Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm leaving 화곡 and going to new area 노량진 (NoRyangJeen)

 We eat sitting on the ground like a lot. Not at our house, but every time i've been to a members. It's because a lot of people's houses are too small to have a table. Also, they're asian. :)Haha I haven't gotten your package yet. Can't believe kenah is going to be in Junior high! So mind blowing! Holy cow they start school again in like a month!  Yeah . Okay! So guess what! I'm leaving 화곡! I got my call on saturday night and the 화곡 phase is over. I'm moving up to the big city! My next area is an area called 노량진 (NoRyangJeen). It's in like central seoul so expect some big buildings. :) Haha i heard that the ward there is super cool and so we'll see how it goes! I'm pretty excited! I'll miss HwaGok but it'll be a nice change. We transfer on wednesday! It'll be good. Okay so our week. 

Monday was good! Still can't believe where megan is going haha. So cool. Then we went to the mokdong church and played bang. Way fun. Just a bunch of games actually for preparation day. That was fun. Then we went and visited a less active and he had moved which was sad. The dude who ansered it thouogh had just gotten out of the shower haha he didn't have a shirt on it was pretty funny. Anyway. That was monday. Not too much to report. Tuesday we didn't have service. :( But we were supposed to meet our investigator but he cancelled sadly. :( Which is fine. Then we started walking the streets. We decided to do this thing where we "let the spirit guide us" haha so at every crosswalk we would do rock paper scissors and whoever won or tied that determined which way we would go. It was actually pretty cool! We talked to a bunch of cool people! So that was good. Then we made our way back to the church for our appointment with 한용호. That was good! we talked about mosaiah 2 and 4 with him whic hwas super good. We just want him to be happy but there is something that he just can't quite grasp. Ah. But it's okay. Right when we were about to get down to business basically tell him either he gets baptized or we drop him he got a phone call and we had to leave. so lame. Ah. But it's fine. We got dinner with our english class members! So good! It was 해물찜! Which is basically seafood and sprouts with spicy sauce on it. Haha it was way good. I was impressed. Honestly, i love korean food. I'm gonna cry when i have to leave just because of that. ;) haha but yteah we had dinner with them and then we had english class! That was awesome! I learned a new word! Literally the longest word i've ever seen! One of our class members was showing off and showed us it. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicordcanoconiosis. Or something like that. Like what? Who even learns words like that. haha anyway, then we had our weekly coorelation meeting and that was awesome!

Wednesday was good too. :) We got up and had our studies and then we went to mokdong for district meeting lunch. We had district meeting together. That was fun. Haha lunch was good. After lunch on the way to the church elder empey grabbed a cicada off the side of a tree and it started just like yelling and stuff. It was way funny. Then I gave training at district meeting! Pretty good. Haha i liked it. I don't know if other people did, but hey. Haha soo yeah! That was fun. It was all about the book of mormon. :) So then after that we came home and we went out to find a less active but i forgot my camera battery...i put it in the charger in the morning haha. so i couldn't find the guys address. so lame. So we did our rock paper scissors thing again for a little bit. It actually led us up a really big hill. ah so hard. But hey. haha we did it. Then after dinner we actually found him and got to talk to his wife so that was cool! And then we found our bishops wife's bread shop! she's the coolest. Her bread is also really delicious. She makes like all kinds. Korea...they make all the american stuff korean and it's delicious! haha Then we had singing practice for our performance on saturday. Thursday we had service! And it was super super fast. Like 45 minutes. It usually takes 2 hours. so that was nice! Then we went to McDonalds after of course. I ordered a chicken sandwhich and hello week ruiner. It had a hair like cooked into the breading just barely sticking out. Haha it was pretty gross. I thought i would let ya in on that one. :) Then we went and met 김진혁. He's a little bum. Haha he doesn't really care about the Book of Mormon or getting a testimony he just wants proof. So it doesn't make sense. Haha the book of mormon is the proof buddy. And he asks us dumb questions that when we answer them correctly, he says oh no that's not right. like oh gosh dude come on. haha it is dumb. So he's gone haha. so sad. then we came home and had language study and then we had singing practice which was fun. our song is was There is Sunshine in my Soul Today. I hope that it gets on dropbox. I have like 8 videos going up. But it's taking forever. I've only finished 2 so hopefully they finish by the time i'm done emailing. Anyway, then we went out and visited less actives but none of em were home. :( ah so lame. haha but that's fine. 

