Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pics of the Week!

It was snowing pretty hard:)

Selfie Life. HaHa

Me with the dog:)

Me with the board:)

JANUARY 18,2015

Monday - Costco P-day
So after email we went to costco and it was stinking awesome. There were tons of missionaries there haha it was funny. cuz we all have to do our shopping on monday so everyone goes. Too funny. But we had extra money so we decided to spoil ourselves. we bought stuff to make american sandwhiches. turkey. too good. and also corndogs. too good. :) haha it was awesome. then we came home and cleaned and watched mormon messages. pretty dang awesome. Then we went to 허병석 Ho Byungsuck's house. By the way. The first thing is the last name. So if he were to go to america he'd be brother ho. anyway. we went there and guess what they had made for us for dinner. Subway and KFC. haha too funny. I felt like i was back in the good old america. it was really good. Although i think i told you guys this already, but the grease is really getting to me. like when i eat greasy american food i'm just like wow this stuff. dang. but it was way fun. then we had our weekly coordination meeting with our ward mission leader which was awesome. then we came home! 

Tuesday - Seoul University/Fun Dinner Appointment
It was really good. After dinner we went to Seoul University which is in our area. It's the harvard of korea. Like undisputably the best school in korea. it was awesome. But we weren't there for very long. Talked to a french guy who is going there. apparently some of the classes are in english and some are in korean. pretty cool. everyone who goes there speaks like fluent english. pretty crazy. But yeah! Then we got on the bes to leave and we went to the park and talked to lots of people. we talked to a black guy from South Sudan. pretty dang cool. he was super awesome. His name is John. He lives in Busan so not in our mission but we just talked to him and didn't give him a card or anything so then we went and chased him down cuz we felt bad, gave him a card and he actually texted us later! So that was awesome! He seems super nice and maybe down to meet us. but we'll see. he was going to sudan until february so we'll talk to him again then. after that we came home and made calls and then we went to 안상철 Ahn Sangchor's house. Brother Ahn. ;) haha anyway, we went there and they have a stinkin cute kid. He is like 5 and was just showing me some toys and this animal book. stinkin cute. haha he was awesome. but yeah the meal was super good. Buday Chigae which is like the american soup stuff....can't really explain just gotta eat it. it's good. haha then we taught them about pre-earth life and adam and eve as a practice lesson. it was relly good! Then we came home! 

Wednesday - Super Awesome Zone Conference
We had zone conference basically all day. it was super good. like yeah i really really liked it. we talked about accountability and other stuff too but the main thing i learned was accountability. we jsut went straight to youngdeungpo. we talkede all about our own personal stewardships which to be honest i don't know what that is. i think it is just like being accountable. so yeah. haha it was really cool cuz like i wanted to be more accountable and then we got trained on it! So heck yeah! we watched to Jorg Kleigbengat talk as well. pretty dang good. but yeah! The meeting was really good. it was from 10-4:30 then we had a leadership meeting after from 5-6 haha it was really long. then we came home and had english class which was super good! 

Thursday - Lots of Stuff
After our studies we went to a members house for lunch/a practice lesson. his name is 정경수 jung kyungsoo. he's super cool. super super nice. he said that his plan was to serve a mission in 5 years with his wife. so dang cute. when he was younger he was baptized but went less active so he didn't go on a mission. but now he's super active and married in the temple. too cute. ah! Get this. haha when we were there someone came to fix his like water machine and so he was like hey! Should we give him a book of mormon so we did! Haha it was super funny. he's like yeah, normally i wouldn't have the courage to give someone one but since you guys were here i had more courage. :) It was super cute. The lunch was super good too. Then we taught him about the atonement which was super good. then we went to the church and had like a coordination meeting with all the missionaries in our area. it was good! Needed. i think we are gonna do some serious work this transfer. i'm super excited about it. our area is doing really good. we had 3 people at church this week. so like super good. then we did evaluation with the bongchun elders. they're super cute. :) Haha but yeah that was super good. they taught me the gospel of jesus christ. hey do you guys ever study PMG? Cuz i would highly suggest it. like chapter 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 are all super super good even as jsut a normal member. the rest are really good too, but not quite as applicable to normal members. although chapter 9 is always good if you wanna do missionary work. :) anyway, then we had dinner and made calls and got some appointments so that was super good. then we went and took some cuties to some people. haha it was pretty awesome!

