Monday, March 31, 2014

March 30, 2014

No he didn't come to church this week. Way lame. We talked to the lady again but she just said later she'll meet, later, so lame! Ah the frustrations of being a missionary. Haha I will take pics of korea this week. Mostly we just walk around and try to talk to people, so we don't see anything too cool cuz we don't go into the like neighborhoods and stuff too often, but when we do I'll take pics for sure. :) The guy who's brother is a preacher. Haha his name is 한용호 (Han YongHo). He came to english class this week! So that's good, and we are meeting with him on tuesday probably. Haha the pants that I got were grandma pants that all of the grandmas wear here all the time, but I only wear them for sleeping obviously haha. Oh wow is catching fire good? That's cool. hey have you made any progress on the basement? Haven 't really heard anything about it? Is that a dream that's died down or are you still planning on getting it done? Whew this week! We didn't do too much other than talk to people, so if the email is a little boring I'm sorry. :)
Monday was a good pday! Haha kinda a waste actually. We didn't do anything too exciting.  Anyway, we went to a cool big bookstore, but didn't buy anything...we were planning on it,  but they didn't have what we wanted. So then we went over to the 목동 elders house because we were planning on starting a split that night but things happened and we just couldn't so we got dinner, then went to our church to practice singing which we did last night! Tuesday we had service which was way fun of course. haha i really like it. We just bring food to old people. It's a way good time. Then me and elder nemelka started our split! I was in 목동 (mokdong) with him and we met a guy named 엄판도 he's a way golden guy who told us that the meeting with us was a sign from god that he needs to start reading the book of mormon again. So awesome! We taught him about the restoration and he liked it a lot. Then we went out and talked to people for an hour and oh haha we passed a school right when it got out so there were tons of students and we started talking to a few and the rest started freakin out at the fact that we could speak korean. It was way cute. ^^ haha then we made cookies for some investigators and less actives ( should be having some pics comin your way) which were delicious! (When we didn't burn them...) haha anyways then we went out and delivered them. We talked to a few people. There is a less active in there ward who is going to go to Oxford this year. Like can you believe that? unbelievable. but yeah!
Wednesday was pretty good! We had district meeting where we talked about language study plans which was good. I need to get a better one. right now i kind of do whatever, so it's not focused enough. But it's fine. Then we went to baskin robbins for ice cream. So good! haha then we went home and i talked to a guy with way cool hair on the bus. Haha fun fact about korea. Some people here are like still stuck in the 80's. It's way funny. So i talked to this guy with 80s hair and it was a good time. Then we went and talked to people all night...but nothing really too groundbreaking happened sadly. Thursday! It was a way good day! We went to lunch with 이정배 who is Richard Lee's dad! That was awesome! he took us to a 고기 buffet and it was delicious! He rocks. He's way nice and super funny. he works so much! like it's unbelievable. Then we went and tried to visit a less active, but they weren't home. I think that I'm gonna start trying to do it only at night and weekends. Then we went out and 전도'd or talked to people and had singing practice and english class! I love english class! Haha we were in charge of it this week so it wasn't too effective. but that's fine. But good news! Our investigator Han YongHo went like I said and he was excited to see us so that was good. :) Friday was pretty good! we had interviews with president and that was a good time. we had to film a movie for new missionaries coming in. It was fun haha. Sister Morrise made some delicious popcorn stuff. Ah it was so good. Then we came home and had weekly planning. then we had a delicious dinner that elder warnick made. haha it was way good! it was stuffed mushrooms. I think that i'm gonna tell him to make em again this week. :) haha so anyway, then we had singing practice we did it a lot...but anyway, then we had our weekly coorelation meeting! 변창기 is back in full force so that's good, and his wife came to church yesterday! so aweosme! haha like it was way good to see her again. She's the bomb.
Saturday we did our normal stuff then we went out and talked to people until we met up with the young men. We met up with em and set goals for what we wanted to do in an hour. Our goal was to talk to ten people in an hour. Pretty easy if you try. And we reached it! So that was waesome! I talked to a nice couple and gave em a card so that was good for them to see. haha we talked to em about missionary work and it was just a good time. Only one of the three kids we were with would actually talk to someone though. haha it was way cute. :) but, if i wasn't a missionary i probably wouldn't talk to people either so i don't blame them. then we had singing practice again then dinner! Then again, we went out and talked to people haha. Sunday was a way good time! I have been reading the power of everyday misisonaries book. And it's way good! I would definitely suggest it! If you haven't read it, get on it. it's way good. It has taught me a lot. And most of the time it can be simple! So, get on that book! :) Anyway, we had church which was a good time. Just talking to members and stuff. then we went out and talke dto more people. talked to some cool college kids haha that was a good time. then we wnet and had siging practice and had the Mini-MTC fireside! It was way good! We sung Abide with me, tis eventide. but it was pretty bad haha. all of our practices sounded so good! Ah. But it's fine haha. President Morrise came and talked and it was way funny. He's hilarious. I don't know how he does it. He talked about keeping the sabbath day holy and how important it is. It really is so important to have the spirit of church with us throughout the day so that we can be ready to face the next week! Then we had a 식사 with the members who went which was pretty good! I liked it a lot! Not sure exactly what it was though haha. But anyways, that was our week! Pretty decent one! Today I was reading in luke chapter 19 and I found this scripture. I thought it was way good. "For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost." Christ will always be there for us to save us when we feel lost. I know it! Anyway, Today isn't even P-day cuz we are going to the temple this week and they finally have the new movie over here. Can't wait! haha so that's good. But I love ya fam! And it's good to hear that you are doing good! I hope things are always on the upside. :)
Love ya my awesome family!
Elder Breinholt