Friday was good! I started marking my scriptures like straight from PMG. I'll take a picture and show you guys this week. I don't know why i haven't. Lame elder breinholt. but that's okay. anyway. we had wekly planning that was good. haha then we had singing practice again and that was fun. then we went and tried to visit a less active but he wasn't there. then we went around our area and i ended up getting a hair cut from one of our english class members. She's way cool. It took like 5 minutes. It was way fast! haha so yeah! Then we came home. Saturday was intense! haha we went up to a cool part of our area and talked to some people then we visited one of our membrs. Turns out he has an actual house! With a yard! haha it was awesome! I couldn't believe it! But yeah! THat was fun. We tlaked to him and shared a message and then he took us to dinner! we had some sort of noodle stuff that honestly i didn't like really at all. but that's fine. they don't know that. They think that I thought it was delicious. :) so yeah! Then we went to the church and had a music conference thing. It was with the primary it was way cute. One of the videos if it gets up is a missionary doing a song with a little girl from frozen, so cool. She like mouths the words, way cute. you'll like it. it was a fun night. Then we got our transfer call and I told you how that turned out. :) Sunday was a good last sunday in 화곡. We had church and that was awesome. I like this ward a lot. They're way cool. In fact, we told one kid that we had to leave on wednesday and he started to cry. So sad. Sooo sad. ah. i didn't know what to do. So we tried to comfort him. :) haha then in sacrament we gave like our final testimony. It was good. I discovered something about me this week. I am very professional and get right to the point, not really too much emotion when it comes to stuff like this. So mine was good. but kinda short which is fine. haha anyway, then we had lunch with the ward which was awesome. then we came home and had language study and dinner and then we went out and talked to a bunch of people and the less actives we tried to visit weren't home but that was our week! A good final one in 화곡동, 서울시, 대한민국. I am sad to leave but it will be a good change. I'm excited for this next ward. We'll see ya from there. :) Have a good week family. I love you and pray for you every night! Keep doin the little things in life that bring us closer to the savior. Actually one thing i've noticed lately is this time as a read the book of mormon it's like all i want to do. When personal study ends i'm like nooo like just 5 more minutes!! It's way fun. i am really liking it. And I feel the spirit stronger too. Have a good week. :)

