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March 2, 2014

 Good job on getting the pics sent by the way. :) Now they are on time! :) haha I'm glad you liked the gifts! I was worried about them I'll be honest. :) I think dad liked his right? I thought that he would get a laugh from that one. :) Those got there really fast! Dang! I can't believe parker comes home this week. That's seriously so weird. I feel like he left yesterday. But then again I only have 3 more months before I've been on my mission for a year. I'm such an old missionary! It worries me every single day. haha like honestly i feel so young! But it's okay. Time flies! Can't believe it. Wonder how jayden is doing. he didn't email me back this week...but it's understandable. Haha the first week man. Most stressful week of my life! Also guess what just went on the mormon channel music thing. A song by thurl bailey. Like what? haha I thought that was pretty funny. So this week for missionary work was a little slow sadly. but it's okay it happens. 

Monday we met our friend 박민기 (Pak Meen Gee)for lunch and just got to know him a little more and actually taught him about the word of wisdom. And he thought that it was pretty cool! So that was a relief. His dad quit smoking because of him and his sister! So I thought that was really cool. Then we had an appointment with one of our members. He's probably 14 or 13 one of the two. He's so cool! His name is 이승규 (Lee Seung Gyu). We went to this place called 충우 (Choong oo) Not really sure how to put it in romanization. Anyways. It's so cool! It's a beetle place. he collects beetles and he's a boss! freakin sweet! Okay i'm sorry if my spelling is bad. I just tried to spell sweet like suite. i'm losin my mind out here! Haha just kidding. But anyways, we went up into like a museum place and saw some sweet bugs. Mostly beetles. Who would have known how cool they are? they also had some super shiny butterflies and stuff. It was way cool. The scariest things in there were all from peru so...I'm super glad I'm not going there haha. like way happy. they were...big and just gross haha. anyways, there were like live tarantulas there too. Those guys were also really freaky. haha man saying that makes me feel like a woman but its fine cuz they really are gross. but we hung out with him and i think that he had a good time. I bought a sweet key chain! It has a beetle in it. way cool. haha i'll show you guys a picture. They had dead beetles for sale and one was over 250$! like what?! That's ridiculous! it was a hercules beetle way cool. then we went to our meal appointment with the bishop and his wife! They are the best! I love them so much! Like honestly, they're way funny and super nice. So basically every korean. haha anyways, she made us pasta stuff with alfredo sauce. It was way good! I felt like i was at home! The other elders said that's all she knows how to make. :) So cute haha. but he is his own boss and does like stereo systems so he showed us some awesome stuff. he had this stereo that goes in a car...pure silver cables because the sound quality is way better i guess haha. who would have thought. So it was way expensive. Then he started showing us how nice his system was that he had up there and i'll be was way nice. he showed us like a minute of some concerts. I saw freddy mercury. pretty awesome. Haha turns out that our stake president loves led zepplin. super funny haha. Our bishop is also a photographer! So alynn and janae could like that! haha they're way cool. Then we shared a message with them about faith and patience. It was mostly the fact that sometimes we think god isn't listening to us but he is. he's giving us the best answer for us at any moment in our life. He knows what's best! Turns out that they haven't been able to have kids. Super sad. So we're prayin for them! They deserve kids. Oh hey also, our ward is in like all of the korean pamphlets way funny. Our bishop is in the restoration one, and they were made in like 2006 so it's way out of date. Classic. :) 

Tuesday we went to pizza school for lunch! So good! haha love that place. Actually, i'm starting to regret it every time i go there. Probably gonna avoid it for a long time. Then we came home and called people. Haven't had too much success off of it. We got one guy who wants to meet this saturday for english. so that'll be good! Then we went out and talked to people all night! Pretty typical day. Haha we talked to this super nice old lady. Nice people make my entire day. They aren't that common to be honest. Haha we get a few really nice people a day. so that's good. then we had our english class and yeah! That's it! Wednesday we had our studies. Then we went to get lunch with the elders who are in 목동. Then we had district meeting! It was really good. Oh then we went and got ice cream at baskin robbins. Man i love that place. so good. then we were supposed to meet that couple, but they cancelled sadly so we were going to meet the sisters investigator we have been helping with but he forgot about the appointment because he got a new job and didn't tell them...or something haha. so that was lame. Then we had a pretty awesome miracle out on the street! We were walking around trying to talk to people and a dude yelled out in perfect english hey elders! he was a korean guy who sells furniture in japan on the military base or soemthing so he's way good at english. he's a less active who was baptized in 2000. He actually isn't a member of our ward. he was a member of the temple ward. he's into rc collecting and racing. He has an RC car that is gas powered! Like what?! Crazy right? So we talked to him and we've been working with him to try and get him to church. He's nervous though cuz he's old and not married and apparently because he believes in evolution he can't come and stuff haha. so that's kinda sad. Then we had a 식사 with our ward mission leader and his family. He's so cool. haha i always say that i'm sorry. anyways, we had a delicious meal with them. Then we shred a message about faith with them. make sure you show your faith by acting not just saying! that's way important. 

Thursday we were able to go the temple! It only took us like half an hour from our house to the temple. Way close. it was so nice. That rocked. I love the temple. I saw Elder Champion, Landry, and Pruner. I don't know if your keepin up on who all these people are, but i love them. haha itwas awesome to see them again. I saw calea too, but she was in a hurry so i couldn't talk to her. She looks like she's doing good. I love her trainer haha we served together in the same zone. She rocks. Then we went and hung out with elder Warnick's investigators from his last area. We went to a place called Ashley. It is a sort of american buffet. Pretty good! They have delicious macaroni and cheese. So we hung out with them for a while, then we went to our church and hung out wiht a bunch of the other elders in our district. so that was fun. THen we met with a member of our ward who is going on his mission to london so he's kinda freakin out. he's gonna study with us like every morning now. so yeah! That was thursday. Friday we went to the church for our first day of study with our friend 오형석. So that was fun. Then we went home and had chicken tenders from costco! Love that place! We have been eating muffins from there. So good! I love it. Brings me home. Then we went out and talked to people after our weekly planning session. I talked to a super nice old lady who, along with every other korean, went to the grand canyon and LA. Haha so funny. Then we went and talked to more people! Oh we were walking at night and we passed some korean airlines flight attendants and they dropped something and then elder warnick grabbed it and ran it back to them and she like freaked out and was like thankyou! Made their night. So funny. Then we had our weekly correlation meeting and that's it!

Saturday we had our studies at the church again then we had lunch with brother 홍. That was a party. He's so fun. I got him to commit to coming to church on next sunday. So hopefully that'll pan out. Then we had a group 전도 activity down by a subway station which was pretty good. We were able to talk to a few people. Then we came home and talked to more people and had dinner and talked to more people! haha seriously it is all we can do. Sunday was awesome. Way tiring though. Mostly cuz it was fast sunday. church was way good, the other elders had an investigator come and the sisters had 2 come. the sisters are kickin butt here. It's pretty awesome. Then we went out and tried to talk to people but i was way too tired and hungry haha. so we came home and called people and then had a awesome dinner. Then we had the mini mtc. that was awesome. Everyone that's under the age of like 25 thinks that i look like mr. bean. so disappointing. man. it was rough. but yeah! That was our week. We are trying to do work here but its hard without anything to go on. but its all good! we are havin a good time. lovin it and can't wait to talk to you guys next week!

Elder Breinholt

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