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

20th Birthday in the Mission Field Baby:)

Things my mama sent me for my Birthday!

Selfie as a Missionary

M A R C H 25, 2014

We haven't met the lady who asked about the book of mormon, we called her and she said she didn't have time this week so we are calling her today. Good news though, i took pics for ya! So look for those on dropbox. :) Awe gotta love the suit life. Haha I am gonna hopefully have some too. Cuz american suits are terrible! Like it's pretty bad how terrible they are for being so expensive.
Monday oh we went to a 고기 buffet. So good. Haha it has been way too long since I've been. So that was delicious. Then we went to our church and played games which was a pretty good time. We played bang and some other stuff. But it was lame! Like the first time it went around I had already died. Ah. But it's whatever. Then at night we just went and talked to people. Ya know, the missionary life. Haha Tuesday me and Elder Hakes one of the elders that we live with who is zone leader went on a split. SO that was fun. We went to serviece and washed dishes, the best haha. Then we went out and talked to people for an hour before dinner. We talked to some super sketchy dudes from the Netherlands. They wanted our email addresses because they are from the netherlands of course so their phones don't work here. But i looked at his phone and it was the brand Vega which I have only seen here in korea, but i guess it could be in Europe too. But then they were walking and stopped and were like oh we have to go this way! And we were like too. We've told you that. Haha that happened like 2 times. So weird. But anyway, yeah. Then we went to visit a member which was fun. We talked to her and shared a little message, super quick. Then we went to an appointment with someone that we set up iearlier in the day but the guy bailed so that was lame. Then we just went and talked to people again. Oh we talked to a kid on the bus and he turns out to be friends with a guy in our ward! So he's coming to church on sunday! So that'll be awesome! Super excited about that!
Wednesday was the start of our new transfer. Can't believe that I've been in 화곡 for 6 weeks already, almost 7. Crazy! Oh also, this was my 9 month mark on mission. Almost time to start counting down. Can't believe it. Also! Here in like a month and a half it's time for another phone call home! Can't believe that one. Ah. Time goes way to fast. But anyway, wednesday we went over to the church and had a lesson with 류영호 (Ryu YoungHo) He's the cop guy. He's way cool. He kept his commitment which was to read just like one chapter. Or so. Then we went over the first lesson. Which went pretty good! He seemed kinda skeptical of the Joseph smith story, in fact he told us he was, but he also told us that he doesn't think that he can shut it down without first leading with faith. So he's a super sincere guy. I just hope that he keeps progressing. Then we tried to visit a less active, but of course they weren't home sadly. So then we just walked around and talked to people! So oh hey! We are trying to find a venus fly trap. Cool right? Haha we wanna buy one cuz first of all it'd be way cool to have, also it might help lower some of the bugs that happen in the summer. But yeah! Then we had a meeting with all of us 화곡 missionaries which we decided to have a little ward activity like twice a month to get to know some of the members better so that'll be good. Then we came home and called people! Party!
Thursday was pretty normal. I passed off second lesson which i should have done forever ago i just never got around to it...but anyway, so that was cool. Then we met up with our member and tried to visit another less active, but! He wasn't home. Woo! And he lived far away, so it took a lot of time. But it's fine cuz we were able to talk to some people. I've decided that talking to people sometimes isn't to find people, although sometimes it definitely is, but it is more of just showing Heavenly Father that you are ready for prepared people to come and showing faith. Like the lady who asked about the book of mormon last week. Anyway, that's not important. Then we had english calss and I got to teach koreans about sports! They don't know what the superbowl is. Blows my mind. Haha also, the only player they know is Michael Jordan. Like they have no idea who Magic Johnson or Kobe Bryant are. Liek what?! Jeez. but that was fun. :) Friday we had weekly planning and we were supposed to meet the lady but she cancelled so we got an appointment with another guy named 한용호 (Han YongHo) at the same time. like what? That's no coincidence. That was way cool. So we met him and he's way interested! He wants to be baptized! But he can't because his older brother is a preacher for another church and it would cause all sorts of family grief. So lame. Ah it's hard. But it's alright. So he'll be baptized one day. Maybe by us maybe not. But yeah. Then we went out and talked to people and had our weekly coordination meeting! Love it! Haha Saturday! we had our normal thing and then we went to go play basketball with one of our investigators. Well he was the sisters, but the ward mission leader told the sisters they had to give him to us since they have a million and we have 2 haha. But it's fine. His name is 박원찬 (Pak WonChan). He's the coolest haha. I've told you about him before. so that was way fun and a pretty good workout! I love basketball. I jsut wish i wasn't so bad. Me an jace have to play when i get back here in 15 months haha. Then we went to the sisters and got som eworkout hgear that they don't use. So their house used to be our house which is why it is there. But they switched because me and elder warnick came in. so yeah we stole a pullup bar from em then came home showered, and went out and talked to people.
Sunday was a good last day of the week. I read part of the Our History book that's in the missionary books. Pretty decent! Like i like it. It's literally jsut a straight history of the churhc, but there are some crazy stories. Like one dude was tarred and feathered and then he just took it like a man and said he felt nothing but love for the people who did it to him. unreal! Then we went and greeted all of the members. Fun time. Then we had church and a meal which was good. Then we went and talked to people. Then I made my cake so that'll be good to see some pictures of for ya. Haha momma you'll like the pants I got. :) Then we had our mini mtc which was way good. Last one! Before our fireside next week. The mission president is coming! So that'll be unreal! I'm way excited. President morrise rocks. So yeah! That was our week! Good one! I love it! Sounds like things are good at home so that's good. Tell jace not to get too driving crazy. Can't believe he's two months away. Like what? He's not old enough! Weird. But yeah! I love you guys! Have a great week. :)
Elder Breinholt 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


