Friday, September 19, 2014


 Oh I love the Klatts! Tell them they rock and Spencer is going to do awesome freezing in canada. :) haha I can't believe he leaves so soon! Megan leaves way soon too! So crazy! The new stake president sounds like a boss! But the old one was only in for like a year! What the! And that story is crazy. Oh tell me how that is. I love that temple. :) haha my companion is doing good! I'm really proud of him. He's a super solid missionary. I need to be more like him. :) no new investigators yet. But we are looking to get things going this week. I think it'll start to look up.

Monday was 추석 (Choosuck) it's the biggest holiday in korea. Well like one of the two. It's like thanksgiving and christmas basically. SO yeah. Anyway, after email and stuff we went to like the only restaraunt which was open which happened to be one that we go to all the time haha. Then we went shopping and then we went home and just relaxed. That was kinda boring but like i got to clean our house up a little bit so that was good. then we had dinner which i butchered so like that ws super funny. but oh well. then we went to find less actives and they usually aren't home but this time 4 out of the 5 we visited were home! Well they had all moved but we confirmed that 4 of em had moved! Haha it was pretty effective! then we were able to talk to a nice old couple and stuff but um yeah! That's pretty much it for monday! Oh hey. thank you so much for sending the family pics. You're the best. Tuesday we had a giant mission conference! That was super fun! It was at youngdeungpo. that was cool. we had some training by president morrise and by his mission president who was a seventy for a while. He's super funny. I thnk his name is 한인성 Han Insung. He's super good at english like fluent. haha it's crazy. he was baggin on english and stuff and he's like hey but ya know like it's fine that there's not really any rules in english cuz it's a free country and you can do what you want. got us. then we had lunch and got to see everyone. so that ws way fun to see all my friends in the mission. i've actually made a lot. kinda crazy. then we went to a huge park and stuff and that was fun. we talked to a bunch of people, weere able to give away a book of mormon and then we came back and had dinner and a talent show. That was aweosme. i love talent shows. It was mostly music and stuff but there were some funny skits. And yeah that took all day! haha so then we came home!

Wednesday was good. We had our studies and then we went to get lunch as a district before district meeting. Then we had district meeting which was way fun. Elder Pruner is a good district leader. He's a lot of fun and really brings the spirit. I like his trainings. We talked a lot about faith which is what i'm studying a lot so it's been good. i don't think that sentence makes sense. but that's alright. then we had dinner and then got raedy for english class and that was cool. then we bought apples and stuff for it cuz since it was still that holiday we just had a party for the people who came. So we had snaks and played bingo and hangman and other games. it was a super fun english class. But yeah! Thursday was good. WE had to go get elder dayley's foreigner card. So we went to 목동 which is right next to my last area. You might remember it. haha anyway we got to see elder champion my companion from the MTC so that was fun. I love him. He's a super good missionary. anyway after that we got lunch together and then came home and had our studies. then we went out and visited one of our potentioal investigators. He was just super busy so we couldn't make too much progress with him. Then we had dinner and then met our recent convert 이승룡 (Lee SeungYong). he's awesome. He taught us the whole 2nd lesson so that was awesome. then we went and talked to people for a little. Had this weird guy cam eup to us...yeah anyway haha that's it for thursday. 

Friday was good! We had our studies and then we had weekly planning and that was good. Set some good goals for this week that are hopefully gonna get us some new investigators and improve our korean ability so i'm hopin! haha then after that we called people but no one really wanted to meet us sadly. then we went out to find less actives and that was way hard. the area around our house and church is a maze. haha there are so many streets that are just way to small for cars. it's crazy. that was super cool. Then we had a practice lesson with Brother 안성철 (Ahn SungChor). He's in the bishopric. He's a way nice guy. He was baptized when he was in college. Anyway, elder dayley did a really good job teaching. He's getting a lot better at korea. so that was awesome! But yeah! Saturday was fun! We got up and went to soccer which was way fun. I love soccer. i've started to get okay at it now! I scored a goal and had a super awesome assist! Haha i think you woulda been proud mom. :) maybe I'll play dad when i get home. But i don't want him to break his hip again so maybe we'll stay away from that. ;) ha anyway, lame joke. okay so after that our bishop took us to subway. that was delicious! i love it. Just like i'm back in my freshman days at byu where i ate it everyday cuz i had so much money thanks to the meal plan haha. after that we came home showered and had our studies. We had an appointment but it was cancelled cuz he had work suddenly come up. lame. but oh well. then we went out and dropped a note off at one of our members houses and then we went to the park where we had some 신천지 (Sheen ChunJee which means new world) missionaries come up to us and basically tell us why our church was wrong. But that's okay. Suffering shame for christ right? Their doctrine is actually super close to ours minus it being the true church and stuff haha. like they have a living prophet or so they think. but yeah. so they are intense. Elder Dayley did a really good job dealing with them though haha he pulled out the whole a bible a bible scripture in the book of mormon i was so proud. then right after that this guy came up to us and was like hey what were those two ladies saying?? So we told em they were missionaries for their church and so we started talking to this guy and were able to give him a book of mormon so that was awesome! I felt way accomplished. haha then we had our weekly coordination meeting with our ward mission leader. 

Sunday was fun too. Good way to end the week. We got up and had personal study then went to the church and greeted the members. I love our ward. They're so awesome, way supportive. Church was good too! Our recent convert couldn't come again though. ah so lame. But he's had valid excuses. The last few weeks he's been going down to visit his mom like i told ya last week. so that's solid. Then after church we came home and had lunch and the rest of our studies and then we were able to do our evaluation thing where we teach the first lesson. And have i said i'm proud of Elder Dayley in this email? Haha he's doing really good. So if you ever talk to his parents which i don't know why you would but if you do, then you can tell him i said that. :) haha he taught really well. He's really good at korean for how young he is and he's studying really hard. he's gonna be good. then we went to a members house for a meal appointment. That was way fun! I loved it! They're a  way gungho missionary family. so we were able to share a message on prayer, alma 34:17-27. if you want you can look it up, it's way good. just pray always. so we comited them to pray for missionary opportunities as a family and always have that same prayer in their heart. :) So hopefully they do! And yeah that was our week! let me know if there's anyhting else you wanna know! I've been having really good personal studies lately like i've made a plan for how to make the next 9 months the best yet and i'm hoping elder dayley's greenie fire will help me to get it started and going well. :) I think things are on the up for us here in korea. :) I'm loving the missionary work and everything. Korea is the best. Let me know about the pictures. But yeah! Have a good week ya'll. :) PS. byu stadium was way awesome. That was way classy. I love america. 

Elder Breinholt^^

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