Sunday, October 12, 2014

Greenie Fire

Hello Family,

Hey so we have a portable dvd player that we watch the district movies on. It's way fun. There's a lot more than is just on mormonchannel.  Yeah we called all the people, but nothing happened this week. We weren't able to get any appointments with them, but they are still super friendly and we are hoping to meet them this week. We just keep on prayin haha. and the guy on the bus no we never got his phone number or anything sadly.  Tell grandma i love her. She's the best. We didnt' get to watch conference this week. We watch it a week late so we will watch it this weekend. 

Okay so this week! It was pretty good! Had some good stuff happen. :) P-day we went and got chicken and hung out at the church, played games and watched some movies haha it was way fun. We had fried chicken for lunch and mcdonald's for dinner so it was super healthy. :) haha i love it. then we went to try and visit the service guy after p-day but the place was closed so we weren't able to get any service in this week. Kinda sad. THen we decided to go to the han river. that was pretty cool! Talked to some nice guys for a while then we took a bus home and it was just a good night led by the spirit. we were able to talk to some people on the bus and then i decided to get off a stop early and because we did we were able to talk to a guy who was interested in learning english so we were able to give him a card. that was super good. just a good night. :) 

Tuesday. last day of september. crazy. we got to watch an hour and a half video of the district as part of the first 12 weeks for elder dayley. Speaking of which, i heard you became facebook friends with his mom. that's too cute. haha so we had our studies then we went and met our friend named moses. he's the funniest. He's an old man who i've visited once before. he's reading the book of mormon but really isn't willing to change religions because of his family and stuff so that's why we don't meet with him. Plus we ask him to meet and he's like no. he talks like a black man from the 70's it's so cute. haha he was talking about a missionary who was here before me and he was a black guy and calls him the "black gentleman". stuff like that. then we walked and wandered around and then went to the park and talked to people which was fun. then we had dinner. after that we went to meet our recent convert who is doin way good. he had some sort of accident. So he picks up cardboard and puts it in a handcart type thing that he pulls around. and he was going down a hill and the cart like hit a bump or something and flipped over and flipped him over and because he's so old like 60 years old it coulda been super bad but the only place he was hurt was a scrape on his knee and wrist. he said "god protected him". so it was way cute. I love him. we taught him about prophets and the ten commandmenbts and that was good. he is a fan of prophets. he's excited to watch conference this week. So yeah!

Wednesday we got up and had studies and then we went to 봉천 (BongChun) The other area in our district and got lunch and then had district meeting down there. it was super fun. their church is nice. speaking of which i haven't taken any pictures of the churches here. i gotta do that. maybe i'll do it this week. :) Anyway, we had lunch and then we had district meeting that was good. talked about feeling the spirit and keeping christ on our mind which we always need to do. then we went to go visit our CU convenience store friend. that was fun. then we bought groceries as part of dinner cuz we didn't have money on monday haha so we bought groceries during dinner and had cereal and then we had english class. that was super fun. then we talked to people but not really too much happened. 

Thursday. We had our studies which were good. like i say everyday haha. then we went down to find less actives. we were able to confirm some. and then we talked to people but it started to rain so we just went on the subway to talk to people. Talked to some nice people. then we came home and had dinner and then we called formers. our friend bong said he couldn't meet until the 11th so i'm pretty darn upset about that. it was super sad. ah come on bong. then we decided to call one more. his name is 홍승표 (Hong SeungPyo). He's like 45. so we called him and he wanted to meet so we went to meet him! We went to a seafood restaraunt and he ordered raw fish. It's called 회 Hway. It's literally, slices of raw fish on an icepack. Haha it was intense. But it was good actually. like it wasn't weird or super fishy or anything. cuz they like killed it right there in front of us. pretty cool. haha but he just likes to meet people and get to know people. he wasn't really too interested in the message but it was a fun night. Oh! haha he tried to get us to drink this alcohol called 소주 SoJoo. it's basically just like korean version of vodka i dunno cuz i've never had either haha. but they drink it all the time. he really wanted us to drink it. he's like aren't you interested as to what it tastes like? I was like um no. he's like oh just dip your tongue in it and see what it tastes like. it's not drinking it! And we were both like uh no way man! haha it was kinda weird. but it was easy to say no. heck yeah for testimonies. :)

Friday. we had our studies and then we went out for lunch which was super good then we did weeekly planning at the church. that was fun. always is. :) haha after that we had some ice cream with a different recent convert in our ward and then we had our 12-week evaluation teaching with the zone leaders and that was super good! It was fun. We taught the plan of salvation (second lesson). so it was super cool. then we had a meal appointment with a lady in our ward and her son. It was super fun and delicious. We went to a 갈비탕 (Karbi Tahng) place. Its like the rib meat, dad knows that one that he always gets at sam hawk. but in a soup. pretty good! Best one i've had yet. haha it was a nice restaraunt. they're the best. but we had that and then we went to find less actives and found that some moved and talked to some nice ladies and then that was our day!

Saturday. We went to soccer which was fun of course. I love it. It was super fun. I tried to get one of the young men to switch to our team haha. he wouldn't do it though. But then we went to subway of course with the bishop and the bishopric. it was super good. i love it. they have an egg salad sandwhich here actually. it's super cheap of course. haha korean's love it. then we showered and went to the church and had our weekly coordination meeting. and then we went and got lunch with our cu friend! That was awesome! He's doing way good. We are trying to get him interested in the gospel. he has some interest. he asks us questions. we are gonna go into it this week with a more solid plan and say hey do you want to do this english thing with us or not. maybe. i don't know. ah missionary stress. then we came hom e and had our studies and then we went to visit 이승룡 our recent convert. that was super fun. he made elder dayley get the number of the worker at the place we meet out of so that we could preach the gospel to her. haha but she is not in it for the right reasons. she thinks elder dayley is super cute so...awkward haha. then we left that place and got some delicious chicken with him. super fun. Then we went to the church and watched fireworks with some members. that was awesome! There should be some pics. Apparently every year the first weekend of october there's a huge fireworks show near our area. super cool. so that was that!

Sunday. We had church! It was way fun. We got to greet our members who are the best like always. too nice. our recent convert was there for all 3 hours finally so that was awesome. haha i love him. he brought his cute dog. too funny. but yeah! Church was good. i got to talk to the bishop's son who is about to be old enough to go on a mission so we'll see if i can get him to go soon haha. we'll see though. then we came home and had ours tudies and then because we were incredibly hungry cuz of fasting we tried to call people but like not really anyone was interested sadly. so then we had dinner that was good. then we went and visited our elss active friend. his name is 김화랑 (Kim Hwarang) he's way cool. He's a junior high student. We invited him to the activity on thursday and that was super good! He seemed like he was interested and would be coming to it! So lets pray! haha we'll see what happens. then we walked around trying to talk to people visiting less actives and stuff. Then right before we had to come home we started talking to a kid in a american flag hoodie. haha he was way cool. he was buddhist but we talked to him about the book of mormon and how it's blessed our lives and he said it was cool! And so we were like yeah man we'll give one to you if you'll read it! And he's like heck yeah i'll read it! So that was aesome! He jsut doesn't live in our are so that's the problem...:( But yeah! That was our little last minute miracle. :)  Can't believe Jared comes home so soon. that's crazy. absolutely insane. you guys are the best. i miss you tons. you rock. :)

Elder Breinholt

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