Friday - Fun Lessons
Pretty good! We had weekly planning which was awesome. we reorganized our board which now looks fantastic. there's a pic on dropbox of it. but yeah! Then we went and met 김성환 Kim Sunghwan. He's super nice. i stinkin love him. he's a good member. just stressed to the max with work and stuff. so we taught him to pray and to keep the sabbath day holy as a practice lesson. pretty awesome. spirit was there for sure. :) Then we went and finally met the recent convert 이승룡 Lee seungyong. he's super aweosme. he's just not comin to church too often. :( but it's okay i guess. he only comes like once a transfer... but he brought his dog and it's the stinkin cutest thing ever. long bushy tail and floppy ears ah. there's a pic with it. i hope it's okay. but yeah.. we taught him about how we can be happy. he said he'd be at church! But he didn't come. i am thinking i'm gonna call him every single week. ah. stress. but yeah. after taht we went and got dinner and then came home and made some calls/did PMGTIP, which is our language learning program. so yeah!

Saturday - Finished the BoM
So yeah today i finished the book of mormon again! It was super good! Always kinda depressing towards the end but it was super good. i love it. it's definitely true. read it everyday. anway, then we met 김슬기 Kim Surgi. our old ward missionleader. he's super awesome. we did a practice lesson with him that went really good! taught him about how our families can be together forever. super super good. he like has us practice teaching things better and stuff so it was really good. after that we met 김경민 Kim Gyungmeen who is a guy we met earlier this week. he's super nice. just has like no religious interest. although, i think he does he just doesn't want to admit it. but yeah we met him and sort of introduced ourselves. but yeah. we aren't sure if he's gonna become a new investigator or not. at this point it's looking like maybe not...but yeah. then we went out and visited lots of members and stuff. a few people were home so that was good. then we came home and had dinner, sandwhiches. so good. then we went and took the hospital guy a sandwhich. haha so our church is right next to a hospital where the same workers are every day. so we talk to them every once in a while. he's super nice. anyway, we talked to him friday and promised we'd bring him a turkey sandwhich. it was suepr funny. he said it was super good! So heck yeah! THen we went and visited a few peolpe but yeah! That was it!

Sunday - The Sabbath.
It was a great way to end the week. We went to the church and got it cleaned up then we had church which was goo! Our investigator came. 강진오 Kang Jeenoh. He's super cool. i really like him. it's his 4th time at church. he still has no belief in god though. so we are worried. ah. but yeah we had church and that was awesome. after we taught him and it went pretty good! We taught him with our ward mission leader 박순철 Park Soonchor. it went pretty good! Our ward mission leader talked to him about baptism for like 30 minutes. but that's okay. it was pretty good. then we taught him about prayer and how he needs to be sincere and he said that's the hard part. but he understands and said he would try this week! So heck yeah! We felt the spirit prettty darn strongly. so we think that something good is gonna happen. ah we are hoping. please pray for him. after that we went and did home teaching. went and visited some cool families. one is starting to go less active and one is less active for sure. kinda sad. but that was good! Always good to spend time with the members. then we went and had dinner with 김준식 Kim Joonsheek and his wife. they're super fun. he's like yeah people when they get spiritual get super serious and act like it's so sad and stuff but when i get spiritual i just start to laugh! The gospel is a happy thing so i laugh! Haha itwas super cute. but yeah. that was fun. we talked to them about the temple. we're sorta on a temple spree lately. don't know why. then we came home and it was snowing super hard! It was awesome. :) So pretty. but yeah! That was our day! and week! Super super awesome. things are on the rise. we're really excited. hope your guys' week is awesome. sounds like you're kinda stressed, but it'll be okay. :) I love you so much! Have a great week! MIss you! Also, today is my year and 7 month mark as a missionary! Crazy right? anyway, love you guys so much. 

