Monday, September 1, 2014

Pics of the Week!!

Monday after email me and elder Pruner went to gangnam to get lunch with one of our investigators from Pyeongtaek. Julie. She's so cool. haha it was at a super nice italian resturaunt called market O. We talked to her for a while and a bunch of other missionaries are there. 

Friday was awesome! I met Bishop spencer! like what the! Haha that was so crazy! I couldn't believe it! I was sitting there at my desk studying the gospel when all of a sudden we get a call and i look at it and it's a phone number from utah. I was like uh what in the world and so i answered it and it was bishop! 

Yeah the second we go meet him this guy comes up to us and is like hey i want to learn about your church! So we talked to him and got his number really fast but we called it and he said that it wasn't him. So i don't know what's up with that. Ah so sad. Hopefully he calls! 

Then we tried to visit less actives but we just ran into a giant gate at the end of an alley where our less active supposedly lives that has a beware of dog sign on it haha it was scary. and the doorbell was broken so there was nothing we could do. 

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