Elder Breinholt

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

화곡 (HwaGok) July 2014


Monday was good! After emailing we called some people trying to set up appointments but that didn't pull through haha so that was too bad. Then we went up to an area called 방화(BangHwa) and explored. We found a super super cool park. It's like totally silent there up right next to the mountain. Way nice. We ran into a member there so that was awesome. Then after we ran into two super cool guys. One was super good at english he studied in texas for 6 years. So good. LIke he was fluent. Surprising cuz he was like 65. We ended up talking to him for an hour and a half! It was awesome! We taught him basically the whole restoration and he had a book of mormon at his house, but he wouldn't give us his number cuz he's too busy. Whatever that means. Way lame! ah! Haha he is an elder in the presbyterian church. so he's dang serious in it. Like he goes from the second he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep to church on sunday. and every weekday he is there every morning for morning prayer. Intense haha. he was so cool though! I hope we ran into him again. Pray for him. His name is 이창섭 (Lee ChahngSup) So cool. So that was our day. Tuesday was good too. WE had service which was good. WE did dishes so that was hot. Sorry if it seems like i'm yelling at you when i say WE. My finger gets stuck haha. anyway, so me and elder empey got to talk to our service buddy and then we went to mcdonalds of course. Oh haha our service friend (박원찬) asked me if i was part hispanic or anything and then he goes yeah like i think that hispanics are the most stylish and best looking people. Awe yeah. :) haha. anyway, that was funny. Then we met 김진혁. He is doing good. WE talked about his questions about the restoration pamphlet for a while and that took a long time then we moved onto the plan of salvation which gave him tons of questions. Ah intense. It would blow your guys minds so i'm not even gonna go there...haha. but yeah. then we had english class and that was wy fun! I love it! We did our normal thing. Pretty sweet! Then we went out and talked to people for a little.
Wednesday was probably the weirdest day of my mission. Like by far. Ah just wait haha. So we had our studies. I got deep into 2 nephi 2 this week. It's a good chapter. Like it took me 4 days to get through it haha. so good. but anyway, we had lunch with the 목동 district because we decided to have combined district meeting to switch things up! So it was delicious and then we had district meeting! Elder nemelka taught It was really good! Then we went out and talked to peopl after we got home. Well first elder empey did TIP, the passoff program. THen we went out and talked to poelpe. WE talked to a super cool guy and got his phone number so not really anything weird happening yet. :) haha then after dinner we went up to a place called 발산(BarSan). It was where the weird stuff happened. We talked to an old guy who lost everything so he moved from gangnam to here in government paid apartments. Way sad. He was divorced and stuff. Ah. So he aws nice. THen we decided to get ice cream and sit down cuz it was hot. Worst idea ever. Like honestly haha. As we were sitting down this 40 year old lady comes and starts talking to us and just like kept asking the same questions even though we answered them, she just couldn't hold ont o anything we were telling her. haha so crazy. and she started to hit on elder epey touching his arm and she even invited us to go back to her apartnment! Way weird! Ah!! Yikes. THen while we were talking to her this super weird guy came up to us and ga ve me the willys. ah he was creepy. And then this lady said her daughter that was good at english was coming so we waited and the daughter came...she was like 10 years old. haha wha in the world. then she asked us for our phone number so i pulled out the phone and she goes no no not yours i want elder empey's! Haha little did she know our phone is shared.But like it was way funy. Then we got out of there really fast and on the say home we started talking to this kid who came up to us and gave us a hug and kissed me on the cheek. On both one. Haha so weird. Then we went into a pharmacy cuz we have some friends there that we wanted to talk to. They're awesome, we are trying to get them to come to our english class. But they wont come! Ah stress. Haha then the second we left some dude started yelling at us to follow him so we were like uhh oky! Sure! And he led us to a russian couple who doesn't speak english and so they just walked away and were like oh sorry! Way weird drunk guy. Haha too funny. so that was our crazy wednesday.
Thursday was awesome! We went to the temple! Yeah baby! That was so good! Ah I love it. I wish we could go every week. I really do. Ah. THen I got to talk to elder warnick so that as awesome. Miss him. Then i bought a book of mormon study guide. The byu one. It's wayyyy good. I would suggesyt it to anyone. It's like 5 bucks. not bad. then we went to taco bell which was delicious. i love it haha. then we came home and chilled and made peanut butter cookies and bang. THen we went out and talked to peple. way good! friday was good too! We had lunch with our investigator 김진혁. He's awesome. Just do what we ask you toooo. haha so we had what is called 순대국. :) So good! It's blood sausage stuff that i actually really liked. Mine had kimchi in it. So good. Hey have you guys been to the cupbop place?! Grandma said she loved it! haha so that was cool. got to know him more. ten we came home and tried to do weeekly planning but we got distracted by ou investigators question. Maybe i'll toss it on in the end of the email...not really worth it for you guys to worry about though haha. so yeah. then we had our weekly coorleation meeting with our ward mission leader. That was way good. I love him. haha actually we did it at his house so his son was there and they gave us watermelon and i was playing with the son and made him fall in the watermelon peels. haha so my bad! Whoops! Haha anyway, then we had a meal with him at a duck restaraunt. Way good!! It was a whole duck in a soup! So delicous! So we ate that and 변창기 told us the story of how his friend almost drowned him at BYU Hawaii. I didn't realize how good he was at english until now. He did his senior year in america and served a mission and went to byu hawaii. meaning, he's perfect. literally. He sounds like an american when he actually speaks. Its amazing. Plus at work every day it's in english. ah so good. haha so that as aweosme. THen we came home and finished weekly planning. so fun. haha
Saturday was great! during our studies our bishop called us and wanted us to go to the church to help him move some stuff for a musc conference. that was aweosme. THen we came home and finished our stuff. Then we went out and visited a less active who wasn't home, actually they moved. so that was lame. The area they lived in was cool though! Haha then we went to 방화 again and chrcked it out for a while and saw the col park again. then we went over to 손종천(Son JongChun)'s house for a 식사. We also had a 20 minute lesson which is where we teach part of one of the lessons and then they tell us what we need to fix! But we nailed it. Haha they actually asked super super leading questions that went straight through it. Way cool. So that was fun. THey gave us spaghetti. Gotta love that. :) I decided today that i like korean food more than american food! So that is fun. Haha then after that we came home! Yesterday was also great! We had church which was way good! Actually we had to talk during it. On how the atonement and sacrament are connected. Way easy. Oh not in sacrament we talked in sunday school. The atonement and sacrament. Easy. When we partake of the sacrament we become clean. And to become clean we need to do it through the atonement! So always remember him throughout the week, don't do it again and you'll be good. :) That was fun. So yeah! THen after church we went down to 개봉(GayBong) for a huge activity in their ward. All 30 something missionaries from our zone (stake) came! It was awesome. We were all split up from our companions other than me and elder empey and went and visited less actives with members. It was way good! I got to know this kid way well! He's the coolest! His name is 조재원(Jo JayWon). He's a cool convert. He's the only member in his family. And he wants to go to byu. On the bus to visit some members we ran into sean one of the elders' investigators who they couldn't meet this week so hopefully that'll get going! That was awesome! Then we came back to the church and ate watermelon and had a report on how it went. It was way good! And then we talked to people the rest of the night! So overall a really good week! I love you guys. I can't believe megan is going to Africa. That's so crazy cool. She'll be awesome. I know the church is true, and that the Lord is in charge of this work. I know that Adam fell so we can have joy! I love the church and what it allows us to become and what kind of people it teaches us to be. It's true.
Elder Breinholt