Elder Breinholt
브라인홀트 장로

Pics of the Week

Pic with one of the members, 민창기 
 On our balcony one night when we could see lots of stars so we were excited :)

JANUARY 11,2015

Hey guys! How are you doing?? This week was pretty good. I went on exchanges with the zone leaders. and just like a bunch of stuff happened. So yeah! Haha 

Monday - Relaxed P-day
After emailing you cool cats we went shopping for groceries and then we relaxed at home for a while. That was pretty awesome. We got the house pretty clean so that was really good. I made a pretty good dinner. :) Guys, i'm a chef거든요. It's pretty awesome. I'm really good. Haha just kidding i'm okay. But after p-day we went and met a potential investigator named 장진성 Jahng Jeensung. He's an interesting feller. We called him off of records and he wanted to meet! So we met and explained what we did and he had tons of questions and stuff so it went super good! Except for now he's not answering the phone. so that's lame...ah stress. then after that we went and met Louis. He's doin okay. He really is just lonely and wants to go back to brazil. That's why he wants to meet us. Just for like friends. but it's okay. So that didn't really go anywhere. We were able to give him a pamphlet though! So heck yeah! 

Tuesday - Service
Today was super good too. We had our studies and then we went to service at the welfare center and that was super fun. I love service so much. The old people are super funny. They just like don't know how to act around us. They're super nice though! After that we went to 민창기 Min Changgi and 김순제's Kim Soonjay's house. they're the best. We talked with him for a while. We got there and he had to tv on. That was stressful. Haha but it's okay cuz we got him to turn it off. We taught him about the kingdoms of glory and the temple, being together with our families. That was super good. he's a recent convert of sorts. he was baptized 5 years ago. so he's super cool. I love him. And then his wife came home with a guy that she bought something from and he was helping them set it up so we were able to have dinner with them all and talk to him. It was crazy cuz he reminded me of the asian version of brevin (Jayden's little brother). haha it was super funny. that's all i could see the whole time. but yeah that was super fun. then we came home and had language study then made calls! Pretty good!

Wednesday - Transfers and a busy day.
Wednesday was transfer day. Elder Pruner left and Elder Helms came. That was pretty sad to say goodbye to elder Pruner. But that's okay. After that we finished our studies and had lunch then we prepped for english class which was great then we went to youngdeungpo so that elder smith could do passoff for the language program with the Zone leaders. that was good! He passed. :) haha i got to talk to all the missionaries there cuz they were practicing for a song they have to perform. but yeah! Then we came back and had to sit in on one of bongchun districts like coordination meeting because they only have 2 elders and 2 sisters so they aren't allowed to meet by themselves. so that was fun.  haha then we went and got dinner with Elder Morgan and Maughan the bongchun elders. that was super good. then we came back to the church and had english class! That was pretty awesome! Also, our investigator kang jeenoh who quit smoking came and he looked so much happier now that he's quit. like wow. he looks good. :) So we are excited for him. 

Thursday - More 귤배달
Thursday was awesome. it was super fun. We had our studies and then we went out to talk to people! we took cuties to a few members as well and that was super good. they both really appreciated it. One wasn't home so when she got home she called us and was like wow the note you left was written really well! I was super surprised when i read it! She made me feel super good. :) she's the nicest haha and the other person was super nice as well. 안태훈 김선희 ahn tayhoon and kim sunhee. they're the best. haha We also confirmed some less actives and stuff then we came back to the church and had to do evaluations with Elder Morgan and Elder Maughan cuz he's a greenie and is doing that. :) ha it was super fun. they're really good teachers! So heck yeah. then we went and had dinner and that was super fun. ew had chinese food. then we made calls and that didn't go too well. haha but then we went and had a practice lesson. that went really good. we practiced kingdoms and temple again for our investigator. he gave us tons of good tips. that was it!

Friday - Weekly Planning/Exchanges
It was a good day for weekly planning. :) haha we had weekly planning then we went to meet the zone leaders for exchanges! That went really good. I went to youngdeungpo with Elder Lund. He's one of our zone leaders right now. he's a super good guy from ogden. but yeah we went and had dinner at mcdonalds. classic. But i can tell i've been in korea for a year and a half because like as i was eating it i was like dang this is way greasy. felt gross. haha but that's fine. i guess that means i'm getting healthy. :) after that we went back to their house. they ahve a 6 man house. only one in our mission haha. but yeah it was fun. We talked about what the focus is in the zone and he trained me sorta for a little bit. that was good. then we made calls and went to visit some less active members which was awesome. then we went home and planned!

