Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A P R I L 6 T H, 2 0 1 4

Hey my family! I hope you all have an enjoyable cruise this week! I'm super jealous. And so is alynn. ;) haha anyways, since you didn't send me anything to reply to I'm just gonna jumy right into it! Monday after we emailed we talked to people of course haha. I feel like that's how we fill most of our time which is good. Then we went and headed over to a members house for a meal appointment. It was way fun. It was with the family of the guy who is going to london on his mission. His name is 오형석. I'm pretty sure that i've told you all about him. anyways, when we were on our way over there, they live on top of a hill so the mom 김영미 saw us and ran up to us. she's the nicest lady ever. Like seriously. She rocks. she told us we were walking like trolls. It was way funny. Then at their house we had a delicious meal of course. Haha koreans know what they are doing when it comes to food. Ah so good. Then the song that we Abide with me, Tis eventide, they asked us to sing it for them again haha. It was good. They had never heard it until we sung it last sunday! Then we shared a message which was really just what our favorite scriptures are and told them that their son is going to be an awesome missionary. I am pretty sure that i've shared mine before, heck it's on my plaque back home. Speaking of which, how is my plaque? Like is it the picture of me infront of bishop's door? haha so awkward. But anyway it is Ether 12:27. 역시 elder breinholt i know. But anyways, I just talked about how I am super imperfect. And everyone is. But it doesn't matter. Because as long as we are trying everyday to do our best, our heavenly father will help us out. Either today or tomorrow, or sometime in the future he'll help us out and he'll be there for us! So yeah! THen we came home. they live far away so we were able to talk to people along the way.

Tuesday we were able to go do service. so that was a way good time. I love service haha. We got to deliver lunches to sweet old korean grandma and grandpas. So good. :) then we went to McDonald's like always for lunch haha. It was way good. Gotta love america. then me and elder Helms, one of the mokdong elders started our split. It was a good time. WE had language study, then went out and talked to people for a while. Then we had a lesson with our investigator 한용호. He's so cool. We were talking about the restoration and then he asked us about prophets and he said he really wanted to meet Thomas S. Monson. Haha it was cute. I told him he could maybe! So hopefully if he gets baptized he will.^^ All I know is that the prophets and apostles, they rock. They really do have such a spirit with them. Which is why i am so jealous that you could watch conference this week. ah. i can't wait. But at night the bishop came over to look at our shower because we have a leak in our floor. well had a leak. And it was leaking into the apartment below us haha so we went to a 목욕탕 in the morning! It was aweosme. haha i love them. They're the best. Anyway, wednesday we were able to go to mokdong to end our split and get lunch. WE went to a toast place. Speaking of which do we have any toast places in america? Cuz they have a ton of potential. haha then we came home and tried to talk to lots of people. Oh oh for dinner we went to a super super korean place. I'll have to take you guys to a place like it when you come. It's a sit on the floor restaraunt first of all, then it was on like a back street, and there were just a ton of korean old guys in there. haha so we felt way korean eating there. it was aweosme. then we tried to visit some less active members none of which were home, but we took some sweet pictures! so you'll like those^^ and that was really our day!

Thursday was a good time! We got to go to the temple! It was way good! Ah man. I love it. The main thing that I learned this time was that Christ makes all the difference in our lives. Because of him we can do anything we need to! WE can overcome anything. He will always pull us through when we fall. Then we went and got taco bell and went to a huge book store. Then we just went home and chilled until pday ended. then we went and had english class! That was so good! We got to sing let it go! From frozen! Ah that song is so good! Haha let it go! Let it go! And those are really the only words i can remember. But its way good. anyway, then also at english class, i taught koreans about chopsticks! Who woulda thought that would ever happen! But i did learn a lot. Chinese and Japanese both use wooden and koreans use metal. Koreans are like medium length because yeah. Japanese ones are pointed because that is better for getting the bones away from the fish. so cool story there haha. Friday we did our normal thing then we went to 김밥나무 or kimbap tree haha. it was pretty good. Then we had zone training meeting. Which was good! I learned all about how good questions are super super important. Then we came home and had weekly planning! Which this week it was actually enjoyable. We were able to talk and get pumped about learning korean so me and elder Warnick are pretty stoked about it. then we had dinner and went to our weekly coorelation meeting. so yeah!

Saturday was had our normal thing then we went out and talked to people and also! We were able to visit 류영호 our cop investigator at work! That was way awesome! Haha he's doing good. It has been a while since we have seen him. so it was really good to talk to him again. Then he took us to the subway station in his cop car. Haha cops here man. Like they are not nearly as serious as they are in america. but its fine because there is no crime. then we went up to a place called 방화 (BangHwa) in our area. Our member who is going to london on his mission, 오형석, his grandpa had a fall recently and is now showing a little bit of signs of alzheimers so his mom wanted us to go and talk to him. So we talked to this 84 year old man for a while! He's actually pretty decent at english, but he didn't really ever speak it. It was cute. haha i love korean old people. haha so he told us some korean war stories, and about how beautiful the grand canyon is. It was funny. Then we commited him to read the 1st lesson pamphlet! So hopefully here real soon he'll become an actual investigator. That would be so awesome! Anyway, then we had a meal appointment with some members, 손태원 and 김지선. They are two super cool members in our ward who have 2 sons. It was way good! She made the best fried chicken that I've had since i've been in korea. So awesome. haha i love htem. they're way funny. so we shared a message about prayer and how important and powerful it can be. Especially when we are having a hard time and that's all it feel s like we can do! so pray everyone.^^ Sunday was kinda uneventful. For a sunday at least. it was still good though! so we got up and had personal study, then went to church then we went out and talked to people literally all night! Haha like we did it all day after lunch! Oh! I talked to a lady whose son is living in calgary for school! I thought that was really cool! Like dang, the world really is a small place! So yeah! That was our week. I'm jealous again that you guys were able to watch general conference, and i hope that you have the time of your lives on that cruise! I'll just be here in korea tryin to bring people closer to christ! 그리스도에게 나아오도록 권유한다!  Yeah. Haha I'm lovin it here. These last weeks have been really good. I can honestly say we are working and trying to do the best we can. I still have a ton of improvement to make, but i think that we are going to get a lot done here. I love you guys!

Elder Breinholt

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