Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Seven Months and Counting‏

We don't live in seoul. We live in a city outside of it called Pyeongtaek (평택). It is just south of a city called (수원) which is what zone we are in. We are the furthest south that you can go in our mission. There is only one area that takes longer to get to the mission home, and they are in our district. So basically our mission goes from us in Pyeongtaek up to the Han river in Seoul. We are all south of the river. Incheon is part of our mission and i'm not sure how to describe how far east we can look online at an outline of our mission. It is really small, but over 10 million people are in it haha. We have a dang good chunk of seoul, but not all the super super cool stuff like the capital and other fun stuff like seoul tower. So we don't get to go to that, but that's alright. :) haha not too sure what else to describe. Let me know if i need to put anything else in! :)
So our week! It was a good one! We had interviews with President and had to help  the senior couple in our district move! Monday we didn't really do too much after we emailed. We just went home and had a relaxing p day for once haha. then we went to the church and tried to help one of our members on his entrance essay for BYU, but it was hard cuz he hadn't even wrote it in english yet so we just had him put it in english first haha. then we went and talked to people around our church and stuff. Pretty fun! haha tuesday we went down to 평택 and just talked to tons of people like all day haha. I see why you can be confused about where we live. Hang on. So we live in an area of 평택 called Songtan (송탄) it is further north than the actual city of pyeongtaek and is right inbetween pyeongtaek and osan. So that's why we live there haha. Osan is north and pyeongtaek is south and are both like bigger city places than where we live. We talked to a teenager about stuff and why we are here. Its so funny when we are talking to people and then we say oh we believe in christ. And they're like oh sorry i don't believe in christ and they just keep like apologizing. it's fun. We are just like oh no its fine, we just are here to bring people closer to them and teach about him, let us know if you want to learn more! Then they're like oh. okay cool! then we went back up to our church and had our korean class! Julie one of our investigators came to help out. She helps a lot haha. After it ended the other elders showed up to see how it went and then Julie was like hey I'll take you home so we all got in and instead of taking us home she took us to mcdonalds haha. she's like what do you want order whatever. I was like i want 4 nuggets please! Cuz they aren't 5 pieces here they're 4...anyway, i told her that's what i wanted. so she goes up to the counter and orders then comes back and is like "guess how many chicken nuggets i got you!" I was like um...4. She goes no! Then we kept going and she's like 20! I got you 20! Super funny. I knew she was going to. She's just a sweetheart and is way to nice to us. It's a joke haha. THen we came home cuz it was 9!
Wednesday we got up and went straight to the church for our interviews with president Morrise. Sister Morrise made cinnamon rolls! Ah so delicious. So for our interview he wanted us to share with him a scripture from the book of mormon that has changed our life. So as i was thinking baout that there were too many to choose one haha so i just started to think like...what is the greatest quality/feeling i don't really know the word for what the one thing or teaching is that has changed my life. So i chose 3 Nephi 17:6. It says, "And he said unto them: Behold, my bowels are filled with compassion towards you." I chose this because the compassion that we can feel every single day in our lives from Christ really has changed my life and has the power to change everyone's life. He is always there for us and wants what's best for us. He will always be there for us. I know that's true. Anyways, so i shared that with him then we had a training on like street contacting i guess you could call it...we just call it 대화 or 전도. anyway, that was good. Then we went and had lunch as a district at this super good soupish place haha. Then we had district meeting and I tried to work on that members essay again because he translated it...but itw as still just as hard haha. I was in english but it was very machine translated. haha then we had english class and a guy named Patrick came! He's a Korean that lives up in seoul and is super good at english! He's so awesome. He found the missionaries and the churhc when he was in Mozambique. Apparently he bore his testimony on the church in the english class in hopefully we can work on him and get him to become a member^^. Then Thursday was pretty long. We went and hand lunch with Brother 홍 at AK Plaza in Pyeongtaek. That's liek the subway station and its really really's cool. I don't really know how to describe it. But we had lunch with him and told him to start reading the book of mormon and then he left. He was in a hurry. But we found out that he went to church on sunday! So awesome! Hopefully he keeps going! THen we went and talked to people literally all day haha. We talked to a lot of cool people about english class and other things. It was honestly like 4 or more hours of straight walking talking to people. Pretty aewsome. :) After a few llong hours of walking we came home and taught 김현철 (Kim Hyun Chor) about baptism and he said no to being baptised again...but that's alright. :) haha so lame. We were pretty upset about it, but i think we definitely got him thinking. I really hope something sparks within him soon.
Friday was alright! We went to our scripture study class thing and learned about 2 nephi 25 i think haha. THen I taught her the entire 1st lesson. By myself. It was super long, but it was good. She made a lot of helpful corrections for how to best teach koreans. So that was good. Then we had weekly planning. Man i love that thing haha. then we had dinner and i made the normal 볶음밥. pretty tasty. haha then we went and talked to more people. We talked to two guys right outside a restaraunt that were just blowin smoke in our faces. That was fun. Haha it was actually pretty gross, but they were really nice and really cool. And that was our friday. Then saturday we had just tons of american food. :) it was super awesome! We got up and went to go help the riding's move. They are the senior couple in our district. We moved stuff in a members van. It was awesome. We had a mattress tied on the roof like in the movies. Luckily it was only like a mile away, so not too rough. It was fun. Then we went over to the Jensen's for lunch. THey are a member family and oh my. THe members of that ward made such a good lunch. I had chicken tortilla soup and salad. I was in heaven. And she made homemade bread...holy cow. haha it was seriously so good. Then we came home and went over to the Watts for dinner! They live on base. It was a good time. They're an awesome family. They're both from utah. He's an F-16 pilot. pretty dang cool. I was able to play beyblades with their son haha that was awesome. Then we had an awesome dinner. We had pasta and he served his mission in rome, so needless to say it was so good haha. Then we shared a message on charity. that was good! All of us can strive to have charity, and when we don't have it or when we are angry, we can pray for it and it will come. Charity never faileth. :) And yeah! That was pretty much our day! Sunday was pretty busy. We went to church with the koreans in the morning. Then right as american church was about to start the elders quorum president asked us if we could go home teaching with him, so we had to miss all of american church haha. which is fine. we went and visted some awesome members, both families the dad's are not active at all though. Pretty sad  how that works. Also, both have either a son on a mission or a son who just got back. dang. we got back to the church in time to be able to say hi to all of the american members and talk with them. I'm really loving our new ward mission leader. He is really gung ho and excited about missionary work which is awesome. He has us in members homes a lot more than before, which is fantastic. also, after church we went to his house for dinner! Haha that was super fun. And that was our week! I love and miss yuo guys. It sounds like you are having a great time. I'm super jealous that you got to go to saint george this week. So cool. we are havin fun and working hard. missionary work rocks. Gotta love it. It truly is the best 2 years. I can see it already. I'm so greatful for all of your guys' support! It is so awesome! Love you!
Elder Breinholt

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