Saturday - Crazy Busy
A lot of stuff happened while i was on exchanges haha. We got up and went straight to soccer which was awesome. we played youngdeungpo ward vs. noryangjeen ward. so that was super fun. it was on a turf field but it was like frozen cuz it was cold. haha but we won! So heck yeah. That was awesome. After that we went straight to the church...without showering. haha but that's fine. i didn't sweat too bad since it was so cold. We taught their ward mission leader about faith. that went really well. in korean the word is 신앙 Sheenang. which if you break it down into the chinese roots the first one 신 means trust and the next one 앙 means to look up. check that out. :) haha after that we got ready for english class and then we had it. that was really good! I got to teach the advance class which is always the best. i love advanced class. their english class is fun. after that we went and taught a less active guy. we watched a talk about not being offended and that was awesome. Then we taught a guy from Sri Lanka! He was super super cool! I can't remember his name bad. it was crazy though. haha but he was super nice. he speaks korean. sort of. and his english is okay. so it's hard to teach him. but we just use the pamphlets cuz their all in Sinhala his native language. so yeah! That was aweosme! We taught him the plan of salvation which he really liked. then we went and got dinner with him which was delicious. chinese food again. haha then we met up with elder smith and i went back to noryangjeen and showered! Haha then we made some calls!

Sunday - Church/Unsuccessful Phone Calls
Today was super awesome! At church the two new missionaries gave their talks to say hi to the ward. they're awesome. The new sister is sister Holt. She's from Draper and all the koreans think that we're related cuz they think my name is Brian Holt. but that's okay. :) haha it was funny. and Elder Helms is the other new one. He's really cool. I served in the same zone as him when he was a greenie. :) after church we had a meal and taht was super good. our ward is the best. the kimchi was super good! heck yeah. haha then we gave our old ward mission leader a blessing. he's the cutest. then we cleanded up the church and then met a potential investigator. his name is 유성렬 You Sungyour. he's super nice. i don't know if he's gonna become a new investigator.......but we'll see. we'll pray! haha we did HTBT Which is basically getting to know them and trying to see what their religious background and then tell them what to expect. so it went realyl good! He's super nice. then after taht we came home and had dinner/our studies. then we called people and literally no one answered. we called tons of people and only like 5 people answered. :( but that's okay. :) and that was our week! Pretty much it! So yeah! Tons of good stuff happened. :) I hope you guys had a good week. i hope school is going good again. Can't believe you're already back. that's crazy. you guys have a great week! 

elder breinholt

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pics of the Week

We saw a Dodge so I had to take a pic in front of it for you:)

Me sick:(

Christmas Stuff:)

Krispy Kreme Baby

Ward Christmas Party

The little kid pushing me around.  Isn't he adorable?

Me opening up the tie you got me:)  It says BELIEVE on the back:)

The cutest stocking that my cute mama sent me:)  Love it!!

6 more weeks in 노량진 Noryangjeen :)‏ January 4, 2015

Transfers played out the way that i thought they would. I am staying with elder smith for another six weeks. So that'll be 5 transfers here! Not too bad. The time here has flown by. It doesn't feel like it's already been 4 transfers. It feels like maybe 2? I dunno. but super crazy that it's been that long...But yeah! We are staying together! Ah also, i'll be district leader. Elder Pruner is going to 목동 mokdong which is the area that was in my last district! So that's cool! haha anyway, no i didn't take pics at costco, i'm the worst mom i know. haha there was one of our investigators at the christmas party! So that was awesome! That was 2 weeks ago! haha anyway, yeah we played out in the 0 degree weather. pretty crazy right? haha anyway. Ah all the pics should be up by now. I can't believe you guys are in the new building already! that's crazy! Haha congrats. :)  haha anyway, our week!

Monday - Pday
We went home and slept and then i wrote a letter which i put in your package which i have still yet to send sorry. i need to get to that....ah stress. anyway, it's okay. but the letter is pretty good. haha so we went to visit a less active and were able to talk to his mom but he wasn't there....then we went and talked to people on the subway which was great. i got a guys # but nothing too great happened. after that we came home and made calls. oh shoot miracle of that day. a less active who i used to meet all the time, 오상일 Oh sahngir if you remember him, he answered the phone. it's a miracle. haha he hadn't answered since october. jeez. so great. anyway, that was monday. 