 Went to a super good hamburger place that is called Moon's by missionaries because that's the dude who owns it and is way cool. He went to college in america at Michigan State and lived there for like 15 years. So he knows how to make a hamburger. So good! It really was way good. 
Me with my hamburger just stoked out of my mind!!!!

MARCH 16, 2014

Oh well hello! This week was pretty good! It was actually pretty slow, but it was a solid week. We had fun. The language is still hard haha. Like honestly, I struggle, but like it's whatever. I can say what i need to. I have noticed some things about Korean and i can tell that I am learning a lot so that's good. My back is fine momma. :) no worries there. I think I've only ever noticed it like once or twice. So no worries. Being senior comp is the same haha. honestly, like it is the exact same as it's been my whole mission so it's whatever. :) Thanks for prayin for me. You're the bomb momma! Oh gosh you gotta be kiddin me. Jace is already dating?! Shoot. Where does the time go. That sounds pretty fun! Good that he is close with the kids in the ward. Dang Jace has always been on top of his game. Getting a job already? Dang he's way better than me! Hahaha kenah has a boyfriend named connor? What? Did I read that right? hahaha that's too cute. So please explain how a juicer makes homemade pasta. I'm really interested in that one. :) But yeah. Korea is treatin me good. I'm likin it. Wednesday is my 9 month mark on my mission. Crazy! Also, I put some pics on the dropbox website. :)
Monday! We went down to a place called 금천 and had a party with my MTC group. That was the bomb. Like I haven't seen those guys in a long time. I've missed them so much! Dang. So we went to a super good hamburger place that is called Moon's by missionaries because that's the dude who owns it and is way cool. He went to college in america at Michigan State and lived there for like 15 years. So he knows how to make a hamburger. So good! It really was way good. Been way too long since I've had one. Anyways, it was 15 bucks. But i didn't have to pay haha so that was nice. Then we went to baskin robbins, always good. Then we came home and I did passoff with Elder NEmelka which I should have done way long ago haha. but it's okay. Then we went out and talked to people! Typical life haha. Tuesday was good. It was my 268th day on my mission if you guys were wondering haha. So we did our normal thing then we went to try to visit a Less active, but their house didn't that was too bad haha. then we went and tried to talk to people and ran into two 전도사's. JundoSaws. They are people who are missionaries but really just yell at people and tell them to repent on the street. Pretty intense. Like...they are scary we try to avoid them. And that's a lot of the reason we the way that we talk to people is set up. it is to get Koreans to see that we aren't the typical 전도사's that they see on the street everyday, we are super cool americans! haha but anyways, they stopped us and started like asking us for our name card so we gave it to em and it was weird....but anyway, then we walked to the river talking to people, or trying to at least. Then we came home, had dinner, and went out and talked to people! Talked to a few nice people so that's always good. :)
Wednesday! We got up and did our normal studies then went to lunch with the district. Then we had district meeting which was pretty good! We learned about how to work with members, i learned a few good ways to work better, but really it just comes down to talking to them and getting to know them. Which is good! THen we tried to do a street boarding thing that didn't work too well cuz it was raining. then we went and got icecream and had dinner. Pretty fun time. I love the two elders in 목동. That's the other area in our district. Oh hey! This will blow your mind. So almost every single area in our mission has 6 missionaries now. And when they all do, every single ward will be their own district. Pretty cool. Dad will appreciate that one. :) It really just allows us to work better together in our wards. Anyway, then we came home and I talked to an old man who was a little too friendly. haha old men like to smack your butt sometimes. kinda weird but it's super funny. Then we had a lesson with the sisters investigator. we helped em out. His name is 박원찬 or Won Chan Park. He's a boss. I've told you about him before. Anyway, we talked to him about repentance and that was good! We used a super good demonstration. So as you sin you feel worse and worse. So we have him hold books. 