit some less active members but none of them were home sadly. So that was kinda lame. So we just left notes on their houses. Tuesday was good! We had service which was fun. Got to deliver more lunch boxes to old people. :) Then we came to our church and had a tiny practice lesson with one of our members and got lunch together. Super fun. Love that guy. Then we had our lesson with 최인식! That was way good! I really like him. He just is having a hard time wanting to know so we are gonna try and spark that in him this week. Anyone with any ideas, let me know! Then we had english class! That was pretty fun!  I love english class. Taught em some good stuff. Haha Wednesday we had our studies and stuff then we went out and played badminton with the other elders investigator and talked to a ton of people there so it was way worth it. We got the number of a super cool kid who said he was going to come to church this week but didn't, so we gotta follow up on that! Oh hey while it's on my mind, did grandma get my letter? Let me know! I finally replied to her. Love that lady. Anyway. Badminton was fun. The place was up ontop of a mountain though. Only in korea do you walk up a mountain to work out. ;) haha after that we had pizza for lunch. Then we walked around and talked to people! Then after dinner i was just feeling like talking to people so we were out on the streets and this old guy stopped us and started talkin about the korean war and stuff. Koreans, they love General McArthur. Ask em about him. haha it's funny. He saved em basically. He was the general who helped during the korean war. So anyway, we got him to meet with us saturday! but he cancelled until this saturday sadly. So lame. SO we'll see if that goes anywhere. Then we just continued talking to people!

Thursday! Exactly two weeks from last thursday is my year mark as a missionary! Let's do it. :) haha But yeah anyway it was a good day. We went and had lunch with some of our zone and then we had zone training meeting which as always was good! The zone leaders did a good job of training us on how to follow the spirit. And the sister training leaders (They are like sister missionaries who are leaders for the sisters, and for us too, but they do like splits and stuff with the sisters) was good! They talked about testifying and being able to do it more. So I put that to the test and was able to share my testimony a lot more this week! So that was awesome. Then we went out and started talkin got people and I'm pretty sure we talked to 2 other missionaries from a different church so that was interesting. Not sure if i wanna meet them or not. We'll see what the spirit tells me to do haha. anyway, then we had a lesson with 한용호. He's the coolest. Haha so we asked him to read JST and he asked us about the part that talks about Elijah. because in Korean and in english actually, elijah and eliah are the same and jesus calls john eliah so he thought that what we were teachin him was false doctrine! So we introduced JST to him and he actually really liked it. because he has noticed other times too where the bible like contradicts itself sort of. so he seemed to accept it. Pretty aweosme. We just need to get him to realize it's true. Trying to get him to be baptized ya know? haha so we'll see what happens.