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 6th, 2014

No way! That's crazy that David is supposed to be okay! That's awesome! Also, world cup sounds way intense. :) haha Oh sweet! That's awesome! I love packages. :) haha alright. Actually this week for our ward we have to take like 20 pictures so i'm gonna probably have a lot next week! So that'll be good. :) haha anyway I'm stoked for your package. Good luck in the young womens! Who was in there? Someone that I don't know? So weird that the ward has changed so much...ah. Also, way weird that tanner is home. That blows my mind. Like seriously. It doesn't feel like he left that long ago. Was stadium of fire awesome? I'm way jealous. I always loved it <3 haha I haven't eaten the silkworm larva yet sadly. I keep forgetting. slash putting it off. I'm gonna do it this week. I promise. Yeah so the reason that I did the interview is because I am the district leader. Imagine that. A bunch of 20 year olds are in charge of saying whether or not someone can join our church. :) haha i think that is a testimony of the truthfulness of it. :) The 30/30 program is where we teach or just talk in english for 30 minutes and then we teach the gospel for 30 minutes. So it's an hour program. Okay I will be sure to bear my testimony. :) haha um the language like there is always more you can learn. I am not like that good. Probably behind where i should be! I can understand sure! haha but its still hard. speaking is hard. Listening is way easier. but yeah! You heard me in my prayer a few months ago! That's about where i am. :) haha so yeah!

Our week! Monday was good! Alynn's birthday! we went down to an area called 부천 (BooChun). It's a way nice and cool area. We played soccer. Well sort of. it's called 촉구(ChokGu) It's way fun. It's like volleyball, tennis and soccer all mixed together. Pretty awesome! It's fun. So that was a nice relaxer for the week. Then we came home and went grocery shopping and then we had dinner and elder empey did his little teacher training improvement thing. That's what the mission gives us to study korean from. It's way good. It's like you have to learn scriptures and vocab and all like focused around the PMG principles. So that' was good. Then we were going to meet an investigator but he cancelled so we just walked around and then made calls! Tuesday was fun. We went to service which was was way good. I love it. We did dishes and holy cow. I don't think i've ever sweated that much in my life. It's like so humid and hot that you just die. In fact i think that a lot of it was just steam condensation. So bad. But still fun. ) Then we went to McDonalds and i spilled my drink everywhere right as i was sitting down. So embarrassing. Like literally the worst haha. I felt so dumb. It was a ton of soda just all over the floor. then we came home and had language study then we went and met 김진혁(Kim JeenHyuck). He's way cool. I think I've told you about him in the past. Anyway we taught him the first lesson. I am pretty sure he felt the spirit. He said that there had to be some sort of proof that Joseph smith actually saw god and was called to be a prophet. Hello book of mormon! haha it was perfect! Like so we talked about that. I know that the book of mormon is true guys. You'll see later. Friday we had an experience where like it just reinforces to me how true our church is. alright.  so yeah. He said he would pray and stuff. Then we had english class and that was awesome. Then we just went and tried to talk to people!

