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December 22, 2013

Holy cow! I can't believe that about david! That is wow. That's super scary. What do the doctors tell him about his cancer? They think he's gonna beat her? I think he will. Holy cow. I can't believe that. I haven't sent the presents's already christmas I know...I'm sorry. :( I'll send them this week! Probably not until like thursday or friday though... Korean is comin alright. I think I'm doing okay for how long I've been out here. Haha I'll take a picture of my ties eventually. :) I'm rackin up a few! I got my new suit this week by the way! It is pretty dang awesome. I love it actually. Oh so my new companion Elder Gamble! He's from washington state. From Vancouver, right by portland, Oregon. He has been in Korea for 9 weeks longer than me. So 2 months longer. We struggle at korean together and its a great time. :) Ah I'm so excited for Jayden! You should film his farewell talk and send it to me. ;)  Dang it sounds like you guys are having a good time but also a really crazy time back in good ol' Utah! I don't think that I'm going to be as detailed in this email as I have been in my past ones since I'm going to talk to you on wednesday. :) Super excited for that by the way! Skype baby! I'm so glad we get to skype. It's gonna be awesome.
Alright the highlights of the week! Monday we went up to Suwon and went up on top of the wall that surrounds it! There is a wall that surrounds the ancient city of Suwon and now its just like a huge tourist spot!  And that's what all those pictures are of by the way. I'll describe them later. We could see all of Suwon from up there! So that's what we did. Then that night was super sad. :( We all went to a 고기 buffet with 박희정 and 심우진 for like a last little party with Elder Atkin. That really was super sad. Once the presents came out ah man. It was all tears from there. For them at least. I'm so grateful that I have 6 more weeks here. I seriously love it. It is probably the best thing that I've ever done in my life. Ah. Man. So that was that! Then Tuesday I had to say goodbye to my dad! :( I met Elder Gamble and came home! We talked to quite a few people, but nothing too exciting to report there. Wednesday I read the football anouncers talk from General Conference. It was pretty dang good! One thing I learned from it was that the way to our father in Heaven doesn't matter nearly as much as the fact that we get there. Everyone will go through different things, and choose different ways. But we all should be working together to make it. :) We had distrit meeting and one lil highlight from that is that we need people to be able to feel Christ's love through us. And that's so true. Becuase that really is probably the biggest reason people will listen to us. Then we had english class and after we got 쪽발 or pigs feet with some investigators and people from English class! That was super fun. And the pig feet is actually pretty decent believe it or not! I'm tellin ya, they don't really eat gross food here. 
Thursday some highlights. In the morning when I was studying I learned that it doesn't take too much for people to be able to feel the spirit. the holy ghost can penetrate by small and simple means. And yeah! We went to lunch with 이태경 because she's going to America, well i guess she's in america now! Also, it was my 6 month mark on my mission! There goes 1/4 of it! Can you believe it? It's flyin by. I hate it! Really haha it scares me. But we went to this cool blace and she bought me a Cars cake cuz she heard that it was my 6 month mark. She rocks. She's so nice. :) Then that night we had a lesson with 김현철! It went decent. We didn't have a chance to actually get a lesson in with him, so we just shared a sripture real fast and asked him to keep reading! Hopefully he keeps making progress. Friday we had weekly planning, no highlights there. :) Haha no big highlights from that whole day actually. Saturday we went down to 평택 and walked for a while just talking to people. Then we were talking to this one lady and she is like oh hey come with me. I'll buy ya some 붕어빵. Which is this delicious little winter snack thing here that's in the shape of a fish. So we are like okay! Then she buys it and before she pays she goes, Okay! Before I pay...leave! Me and elder Gamble looked at each other and were like...uh what? Haha what the heck is going on? So that was a little adventure. I don't know why she didn't just tell us she didn't want to talk to us haha. But anyways. Yeah. That was fun. Then we went to the Christmas party with the Kroean ward! I'm sure you saw our jingle bell performance. :) That was super fun! Then we had a singing fight that you may have seen on facebookk as well. Not too sure. :) Haha me and Sister Bassett had to see who could go higher. It was super funny.
Yesterday we had the crazy lady come to church! i'm not sure how much I've told you about her. She scares me a lot haha. Anyways that was fun Then we had another Christmas Party that night where we got to sing! All the missionaries sung Oh, Come All Ye Faithful. That was super fun. Haha I've been asked to sing more times on my mission than I thought I ever would have in my life. So that's a little weird. ;) But yeah! That was our week. It was a fun one. I can't wait for Christmas!! The tree looks so good! Also, you got a new rug in the living room! nice! It looks good. And the picture above the fireplace! Nice touch momma. :) haha I love you and hope you guys have an awesome week! I love you!
Elder Breinholt

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