5 books actually and as you explain the 5 steps of repentance you take the books off one by one. Pretty smart! Haha so that was a good time. Thursday was way good! We had curry for lunch, so that's always a good thing right? Anyway, we went over to the 목동 church for our lesson with our investigator 류영호. He's a boss! Oh in english his name is YoungHo Ryu. Anyway, i told you about him last week. So apparently he has been going to the 목동 english class! So that's good i guess. Anyway, we taught him more about the book of mormon cuz he didn't read. haha big surprise. but he seems super sincere and i think that he wants to learn. He really likes what we teach. so that's good. Then we made our way back to our area which is like a 10 minute walk haha but anyway, we made it back all the way which is a 40 minute walk then ate some soup stuff called 해장국 or Hey Jang Guk. It is pretty good! it's like the spine meat. which you think wouldn't be that good, but it was way good! haha but the miracle of the week happened next. We were walking aorund and talking to people then this lady came up to us and was staring at the Book of mormon i was holding and I said hi to her then she was like is that the bible? And I told her about the book of mormon and next thing ya know she asked us to meet! We are meeting her this friday. it was way cool! Her name is 박영옥. or Young Oak Park. She's pretty cool! About mid 40's. So pray that she becomes a solid investigator because she seemed pretty darn interested! Then we wnet to the church and had english class. I played basketball with one of the young men and realized how terrible I am. haha i need to practice with jace when i get home. Oh hey! How is frozen? The movie? Because literally ever single person in korea loves it. It's so funny. I got to sing the let it go song. and the do you wanna build a snow man? that song too. way good. :) haha i wanna see it way bad! anyway, that was our awesome thursday.
Friday was kinda slow. We planned for our lesson that we had to teach on sunday for the Mini MTC. Ah stress. Haha anyway, we had weekly planning and then went to talk to people. Then we went to try and visit a less active but he wasn't home. Big surprise haha they are never home for whatever reason. Then we had our weekly cordination meeting which was good. It was good to see 변창기 again after he had his baby. He showed us pictures and he is so cute! ah man i'm tellin ya, korean babies are seriously the cutest. but yeah that was friday. honestly nothing to really report. Saturday we went and ate at a members restaraunt which was way good. They serve what is called 삼계탕 or Sam Gay Tang. It is super good. It is basically an entire chicked stuffed with rice and a little bit of ginger put into some broth stuff. haha so good. Anyway, yeah that was lunch. We shared a message about a story from general conference. Which i think is worth sharing. it's a story that was shared by Dallin H. Oaks in conference. A kid is talking to Gordon B. Hinkley and says (talking about the church) "It's true isn't it? Then what else matters?" Cuz honestly the church is true! And because of that, nothing else matters! The church is the most important thing we can ever have and it is what will make us truly happy in the next life and help us get through every second of every day! then we walked to the church and met up with some of the young men for an activity that they were having. we had them write their testimony in a book of mormon and asked them to try and find someone to give it to throughout the week. So that was awesome. :) Then we prepared for a skit we had to perform...couldn't get anyone to video it. i wish i would have haha it was funny. But you guys wouldn't have understood it...shoot. haha anyway, it was about Lehi and his story. It was a relief society party. way cool! Anyway after it was over we helped our bishop move some stuff they brought back to his sister in laws house. They are less active members who live in the same building as the bishop! So hopefully they will start comin back. :) We said a prayer with them and then we came home!
Sunday! The last day of our week. :) We went to church and said hi to all of the members. I haven't been sleeping too well lately for whatever reason. Like i wake up at least an hour before the alarm goes off and can't go back to sleep. It's the worst haha. but it's alright. So anyways, it was a struggle to stay awake but i did it! I have a decent amount of the members names down. it's actually really hard to remember them because of the whole different language thing haha. but anyways, we had church then we had to prepare for the mini MTC thing. That was so stressful. We had to teach the third lesson in front of everyone that was there. So like it was fine. But it was stressful haha. So that's what we did at the mini mtc. And that was pretty much our week! so yeah! It was a good one. I've started to think a lot about whether or not I've changed on my mission. I definitely don't feel like i have changed to the point where i would like to, so i've set some goals to hopefully grow my testimony more and more. It's getting easier and easier to do missionary work as my testimony continues to grow. I love it. haha like being a missionary really is awesome. I love you guys and am so glad you are doing good. Jace, try not to go swimming with your phone.'re too young to have a boyfriend. Janae and Tyler...I hear from you every like 4 months so hear from ya in June. Alynn, good luck with the rest of school, I'm glad you had a good time on spring break. :) Mom and dad, you two just stay as cute as you were before I left. Hey how is the basement coming by the way? I love ya! Stay awesome. :)
Elder Breinholt