Friday was pretty typical! Haha we had weekly planning and that was typical. haha the same. Then at the end of it we called our less active friend and he wanted to meet like right then! So we met him and he took us to a place called Mr. Pizza! Perty darn delicious! Haha like that's probably the best pizza i've ever eaten in my life. So good. :) haha then we tried to teach him and get him to church, it just is hard in a restaraunt environment. But the reason he stopped coming was because a member told him not to come back. Like what? That blew my mind. Then we went and visited less actives where he wanted to meet. We were able to get that 2 of em moved haha. but anyway we decided to knock on the doors of one of the places right, and one of em right when we knocked it went from a loud piano and tv on, like obviously home, to just silence. and it was silent for like 5 minutes. too funny. Then on our way home we were walking and the Rocky Balboa of koreans started talking to us. Haha he lived in America for a long time and learned english is LA so he sounded like a black asian. too funny. he was unreal good at english though. so yeah! Saturday was good too! We had all of our studies and then we went to get 삼계탕. Pretty unreal. I love that stuff. It's the soup that has a whole chicken in it. And it's like healthy. There's ginseng in it. Ah so good. Like i feel good after i eat it. so that was delicious. Turns out that place is like famous and has lots of people who only go their for 삼계탕(SamGayTahng). Haha it really is so good. Thne we were supposed to meet the guy who told us all about the korean war, but he cancelled so we decided to go visit a less active, but me being the smart man that i am forgot to write down the address so turns out that we couldn't really do that haha. so instead we called a former investigator and got an appointment with him for that night. When we met him it was way good! He is a little crazy and pretty like...what's the word. immature? Yeah he is like that haha. but his wife keeps him in check. His wife is awesome. They fed us dinner and then we talked, she had TONS of questions. Like what makes us different, where did the book of mormon come from, like it was so good. so we are gonna meet them again this week and hopefully get them baptized!^^ haha that would make my life! I would be so stoked! At the end of it they walked us all the way out to the bus stop and made sure we got on the right bus. It was too cute. :) like my parents. Anyway, sunday was good! We went to church and that was good as always. although none of our investigators came. ah so frustrating haha. So yeah. Then after church there was like a BYU info seminar thing. That made me miss BYU a ton. Ah i miss it so much haha. but that's fine. it was way good! After that we were able to talk to all of them. Now to get into BYU or BYU Hawaii they have to take the SAT/ACT in english. insane. haha like americans struggle with that. so that is crazy. to get into BYU provo, you have to be soo good at english! It's like 25% higher on the test than hawaii and idaho. But yeah! Then we went out and talked to people for the rest of the night! We have this guy that we pass like every single day that we are pretty good friends with. He tells us to talk to 1000 people a day. haha too cute. so anyway he's way cool. One time we gave him a restoration pamphlet and yesterday we gave him a Plan of salvation one! So good! Haha we're hoping something will spark in him but not sure yet. Anyway, that was our week over here in Seoul, Korea! Seems like your guys' was eventful! So that's good. Jace, workin hard, wreckin cars. Classic. ;) haha anyway. Have a good week. I love you and miss ya tons! You guys rock. :)

Elder Breinholt

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pics of the Week!!

Of course! A BYU shirt from my dad:)

did you come up with all the little green things yourself? Or did you get those from someone? Cuz pretty cute. ;) haha

We were messing with Elder Lim's hair and had to take a picture. :) haha too cute.

Hey! So the one with the Korean, that's 오형석!

 Too Cool! A National Geographic on the Brain
Me opening package from my mama:)

They can now make exoskeletons for people who are paralyzed that allow them to move as naturally as you and i move. 
 We were wating for the ladies husband to get home for like 5 minutes so we could go in and I decided to take a few pictures. :) 

We were messing with Elder Lim's hair and had to take a picture. :) haha too cute.