Tuesday - Interviews
We had our studies, i made some new years resolutions, those were pretty good. I'm excited for them. They're gonna help me a lot as a missionary. :) i'm excited. anywy, after that we went down to shillim and took some cuties to some members. that went really well! We were able to talk with a lady whose husband died a few weeks ago, that was super good. she's way nice. she seems pretty upset by it though...anyway, then we went to 영등포 youngdeungpo for interviews with President Morrise. Those went really good! I like them. They're just kinda similar every time and super short cuz he has to do 30 missionaries in one day haha. but that's fine. then we came home and delivered more cuties to members. we call it 귤배달 Gyur baydar. basically 귤 gyur is the korean word for cutie, and baydar 배달 is the korean word for delivery. so we call it that. :) haha anyway, we took those to come people and made a lot of calls. 

Wednesday - District Meeting/English Class
Last day of 2014. I can't believe it's January. So weird. Anyway, we had our studies and then we had district meeting! that was super fun! It was a way good last district meeting in 노량진. I'm sorry i'm so bad with pictures. but i promise when i get home and can get on facebook, you'll like your life. :) haha anyway, we talked about faith and miracles which was awesome. haha that was really good actually. exactly what i needed. then we went to visit 이정수 Lee Jungsoo. She's a nice old lady in our ward. she lives in an apartment complex. Anyway funny story. we went to take the cuties to her right. we didn't want to give her all of them so we left like some in a bag gave it to her, and the rest like at the side of her house door thinking once she left we would be able to pick em up. but no so she took us to go say hi to one of her neighbors which was awesome. but then she had us get in the elevator to leave so we leave but only go down one floor so that we can go pick up our cuties. but when we get back up to her floor she had already taken the ones we kept for someone else to her neighbor. haha too funny. but yeah. after that we had english class which was awesome! It was pretty fun. only 2 people were in our beginning class though...:( but that's okay. 

Thursday - 귤배달 continues
Today was a pretty awesome way to start the new year. :) after our studies we went to take some cuties to a bunch of members down in a place called 사당 sadang. you might be able to find it on a map. haha but yeah. anyway, we did that, found a bunch of less actives moved. so it was pretty successful. that was dece. but i did notice that i started to feel sick. i had a slight cough...but i was fine. after a long time finding less actives, talking to people, and taking cuties to members we had our weekly coorelation meeting with our ward mission leader. that was pretty fun! he took us to lotteria after which is the korean mcdonalds. not too bad! I was just full cuz we had already eaten dinner. but it was still super fun! anyway, after that we made some more calls...

Friday - Weekly Planning
So Friday. we had weekly planning which was the same as always. then we went and met a guy named 박준수. He was a guy who we were able to meet just by calling him in the phone. he's interesting. he's like 42, not married, kinda weird. but that's okay. haha we got to know him and he basically told us he's never had a belief in god, he was just lonely so that's why he met us. so he's probably not gonna go anywhere sadly. :( but that's oaky. anyway, after that since i had a cough that was getting worse we called some people and then we called our investigator who told us he wants to quit smoking! Well he told us he made it his new years resolution! Heck yeah! We are super excited for him. we think he's gonna get baptized. Pray for 강진오 Kang Jeenoh. he's the best.

Saturday - Sick Day
I woke up and felt like i had been hit by a truck. it was pretty intense. i was just beyond exhausted. i couldn't stay awake for more than like 10 minutes. so i layed in bed all day. i just think it was a pretty bad cold/maybe the flu. But i'm fine now. just a slight cough still. but it's all good. yeah i layed in bed all day. i think i slept until like 7 PM? And then i watched the joseph smith movie haha it was super chill. but yeah it was like the worst day of my life. i can't even describe it. cuz like i don't get sick.

