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MARCH 16, 2014

Oh well hello! This week was pretty good! It was actually pretty slow, but it was a solid week. We had fun. The language is still hard haha. Like honestly, I struggle, but like it's whatever. I can say what i need to. I have noticed some things about Korean and i can tell that I am learning a lot so that's good. My back is fine momma. :) no worries there. I think I've only ever noticed it like once or twice. So no worries. Being senior comp is the same haha. honestly, like it is the exact same as it's been my whole mission so it's whatever. :) Thanks for prayin for me. You're the bomb momma! Oh gosh you gotta be kiddin me. Jace is already dating?! Shoot. Where does the time go. That sounds pretty fun! Good that he is close with the kids in the ward. Dang Jace has always been on top of his game. Getting a job already? Dang he's way better than me! Hahaha kenah has a boyfriend named connor? What? Did I read that right? hahaha that's too cute. So please explain how a juicer makes homemade pasta. I'm really interested in that one. :) But yeah. Korea is treatin me good. I'm likin it. Wednesday is my 9 month mark on my mission. Crazy! Also, I put some pics on the dropbox website. :)
Monday! We went down to a place called 금천 and had a party with my MTC group. That was the bomb. Like I haven't seen those guys in a long time. I've missed them so much! Dang. So we went to a super good hamburger place that is called Moon's by missionaries because that's the dude who owns it and is way cool. He went to college in america at Michigan State and lived there for like 15 years. So he knows how to make a hamburger. So good! It really was way good. Been way too long since I've had one. Anyways, it was 15 bucks. But i didn't have to pay haha so that was nice. Then we went to baskin robbins, always good. Then we came home and I did passoff with Elder NEmelka which I should have done way long ago haha. but it's okay. Then we went out and talked to people! Typical life haha. Tuesday was good. It was my 268th day on my mission if you guys were wondering haha. So we did our normal thing then we went to try to visit a Less active, but their house didn't that was too bad haha. then we went and tried to talk to people and ran into two 전도사's. JundoSaws. They are people who are missionaries but really just yell at people and tell them to repent on the street. Pretty intense. Like...they are scary we try to avoid them. And that's a lot of the reason we the way that we talk to people is set up. it is to get Koreans to see that we aren't the typical 전도사's that they see on the street everyday, we are super cool americans! haha but anyways, they stopped us and started like asking us for our name card so we gave it to em and it was weird....but anyway, then we walked to the river talking to people, or trying to at least. Then we came home, had dinner, and went out and talked to people! Talked to a few nice people so that's always good. :)
Wednesday! We got up and did our normal studies then went to lunch with the district. Then we had district meeting which was pretty good! We learned about how to work with members, i learned a few good ways to work better, but really it just comes down to talking to them and getting to know them. Which is good! THen we tried to do a street boarding thing that didn't work too well cuz it was raining. then we went and got icecream and had dinner. Pretty fun time. I love the two elders in 목동. That's the other area in our district. Oh hey! This will blow your mind. So almost every single area in our mission has 6 missionaries now. And when they all do, every single ward will be their own district. Pretty cool. Dad will appreciate that one. :) It really just allows us to work better together in our wards. Anyway, then we came home and I talked to an old man who was a little too friendly. haha old men like to smack your butt sometimes. kinda weird but it's super funny. Then we had a lesson with the sisters investigator. we helped em out. His name is 박원찬 or Won Chan Park. He's a boss. I've told you about him before. Anyway, we talked to him about repentance and that was good! We used a super good demonstration. So as you sin you feel worse and worse. So we have him hold books. 5 books actually and as you explain the 5 steps of repentance you take the books off one by one. Pretty smart! Haha so that was a good time. Thursday was way good! We had curry for lunch, so that's always a good thing right? Anyway, we went over to the 목동 church for our lesson with our investigator 류영호. He's a boss! Oh in english his name is YoungHo Ryu. Anyway, i told you about him last week. So apparently he has been going to the 목동 english class! So that's good i guess. Anyway, we taught him more about the book of mormon cuz he didn't read. haha big surprise. but he seems super sincere and i think that he wants to learn. He really likes what we teach. so that's good. Then we made our way back to our area which is like a 10 minute walk haha but anyway, we made it back all the way which is a 40 minute walk then ate some soup stuff called 해장국 or Hey Jang Guk. It is pretty good! it's like the spine meat. which you think wouldn't be that good, but it was way good! haha but the miracle of the week happened next. We were walking aorund and talking to people then this lady came up to us and was staring at the Book of mormon i was holding and I said hi to her then she was like is that the bible? And I told her about the book of mormon and next thing ya know she asked us to meet! We are meeting her this friday. it was way cool! Her name is 박영옥. or Young Oak Park. She's pretty cool! About mid 40's. So pray that she becomes a solid investigator because she seemed pretty darn interested! Then we wnet to the church and had english class. I played basketball with one of the young men and realized how terrible I am. haha i need to practice with jace when i get home. Oh hey! How is frozen? The movie? Because literally ever single person in korea loves it. It's so funny. I got to sing the let it go song. and the do you wanna build a snow man? that song too. way good. :) haha i wanna see it way bad! anyway, that was our awesome thursday.