June 1, 2014

Well sounds like you guys had quite the week! Jeez! I can't believe that! I hope that David is okay! Cuz that's pretty darn intense! In twelve days. Man. Haha jace is gonna be the cutest little worker. :) Look at him going and volunteering. That's my brother. <3 Jeez though. You guys have been having quite the little busy family! Kenah is done with Elementary school. That's weird. And I wanna hear more about those driving trucks? Are there just tons of em now? So confused. Haha anyways, love the pics you guys send. They're the best. This wek was pretty good! On monday night we had a meal with some members. That was way fun! Like it was good and the family was cool. We shared our message on keeping the commandmetns. It was about how one of them was to do missionary work and how we can be happy when we do it. So it was really good! Tuesday was normal! We had our normal stuff in the morning, then went and met two ladies at a cafe of course. So weird. Weird situation. Anyways, we met them then  we tried to teach her the plan of salvation, but she just wasn't having it and wants to prove to us that God exists. Even though i already know that. Haha but whatever. So...weird situation. Then we went and met 최인식. He's the coolest. He said he was going to come to the Elder Cook Conference, but he couldn't. :( so lame. But that's okay. We talked to him about faith. It was good! He was really liking it. Then we met with 한용호. Pretty good! He still is asking questions that don't matter for our salvation whatsoever. So we answer those. Haha we taught him that God has a body, and his mind was blown. He couldn't believe it. Cuz there is somewhere in John that says he is a spirit, but it was a mistranslation, Joseph Smith cleared that one up nice and good for us. :) haha so then we were both feeling like we should ask him to read Joseph Smith History for a commitment so we did that. Hopefully he liked it! We'll find out this week! Wednesday was pretty awesome! we had district meeting which was fun. We talked about area book and how it's important to keep a good organized one. So that was kinda boring to be honest. haha anyway, then we had singing practice after cuz we are going to do a musical number in church this sunday i think. Not 100% sure, but we'll see. Then me and Elder Hakes started a split. He's one of the people that we live with. We called a few less actives then we went and visited a guy and he wasn't home of course, but he came to church! So tthat was awesome! Then we were walking around talking to people and we got a guy to buy us icecream! Pretty waesome! Haha he was cool. Then we went and met a guy named 박원찬(Pak WonChan). I've met with him before. He's super cool. We kinda got to know him more. His major in college was Hungarian so that was cool. Then we just found out his religious background! Which he doesn't really like churches or stuff and has a hard time seeing why believing in god even matters. so yeah! that was fun. i like him a lot. They're gonna tell him why god matters next time so hopefully he'll start progressing!
Thursday was pretty fun! Found out that apparently in fridges there is a pan at the bottom like under it that catches water or condensation or something? Not really too sure. But that can like catch water and start to smell bad, so our fridge was smelling bad and we had to clean that haha super gross. Then after lunch we walked out and at the first crosswalk we ran into two investigators and talked to them, they're awesome. And then we ran into a member 2 seconds after we crossed the street. It was crazy! Haha like how often does that happen in korea? Like never! Pretty unreal. Haha it was fun. Anyway, thenwe walked around for a tona dn talked to people which was fun! Then we had english class that night and the other Elders investigator came that was awesome. He's way cool. His english name is justin. SO english class was way fun. WE like talked to them in english. Just classic english class. Friday was kinda boring. Haha we had weekly planning which is classic. Then we went and ate with the other elders. Chinese food. i love chinese haha. THen we went out and talked to people until our meeting with 변창기. He's so cool. haha the fire is still there. He gave us some ginger ale. Super good. Saturday was awesome too! LIke it was way good! we got up and went over to 영등포(YoungDeungPo) for a missionary conference with Elder Cook! Super good! Like he is definitely an apostle of Jesus Christ. Ha on our way there we were running to get on the train but my little card wouldn't work so lame. So i finally got it and the other guys got on but i missed the doors by like a tiny bit. Lame. But the conference was unreal good! I got to see some of my friends from the seoul mission too. They were all there. Pretty cool! Elder Ringwood also spoke which was good! He's always good. Sister cook is the funniest lady ever. I dont think that i've ever met anyone who loves people more than her. You could feel it. Oh! We got to shake his hand! So that was awesome! Like yeah way cool. But one of the things i learned is that as missionaries we are the message to the world. We have to be it. Then we went to costco for lunch, way good, then we went home and returned at night so that we could sing in the choir for the fireside! His fireside was way good! It was packed! He talked all about temple work and how we need to do it. He also left a blessing on korea that it would be healed and that the people would start to open their hearts to the gospel. So hoepfully, hopefully we'll start seeing a lot more success here really soon. oh yeah! THe choir! it was way cool! We were able to sit behind elder cook! We sung All Creatures of our God and King and also Beautiful Zion up above? Or something like that. Never sung it before korea. But its a way good song! So good saturday! Sunday was pretty good! Church was way fun! I'm liking church now. During the testimony meeting there were so many people that wanted to get up that the bishop had to stop people. Super aweosme. Haha they have a kid who sits up and holds a sign that says TIME on it to tell people that their testimony is taking too long. Super funny. But yeah! After church we went and visited less actives on splits, but both of our people had moved. Super sad. Haha but then i was waiting at the church and another member came back and we went to try and visit someone, but the address was no good so we just went to his house and got crepes in stead. :) So fun. Haha classic home teaching. Crepes with Nutella. I was in heaven haha. They're the coolest family. They lived in Hungary for four years. Anyway, then we came home and had dinner and talked to people all night! We ran into a kid who wanted to learn enlglish from us so hopefully that'll go somewhere! Love it! Pretty good week! Got to shake hands with an apostle of the lord! Haha so that was my week over here in Seoul Korea. :) Love you guys! Hope this week isn't as busy as your last one.
Elder Breinholt