Sunday - Transfer Calls
We woke up and got our transfer calls. those were good. Elder Pruner is out and so is sister Mortensen. She's going to 인천 Inchun. And Sister Holt is coming here. the elder replacing elder Pruner is Elder Helms. He's pretty cool. Should be a fun next transfer. Anyway, we had personal study, then church which was fun cuz i told all the members i was kinda sick and tehy were all like why are you here?! Go to the hospital! Haha i love koreans. :) They're the cutest. :) Anyway, after church we came home and had our studies which were good then had dinner, and made calls for the rest of the night cuz i still wasn't feelin up to par. but it's oaky. we got like 2 appointments! So heck yeah! haha we are excited for this week. keep prayin for us. you guys are the ebst. i hope you know i'm prayin for ya every day! love you.

elder breinholt
브라인홀트 장로

At A Conference

Me and Elder Dewey

Me and Elder Pruner

Me and Elder Hodges

Me and Elder Dayley reunited

Me and Elder Nemelka  who is now the AP

Me and Elder Bryner

Me and Elder Williamson and his Harry Potter Glasses.
Me and My MTC Group

Me and Elder Lim HaHa.  Love him!

In front of the Youngdeungpo Church

DECEMBER 28, 2014

Yeah it was way good to talk to you guys too. :) dang. That was awesome. Skype rocks. I'll try to make the most i can out of the next six months, don't you worry. :) What the! I can't believe you are going to that church. Why are you going there? Why don't they just keep you at the old one? Ahhh i miss those times. I wanna go tubing. Super fun. :) haha Christmas was super fun. we were able to go to VIPS which is like a super expensive buffet place. It was pretty good. it was um...30 dollars each haha. but worth it. Well sort of. Not really. But it was still awesome. :0 hah. we get transfer calls this week so that should be super intense! ahh! Pray for me.

So our week. It was pretty darn awesome! Flew by super duper fast. But it's okay. After i talked to you guys we went to costco which was awesome. They have something that's gonna make dad jealous. They have the chicken bake right? just like america, but they also have a bulgogi bake. :) haha super good. i love it. Then we just shopped for a while there. it's huge. also, because korea is so packed in, it's two floors. they have a escalator type thing that goes from floor to floor so you can put your cart down it. Pretty cool. Most big grocery stores have them.. anyway, we did that and bought some american food. then we came home and talked for a little until p-day ended then we had family home evening. Which wow it was super fun. It was at 허병석 Ho Byungsuk's house. He's the ex-stake president. Pretty aewsome. him and his wife man. i love them. So a while ago we were over there and elder pruner told them that the kim they had was super delicious and they were like oh we only buy this brand cuz it's the best. we're gonna give you some. and so i went into their house and told his wife, 김선희 Kim Sunhee that i don't normally like kim but that her stuff was super super delicious and she laughed for like 10 minutes. haha she's the cutest. anyway, then we played a game. We played like signs, but you make a beat to it, pretty cool. They gave us chocolate and ear warmers as a christmas present haha they're the coolest. :) 

Tuesday was suepr fun. It was our mission party. we went straight there in the morning. 영등포 Youngdeungpo. Super awesome. haha anyway, It was super fun. Saw sister bagley which was crazy! I can't beleive she's back. super good for her. :) We started the thing by watching the piano guys/david archuleta music video thing. pretty good. haha then we watched a talk by president uchtdorf which i don't think you guys can watch...he gave it at the mission president's seminar in june. pretty darn good. i would suggest it. all about how our message is 100% about christ. super cool. Then we had lunch and it was just super good to see everyone again. then we had a super fun activity where we went like through our whole mission. we like replayed every single transfer really fast. it was super cool. then we had musical performances which i was in one of them. haha we sung like angels we have heard on high, little drumer boy, let it snow, and sleighride. pretty good. :) haha yeah then we had dinner and left! Took all day! Haha it was super fun.

Wednesday was awesome! Christmas eve! We had a member buy us a ton of groceries! Super nice of her. ah she's the best. haha she's an old grandma in our ward. she's too nice. but yeah. after that we went and talked to people on the street which was super fun. then we printed off some pictures for teh family history board and worked on that for a little bit. then we had the ward christmas party which was aweosme! We had tons of investigators/ i think 2 less actives or more there. so it was super successful. haha our part was a fun dance. like the cupid shuffle? We got people out of the crowd and taught em it. it was super cute to see how into it they got. :) but yeah it was super fun. 

