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FEBRUARY 23, 2014

Awee that makes me want to cry. Haha I flippin love Jayden. He's gonna be awesome. I miss them so much! Tell them that I love em please! Haha man they rock. Gonna be such a great missionary! Dang. I don't know if i got the picture of me and my friends cuz i have literally 99 emails to go through of pictures...;) haha that actually made my life when I saw that I have 99 emails this week rather than like 5. :) Also, Brandon? He's a boss! I miss him too. Haha just their whole family I miss. That wasn't really right english...but oh well haha. Anyways, I don't know if you've heard or not but Adamsguy got his call to Argentina too! How crazy is that?! Super awesome man. But yeah! This week was a good one.
Monday we partied! We went to the ice skating rink and had a grand old time. It's actually where 김연하 trained to be an ice skater! How cool is that? And yes, I've heard of her mom like every time we talk to anyone about sports their all like hey do you know Kim Yuna?! They love her. It's super awesome. I can't believe that she got second place! Like what?! That's crazy! She's soo good! Okay so when we were at the ice rink place there were like 6 year olds jumping in the air and doing spins and stuff. Not sure what those are called, but it was dang impressive! So that was a lot of fun. Basically all we did was go around in a circle, but like what else do you do? Haha so then we got dinner and was alright. Not too filling. I actually can still remember being disappointed by that meal. So yeah. Then at night we went and talked to people. Hey so like...I don't know how you guys feel, but I feel like I just say the same thing every week haha. So I'm sorry. Cuz it really is the same every week and probably pretty boring, but like it's fine. Missionary life baby! Love it! Anyways, Tuesday we did our service activity thing right. So we put the lunches together then went to the apartments and delivered them. One of the apartments the guy like makes you get in and put everything in front of him and open it and everything haha so we like open the door and he starts yellin at us to do it, it was scary. then i went on a split with Elder Nemelka. He's the district leader serving in 목동. He's one transfer older than me so i knew him in the MTC. And fun fact for you, i actually met him one time at BYU! So that was crazy haha. But yeah. We got back to their house, planned for our lesson then we talked to people, then at night we had an appointment with a lady who has been coming to english class for forever and she's the greatest lady ever! She's seriously one of the nicest people i have ever met, if not the nicest. So she wanted to meet us at the busstop cuz she didn't want us to get lost getting to her house even though we have our maps. But it's fine haha. Then we were just talking and she fed us food. She fed us curry rice which is way good and stuff called 떡볶이 which is I don't really know how to describe it. It is 떡 which is the compressed rice cake stuff...not that good haha. But it was actually good! Then they put it in some spicy sauce stuff. Pretty decent. It was probably some of the spiciest stuff i have had on my mission though. But it was good. :) THen we were just talking and she started to tell us about her son who died of Leukemia when he was 13 i think? not too sure. But we were talking about him and she goes and gets a book about her son and gives it to elder Nemelka. You can tell that it's changed her. She really loves her son! And what mom wouldn't. So they made a book about her sons story and even want to make a movie. It was so sad. Like tears couldn't be held back haha. So her son was a make a wish child actually. So the reason she wants to learn english is so that she can talk to other make a wish child parents and tell them that their life is still good and just like help them and comfort them. Nicest lady in the world right?! Dang. She rocks. I definitely felt the spirit that night. So grateful for the gospel and the knowledge that we can be with our families forever. :) SO yeah! That was our night.
Wednesday we had zone conference which was pretty good! Actually it was really good. I really liked it. we talked a lot about obedience and how important that is. Not only in missionary work in life. Because when you are obedient to commandments it is easy to keep keeping the commandments. Ya know? But when you are disobedient, that disobedience generates a lack of faith and just spiral down. It really is the principle of little steps. Little steps can take you a long way if you aren't careful. So yeah! Zone conference was good. President Morrise rocks. Like honestly he's way cool. Oh hey while its on my mind! I'm going to the temple on thursday with the zone that Calea is in! How weird is that?! Like i can't believe how many people are here from AF. In the group that just came in there were like 4 or 5 people from AF. Pretty cool! I think that the only one i knew though was calea haha. But yeah! anyway, back to the week. after zone conference we had dinner than we met with the sisters investigator named 박원찬. he's a champ. Haha we helped him with his resume. That was a good time. Like for whatever reason he's applying to a korean company, but the application is in English...haha it doesn't make too much sense to me...but yeah! so we helped him with that which was way good. He speaks super good english. It's impressive. Then we taught him about faith which he said that he has none of. but we got him to like seriously commit to reading the book of mormon. So i think that if he does that his hope will and faith will grow. Afterall, reading the scriptures is showing faith! So that's good. Thursday we went to lunch with the sisters and their investigator's family. It was the people whose funeral for their grandpa that we went to. Wow i don't know if i am making any sense. So if not, i'm sorry! haha anyways, we went to that which was pretty good! They took us to like this sushi place? We had sushi which was really just 회 or raw fish on rice. oh and wasabi. so i think that's the same as america. but it was a little different...still delicious. anyway, we were able to build some jung there. jung is just like a deep friendship if i haven't talked about that i feel like i have so much to tell you. just like what only 2 more months to mothers day! so that's crazy! Haha yeah so then we went and talked to people, had dinner and then had english class. I love english class! Like seriously!! Words dont describe how awesome the youth are here. We're all like already kinda tight. Can't wait for us just to keep becoming better and better friends. Actually one of the girls kinda reminds me of megan. her name is 김나운 (Kim Na oon) haha anyways, they're so cool! And yeah! We had fun. We brought em snaks and stuff. it was a good time.