Wednesday was good! We tried to call some less active members but they were all either non existent numbers or they didn't answer. So that was lame. Then we went and started talking to people. We had a few really drunk people who talked to us. That was entertaining. Haha too funny. Okay so you know how in the world the churches are separated into like Presbyterian lutheran and methodist and others. And then there are like tons of just churches that are named like random things like the Abundant Church and its a presbyterian church? That's like huge in korea. Everyone wants to know what 교(Kyo) you are. so we are of course the "몰몬교" (Mormon church). So we say oh we are from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! And they say know like what 교 are you? And I kept saying the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! But they think that is like the one church we represent and not the same everywhere cuz that's how everything else is. So then you say mormon church and it makes way more sense to em. haha so confusing. but anyway. that's a little bit of korea for ya. then we just walked a long ways and that was fun. We talked to a ton of students. then we tried going to a part of our area that we don't go to that often so we went and visited some less actives and some peoople who come to english class. that was fun. she gave elder empey a haircut in like 5 minutes. that was cool! Haha then we went and talked to people and came home! Thursday was good too! We were packed full! haha so we went to the church to have lunch as a zone. that was fun. got to talk to some of my missionary buddies. Oh hey dad might like this. So I don't know how big your mission was but ours has around 200. it's huge! anyway so then we had a zone training meeting thing! That was good. We talked all about the book of mormon. One thing that I don't know why this never hit me before is that we need to keep asking if the book of mormon is true to keep our testimony of it strong. then we came home and we had interviews with President Morrise. That was awesome. They did them at our house this time. That was way fun. :) haha i lilove him. So i don't know how much you guys know about Preach My Gospel but there are 5 lessons and usually you teach the 5th one after baptism, but now the first presidency doesn't want the aim on baptism as much as it is, they want it on the temple so in order to help  people to see that same vision we now teach the fifth lesson which is all about the temple and serving others and stuff. pretty good. so yeah! Then we went to the church and had our lesson with our dear friend 한용호. That was pretty good! I love him. he's way cool. So like the first half of our lesson was normal and then the last half hour we hit him wayyy hard with baptism. Cuz we've been meeting him for a while and hasn't really progressed too much. so we asked him to be baptized and he kept saying no like i'll do it later or i'll go to church when i go to america so elder empey pulled out the big guns haha he shared two "Don't procrastinate the day of your repentance" scriptures with him. It was good. He needed it. So hopefully this week when we meet him he'll be okay and want to be baptized. I think he was a little shaken up. haha but anyway. then we came home! ah. so yeah. 

Friday was good! It was independence day! So for lunch...actually it didn't even cross my mind to eat something american. We had 부대찌개! Which is basically korean american food. Way delicious soup stuff. Anyway we had that and then to start weekly planning we sung all three american songs in the hymn book. :) haha but then we got a text from a kid named 이진우(Lee JeenOoh). He's the 20 year old we met like last week. way cool. So anyway we met him and he's like yeahhh my mom said that if i meet you guys my mom is going to disown me. so i can't meet you guys. In fact i'm not even supposed to be meeting you right now. so we talked to him about that for a while. geez. i don't get it. satan is working soo hard on everyone right now. Like seriously all of our investigators are gone cuz of him. so frustrating. But anyway. then we went and played pingpong for like 10 minutes and then talked about the first vision. when i asked him to read it i'm almost 100 percent certain he felt the spirit. I asked him to read it and halfway through he stopped and kinda put the pamphlet down and handed it back to me. And then he wouldn't read anything from the book of mormon. But like after the lesson as i was looking at it. I know he felt the spirit. He felt something. I know the church is true guys. This is satan workin at people. He gets em stuck in the nieve ways. Ah. But that's okay. Just try to give some extra strong prayers for korea. We really need em. then we came home and finished weekly planning and talked to people! Saturday was good too. We tried to visit a few members but couldn't find their house haha. of course. less active. so that was lame. we just talked to people until we met our less active friend 김현 (KimHyun) So good! Actually. Haha so we met him adn talked to him then taught him about prayer and asked him to read alma 32. He said he would! So hopefully he gets some desire to come back to church! I'm stoked for him! then we came home and had dinner oh! Actually on the way to meeting him a drunk guy stopped us and started talking to us in english and was like hey you guys! I love you! no idea who he is haha. so anyway, he starts talking to elder empey in english and is like hey do you like fruit?! What kind do you like?! And the first thing elder Empey thought of was this weird korean fruit called 참외 (ChamWay) It's alright. and there happened to be a Chamway cart behind us and he bought us some! Haha so nice of him. it was funny. anyway then we went and wandered over to a park that was super nice. It had a lake in the middle. ah so nice. and we ran into a member there. Actually way funny. Korean.s. They had like tents and stuff set up on some "grass" like 5 feet away from the road it was awesome. haha i love korea. Sunday was a good last day to the week! We had personal study and then went to the church to say hi to the members! That was fun! I love them! Then in sunday school we talked all about family history. That was actually really interesting! Kinda want to do it! haha they have really stepped up the website. Family search or whatever it is called. Like it is super good now! so yeah. Do it! And take the people to the temple. :) haha so then we went and after church we tried to find less actives with some members but that didn't really work out too well. no one was home. :( so then we practiced our song that we have to sing in like 12 days. that'll be good. :) haha so yeah! Then we came home and had language study and dinner! Then we went out and talked to people and had our weekly coorelation meeting with Byun Changgi! He's the coolest. Haha so yeah! That was our week! Pretty good right? long email. haha those are the best. :) So yeah! Um anyway, i'm jealous that you were in america for the 4th of july but it's okay. have a good week. I love you to the moon and back! 

