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December 15, 2013

Holy cow! Sounds like you guys had a crazy week! I can't belive that about david! That seriously blows my mind! That's intense! At least the doctor got most of it and he's already goin back to work! That's fast! By the way, yeah that scar was awesome! Haha I love it! Geez! Haha yeah walking down the street sometimes is definitely a self esteem booster, except now in seoul there are so many foreigners they're used to it sadly haha. I bought presents for you guys this week! I am going to send a picture of them before I do...I'm going to try and send it through one of our members, but if not, I'll just send it through the normal mail. I think you guys will like them. :) I'm sure I'll get the package on Christmas eve when we have our mission activity thing! It'll be way fun! Alright. Christmas eve 8 PM. Gotcha. I'll try to make it work! I'll talk to some people and get it worked out! Wow I can't believe that its already christmas. Yeah we actually got our transfer calls on saturday night and I'm staying of course, because Elder Atkin is going home, and my new companion is Elder Gamble! He's in the same zone right now so I've talked to him a few times and he's pretty cool! So I think that it will be super fun! He's only two transfers ahead of me so he's been here for 7 months now. I know i need to get better at taking pictures. We actually took a lot yesterday so I'll get some to you! Yeah as a neurologist you study the whole nervous system so really the brain and spine and other stuff, but you're a brain and spine surgeon. Pretty crazy! I still can't believe that he had a brain tumor! Wow! At least you caught it early! That's awesome! Also, it has snowed a few times now so its getting nice and cold! Alright so this week.
Monday was good. It is so good to read all of your emails and be able to see how you are doing each week. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun with alynn home this week. :) But yeah. You basically know what we did monday! It's the same every week. :) We didn't really have time to do too much in between FHE and emailing. So, at FHE we played mafia again. That game gets super intense. haha 허건 is super good at english and he was convincing Elder Pruner that he wasn't mafia so bad. Like so it was between Elder Atkin and 허건(ho gun) for who was mafia, and elder pruner obviously wasn't. So, they each had to convince him, but they couldn't haha it was super funny. Elder Pruner had no idea who to choose and was so nervious! But he ended up choosing right. SO that was good. Elder Atkin lived and 허건 was mafia. Yeah! Then tuesday was good. I read a really good talk by Neil L. Andersen on Power in the Priesthood. He talks about how priesthood blessings aren't limited just to those who have it. Women benifit just as much as men by being able to be baptized, going to the temple, and having home teachers who can look over them. And I thought that was really cool. Then me and Elder Dewey went on a split! It was a lot of fun. He's 6'5 and from logan. I love the kid. haha we went to visit the picture man. He played some awesome tunes for us then we left and had dinner at McDonalds. Honestly, it kinda blows my mind how good McDonalds and Taco bell are here. So good. But that could just be because I miss them so much. :) Then we had Korean Class...but no one came sadly. But that's alright. Then we decided to go visit some people so we visited David Kim! He's awesome. I'm gonna be sad when I have to leave this place and him. And yeah! That was our day.
Wednesday was good. In personal study i read some really good stuff. I read Bind Up Their Wounds by Henry B. Eyring. I loved one thing in particular. He said as priesthood holders it is our duty to be the good samaritan. We need to be the person who goes out of their way to help others--even if we might not be the biggest fan of that person. Then we had district meeting and we did a cool lil activity where everyone goes around and writes an attribute from the attribute activity in PMG that someone has on a piece of paper with that persons name on it. So that was a nice lil boosting activity. Oh gosh. So Elder Dewey and Hale stayed in 평택 because we had the temple on thursday so they might as well stay with us because we are an hour closer. So we went down to 평택 and met up with the Ridings and we went to a little asian picture booth. So cool. Haha in these things we took pictures and had a real good time. It was so funny. Just 8 americans. And the pictures you get turn into stickers. It's awesome. I'll send a picture. So yeah that was super fun! Then we had english class which as always rocked. We played this drawing picture game where someone draws and you have to guess what it was. Pictionary! That's the one haha. That was fun. And that was really our day! Thursday we had the temple and P-Day. That was super awesome. I love going to the temple. The spirit is always so strong. So if you need to feel the spirit, go to the temple. :) I got to see elder Garff from the MTC! I love him. He's serving in seoul mission, but his area is the temple area and so he just happened to be there when we came out! It was awesome. I miss him. At the temple though Elder Atkin gave his 마지막 말씀 or his "Last words". That was good. I also got to see elder Hodges! I miss him so much! Haha then me and elder Atkin went to a place over by the mission home and bought some ties! It was 3 for 10 dollars! heck of a deal. I love korea. :) haha and yeah! That was our P-day. We didn't have anything happen at night that was too exciting to report.