May 25,2014

Yeah I wish we could have skyped to! I love skype. But that's okay. Oh good! Alynn didn't take a picture with Jayden or jordan so that's too bad. but it's alright. When is girlscamp? June? Ah shoot. That's good that his cancer is pretty much all gone though! That's way good! Haha kenah wanted to do basketball camp? That's cute. Following in the steps of her big sister^^ This week was pretty okay! haha we had a few miracles that made it good. :) Monday when I called you guys was my 11 month mark on my mission! So that's cool. Almost made it to the year! Crazy. Like honestly, so crazy. Anyway, after we called you it wasn't our P-day so we did missionary work! We talked to people and we talked to this guy who always stops us and tells us to talk to 1000 people a day and get em to believe in Jesus super funny. Anyways, this time he took a restoration pamphlet! Pretty awesome! We'll see if that goes anywhere. Then we went and met with 김영희 (Kim YoungHee) and her friend that she brings whose name I'm not 100% sure on. haha so this is a lady we met on the street. She's way cool. So since she's a lady and for whatever reason can't quite understand when i try to tell her we have to bring a man if we don't meet in a public place we met at a cafe. It went pretty good when we taught them the first lesson. Like it was pretty smooth and they seemed to understand, but i think she might be 통일교 which is the unification church. They want to like get all christian churches to be the same church. Kinda a cool idea. But just not right. haha so that'll be a hard bridge to cross. Like they believe that all of us christian churches believe in the same god and jesus so why not just be one church. anyway.

Tuesday! It was way fun. We had service so we went to that. It's getting hot here haha. So at service we were able to wash dishes and we wash in like a tiny little room that gets way hot. haha i was sweating pretty bad. But it's fine. It was way fun. oh! Before we went we were able to say goodbye to 오형석 (Oh HyungSuck) the guy from our ward going to london on his mission cuz it was the last time we were going to be able to see him. So crazy. haha i can't believe he's gone. So we took pictures with him. So fun. but after service we were eating lunch and they gave us like juiceboxes of soymilk and i was kinda messing with it and it exploded all over my face. So embarrassing haha. but then we went out and talked to people and met with our friend 최인식 (Choi InSheek) He's the coolest. We started talking about happiness and he said he wanted to be happy so obviously we told him the best way to be happy! Pretty awesome. I hope that he starts to see it. So we taught him the first lesson! Then we met with 한용호. I think he put a bunch of pictures up on facebook haha. Too cute. He's way cool. So anyway, we were talking about which church was true and he said all churches were true! Ah. So we are having a talk with him abuot that today. he just isn't progressing enough so hopefully he starts to after our lesson tomorrow. Hopefully he sees why only our church is true and why that matters. But I want you guys to know that I know our church is true. :) Wednesday wehad our studies which was fun. THen we went and got lunch as a district. Pretty awesome! I love our district. We are all way cool^^ haha so anyways, we had lunch together then we had district meeting. It was on recent converts and teaching for retention. Pretty good! My first training. :) haha it was fun. Actually we talked about how important the 3 gordon b. hinkley things are. They are that every recent convert needs a friend, a responsibility, and to be nourished by the word of god. Everysingle person without a calling? Less active. So! follow the prophet everyone. :) haha after that we tried to visit elss actives, but the addresses were incomplete so we couldn't find em. Sadly. Then we went and talked to people fofr the reset of the night after that. We ran into a member from a different ward! That's one thing that i've learned as a missionary is that we run into different people all the time. We really do have to be acting like disciples of christ all the time. Thursday was awesome! It was temple day! I love temple day. :) haha so we went to the temple which was awesome! It was our district and then President Morrise. Pretty small but way fun. :) I got your package! As you'll notice by the pictures i put up. :) haha after the temple though we went to a 고기 buffet with 변재호(Byun JayHo) He's a super cool member. His family lives all on the other side of the country in the very south. I think he's here for school? not entirely sure. Haha anyway, that was way fun! And way good! They had this super good onion stuff...not sure. but it was delicious. Thenn we went shopping and homeplus! I love that store. It's korea's target. Then we went to the postoffice and super cool story. We were walking and we passed a lady and i said hi to her and kinda thought hey try talking to her, but wee were kinda in a hurry so i just ignored it and went to the postoffice. right as we left the postoffice she came up to us and was like hey what are you guys doing here? Can I get your number and a pamphlet or something? So we gave her that and got her number and stuff. She seemed super interested! We've talked to her a few times since then! So hopefully that'll go somewhere! So stoked. :) Way cool experience. But, I should have listened to the spirit the first time and talked to her. Then we had english class which was fun! Of course. haha it always is. It was kinda hard thouogh. I teach the beginning class and the thing that one of our members made me teach was hard. But it was good. and yeah! 