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!

Oh hey family! 안녕하세요. 잘 지내시죠?^^ Been a long time since I have had korean in my emails so i thought i would toss it in there. :) Anyways, I got your package! And that book is way good! I read it all already...haha so yeah! Way good. Thank you so much! I haven't made the cake...we ran out of eggs and i've just been too busy. I'm sorry about the lack of pictures haha i just haven't had really anything to take pictures of. But today we are getting a lot of our MTC group back together so hopefully I will be able to get lots of pics then. Yeah his suit is way cool! I can't believe that he is home! Like what?! That is so weird to me. Awe lil jace man is so cute. That's way cute. I can't believe it. Way sad actually. Dang. Haha that's awesome that you made it! My birthday was good! I'll tell ya all about it in a little bit. We didn't do anything special though.
Okay so monday! I was in 평택! That was so awesome to be back there. Man still weird to me that you guys can't read korean.'s way easy you should learn! You could learn in literally an hour. Anyways, so yeah i was down there. We met elder gamble and all the other guys down there and went to a kim bap place and had lunch. Then we just shopped around not realy doing anyhting. Then we had an early dinner with Julie. It was awesome to see her again! She went to church this week! So that was way awesome to hear! Man my spelling is bad. English spelling is way hard! anyway, she's doing really awesome and then she got me a sweet tie! It was way cool. Pink with blue ducks on it. Haha i'll have to take a picture with it and send it to you guys. Like honestly, i don't know what to take pictures of. Cuz i can't just bust it out on the street and take a picture. kinda weird. anyways, that was monday. Tuesday we had service which was a way good time. We got to do dishes which was way easy. They had a super fancy dishwasher that washed dishes in like 30 seconds. pretty crazy! All we did really was put them away to dry. Haha super easy. Then we went to lunch wiht Elders Nemelka and Preisler. They are a lot of fun haha. Anyways, then we went to the church and we met our brother 오형석, who is a kid who is going on his mission in may to London. He is way nervous so he studies with us like every morning. Its a fun time. So then we talked to people with him which is different but fun. Haha korea rocks. Religion here is a little corrupt...but it is way good! Momma thanks for that book really thouhg. Like it strengthened my testimony big time. :) So yeah! You rock momma!
Wednesday we did our normal stuff and then we had lunch at a 김밥 place somewhere. That was tasty. The bibimbap thing is one of my favorites. mom i heard you liked that. Then me and elder Nemelka had a split. We've been going on a lot haha. but it's okay cuz Elder Nemelka knows how to do good work. We tried to find a less actives house but couldn't find it so we asked like a group of 5 middle school kids where a certain address was and they like went on a hunt for it! Super cute. :) haha it was awesome. We were following a little group of 5 kids until we found it. But turns out that the button was broken we couldn't even tell him we were there. Super lame. So then we went and got dinner/talked to people. And then we made calls where we were able to set up 3 appointments! That was so cool! Then at night we went to the subway station to talk to people and they had white shirts for 2 for 17 so i had to jump on it. Way cool. So i got some way stylin blue button shirts. Awe yeah. :) haha and yeah! Then we just talked to people for the rest of the night! Fun fun! Thursday was my birthday! We got up and studied then we met our indian friend Ronny. He's way cool! He's pretty interested and stuff so hopefully we can keep meeting him. he's just way busy so that's too bad. but i think that itll be good. We had a pretty good time at zone meeting. I brought the little thing the like table mat thing mom sent and put it over the table i was sitting on at zone training meeting. Pretty fun. :) haha but the meeting was good! President came which was unexpected. Let me explain. So every other transfer which, one transfer is one week we have zone conference where the APs and President come. Then the first week of every month we have zone training meeting. So yeah. That's what that was. Then we went to the church in 목동 which is like 10 minutes away from our church haha so yeah. Anyways, sorry i gotta go fast today. So we went there to meet our friend 류영호. He's a cop who wants to meet. He's way good at english so we set up the like 30/30 program with him. It was a way good time. :) Haha so we got to know him and then we taught him about faith. Faith. Read alma 32 everyone. It's way good. THen we went to dinner with the other missionaries os that was a good time. Then we had enlgish class! The less active we ran into on the street last week came and he had a good tiem so that's awesome. Except he is going to japan this week for like a month...ah. so lame. but yeah! That was my birthday, two new investigators, a meeting, and english class. :)