Friday was fun! We had weekly planning which is always super fun of course. Haha it was weird because Elder Atkin was only going to be there for one of the days...anyway. That was fun. Then we went down around the base and visited our suit friend. Elder Atkin wanted to buy a suit so he did. Then I got sucked into it. It was 150 for an entirely custom tailored suit. so yeah I had to go for it. I get it this week sometime. Then we went over to the souvenir shop where we saw tons of miracles! The owner of the place happen to be another missionary's nonmember aunt and uncle! Pretty awesoem! That was so cool! So we talked to them about how he is our friend. And then they loved us! it was awesome. I hope that it goes somewhere. Because tons of missionaries always go there. Also, we met some other nonmembers that were from utah and talked to them as well as a less active guy! Then on our way home our taxi driver guy had a ton of english interest! So hopefully he comes to english class! Tons of miracles in a little amount of time. Then we went to the 고기buffet with our Ward Mission Leader. That was delicous. Dang I loved it haha. It was so good. That's gonna be one of the things I miss most when I come home here in a year and a half. By the way! This thursday is my 6 month mark. What the heck. Time seriously flies. But yeah! That was friday.
Saturday was awesome as well! We got up and went over to 오산 air base to do some service. They have troops for trash every 2nd saturday and it was so fun. We got to talk to tons of people and just do service. I talked to a guy from new york, and a few koreans and some other people. It was fun. Then that night we went to a super nice restaraunt with Julie called Applebee. Nothing like Applebees though. Don't be fooled. Haha it was super good! It was a buffet style place. Oh gosh. Listen to this story. I was getting food from the buffet table and a kid who was just old enough to be potty trained comes running by with his pants all the way down. Shoot it was so funny. So also, there were two 1st birthday parties while we were there. The 1st birthday is a big deal to Koreans. It's just tradition now, but back when they were poor if a baby made it to one it was a big deal. So now they celebrate it for tradition. And because of those that place was super busy! But it was fine. Then after that we ran over to 오산역 to meet a lady named 김윤미 (Kim Yoon Me) who wanted to learn abuot the church. So we talked to her for a little bit, got to know her, answered some of her questions, and gave her some of the pamphlets. That was so cool. She really wants to learn about the church. It has been around her her whole life and now she's decided to see what we are about. I'm super excited about this one. After meeting with us she said that oh we felt different and that we became friends really fast. So that was awesome. Gosh she's so cool. Then we came home and got our transfer call! I already told you about that. So I'll be here for one more! I'm thinking this will be my last transfer here, but that's alright.
Sunday was seriously awesome. We went to church and it was Elder Atkins last time at church in Korea and Elder Pruner's last time in 평택. Pretty sad, but it was alright. We hung out after church with some of the members and just talked to them. Then we had 김나영's mom sign her baptismal record and stuff before ELder Atkin leaves haha. Cuttin it close! So we talked to her for a little. Then we went over to the Bishops house for a little party thing! Our ward here is so awesome. I really love them so much. Even though I can't talk to them too well, it's alright. I'm going to miss this place when I have to go. All of the members are so cool and our bishop is one of the nicest and coolest guys I've ever met in my life. gosh. It really is so good to be in 평택. We watched part of the Christmas devotional and had dinner, which was delicious, also we talked and said some last words to elder atkin. That was weird. I can't believe he's leavin! So weird! I really am so grateful to be able to be a missionary in Korea. There isn't a better place to serve in the world. :) I love it. It's an adventure everyday and always so fun. I'm sorry I have to be havin the time of my life without you guys, but I'll be sure to tell you all about it when I get home. If that day ever comes. :) I love you and hope you have a Merry Christmas!
Elder Breinholt

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