Monday, September 1, 2014

AUGUST 24, 2014

Okay so first things first! I'm having a child! What the! We got our transfer call at 6:35 in the morning sunday night and i found out that i'm training! So starting saturday I'm gonna have a son, in missionary terms. ;) haha so that'll be fun. Me and Elder Pruner (The other senior companion in my house) are training. So it'll be way fun. It'llbe weird havin someone so new out of the MTC though. But yeah! Elder Bryner will be going to 인천 (Incheon). He'll be alright. :) haha but yeah! That's the crazy news from our week! Monday after email me and elder Pruner went to gangnam to get lunch with one of our investigators from Pyeongtaek. Julie. She's so cool. haha it was at a super nice italian resturaunt called market O. We talked to her for a while and a bunch of other missionaries are there. You'll see the pictures. :) haha then after that we came home then me and Elder Bryner went out and talked to people! It was crazy though cuz like 4 or 5 people that we talked to knew our church and really liked us haha it was fun. Then since it was raining we went home and called people! Tuesday was good. We got up and went to YoungDeungPo for zone conference. On the way there this old lady was just starin at Elder Bryner tellin him how cute he is haha it was super funny and cute. Then at zone conference all 3 senior couples in our mission trained us. It was super good. One of them talked about linking your morning and evening prayers which is something i'm gonna work on this week. So i'm excited for that. Then we also talked about using family history to find investigators and also about how to teach an effective professional english class. Then we had lunch and that was good. Then we had more training by the zone leaders and then president and sister morrise trainedus on how to teach a good 5th lesson and about patriarchal blessings. It was perfect because that night we taught our recent convert about patriarchal blessings. :) haha so yeah! That was zone conference. THen we went and visited our recent convert and taught him the word of wisdom as well as patriarchal blessings. He's so good. He basically taught us about the word of wisdom which is what we want to happen. He's doing so good. You can really see the light in his eyes when he talks about the gospel. It's super cool. 
Wdnesday! It was pretty good. We had lunch as a ward so that we could discuss how to progress our area the best. So we met together had lunch and baskin robbins then we talked all about member missionary work. Trying to get our members involved cuz that's a lot of what we talked about on tuesday at zone conference as well. So yeah! Then we prepped for english class then we went and talked to people until we had dinner and then english class! It was awesome! We only had one student so we talked to her the whole time in sort of english sort of korean haha. it was fun. :) But yeah! Tursday was good! We went out to talk to people but it started raining so we hopped on the subway to talk to people there and then we came back and visited a service guy and got some service! but we hve mission tour on the day he gave to us so that's not gonna work...stress. Anyway then we wnt to a good crosswalk and started talking to people and then we had dinner and then we went and visited one of our friends to try and introduce the english program but he was a little confused so we are gonna drop off a pamphlet that explains it later. haha then we went to visit less actives and i had a guy yell at me telling me to go home. that was col haha but yeah! Then we treid to visit less actives but we just ran into a giant gate at the end of an alley where our less active supposedly lives that has a beware of dog sign on it haha it was scary. and the doorbell was broken so there was nothing we could do. :( Friday was awesome! I met Bishop spencer! like what the! Haha that was so crazy! I couldn't believe it! I was sitting there at my desk studying the gospel when all of a sudden we get a call and i look at it and it's a phone number from utah. I was like uh what in the world and so i answered it and it was bishop! Haha it was super crazy. I wasn't expecting it at all. but it was good. :) Yeah the second we go meet him this guy comes up to us and is like hey i want to learn about your church! So we talked to him and got his number really fast but we called it and he said that it wasn't him. So i don't know what's up with that. Ah so sad. Hopefully he calls! So anyway, we asked bishop spencer if he was okay with spicy and he said it wasn't realy his thing so we went and took him to a meat buffet. :) Pretty good! haha it was actually way good. I liked it and he said it was good. but yeah. I realized how solid of a member the bishop is. He's the best. Haha he's so cool. I love that guy. But yeah. We basically talked about missionary work and the gospel the whole time. It was really good. Then we took him to the subway station and sent him on his way! It was so crazy that he was here though. Like what the. Anyway then we went to the church and had weekly planning then we went and talked to people and then we met our friend Bong. he's so cool. He took us to a donkas (some pork thing with breading, it's japanese) buffet. that was good! Then we went back to his leather workshop and talked about life and the word of widom. Hopefulyl he'll get some gospel interest soon. Then we came home!

Saturday was good! We started out with soccer. Haha i love it. We go with our ward to play soccer every saturday. It's way fun. Plus it's excercise and i  think i've gotten a tiny bit better since i've started. :) haha but aynway, yeah it was good! We payed on the dirt field an a bunch of people came. Then at the highschool we play at there was some sort of fundraiser going on so we were able to also get some good food too. :) then we came home showered had an actual lunch and then had studies. Then we went out and visited less actives which was crazy. The one lady we visited was home and she just so happened to have an appointment with the sisters that night. Haha it blew my mind. I had no idea. We just picked a random lady. :) but she was super super nice. Hopefully she'll start comin to church. But yeah. Then we went and got dinner at mcdonalds, not that good. In fact it made me feel super fat. haha then we went and talked to peple for the rest of the night! Sunday was good. :) We had church which was way fun. After church we had a lesson with our recent convert. We taught him about the temple and eternal marriage and also missionary work. So basically the fifth leson. I liked it a lot. :) It was a little short but it was good. Then we came home and had studies and dinner! Then we went and talked to people for the rest of the night! So that's our day! We have a kid who comes to church who we just haven't been able to meet who looks like he could be baptized here soon so hopefully that happens. I'm stoked for him. Other than that, it's a little dim haha. but it's fine. Misisonary work rocks. I'm excited to train! Next time i email you i'll have my child! Haha also, he went to the mtc like exactly a year after i did so that's the crazy part. :) Love ya! and miss ya tons.

Elder Breinholt


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