Friday was kinda slow. We planned for our lesson that we had to teach on sunday for the Mini MTC. Ah stress. Haha anyway, we had weekly planning and then went to talk to people. Then we went to try and visit a less active but he wasn't home. Big surprise haha they are never home for whatever reason. Then we had our weekly cordination meeting which was good. It was good to see 변창기 again after he had his baby. He showed us pictures and he is so cute! ah man i'm tellin ya, korean babies are seriously the cutest. but yeah that was friday. honestly nothing to really report. Saturday we went and ate at a members restaraunt which was way good. They serve what is called 삼계탕 or Sam Gay Tang. It is super good. It is basically an entire chicked stuffed with rice and a little bit of ginger put into some broth stuff. haha so good. Anyway, yeah that was lunch. We shared a message about a story from general conference. Which i think is worth sharing. it's a story that was shared by Dallin H. Oaks in conference. A kid is talking to Gordon B. Hinkley and says (talking about the church) "It's true isn't it? Then what else matters?" Cuz honestly the church is true! And because of that, nothing else matters! The church is the most important thing we can ever have and it is what will make us truly happy in the next life and help us get through every second of every day! then we walked to the church and met up with some of the young men for an activity that they were having. we had them write their testimony in a book of mormon and asked them to try and find someone to give it to throughout the week. So that was awesome. :) Then we prepared for a skit we had to perform...couldn't get anyone to video it. i wish i would have haha it was funny. But you guys wouldn't have understood it...shoot. haha anyway, it was about Lehi and his story. It was a relief society party. way cool! Anyway after it was over we helped our bishop move some stuff they brought back to his sister in laws house. They are less active members who live in the same building as the bishop! So hopefully they will start comin back. :) We said a prayer with them and then we came home!
Sunday! The last day of our week. :) We went to church and said hi to all of the members. I haven't been sleeping too well lately for whatever reason. Like i wake up at least an hour before the alarm goes off and can't go back to sleep. It's the worst haha. but it's alright. So anyways, it was a struggle to stay awake but i did it! I have a decent amount of the members names down. it's actually really hard to remember them because of the whole different language thing haha. but anyways, we had church then we had to prepare for the mini MTC thing. That was so stressful. We had to teach the third lesson in front of everyone that was there. So like it was fine. But it was stressful haha. So that's what we did at the mini mtc. And that was pretty much our week! so yeah! It was a good one. I've started to think a lot about whether or not I've changed on my mission. I definitely don't feel like i have changed to the point where i would like to, so i've set some goals to hopefully grow my testimony more and more. It's getting easier and easier to do missionary work as my testimony continues to grow. I love it. haha like being a missionary really is awesome. I love you guys and am so glad you are doing good. Jace, try not to go swimming with your phone.'re too young to have a boyfriend. Janae and Tyler...I hear from you every like 4 months so hear from ya in June. Alynn, good luck with the rest of school, I'm glad you had a good time on spring break. :) Mom and dad, you two just stay as cute as you were before I left. Hey how is the basement coming by the way? I love ya! Stay awesome. :)
Elder Breinholt

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