Elder Breinholt

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Our District at the Temple
이록 형제님의 침례식!!! This is when he got baptized! 
                               When elder nemelka came on a split we decided to eat some nasty jelly beans. 

This is on the subway. We went to get 삼계탕 

                                                        This one was on the way to zone conference. :) haha

June 29, 2014

Haha hey thanks mom. :) I love you. How is the world cup going? I know korea is out and america plays like belgium soon. But other than that i don't really know anything. Oh the rodeo looks way cool! Shoot i hope that david is gonna be okay! i'm prayin for him! That's way cool of his work! way nice! Yes I love your packages. :) They're the cutest. Oh hey before I start my email. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYNN! How about that? I get to email on your birthday. :) Love you hunny! Okay so monday was way good. We went over to the 목동(mokdong) elders house and played bang for a little bit and made brownies that were way good. that was way fun. I love bang. :) It's a way fun game. I would suggest playing it! After that we went to 김영미's house. She is the mom of 오형석 the guy who just left on his mission for england. That was way fun. Got to see some pictures of him and we had chicken. That was way fun and delicious. I love chicken. :) haha just kinda geting sick of it to be honest. we shared some fun stories and then we shared a message about how important prayer is. It was good i felt the spirit. Then as we were leaving they gave us this stuff called 번대기 (Bundaegi) It is silkworm larva. Some people like it most people hate it. I think i am going to eat it this week and take a video so keep your eyes open. :) haha but yeah! That took up our whole day!
Tuesday was good too. we had lunch and then we went to try and talk to people before our lesson with 최인식. He basically told us he wasn't interested in the gospel so we are going to drop him. So sad. like honestly. I'm pretty depressed about it. I really liked him. Ah. I'm so confused by people. He was focused on english and our focus was the gospel. so yeah. Then we went to the church and I interviewed the other elders investigator 이록(LeeRok) for baptism. He's the bomb. Like super good kid. Super golden too. They found him a month ago. He's way cool. He is a senior in high school and is a badminton superstar. So that's cool. Other than that the interview went way good. He has a solid testimony and even wants to become a missionary one day. So like needless to say he passed with flying colors. I made sure he knew he wasn't allowed to go less active. :) I read D&C 20:37 with him and asked him if he feels like he fits this description and he said yeah and just talking like he was prepared. He's so cool! haha anyway. then we had some celebratory chicken iwht him and then english class and our weekly coorelation meeting. English class was awesome! A new guy came, but i think he is going to do the 30/30 program which is awesome! Haha so that was cool. Wednesday! it was way good! We decided to have lunch as a district at the church and just order food. Another reason why i love korea. You can order anything you want to your house. McDonald's? Delivers. Way cool haha. but yeah. So we had chinese food. We'll have to get it if you guys come. The black noodle. It's called 짜장면 in korean. Pretty tasty! Haha so anyways, we had that and just talked for a little bit before district meeting. Then we had districtmeeting which was good! It was on prayer. Which is always a good subject. So that was fun. Then we had singing practice for our song we have to sing in a few weeks. I have to hit a super high note which is literally impossible for me. I'ts so high. Ah. Then me and Elder Hakes we started a split. Or exchange. It was way fun! We came home and made some calls for a little bit! The investigator who came to church this week said he didn't like church because we didn't have an educated person speak. Meaning like a preacher who has been to college and gotten a theology degree. haha so he probably won't be coming again. then we went out and started talking to people. That was fun. We started talking to a guy named 이진우(Lee JeenOoh) He's way cool. He's 20 years old and wants to learn english so we invited him to english class and we played basketball with him for a little bit. So that was awesome! Then we talked to some more peole for a little then came home!
