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OCTOBER 26,2014

Oh my awesome family. How are you. I saw all the pictures of you guys in california at Jared's homecoming. Can't believe he's home. He's the coolest.  Ah the dude who spoke portugese is korean. He lived in brazil for 23 years, but he's korean. like what the i know. haha Yeah we spend about an equal amount of time. As we visit less actives we try to talk to people along the way and see if anyone is interested. Yeah I think that the bright yellow spiders are poisonous. But like they're not aggressive at all. i got super close to one to take those pics.  anyway, our recent convert is back. he's not going to that place. so yeah kinda weird. and i can't believe that about david. he's in a tough situation. hope he turns out \okay. oh snap! 

Monday was p-day. after email i went and got my hair cut then we just went home and relaxed all day. much needed and super nice. :) haha i cleaned our bathroom so it's super nice now. like a lot better. haha but yeah. after the nice relaxation we called tons of people trying to get some appointments set up. and got a bunch of people to come to english class so that was good. also got a few appointments so that's awesome. :) Then we went to find a less active but like the place was locked so we, being good missionaries didn't take that for an answer and just typed in the code cuz in korea the codes are always written somewhere where you can see them you just have to look. so yeah we did that and then when we knocked on the door the lady slammed the door in our face, so classic experience. ;) haha it was cool. then we came home! 

Tuesday was good. we got up and went straight to 영등포 youngdeungpo for zone conference. that was super super good. I really enjoyed it. we got some family history training. also about setting goals and stuff. it was good. haha but yeah we had zone conference which was super long. it took until like 5 oclock so we came home and had dinner then we had lanugage study then we called some members to get some appointments. so it was awesome. but yeah that was pretty much it. Wednesday was really good! After our studies we went and met Mr. Park. Elder Dayley and I met him in the park last week and he wanted "a relationship with [us]". according to him. ;) haha so we met him and he took us to get lunch and now he's a new investigator! so that's awesome! he's pretty cool. I don't know his korean name actually haha didn't get around to asking him. He's super active in the methodist church, but super open to religion and us so it's cool. :) haha we ended up giving him a book of mormon and plan of salvation pamphlet and have been talking to him pretty often so it's good. :) haha then we went to visit less actives newar where we met him and one had a super good view. then we visited our CU friend. he really appreciates our visits, he always thanks us. so like we are hoping he'll want to investigate the church here real soon. then we came home and had dinner and english class! That was super fun. i always love it. we were able to teach just one guy who we are working with to get to be an investigator. so we'll see what happens. :) and yeah that's pretty much it!

Thursday was really good as well. we got up and had all of our studies and elder dayley practiced teaching the book of mormon, he's super good. he's getting really good at korean. then we went and had lunch with one of our members, 정경수 Jung Kyungsoo. he's the elders quorum president. he's super nice and way cool. love him. he fed us 떡볶이 which i dont' know what that is in english. just put it into the translator i guess. ;) haha it's spicy. but it was good. then we had a practice lesson with him and commited him to invite someone to the halloween party friday. then we looked for less actives then planned/set up our haunted house and then got dinner and had a nother practice lesson with 김성환 Kim Sunghwan. he's the ward secretary? i think that's right. sure. so we practiced with him and committed him to do the same thing. to invite someone to our halloween party. So yteah! Then we spent the rest of the night setting up our haunted house, but when we went back the next day, literally everything had fallen down. so lame. :( 

Friday was super super good. :) haha we got up and had our studies and stuff i read about alma's conversion. so heck yeah. :) haha then we had weekly planning which was entertaining. haha it was good. we finished all of weekly planning then looked through both of our less active books that we called people from. we like picked out the ones we wanted to call. then we had dinner and then we started calling people. a bunch didn't answer but two of the less actives that answered we were able to get appointements for this week with. so that was awesome. one was like wow its been like a few years since the missionaries have called i really miss you guys! I am getting married in 2 weeks you guys should come! but its across the river so we can't. :( but that's okay. we are going to meet him tonight. :) then we went and had a practice lesson with 안상철 Ahn SahngChor. he's the best. he's the first counselor in the bishopric. so yeah we gave him the invite someone to the halloween party commitment and then he bought us a ton of bread. and while we were there the lady was like hey i've been meaning to talk to you guys for a long time but what church are you guys from? There's always people here so i can never ask, but since there's no one here i can! haha her boss guy is interested and she scanned our card to get to the website so hopefully she gets interested! we'll see what happens. :) 

Saturday we had soccer so we woke up and went straight there. It was way fun! Some people from 수원 Suwon, my first area's stake came and they were way cool! After we were done the first thing one of the guys said to me is hey you're super handsome. :) haha it made my day. way cool. and our bishop made jokes too. i had a wide open goal but totally missed it way bad and then like 5 minutes later i had a actually pretty dang nice goal and the bishop goes, in english, the worst and the best! haha too funny. Then after soccer we went with the bishop to subway of course. then we came home and showered then we had our weekly coorelation meeting with kim surgi. he's way cool. haha that was good. then we came home and studied and had lunch then we went to youngdeungpo for stake conference and were there the rest of the night! it was awesome! I love it. I learned the word for food storage haha. pretty cool. and yeah!

Sunday we had stake conference again. so we went there and it was way good. our stake president is a boss. his talk was super good. and so was everyone else that spoke. well at least, what i could understand. my understanding is pretty good. :) haha so i could understand maybe like 60% of it? then we came home and had our studies. those were good. then we had our evaluation thing for the two new missionaries to teach. love them. haha it was way good. so yeah! Then we had dinner and went to visit our less active friend and invited him to the halloween party so hopefully he comes! we'll see! but yeah! Then we came home and made lots of calls and got appointements for like everyday this week. so we are excited. should be a good one! please throw your prayers are way. we could use them to help progress our area. things are looking up though. i'm really excited about this next week. :) also, the reason we have practice lessons with members is because president morrise wants us to get as much practice teaching as possible. Also, we keep track of a total lessons stat which the standard of excellence in our mission is 10 and those go towards it. so yeah! i miss you guys a ton. you're the best. like honestly, i really do love you guys. and i hope you guys are doing good. i think you are based on all the fun stories i hear. :) i love you so much!

elder breinholt

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