Tuesday, March 25, 2014

M A R C H 25, 2014

We haven't met the lady who asked about the book of mormon, we called her and she said she didn't have time this week so we are calling her today. Good news though, i took pics for ya! So look for those on dropbox. :) Awe gotta love the suit life. Haha I am gonna hopefully have some too. Cuz american suits are terrible! Like it's pretty bad how terrible they are for being so expensive.
Monday oh we went to a 고기 buffet. So good. Haha it has been way too long since I've been. So that was delicious. Then we went to our church and played games which was a pretty good time. We played bang and some other stuff. But it was lame! Like the first time it went around I had already died. Ah. But it's whatever. Then at night we just went and talked to people. Ya know, the missionary life. Haha Tuesday me and Elder Hakes one of the elders that we live with who is zone leader went on a split. SO that was fun. We went to serviece and washed dishes, the best haha. Then we went out and talked to people for an hour before dinner. We talked to some super sketchy dudes from the Netherlands. They wanted our email addresses because they are from the netherlands of course so their phones don't work here. But i looked at his phone and it was the brand Vega which I have only seen here in korea, but i guess it could be in Europe too. But then they were walking and stopped and were like oh we have to go this way! And we were like yeah...us too. We've told you that. Haha that happened like 2 times. So weird. But anyway, yeah. Then we went to visit a member which was fun. We talked to her and shared a little message, super quick. Then we went to an appointment with someone that we set up iearlier in the day but the guy bailed so that was lame. Then we just went and talked to people again. Oh we talked to a kid on the bus and he turns out to be friends with a guy in our ward! So he's coming to church on sunday! So that'll be awesome! Super excited about that!
Wednesday was the start of our new transfer. Can't believe that I've been in 화곡 for 6 weeks already, almost 7. Crazy! Oh also, this was my 9 month mark on mission. Almost time to start counting down. Can't believe it. Also! Here in like a month and a half it's time for another phone call home! Can't believe that one. Ah. Time goes way to fast. But anyway, wednesday we went over to the church and had a lesson with 류영호 (Ryu YoungHo) He's the cop guy. He's way cool. He kept his commitment which was to read just like one chapter. Or so. Then we went over the first lesson. Which went pretty good! He seemed kinda skeptical of the Joseph smith story, in fact he told us he was, but he also told us that he doesn't think that he can shut it down without first leading with faith. So he's a super sincere guy. I just hope that he keeps progressing. Then we tried to visit a less active, but of course they weren't home sadly. So then we just walked around and talked to people! So oh hey! We are trying to find a venus fly trap. Cool right? Haha we wanna buy one cuz first of all it'd be way cool to have, also it might help lower some of the bugs that happen in the summer. But yeah! Then we had a meeting with all of us 화곡 missionaries which we decided to have a little ward activity like twice a month to get to know some of the members better so that'll be good. Then we came home and called people! Party!
Thursday was pretty normal. I passed off second lesson which i should have done forever ago i just never got around to it...but anyway, so that was cool. Then we met up with our member and tried to visit another less active, but! He wasn't home. Woo! And he lived far away, so it took a lot of time. But it's fine cuz we were able to talk to some people. I've decided that talking to people sometimes isn't to find people, although sometimes it definitely is, but it is more of just showing Heavenly Father that you are ready for prepared people to come and showing faith. Like the lady who asked about the book of mormon last week. Anyway, that's not important. Then we had english calss and I got to teach koreans about sports! They don't know what the superbowl is. Blows my mind. Haha also, the only player they know is Michael Jordan. Like they have no idea who Magic Johnson or Kobe Bryant are. Liek what?! Jeez. but that was fun. :) Friday we had weekly planning and we were supposed to meet the lady but she cancelled so we got an appointment with another guy named 한용호 (Han YongHo) at the same time. like what? That's no coincidence. That was way cool. So we met him and he's way interested! He wants to be baptized! But he can't because his older brother is a preacher for another church and it would cause all sorts of family grief. So lame. Ah it's hard. But it's alright. So he'll be baptized one day. Maybe by us maybe not. But yeah. Then we went out and talked to people and had our weekly coordination meeting! Love it! Haha Saturday! we had our normal thing and then we went to go play basketball with one of our investigators. Well he was the sisters, but the ward mission leader told the sisters they had to give him to us since they have a million and we have 2 haha. But it's fine. His name is 박원찬 (Pak WonChan). He's the coolest haha. I've told you about him before. so that was way fun and a pretty good workout! I love basketball. I jsut wish i wasn't so bad. Me an jace have to play when i get back here in 15 months haha. Then we went to the sisters and got som eworkout hgear that they don't use. So their house used to be our house which is why it is there. But they switched because me and elder warnick came in. so yeah we stole a pullup bar from em then came home showered, and went out and talked to people.
Sunday was a good last day of the week. I read part of the Our History book that's in the missionary books. Pretty decent! Like i like it. It's literally jsut a straight history of the churhc, but there are some crazy stories. Like one dude was tarred and feathered and then he just took it like a man and said he felt nothing but love for the people who did it to him. unreal! Then we went and greeted all of the members. Fun time. Then we had church and a meal which was good. Then we went and talked to people. Then I made my cake so that'll be good to see some pictures of for ya. Haha momma you'll like the pants I got. :) Then we had our mini mtc which was way good. Last one! Before our fireside next week. The mission president is coming! So that'll be unreal! I'm way excited. President morrise rocks. So yeah! That was our week! Good one! I love it! Sounds like things are good at home so that's good. Tell jace not to get too driving crazy. Can't believe he's two months away. Like what? He's not old enough! Weird. But yeah! I love you guys! Have a great week. :)
Elder Breinholt 

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