Monday, March 31, 2014

March 30, 2014

No he didn't come to church this week. Way lame. We talked to the lady again but she just said later she'll meet, later, so lame! Ah the frustrations of being a missionary. Haha I will take pics of korea this week. Mostly we just walk around and try to talk to people, so we don't see anything too cool cuz we don't go into the like neighborhoods and stuff too often, but when we do I'll take pics for sure. :) The guy who's brother is a preacher. Haha his name is 한용호 (Han YongHo). He came to english class this week! So that's good, and we are meeting with him on tuesday probably. Haha the pants that I got were grandma pants that all of the grandmas wear here all the time, but I only wear them for sleeping obviously haha. Oh wow is catching fire good? That's cool. hey have you made any progress on the basement? Haven 't really heard anything about it? Is that a dream that's died down or are you still planning on getting it done? Whew this week! We didn't do too much other than talk to people, so if the email is a little boring I'm sorry. :)
Monday was a good pday! Haha kinda a waste actually. We didn't do anything too exciting.  Anyway, we went to a cool big bookstore, but didn't buy anything...we were planning on it,  but they didn't have what we wanted. So then we went over to the 목동 elders house because we were planning on starting a split that night but things happened and we just couldn't so we got dinner, then went to our church to practice singing which we did last night! Tuesday we had service which was way fun of course. haha i really like it. We just bring food to old people. It's a way good time. Then me and elder nemelka started our split! I was in 목동 (mokdong) with him and we met a guy named 엄판도 he's a way golden guy who told us that the meeting with us was a sign from god that he needs to start reading the book of mormon again. So awesome! We taught him about the restoration and he liked it a lot. Then we went out and talked to people for an hour and oh haha we passed a school right when it got out so there were tons of students and we started talking to a few and the rest started freakin out at the fact that we could speak korean. It was way cute. ^^ haha then we made cookies for some investigators and less actives ( should be having some pics comin your way) which were delicious! (When we didn't burn them...) haha anyways then we went out and delivered them. We talked to a few people. There is a less active in there ward who is going to go to Oxford this year. Like can you believe that? unbelievable. but yeah!
Wednesday was pretty good! We had district meeting where we talked about language study plans which was good. I need to get a better one. right now i kind of do whatever, so it's not focused enough. But it's fine. Then we went to baskin robbins for ice cream. So good! haha then we went home and i talked to a guy with way cool hair on the bus. Haha fun fact about korea. Some people here are like still stuck in the 80's. It's way funny. So i talked to this guy with 80s hair and it was a good time. Then we went and talked to people all night...but nothing really too groundbreaking happened sadly. Thursday! It was a way good day! We went to lunch with 이정배 who is Richard Lee's dad! That was awesome! he took us to a 고기 buffet and it was delicious! He rocks. He's way nice and super funny. he works so much! like it's unbelievable. Then we went and tried to visit a less active, but they weren't home. I think that I'm gonna start trying to do it only at night and weekends. Then we went out and 전도'd or talked to people and had singing practice and english class! I love english class! Haha we were in charge of it this week so it wasn't too effective. but that's fine. But good news! Our investigator Han YongHo went like I said and he was excited to see us so that was good. :) Friday was pretty good! we had interviews with president and that was a good time. we had to film a movie for new missionaries coming in. It was fun haha. Sister Morrise made some delicious popcorn stuff. Ah it was so good. Then we came home and had weekly planning. then we had a delicious dinner that elder warnick made. haha it was way good! it was stuffed mushrooms. I think that i'm gonna tell him to make em again this week. :) haha so anyway, then we had singing practice we did it a lot...but anyway, then we had our weekly coorelation meeting! 변창기 is back in full force so that's good, and his wife came to church yesterday! so aweosme! haha like it was way good to see her again. She's the bomb.
Saturday we did our normal stuff then we went out and talked to people until we met up with the young men. We met up with em and set goals for what we wanted to do in an hour. Our goal was to talk to ten people in an hour. Pretty easy if you try. And we reached it! So that was waesome! I talked to a nice couple and gave em a card so that was good for them to see. haha we talked to em about missionary work and it was just a good time. Only one of the three kids we were with would actually talk to someone though. haha it was way cute. :) but, if i wasn't a missionary i probably wouldn't talk to people either so i don't blame them. then we had singing practice again then dinner! Then again, we went out and talked to people haha. Sunday was a way good time! I have been reading the power of everyday misisonaries book. And it's way good! I would definitely suggest it! If you haven't read it, get on it. it's way good. It has taught me a lot. And most of the time it can be simple! So, get on that book! :) Anyway, we had church which was a good time. Just talking to members and stuff. then we went out and talke dto more people. talked to some cool college kids haha that was a good time. then we wnet and had siging practice and had the Mini-MTC fireside! It was way good! We sung Abide with me, tis eventide. but it was pretty bad haha. all of our practices sounded so good! Ah. But it's fine haha. President Morrise came and talked and it was way funny. He's hilarious. I don't know how he does it. He talked about keeping the sabbath day holy and how important it is. It really is so important to have the spirit of church with us throughout the day so that we can be ready to face the next week! Then we had a 식사 with the members who went which was pretty good! I liked it a lot! Not sure exactly what it was though haha. But anyways, that was our week! Pretty decent one! Today I was reading in luke chapter 19 and I found this scripture. I thought it was way good. "For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost." Christ will always be there for us to save us when we feel lost. I know it! Anyway, Today isn't even P-day cuz we are going to the temple this week and they finally have the new movie over here. Can't wait! haha so that's good. But I love ya fam! And it's good to hear that you are doing good! I hope things are always on the upside. :)
Love ya my awesome family!
Elder Breinholt

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