Friday, September 19, 2014


Yeah I read that article! It's super good. Gotta love korea. :) Oh haha sorry. No I'm still in 노량진 (Noryangjin). Sorry I think i meant to say that me and Elder Pruner, we lived in the same house when we were greenies in pyeongtaek but now we are living together in this area. :) so it's super fun. What the! Jolene works with Elder Dayley's dad? That's super crazy haha.  Oh no way! Hey I don't even think that i knew Spencer was going on a mission...haha where is he going? The mission is going good! This week was good! Well sorta haha no one is getting baptized-yet. I love you guys too. :) Okay so our week!

Monday was P-day! Hey actually you guys will be so proud of me. I filled up the 2 journals that i brought with me and had to buy another one! So yeah! But monday after email we went shopping and then i gave my self a haircut which was good until i asked Elder Dent to cut the sideburns. He straight up cut em off. On accident haha it looks pretty dang bad. It's kinda funny though so that's okay. I'm fine with it. Good memories. THen we went out to visit our recent convert 이승룡. he's doing good but his mom is super sick. she's probably going to die here soon. so that's super sad. He's like 57 so that means she's probably around 90. :/ Then we taught him the first half of the restoration lesson. So we taught him about God, families, prophets and Jesus Christ. It went really good! Elder Dayley, i'm so proud of him haha. he taught super well. Especially for how young of a missionary he is. So he's doing really good. His korean is super good. I'm impressed. But yeah! I felt the spirit. It was good. It was super loud though. Haha we meet him right outside of a convenience store on a huge road and it was raining so like it was way loud haha. but it was okay. :) Tuesday we had our studies and then went out to talk to people. We went to the super big park in our area and tried talking to people. We talked to a chinese guy who knew korean about as well as i do so haha it was fun. Then we went to the other side of the park and i got a phone call so i answered it and 2 seconds later when i hung up some guy was talking to Elder Dayley so we started talking to him and then I got to bear my testimony to him about the Book of Mormon and fist vision but he didn't want to meet again. He really liked what we said though! So that waas interesting! After that we had dinner then went out to isit less actives. 2 of em were home so that was good! but neither of them really were too excited to see us. but that's okay. then we went to the church for what we thought was going to be a lesson with a kid who comes to church every week he jsut won't meet us so he can't get baptized. That's the only thing holding him back. Ah! Stress. but yeah. that was good. We got some practice teaching doing roleplays to get ready for it then we came home and tried to make phone calls.

Wednesday we had mission tour! So we got up and went straight to 영등포 (YoungDeungPo) for that. If you're wondering why we go there so much it's because that is a central part of our mission and it happens to be right next to our area and it's our biggest church in korea so like it's useful haha. It was really good. Elder Aioyagi came. he's a seventy. President morrise's talk was super super good. I really learned how much more faith i need all the time. ah it's hard. But yeah! That was super good. For lunch we went to this super good restaraunt that sold what it called 설렁탕 (Sollung Tahng). It's a way good soup stuff. anyway then we had more talks. Sister Aioyagi (Elder Aioyagi's wife) is to precious. She's a super old japanese lady who doesn't speak too good of english but her talk was the best haha. it was so cute. anyway after that we came home had dinner then got ready for english class. English clas was way fun! I like it. The members are all too cute. but yeah! That was wednesday! Thursday was intense. We decided to fast because like we haven't really found any new investigators in a long time. So we wanted to try and get some help to find an investigator. So we fasted! We had weekly planning first and then we went out and talked to people! We actually haha. we picked out a road/area in our area and we just walked in circles around it and talked to all the people just kinda chillin on the road. It was actually fun. Other than the fact that i was super hungry. we walked around in that area for like 3 hours. It was good. Talked to lots of nice people. They just all have their own churches. After that we went and visited our CU friend which was good. Tryin to get lunch with him sometime so we can explain more fully what we do and get him interested. then we went back to that area to try one more time to find people. Actually throughout it we had like 3 different people offer to buy us food or drinks and stuff but since we were fasting we turned em down. but we did get some icecream at the end of the day! We really really thought that we were goign to find a new investigator but no dice. so that was kinda depressing. But like it was a way good day. Haha we got home and were beyond tired. Like since we hadn't eaten anything we just like collapsed haha it was fun. i love bein a missionary. 

Friday was good too! We got up and had our studies then we went to youngdeungpo for zone training meeting. That was good! I learned how to plan better which was awesome. then we came home and had dinner and then we went down to visit bong. he's the best. he's kinda having a hard time right now though so we are trying to help him out. He just has no customers but his stuff is so cool! I'm probably gonna buy something from him before i go haha. we invited him to come to church and he said he would if he had time but he didn't. :( So that was lame. Then we came home!  Saturday we had soccer with the ward! Mom you'll be proud of me. I took lots of pictures this week...but dropbox isn't working so it's gonna have to wait until next week. :( But yeah we had soccer and that was awesome. Passed the JW marriott in seocho on our way there and that was awesome. :) haha i took a picture for dad. after soccer our bishop took us to subway. he works for em so i think he gets a discount. anyway, that was way good. :) haha then we had our weekly coordination meeting with our ward mission leader. that was good! He's a boss. i love him. then we went and met a less active member at mcdonald's. His name is 오상일 (Oh Sahngil). He's way cool! He has a super good heart and wants to come back to church. He's just gotten busy with life. But we met him and set up lessons with him. He really likes martial arts. But the way we set up lessons with him was genius. I like to think. We made it seem like he was helping us by telling him that elder dayley needs practice since he's new. so it'll be awesome! I'm way excited. :) haha it'll be super fun. but yeah! After that we went home and made up our studies and then we went to meet our recent convert again. he went to go visit his mom right after we met. So sad. :( Ah but yeah! We taught him the rest of the first lesson. Great Apostasy, restoration through Joseph Smith and book of mormon and prayer. it was way good! Again i was super proud of elder Dayley! He's the best. Good son. :) then we came home! Um sunday was good! I liked it a lot. we had church and then we came home and had our studies then we did like an evaluation thing where as part of elder dayley's first 12 weeks we teach the district leader, elder pruner, once a week and so yeah! That was fun. then we had dinner and right as we were about to leave one of my favorite members, 안태훈 (Ahn Tayhoon) called and invited us over for...dinner. haha so we went down to his house which is super far away. about an hour by bus. but yeah! We went there and had a meal and then shared a message on the restoration. I love the restoration. i've been feelin it lately. haha it's so true. so just believe it. pray about it. then we came home! One last thing before i go is this morning when i was reading the scriptures i really liked Mosaiah 18. It's so good. There was one verse where it says that to all of Alma's converts the waters of mormon became a sacred place to them because that's where they discovered the truth about their redeemer. So like i started thinking about places that are kinda sacred to me and it was really cool! You guys should do it too. :) haha have a great week. I love you guys and miss ya tons. :)

Elder Breinholt

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