Friday! we had normal stuff and then weekly planning. That was fine. Haha then we went and talked to people of course. we talked to a way cool guy who lived in cananda for a while! He was pretty cool! then we talked to some coool college guys who were partyin with their girlfriends haha it was funny. they had way cool hair. it was like...korean style so bear with me. pretty short on the sides and then long on top...hard to explain. just korean haha. but yeah! We set a goal for this week to find someone off of the street! We haven't done it actually, so that's why i wanted to set that goal for this week. I felt like it was a good one. We're gonna do it. :) our ward mission leader had his baby too! One day after my birthday! Like what! So close. Too bad. Saturday we had studies and stuff then we went and talked to people on our way to meet a guy named 최승우 (Chuey Seung Ooh) He's a cool college guy who met missionaries a while ago. He doesn't have too much gospel interest so we are gonna work on that haha. so we talked to him for a while then we went to the church for the young mens activity. that was fun. they were playing basketball so i tried to get in on the action in my suit. haha it was fun. then we were going to eat dinner with the other elders and sisters because it was elder Wedam's birthday, but we had to meet a lady who is planning to go to u of u for her PhD degree. Pretty cool! But turned out that that didn't take very long so we just had dinner with them. It was Pizza and chicken. haha we are real healthy here. I'm gettin fat. But it's all good cuz I did yoga this morning. ;) P90x yoga that is! haha but yeah that was fun! Sunday we had personal study and then had church! I was able to build a decent amount of jung with the ward members so that was good. :) Brother hong came to church but then he had to leave because he had another church to what? We gotta work on him. haha it's hard. anyways, then we came home and figured out what we were going to do for the mini mtc that we have each week cuz our ward mission leader couldn't go. He just had a baby! haha anyways, that was fun. Then we studied and went and tried to talk to people. Then we had the mini mtc and it was fun! They taught the second lesson. Haha one of the guys was teaching and the "investigator" asked about dinosaurs haha it was funny. Way hard though. but yeah! Then we hung out with the ward members for a little bit then came home! This ward rocks. Also we took a picture that hopefully finds its way to you through facebook. She added alynn on facebook i think haha so yeah. alright that was our week! Hope you have a good one! Love ya!
Elder Breinholt
Some cool thoughts from the book:
We need to let ourselves be led by christ, not just follow him. Change is not a bad thing. It is what allows us to become more and more like christ every single day. falling down may not be what we want but the lessons we learn from it are. We left our heavenly fathers arms crawling and with christ we can return to them running. Jesus's name means god is help or savior. Christ is there when we hurt in ways we do not know and cannot explain. that's why we have a savior--to comfor tus during those times. Christ has power to chuange things even when it seems impossible. Also, it is our relaionship with christ that makes us truly good. God is more concerened about the offerer than the offering. He is pleased with every effort we make no matter how little. Even when our efforst are mediocre, it is a step in the right direction. Life isn't so much about what happened to us but much more what happens in us. Trying and then falling, getting back up and then falling again isnot as much mocking god as it is honoring Him. We can never gorget what we have learned as well as felt as we went through the repentance process. There's more but good. have a good week!^^