CHRISTMAS!!! it was super awesome. me and elder pruner were on splits so that was of course super good. we had our studies and then we went to the church and i skyped you guys! Or 영상통화 if you want to learn some korean. ;) haha anyway, also i wanted to thank you for the presents. they were pretty awesome. i really liked them. :) too cute. i loved talking to you guys. you guys are the cutest. :) it was way fun. also you got to meet elder pruner, congratulations, he's pretty cool. after that elder pruner skyped then we went to vips. Super fun. Way good. i took a picture there, but the card reader isn't working on this computer for some reason...i'll try to figure somethin out. I was so full though. since it was 30 bucks i was like alright fine i'm gonna get my money's worht! i ate  a lot. haha it was good. then after that we went and made some calls and then we went to 봉천 bongchun to do some caroling. that was super fun. haha i love caroling. it was super good. a lot of people like just were happier. i don't think that anything came directly because of it, but it definitely put out a good image. :) 

Friday was pretty good! Not too much happened. we had personal study, which was awesome. then we went to the church and elder smith skyped his family. they're super cute. haha it was good. cool to meet my companion's family as well. he's from mesa by the way. anyway, then after that we went to 안태훈 ahn tayhoon's house for lunch. they're super cool. haha i love them. they made us some kimchee pizza and super good spaghetti. love it. :) haha it was really good actually. plus there was tons of cheese so that was of course good. then we shared a message about Christmas and how our traditions help us to remember christ. like for example i talked about how we always do a nativity with the lisonbee side. super fun. :) and yeah! It was super good. also watched the he is the gift video. soo good. :) haha then we came home and had weekly planning and dinner! that pretty much was our day haha

saturday was decent. we got up and went to soccer which was a blast. we played outside. i think it was like 0 degrees C. super cold. but way fun. It was super fun. then we came home and got ready to go then we had a practice lesson with ho byungsuk. he's the best. he brought his wife too. haha they were a ton of help. we taught em baptism and they were super eager to help our korean too cute. ah i love them so much. they were baptized in like 1969. so a while ago. he was bishop when he was 25? so yeah boss. anyway. baptism. covenants are super important. stay worthy to partake of the sacrament. after our lesson they took us to get food. in fact my favorite food. 삼계탕 Sam Gaytahng. super yummy. they took us to a way good place too. ah sorry it's the whole chicken in a soup thing. way good. then we came home and had our studies which were okay. not the best, but pretty good. haha then we went to the church because there was a baptismal interview that we had to help with. just to be there. and then we worked on the family history thing for the rest of the night!

yesterday was super good. we went to the churhc and got it nice and clean for everyone so that the ward members didn't have to do it. and we also had to put water in the heaters again. so weird. i am grateful for heating and cooling in america. it's a much better system. :) haha anyway, church was super good today. we talked about loving others in priesthood and then we had to skip out on sunday school to finish our board for the family history thing. then we had sacrament meeting which was super good. a guy who just got back from his mission in california told a story of another missionary who got a stack of book of mormon copies from their ward with testimonies written in them and the one that he had on that day said "This book will save your life". and so he goes out to proselyte with this book of mormon. he knocks on one door and the dude opens the door and has a gun and is like what the heck do you want?! The missionary then proceeds to try to tell him about the book and he's like yeah whatever get the heck out of here but you can leave the book. and so he throws it through the door and leaves. that sunday the missionary shows up at church and the guy who pulled a gun on him was there. he told the missionary he read the first line someone had written in there and the guy said yeah my emotions were going out of control when you knocked, i was about to commit suicide but when i saw "This book will save your life" i then proceeded to read the whole thing. he was baptized 3 weeks later. pretty crazy right?? Haha anyway then we had a baptism! He was a kid of a ward member. too cute. haha but then we went to the family history thing in youngdeungpo. it was just like the whole stake put together a seminar for people to learn about family history and we had to make boards for it. pretty decent. :) hahait was super aweosme. after taht we came home and had our studies! That was our week. We weren't able to meet our investigator:( he's too busy with the end of the year thing. but it's oaky. he will have time this week. we're hoping to get him iwth a baptismal date. we'll see. pray for him. 강진오 kang jeenoh. anyway, yeah! I can tell you guys are doing great. :) have a great week!

Elder Breinholt.