Friday was actually really good! We did everything like normal, then had weekly planning, nothin too special. then we talked to people for a little and then met some people who were a referall! They're awesome! THey are a couple in their mid 30's. I think they're a couple anyway. They want to learn english of course. but they asked us about when church was and stuff! So that was awesome! But yeah! We talked to them and introduced them to the english program and talked a lot about the church. which was really cool! So i think that they have some potential as long as we can understand them! Haha it's so hard man. I'll tell ya. Elder Warnick is way good, but it's still hard cuz we are so new. Then after that we went and talked to more people, had dinner, then we had our weekly correlation meeting! So that was aweosme. Our ward mission leader is so awesome. I think i say that every week. haha but anyway, so like his wife is seriously pregnant and she still works just as hard as if she wasn't pregnant. So crazy. She could have her kid on my birthday! I couldn't even imagine! They gave talks in stake conference this week actually! So that was way cool! They are so dedicated to the gospel. It's amazing. They really are a bomb couple. Saturday we walked for days! Like dead serious, i don't think i've been that tired. We walked from 12 to 4. We talked to a bunch of people and I think we are doing good work. We haven't found too many people through just talking on the street, but its when you put in that effort that miracles happen and you receive referrals. So yeah! I'm just trying to keep up the fire. :) That's probably the hardest part about missionary work is keeping that fire to just go and work. But when you do it, the miracles you see are unparalleled. It's been super good here. And I'm lovin it. :) Then we had stake conference from 4 to 9. 5 hours!  We had the like missionary leader priesthood meeting that we had to go to and then the adult session. Great korean practice!! Oh hey!!!! So you know my korean friend from byu richard lee? Probably not...but i met his dad!!! He's in our stake in the ward directly west of us called 김포. He's so cool! He works for a hotel company called Provista. He's awesome. He said he would take us out to dinner some time. I can't wait! haha so that was good to meet him. :)
Sunday we finished the rest of stake conference. President Morrise came! Wasn't expecting that! He's the coolest. Haha he had everyone laughing. Oh also on saturday night president lee came! He's the seoul temple president and used to be the mission president in the Seoul mission. He's the bomb! He's the happiest man i think that i've ever seen in my life! He's seriously always smiling and had the people jsut dying laughing. It was cool. :) so yeah! We had church and stuff. Then we went and met a referall that the other elders used to teach. His name is 오동민. He's a big guy. Haha he's 13 and has a deeper voice than i do. We came back to the church and played ping pong with him and jsut had a  good time. So that was good. Then we went back to the house had lunch, then Elder Hakes, one of the elders that we live with was sick so I had to go with Elder Wedam to an appointment they had with their investigators. They're super awesome! I remember their english names but not their korean ones haha. So their names are Brock and Andy. They have 2 kids named James and Peter, with another on the way named John. ;) haha just kidding that's not true, but like as a missionary, those are the kinda jokes we thrive on. ^^ Haha i know i'm a weirdo but anyways, they actually took us to a couldn't really do anything about it. But it was way good. We got 탕수육 which is like korean orange chicken and lamb. It was so good! Like that was the best stuff i've had in a long time! That was awesome. Then we had the Mini MTC which was a good time. I was amazed at how good they did. It also reinforced in me how important it is to be able to speak korean because when you can speak fluidly, the quality of the lesson goes up like 100x. So yeah. That was our week. It was a good one. We are workin hard, or at least trying. Doin the best we can. And i'm excited to look at the 99 emails of pictures. :) haha you guys are so awesome. It'll be a good day when i can see ya in person in what are we at now, only 16 months? crazy. My sisters are almost halfway!!! Dang. Time really does fly. Well, keep doing the little things in life that make a difference like reading the scriptures and praying morning and night and I know you'll see a difference and be able to feel the spirit more in your life. I've felt it in mine. Heavenly Father cares about each of us and wants to help us and will help us if we ask. Love you!
Elder Breinholt

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