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December 8, 2013

Hello! I hope that your week was a good one! Sounds like you got a lot of snow! It's actually raining here right now. In the middle of december! Never thought I would see that! This week was a lot of fun! We had a dinner appointment and a few other intense things happen. :) haha so on monday, it was actually our P-day even though we were supposed to go to the temple. But we are going to the temple this week, so thursday will be our P-day this week! I'm stoked! We are going to go to the toilet museum. Awesome right? And you know what makes it cooler? It's free! Heck yeah! Haha anyways, so monday after I emailed you guys we went down to Jije to do some shoppin at E-Mart. Its a little tiny town with literally nothing but big fields haha. So that was fun. Then we relaxed and walked around at night after P-day was over because no one could go to FHE. So that was too bad. :( Tuesday was really good! When I was studying in the morning I decided to look at my study journal from before the mission. That was actually really good! I had some good stuff written in there! Some good scriptures were Moroni 9:6 which says if we work hard, then we can conquer satan. He won't win. :) Then Mormon 9:19. God is a god of miracles. A lot of the time they are simple everyday acts, that we hardly recognize, but looking back they are miracles for sure. Then we went to lunch at the rice place again with 이태경. That was a lot of fun. Can you guys read that yet by the way? So weird to think that people can't read that haha. We got to talk to the other Elder's recent convert Sean on the phone which was really cool. He's in New York now. Then we went to the church to get ready for our Korean class which was as always, super fun! We taught them some of the shopping sentences and how to use them so that they can get around in stores.
Wednesday was awesome! I read some good talks in the morning. I read one by President Hinckley that said in 67 years of marriage to his wife they never once that he could remember fought. That's dang awesome. And I thought that was really inspiring. He's so awesome. i miss him haha. Then we went up to 곡반정 in 수원 for combined district meeting. We have those the first wednesday of every month. That was good! There were some good things talked about, like how important the book of mormon is when we teach. So we practiced using that and that was super fun! Then we came back and had english class. And this is where one of the intense things happened. Well really the only one. So we have this crazy lady that will just give us letters and a bunch of weird stuff and not even Koreans can understand her. She'll text us from a bunch of random phones just super weird.  So anyway she came to english class for the first time since I've been here so me and Elder Atkin had to go up and deal with her. Haha we didn't want her to be around the other people that come because she almost slapped an 11 year old kid one time there I guess. Super scary right? So we told her oh yeah no one came so we are going to cancel it sorry! Jeez pretty scary and sad, but we had to do it. Haha so we did that then had English class like normal, but really like 5 people came so it wasn't too bad. We played a fun football game thing which was cool!
Thursday was good as well! I of course read some good talks haha I love them. I don't know why. I read Come Join with Us by Dieter F. Uchtdorf. So good. I know you heard this from general conference, but we'll see if anything different stood out to me. I learned that we can not let doubt hold us prisoner and keep us from receiving blessings from our heavenly Father. He says one thing that I really really liked. He says some people think that they can't live up to the standards, and that is all the more reason to come and join with us. We really have no better place then right here in the gospel. Then his priesthood talk You Can Do It Now. One quote is "our destiny is not determined by the number of times we fall, but by the number of times we get up." I love that. Heavenly Father doesn't care how many times we fall, as long as we are making a concious effort to do a little better each day. Also, When we keep our eyes on the eternities it will help us stay on the straight and narrow. That's cool because I don't think that I think of the eternities that often. Like how often everyday do you think, is this going to keep me from getting eternal life or help me? So that was cool. Then To My Grandchildren by Henry B. Eyring. Also super good, read it. He says, there is one way to assure happiness and that is to follow the comandments of god. The lord gives us certain trials because he knows we can handle them. Super cool right? So sometimes when I wonder why does this happen to me? Why do I have this trial? It's because our Father in Heaven knows we can make it through. Then that night we met 김현철. He came a little late so we couldn't go through with our whole lesson, but we went over a little bit of 3rd Nephi 11 with him. I've talked about that a lot haha so I don't think I'll hit on that one again. Just remember to always look up for answers. He's super cool. I love 김현철. He's the guy who took us to make kimchi and whose english name is Turtle haha. He's a boss. After our lesson he took us to get 붕어빵, which is this super good shoe cream filled bread thing. It's in the shape of a fish haha. So that was delicious. You should try it sometime if you can somehow find it in america....So here in the winter they have a lot of street vendors that will sell hot things for like really cheap. You can get three of those fish bread's for a dollar. Super awesome! So yeah! That was thursday!
Friday was cool! I read another conference talk. :) By President Monson. It's called We Never Walk Alone. It was actually given to the relief society I think haha. Anyways, He says that we can find peace if we ask for it. Our heavenly father loves us so much that a lot of the time, he just waits for us to ask. Because if we don't ask, how are we going to get anything? There is a story in there which is super good. One of the things I thought that it taught was if we heed promptings, we are often answering someone elses prayers and also help to lift those around us. It also showed that we aren't alone. Our Heavenly Father loves and cares about us. Then we had weekly planning which is always cool of course. ;) Then we walked around and talked to some people. I love talking to the high school/middle school aged kids. It's always the same conversation. Oh hello! Hello how are you! Then they say, I'm fine thank you and you? Then they say oh, you are so handsome! Haha it's so funny. Then that night we were supposed to have a lesson with 김영호, but he didn't come...again. Super lame. :( Saturday was fun! We made some cookiees and took them to some members. A lot of them weren't home, but the first counselor and his wife were home so that was good. Their names are 한상희 and the wife is 안인선. She's really good at english. It's impressive. I've found that a lot of Koreans are way better than they let on. They just aren't like confident so they don't say anything. But anyway, we shared a quick message with them, just talked to them and left. Then that night we went to dinner with Julie. She took us to that chinese place again. That was so good! I'll admit, it's way better than Panda Express. We just talked with her and then she asked us more about the priesthood so we explained that which was really good! I feel like she started to understand. We are going to dinner with her again next week and she might bring two of her students! That would be so awesome! Sunday was a good day at church! Hey I don't know if you remember or not, but someone in our ward asked me if I knew and Katie and Travis Stevenson, I don't really know who they are, but I think they were in our ward in maryland maybe, so if you remember let me know! In Sunday School we had one of those good discussions that you have when people are super like fired up about some subjects haha so that was interesting. Then oh! In the Korean Ward we had the Primary program! That was so awesome! The first song the little girls were singing 난 하나님의 자녀. Or I am A Child of God. So they were singing the first verse then the boys come in and its just super super loud once they come in so funny. I love it. Then haha in the gospel principles class the lady asked me a question about how I would feel if I saw moses part the red sea...yeah I'll be honest. Didn't understand that! Haha  super funny. So I just go um............then she answers and I go oh yeah that's how I would feel. So awkward and embraassing but that's alright. :) Then we had our 식사 with the members! That was super good. It was this soup stuff...not really sure. All the food here is good. Anyway, after church we had just enough time to finish our studies! So yeah that was our week! I'm sorry it's so cold there! It's not too bad here yet. Which is super nice. So yeah! I'm stayin warm! And we get to go to the temple on thursday! I'm so excited! Love you all a lot! And I'll be talkin to ya in a few weeks!
Elder Breinholt

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