Tuesday, March 11, 2014

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!

Oh hey family! 안녕하세요. 잘 지내시죠?^^ Been a long time since I have had korean in my emails so i thought i would toss it in there. :) Anyways, I got your package! And that book is way good! I read it all already...haha so yeah! Way good. Thank you so much! I haven't made the cake...we ran out of eggs and i've just been too busy. I'm sorry about the lack of pictures haha i just haven't had really anything to take pictures of. But today we are getting a lot of our MTC group back together so hopefully I will be able to get lots of pics then. Yeah his suit is way cool! I can't believe that he is home! Like what?! That is so weird to me. Awe lil jace man is so cute. That's way cute. I can't believe it. Way sad actually. Dang. Haha that's awesome that you made it! My birthday was good! I'll tell ya all about it in a little bit. We didn't do anything special though.
Okay so monday! I was in 평택! That was so awesome to be back there. Man still weird to me that you guys can't read korean. Like...it's way easy you should learn! You could learn in literally an hour. Anyways, so yeah i was down there. We met elder gamble and all the other guys down there and went to a kim bap place and had lunch. Then we just shopped around not realy doing anyhting. Then we had an early dinner with Julie. It was awesome to see her again! She went to church this week! So that was way awesome to hear! Man my spelling is bad. English spelling is way hard! anyway, she's doing really awesome and then she got me a sweet tie! It was way cool. Pink with blue ducks on it. Haha i'll have to take a picture with it and send it to you guys. Like honestly, i don't know what to take pictures of. Cuz i can't just bust it out on the street and take a picture. kinda weird. anyways, that was monday. Tuesday we had service which was a way good time. We got to do dishes which was way easy. They had a super fancy dishwasher that washed dishes in like 30 seconds. pretty crazy! All we did really was put them away to dry. Haha super easy. Then we went to lunch wiht Elders Nemelka and Preisler. They are a lot of fun haha. Anyways, then we went to the church and we met our brother 오형석, who is a kid who is going on his mission in may to London. He is way nervous so he studies with us like every morning. Its a fun time. So then we talked to people with him which is different but fun. Haha korea rocks. Religion here is a little corrupt...but it is way good! Momma thanks for that book really thouhg. Like it strengthened my testimony big time. :) So yeah! You rock momma!
Wednesday we did our normal stuff and then we had lunch at a 김밥 place somewhere. That was tasty. The bibimbap thing is one of my favorites. mom i heard you liked that. Then me and elder Nemelka had a split. We've been going on a lot haha. but it's okay cuz Elder Nemelka knows how to do good work. We tried to find a less actives house but couldn't find it so we asked like a group of 5 middle school kids where a certain address was and they like went on a hunt for it! Super cute. :) haha it was awesome. We were following a little group of 5 kids until we found it. But turns out that the button was broken anyway.....so we couldn't even tell him we were there. Super lame. So then we went and got dinner/talked to people. And then we made calls where we were able to set up 3 appointments! That was so cool! Then at night we went to the subway station to talk to people and they had white shirts for 2 for 17 so i had to jump on it. Way cool. So i got some way stylin blue button shirts. Awe yeah. :) haha and yeah! Then we just talked to people for the rest of the night! Fun fun! Thursday was my birthday! We got up and studied then we met our indian friend Ronny. He's way cool! He's pretty interested and stuff so hopefully we can keep meeting him. he's just way busy so that's too bad. but i think that itll be good. We had a pretty good time at zone meeting. I brought the little thing the like table mat thing mom sent and put it over the table i was sitting on at zone training meeting. Pretty fun. :) haha but the meeting was good! President came which was unexpected. Let me explain. So every other transfer which, one transfer is one week we have zone conference where the APs and President come. Then the first week of every month we have zone training meeting. So yeah. That's what that was. Then we went to the church in 목동 which is like 10 minutes away from our church haha so yeah. Anyways, sorry i gotta go fast today. So we went there to meet our friend 류영호. He's a cop who wants to meet. He's way good at english so we set up the like 30/30 program with him. It was a way good time. :) Haha so we got to know him and then we taught him about faith. Faith. Read alma 32 everyone. It's way good. THen we went to dinner with the other missionaries os that was a good time. Then we had enlgish class! The less active we ran into on the street last week came and he had a good tiem so that's awesome. Except he is going to japan this week for like a month...ah. so lame. but yeah! That was my birthday, two new investigators, a meeting, and english class. :)
Friday! we had normal stuff and then weekly planning. That was fine. Haha then we went and talked to people of course. we talked to a way cool guy who lived in cananda for a while! He was pretty cool! then we talked to some coool college guys who were partyin with their girlfriends haha it was funny. they had way cool hair. it was like...korean style so bear with me. pretty short on the sides and then long on top...hard to explain. just korean haha. but yeah! We set a goal for this week to find someone off of the street! We haven't done it actually, so that's why i wanted to set that goal for this week. I felt like it was a good one. We're gonna do it. :) our ward mission leader had his baby too! One day after my birthday! Like what! So close. Too bad. Saturday we had studies and stuff then we went and talked to people on our way to meet a guy named 최승우 (Chuey Seung Ooh) He's a cool college guy who met missionaries a while ago. He doesn't have too much gospel interest so we are gonna work on that haha. so we talked to him for a while then we went to the church for the young mens activity. that was fun. they were playing basketball so i tried to get in on the action in my suit. haha it was fun. then we were going to eat dinner with the other elders and sisters because it was elder Wedam's birthday, but we had to meet a lady who is planning to go to u of u for her PhD degree. Pretty cool! But turned out that that didn't take very long so we just had dinner with them. It was Pizza and chicken. haha we are real healthy here. I'm gettin fat. But it's all good cuz I did yoga this morning. ;) P90x yoga that is! haha but yeah that was fun! Sunday we had personal study and then had church! I was able to build a decent amount of jung with the ward members so that was good. :) Brother hong came to church but then he had to leave because he had another church to attend....like what? We gotta work on him. haha it's hard. anyways, then we came home and figured out what we were going to do for the mini mtc that we have each week cuz our ward mission leader couldn't go. He just had a baby! haha anyways, that was fun. Then we studied and went and tried to talk to people. Then we had the mini mtc and it was fun! They taught the second lesson. Haha one of the guys was teaching and the "investigator" asked about dinosaurs haha it was funny. Way hard though. but yeah! Then we hung out with the ward members for a little bit then came home! This ward rocks. Also we took a picture that hopefully finds its way to you through facebook. She added alynn on facebook i think haha so yeah. alright that was our week! Hope you have a good one! Love ya!
Elder Breinholt
Some cool thoughts from the book:
We need to let ourselves be led by christ, not just follow him. Change is not a bad thing. It is what allows us to become more and more like christ every single day. falling down may not be what we want but the lessons we learn from it are. We left our heavenly fathers arms crawling and with christ we can return to them running. Jesus's name means god is help or savior. Christ is there when we hurt in ways we do not know and cannot explain. that's why we have a savior--to comfor tus during those times. Christ has power to chuange things even when it seems impossible. Also, it is our relaionship with christ that makes us truly good. God is more concerened about the offerer than the offering. He is pleased with every effort we make no matter how little. Even when our efforst are mediocre, it is a step in the right direction. Life isn't so much about what happened to us but much more what happens in us. Trying and then falling, getting back up and then falling again isnot as much mocking god as it is honoring Him. We can never gorget what we have learned as well as felt as we went through the repentance process. There's more but like...so good. have a good week!^^

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