Thursday was fun. we got up and studied then had lunch. after that we went to Baskin Robbins and got icecream with a member named 문재현 (Moon JayHyun) She is way cool. She's a way solid member missionary. She had a referall for us. We were going to go meet her on saturday, but turns out the referall is going to the phillipines and doesn't get back for like a month or so. so that's lame. :( but yeah. She's way cool. She gave two referalls to the other elders too. Then we went and met our friend 김혀준 (Kim HyohJune). He's cool. But he isn't interested in the gospel. So...sadly. Another investigator dropped. AH so lame. I hate it. He just wants american friends, which is too bad. Ah. Then we came home and had dinner then had our lesson with 한용호. He's makin me angry haha. Not really mostly. just frustrated. Ah. We brought a member and he just like uses the same lame excuses every time. I just don't get it. But we think that we figured it out. We think that he doesn't read the scriptures for spiritual upliftment just for like intellectual. So we are going to talk to him about that and honestly will probably drop him too sadly. Friday was fun! We had all of our studies. I've been reading Jesus the Christ lately and that's pretty cool. The description of leprocy is pretty darn intense. haha i love it. but yeah. So we had weekly planning which was cool. Then we went and tried to meet this guy but he didn't answer the phone...I called him like 10 times. ah. and so we tried to meet him but it didn't end up coming through so we just talked to people instead. then we had a 식사 with some members. That was fun. They're way cool. Well he's the guy that yelled at 한용호 a few weeks ago...but he's still cool. :) haha so yeah. They gave us chicken again...i love it, but it's kinda annoying. All the koreans think that we just like chicken and not korean food. Haha it's funny. They all assume that we eat like hamburgers and pizza for every meal. Also, the chicken here is fried chicken. Like KFC...and i didn't ever eat that in merica. so yeeah. and that was friday!
Saturday was pretty cool. We went and met 이진우 the guy me and elder hakes met. So we played basketball and pingpong with him and were able to set up the english program with him to do in a few weeks. So that'll be good. He actually came to 이록's baptism but left before it started...Kinda lame. I hope we didn't scare him off. I'm kinda worried. but we'll see. I think it'll be okay. Then we talked to people for a long time. then we wnet to our member 손태원 (Son TaeWon)'s house. He's the coolest. He's super small and so is his wife. :) We had a practice lesson with him which was way cool. his conversion story is cool. His little sister in junior high wanted to be baptised and his parents didn't really care for church but in order to give her permission they wanted to make sure it was a good church so they had him check it out. so he studied with the missionaries for like a few weeks and decided it was fine and she got baptized. Then he decided to investigate it a little more since it was a good church and for 8 months he studied literally everything the missionaries had before he was baptized. He was a senior at the time. So that's his story! And he met his wife in that ward as well. :) Then we got dinner with him and it was delicious, then we talked to people as we walked home! 끝! Then sunday was good. :) haha we had church and greeted members, always a good time. I can't believe that june is over. ah so crazy. but yeah. so we had church and then after we had 이록's baptism! That was way well done. Because it was right after church a TON of people came. It was awesome. The entire room was completely full. So good for him. so the baptism was awesome. then we had a meal after which was what is called 냉면 or cold noodles. That was okay. They aren't my favorite. Maybe we'll try em if you guys come since it'll be summer. Actually the last week or two has been hot but it's been like alright. Not too terrible. Then we went out and talked to people and then planed our message for our meal appointment. that was good. I love the family we had a appointment with. They lived in hungary for the last four years. So that was awesome. the youngest son is like 12 and literally fluent at english. unbelieveable. So we also shared a message on prayer with them which was good! We all shared experiences. pretty fun. :) Haha and yeah the rest of the night we tried to talk to people. But that was our week! It was good! Thank you for your prayers. You guys are the best. I miss you like crazy! Alynn I hope that your birthday is the best one yet. :) You're the coolest. :) I still can't believe dad's mind is blown. Nice choice though. Ah have a good week you guys. :) Love you!
Elder Breinholt