Monday, September 1, 2014

Pics of the Week!!

 Bong our investigator 

Some of the stuff he makes

Friday was good! We studied and then went to the church to make 떡 (Rice cake stuff) with the relief society for 추석 (ChooSuck). The big holiday thing. haha so we made it and it was super fun! Then we went all over town delivering them! And that took us all day haha it took us like 6 hours. One of the places we went was the 29th floor of a 41 story apartment complex. it was awesome haha.

One of a cool dragon statue thing! haha that's fun.

Saturday! I got my son! haha he's cool. His name is Elder Dayley. He's from Lindon Utah. He just graduated so he's super cute. His first lunch. Ah he's growing up so fast it makes me want to cry! Pretty soon he's gonna leave me and be out on his own! Ah I can barely handle that thought. ;) 

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