Monday, September 1, 2014

August 31, 2014

Haha things with the child are going good. I like training yeah it's fun. We got em on saturday and we've been crazy busy's been quite the few days haha.  Haha that's good that the kids started school though. Keep em busy. That's so crazy! Haha why does he work so long? What does he even do? I can't believe he's that old. So crazy. He's a junior! Ah! Stress. Is he doin okay? The two successful weeks of email have stopped so that made me sad. :( haha. So this week was kinda crazy! Haha

Monday was fine. We came home and did some major cleaning after email. haha it was fun. I cleaned out our fridge and it looks way good! Like organized, i'm proud of myself. :) haha also, food trash when you have super old grosssss. but it's alright. Anyway, yeah! Then we went and talked with 봉 (Bong) for a while so that elder bryner could say goodbye. It was fun. But that was our monday. Tuesday was good! Last day with elder bryner. I really liked him. But we went to lunch and then we mailed off his stuff then we went and checked out a college and talked to people and then we did some talking to people for a while which was good. Then we went to meet our recent convert. He's doin so good. He used to be a korean secret service agent! So that was awesome! Haha he has a bracelet that he always wears that is the one that lets him get into the korean oval office. then Elder Bryner shared 3 Nephi 27:16 and we talked about enduring to the end. He is doing super good. He was all for the enduring to the end. So cute. :) Wednesday was okay! We got up and had personal study and then we went to 영등포 for transfers. A lot of missionaries got transferred this transfer. And a lot are training. 18 missionaries are training this transfer. Pretty crazy. Haha then we got mail and stuff and talked to some of our friends in the mission. Turns out me and Elder Pruner were companions until saturday. So get this. We were trained in the same house exactly a year ago and lived together for 3 transfers. Now, we are training exactly a year later in the same house. haha it's so crazy. But awesome. So after that we went to sit at the busstop waiting to go home and me and elder pruner both felt like super lonely. Cuz we weren't companions but we were it is super weird. Cuz we knew that we were getting our actual companions on saturday so it was just awkward. Then we came home and got rady for english class. that was fun. then we went and talked to people and had dinner. Then we talked to people again and had english class! That was fun! So I usually teach our beginning class but wednesay i got to teach the advance one and it was super fun haha. but yeah! That took the rest of the night!

Thursday we were on a split with the zone leaders! We were with Elder Light. Haha we just did a threesome. it was kinda weird. but it was fun. anyway, we went to a refugee camp by our house and bam miracle. we started talking to a guy named Mr. Chen, he's chinese and knows no english or korean so it's super hard to communicate with him, but he always wants to talk to us. Anyway, we started talking to him and then some guy from Ethiopia came up to us and started talking to us as well. He showed a lot of interest so we talked with him, basically taught him the first vision while elder light talked to Mr. Chen. so we gave him our card and stuff and then Elder Light called his chinese recent convert and got Mr. Chen to agree to go to church with them on sunday! So that was awesome! haha can you believe that? Then we went down to Boramay park. That was fun. We talked to a guy who told us how hard his life is and how sad he is. But he has given up on church so there isn't really anything that we can do for him. :/ Then we had to come home! So that was sad. haha we had to grab elder light's stuff and end the split. So that was fun. Then we called people for a while and stuff then we went to the church to meet one of our members for a practice lesson. And miracle again. He was late. We called him and he's like oh i'll be there in like 30-35 minutes. so we decided to go out and talk to people. and on the last crosswalk. On one where we usually never go, so that's why it was crazy, a guy came up to us and was like oh hey! How are you! And started talking to us. He was super interested. he was super nice. When we said we were going to the church he's like hey yeah i wanna go! So we took him and we met our member and he was super nice turns out they have a lot in common, like age, family, and stuff. then we went and got dinner with this guy and our member. They were way tight way fast. It was super cool. So we got Cupbob! Hey hey. and we got a return appointment for tuesday! Haha it's so awesome. And our member invited him to church and he said he would come but he didn't...stress. haha anyway, so that was that! His name is 강도완 (Kang DoWon). But yeah!

Friday was good! We studied and then went to the church to make 떡 (Rice cake stuff) with the relief society for 추석 (ChooSuck). The big holiday thing. haha so we made it and it was super fun! Then we went all over town delivering them! And that took us all day haha it took us like 6 hours. One of the places we went was the 29th floor of a 41 story apartment complex. it was awesome haha. i tried to take pictures. anyway, after we got done delivering all that madness, we went to 김준식 (Kim JuneSheek)'s house for a meal appointment. That was way fun. he talked to us all about these 80's american shows he would watch and how awesome they were. Like robot man or something? Too funny. Then we shared a message on the restoration which was awesome. Then it started raining super bad so they gave us a ride home hallelujah. Haha it was raining probably the hardest it's rained this summer. but it was good! Saturday! I got my son! haha he's cool. His name is Elder Dayley. He's from Lindon Utah. He just graduated so he's super cute. I took a picture with him today so you'll get to see it. His first lunch. Ah he's growing up so fast it makes me want to cry! Pretty soon he's gonna leave me and be out on his own! Ah I can barely handle that thought. ;) anyway, we went to the mission home and had lunch and got some training. President morrise made it very clear how serious it was that we were training so i'm super excited for these next two transfers. Super crazy. Um so yeah after the training we got assigned our companions and stuff that was exciting. They are really pushing learning korean with these ones so i'm super excited for em. Then we came home and dropped off his stuff and went straight to 봉's! He's doin way good. I actually got a picture with him. We are going to invite him to church next week so we'll see how that goes. :) He really liked elder dayley. Super funny the way elder dayley's tag is spelled in korean makes everyone say deli 장로님. it's too cute. but yeah! That took up our saturday! Sunday was intense too! We got up and got ready and went to the church cuz we thought we were supposed to attend some meeting but it turned out we didn't have to so we just cleaned the church up and got it ready then we greeted the members, same ol same ol. it was way fun. the other elder in our house now is elder dent and they keep saying elder tent, haha too funny. elder dayley did a super good job on his like incoming talk. The members all went up to him and told him he did way good and is super good at korean. after church we just kind of mingled with the members ya know talk with em. then we got invited to ward council so we went to that, that was fun! Haha it was kinda cool. then we came home had lunch, personal study, and then we had weekly planning and that took the rest of the night! So that was our week! Can't wait for my son's first week! Should be great. :) Haha it seems like you guys are really busy with school starting! So crazy! Haha i hope you have a good week. And don't forget to read the scriptures. ;) I'll share one thing I learned this week from the scriptures. I really liked Mosaiah 4:10. It is talking about repentance. And again, believe that ye must repent of your sins and forsake them, and humble yourselves before God; and ask in sincerity of heart that he would forgive you; and now, if you believe all these things see that ye do them. So the reason that i like that so much is because we need to get rid of our sins forever. We can't keep going back to them after we repent and also, if we believe, if we have faith in what we say we do, we need to do something about it. We can't say we believe in the prophet without following everything he says. So yeah. Anyway, have a great week everyone. Love you so much. Until next week. 

Elder Breinholt 

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