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 2, 2014

 Good job on getting the pics sent by the way. :) Now they are on time! :) haha I'm glad you liked the gifts! I was worried about them I'll be honest. :) I think dad liked his right? I thought that he would get a laugh from that one. :) Those got there really fast! Dang! I can't believe parker comes home this week. That's seriously so weird. I feel like he left yesterday. But then again I only have 3 more months before I've been on my mission for a year. I'm such an old missionary! It worries me every single day. haha like honestly i feel so young! But it's okay. Time flies! Can't believe it. Wonder how jayden is doing. he didn't email me back this week...but it's understandable. Haha the first week man. Most stressful week of my life! Also guess what just went on the mormon channel music thing. A song by thurl bailey. Like what? haha I thought that was pretty funny. So this week for missionary work was a little slow sadly. but it's okay it happens. 

Monday we met our friend 박민기 (Pak Meen Gee)for lunch and just got to know him a little more and actually taught him about the word of wisdom. And he thought that it was pretty cool! So that was a relief. His dad quit smoking because of him and his sister! So I thought that was really cool. Then we had an appointment with one of our members. He's probably 14 or 13 one of the two. He's so cool! His name is 이승규 (Lee Seung Gyu). We went to this place called 충우 (Choong oo) Not really sure how to put it in romanization. Anyways. It's so cool! It's a beetle place. he collects beetles and he's a boss! freakin sweet! Okay i'm sorry if my spelling is bad. I just tried to spell sweet like suite. i'm losin my mind out here! Haha just kidding. But anyways, we went up into like a museum place and saw some sweet bugs. Mostly beetles. Who would have known how cool they are? they also had some super shiny butterflies and stuff. It was way cool. The scariest things in there were all from peru so...I'm super glad I'm not going there haha. like way happy. they were...big and just gross haha. anyways, there were like live tarantulas there too. Those guys were also really freaky. haha man saying that makes me feel like a woman but its fine cuz they really are gross. but we hung out with him and i think that he had a good time. I bought a sweet key chain! It has a beetle in it. way cool. haha i'll show you guys a picture. They had dead beetles for sale and one was over 250$! like what?! That's ridiculous! it was a hercules beetle way cool. then we went to our meal appointment with the bishop and his wife! They are the best! I love them so much! Like honestly, they're way funny and super nice. So basically every korean. haha anyways, she made us pasta stuff with alfredo sauce. It was way good! I felt like i was at home! The other elders said that's all she knows how to make. :) So cute haha. but he is his own boss and does like stereo systems so he showed us some awesome stuff. he had this stereo that goes in a car...pure silver cables because the sound quality is way better i guess haha. who would have thought. So it was way expensive. Then he started showing us how nice his system was that he had up there and i'll be was way nice. he showed us like a minute of some concerts. I saw freddy mercury. pretty awesome. Haha turns out that our stake president loves led zepplin. super funny haha. Our bishop is also a photographer! So alynn and janae could like that! haha they're way cool. Then we shared a message with them about faith and patience. It was mostly the fact that sometimes we think god isn't listening to us but he is. he's giving us the best answer for us at any moment in our life. He knows what's best! Turns out that they haven't been able to have kids. Super sad. So we're prayin for them! They deserve kids. Oh hey also, our ward is in like all of the korean pamphlets way funny. Our bishop is in the restoration one, and they were made in like 2006 so it's way out of date. Classic. :) 

