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JANUARY 12, 2014

Haha yeah I think I'm getting better at cutting my hair so that's good. Tell Alynn to stop it. It's really starting to freak me out haha. Like honestly, if she keeps on going like this she's gonna be married in like 2 months! Which I guess is fine. But so weird. Ohhh poor little kenah. She's just too cute. Her teeth looked straight before you put the braces on! How long does she have to have them for? Also, I was just thinking. Next year for your Christmas card you should get a cardboard cutout of me and set it up when you take family pictures. :) that'd be super funny haha. Awe lil guy. What's his name again? I can never remember. I feel so bad. I mind is blown at the fact that aubrey has a baby. Like what?! Oh dang! Good luck with girls camp! Is it just me or are you in charge like every other year? Wait are you in charge or are you just like an advisor. Okay so first things first, thank you so much for all of your letters and everything! I got that package with the cider and stuff. It was so dang awesome! Except for everyone spelled my name wrong.  Anyway, seriously that like made my day when I got that at church yesterday. So thank you so much!!! I still need to send your packages...ㅠㅠ I'm so sorry! I'm a terrible person I know. Maybe they'll be your like valentines presents or maybe a present from me that gets therre on my birthday. ;) haha I'll try and do it this week. I promise. Oh and the ㅠㅠ is a person crying if you didn't see that. ;) clever huh? Ohhh tell kenah that the drawing of my nametag, awesome! haha I loved it.
So monday after we emailed we went down to 평택 to humphrey's to go onto the base and to see the helicopters. Super awesome! LIke seriously, that was the coolest thing ever. We met a family called the Tibbets. They're super cool. They have 4 kids. I think that we have pictures to send of them. Maybe haha. Anyway, we got to see these little helicopters that were called Kiowa's. They're smallish and they do a lot of reconnisance. I think that's how you spell it not too sure. Haha we also got to see the blackhawk which brother Tibbets pilots. That was super cool. Took a seat inside and acted like I was flying. It was the bomb. We got to go inside both of those and we also saw the big helicopters with the two rotor things. Dont really remember what those guys are called. Something that starts with ah got it. Chinook's. That was dope! Then we went to Taco Bell on base. That was the bomb. Man that was the coolest P-day ever! LIke seriously haha that was so fun. Tuesday we went and visited som epeople in 오산. Almost all of them were home! Which is like unheard of. Usually you have to just leave a note at their door. But we visited a super nice less active lady who gave us some like warm apple strawberry juice stuff. Super good. we were able to teach her about how when we do the things we are supposed to, read our scriptures, pray, and go to church, that we can get strength from god.  Also we visted another less active whose sone is probably 13. He was so good at english! Like unreal! My mind was blown! we were having a conversation in english and he was 13 pretty dang cool. then we came home and had Korean class at night. Elder Gable delivered a super awesome message about the atonement and how no matter how deep of a hole that we think we are in, there is always a way out.
Wednesday we got up all ready to go down to 평택 to pass out english flyers but getting all of the stuff ready took way longer than we thought it was going all we could do was get it ready for sometime this week. That was sad. ㅠㅠ. haha then we went to the fried rice place again! That was super delicious. Then we had our english class at night! That was so fun! A ton of people came! Like 14 or so other than the missionaries. we got somehow on a conversation about gas and cars and stuff in the advanced class. Pretty funny. Gas is super expensive here! For one liter it is like...almost 2000 won. Super expensive. Anyways, that was a fun night. THen a kid came who said that he would come to FHE and english class so we're hoping to see him tonight! And we are hoping to see some progress there! Thursday was a good day. We went up to Suwon to go to Zone Training Meeting. THat was really good. one thing I really liked was this quote from page 151 in PMG: "The attitude you have toward your mission experience is a reflection of your love toward your Heavenly Father and His Son and your respect for the priesthood." So really, if we look back after we are done, and we can say awe yeah that was an awesome time. I have no regrets. Then that reflects how we feel about our heavenly father and the priesthood he allows us to have. Pretty powerful. Then we came home and had our lesson with 김현철. I felt like it went pretty dang good. We taught him about Alma 36 and about repentance and how everyone can become clean from their sins. I really gained a testimony as I was teaching it about how sacred repentance really is. When we repent that is something incredibly personal between us and the savior and it is something that we do on  a daily basis. We are truly changing.
Friday! we did our normal thing then we went to our scripture study class. it was so good! I love that thing. i mean sure i don't understand a thing, haha well i understand a little. more than i used to that's for sure. so that's good. but i really just love spending time with 박희정 and 이혜경. they rock haha. so anyways that was good. then they had us teach them the first principle from PMG that was super good. It was really good practice to be able to do that. they really helped us learn how to teach better. then we had weekly planning that took a while. then we went out and tried to talk to people, but we didn't have too much success. no one was really even saying hi to us haha. so that was too bad. but it was alright. saturday was super awesome! we got up and went to do service over at the base. we picked up a ton of trash! haha and we talked to a lot of people. I talked to a guy named 김사랑. which if you translate that his name means love haha. super cool. he was a kid that was in 군대 or the korean military service that they all have to do. that was pretty cool. I got to know him pretty dang well! He's from the south of south korea...haha and he only has 6 months left so that's good! I don't think that anyone likes it haha. the only time they can leave the base is vacation and this service thing haha. then we talked to a few other people. we came home and changed then tried to talk to people but not really too much sucess either. then we had dinner with Julie. She took us to a suepr good Thai place that I've been before. super good. we were able to teach her a little bit more about our church and about missionaries cuz she has a few questions. then we went to baskin robbins! she bought us a super expensive cake. gosh that thing was so expensive haha. like it was a joke. baskin robbins is super expensive here. for a single scoop it's like 3.50 or something like that i think. but while we were there we happened to run into the Spillaines who were the family that had us over for thanksgiving! they're awesome. they instantly befriended her. they said hey, if you go to english class we'll be there in an instant. so cool. I would love to see Julie come to know the church is true. it's just taking a little longer. Sunday! last day of the week! we got up and went to church! that was awesome. i love church haha. i mean sure 6 hours is a long time, but english church is awesome. I actually felt the spirit a lot in it. Hey is it just over here, or is there like a talk about hastening the work of salvation every week? It's crazy! Like seriously there is such a big push on it. so cool. Miracles are happening. I have a testimony that god puts us in people's paths for a reason. we are supposed to influence someone in some way to help them find their way back to him. so always be nice to others! haha anyway, then we came home and had dinner and then went out and talkeed to people! Really the only successful day for talking to people was saturday morning and that's because we were at the service activity. little hard but that's alright. haha so yeah! That was our week! I'm putting the pictures on dropbox! I hope you like them! I love you and miss you!
Elder Breinholt

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