Friday was kinda eh. but it was fine. We had weekly planning and stuff so that was fun. Then we went out and talked to people which was awesome. haha love that. We actually ran into the other elder's potential investigator so that was awesome! he's super cool. Then we went to our first  counselor's house for a 식사. Pretty delicious! We oh. Haha on the way there we ran into a member! We run into a lot of people. It really is super crazy. In a city with like 10 million people we run into peolpe we know. Anyway, then we had that 식사. Super yummy. Our ward mission leader came too so it was kinda a weekly correlation meeting thing too. :) haha so that was fun! And yeah! Saturday we did our normal thing and then we went out and tried to find less actives! The list we have the addresses are just weird so none of them are complete, but we were waiting outside of one house that was incomplete deciding whether or not to knock all the doors on this little villa, and a guy came out to us and was like can I help you! So we asked him um do you know who 김현 (Kim Hyun) is? And he said, yeah that's me!  and so he invited us in and was the nicest guy ever. He was baptized like 30 years ago probably. he's 50 years old now.  so we got to know him and are going to meet him again this weekend! Gonna get him back to church. :) haha so that was super cool. Then we had a young men's activity where we went to visit less actives, but none of them were home. Sadly they were all at their acadamies. Sunday was good! Pretty busy. well sorta. We had church which is good as always. Then we had the meal with all of the members which was fun. I got told I use chopsticks wrong by a crazy guy in our ward. haha super funny. Then we were going to have singing practice for a song that we are going to sing as missionaries in sacrament. Hopefully that goes well. :) But the sisters had already left so we couldn't. So we were able to talk to the stake president for a little and hear all about Joseph Smith. Super funny. He's way cool. His name is 이인호 (Lee EenHo) haha Then we came home and had language study and dinner. Then we went over to 영등포 (YoungDeungPo) for choir practice. We are going to be in the choir for the fireside when elder cook comes. :) so cool. That was hard! I'm not too talented. haha we are singing the like Mormom tabernacle choir versions, so it should be fun. We are singing Beatiful zion or something like that. i'd never sung it until korea. Way good song. And also, all creatures of our god and king. It should be fun. :) So yeah! That was our week! Lovin it. :) Lovin the pictures you guys are talking. Mom congrats on the snapchat. That's too funny. Haha. I hope you guys have a great week. I love you cool cats a ton!<3

Elder Breinholt