Tuesday we went to pizza school for lunch! So good! haha love that place. Actually, i'm starting to regret it every time i go there. Probably gonna avoid it for a long time. Then we came home and called people. Haven't had too much success off of it. We got one guy who wants to meet this saturday for english. so that'll be good! Then we went out and talked to people all night! Pretty typical day. Haha we talked to this super nice old lady. Nice people make my entire day. They aren't that common to be honest. Haha we get a few really nice people a day. so that's good. then we had our english class and yeah! That's it! Wednesday we had our studies. Then we went to get lunch with the elders who are in 목동. Then we had district meeting! It was really good. Oh then we went and got ice cream at baskin robbins. Man i love that place. so good. then we were supposed to meet that couple, but they cancelled sadly so we were going to meet the sisters investigator we have been helping with but he forgot about the appointment because he got a new job and didn't tell them...or something haha. so that was lame. Then we had a pretty awesome miracle out on the street! We were walking around trying to talk to people and a dude yelled out in perfect english hey elders! he was a korean guy who sells furniture in japan on the military base or soemthing so he's way good at english. he's a less active who was baptized in 2000. He actually isn't a member of our ward. he was a member of the temple ward. he's into rc collecting and racing. He has an RC car that is gas powered! Like what?! Crazy right? So we talked to him and we've been working with him to try and get him to church. He's nervous though cuz he's old and not married and apparently because he believes in evolution he can't come and stuff haha. so that's kinda sad. Then we had a 식사 with our ward mission leader and his family. He's so cool. haha i always say that i'm sorry. anyways, we had a delicious meal with them. Then we shred a message about faith with them. make sure you show your faith by acting not just saying! that's way important. 

Thursday we were able to go the temple! It only took us like half an hour from our house to the temple. Way close. it was so nice. That rocked. I love the temple. I saw Elder Champion, Landry, and Pruner. I don't know if your keepin up on who all these people are, but i love them. haha itwas awesome to see them again. I saw calea too, but she was in a hurry so i couldn't talk to her. She looks like she's doing good. I love her trainer haha we served together in the same zone. She rocks. Then we went and hung out with elder Warnick's investigators from his last area. We went to a place called Ashley. It is a sort of american buffet. Pretty good! They have delicious macaroni and cheese. So we hung out with them for a while, then we went to our church and hung out wiht a bunch of the other elders in our district. so that was fun. THen we met with a member of our ward who is going on his mission to london so he's kinda freakin out. he's gonna study with us like every morning now. so yeah! That was thursday. Friday we went to the church for our first day of study with our friend 오형석. So that was fun. Then we went home and had chicken tenders from costco! Love that place! We have been eating muffins from there. So good! I love it. Brings me home. Then we went out and talked to people after our weekly planning session. I talked to a super nice old lady who, along with every other korean, went to the grand canyon and LA. Haha so funny. Then we went and talked to more people! Oh we were walking at night and we passed some korean airlines flight attendants and they dropped something and then elder warnick grabbed it and ran it back to them and she like freaked out and was like thankyou! Made their night. So funny. Then we had our weekly correlation meeting and that's it!

Saturday we had our studies at the church again then we had lunch with brother 홍. That was a party. He's so fun. I got him to commit to coming to church on next sunday. So hopefully that'll pan out. Then we had a group 전도 activity down by a subway station which was pretty good. We were able to talk to a few people. Then we came home and talked to more people and had dinner and talked to more people! haha seriously it is all we can do. Sunday was awesome. Way tiring though. Mostly cuz it was fast sunday. church was way good, the other elders had an investigator come and the sisters had 2 come. the sisters are kickin butt here. It's pretty awesome. Then we went out and tried to talk to people but i was way too tired and hungry haha. so we came home and called people and then had a awesome dinner. Then we had the mini mtc. that was awesome. Everyone that's under the age of like 25 thinks that i look like mr. bean. so disappointing. man. it was rough. but yeah! That was our week. We are trying to do work here but its hard without anything to go on. but its all good! we are havin a good time. lovin it and can't wait to talk to you guys next week!

Elder Breinholt