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MAY 3, 2015

I saw the picture that dad sent of Elder Bednar! That's so awesome you met him! Haha I can't believe that! He's the best. dang. Excited to see the pics next week. :) Sounds like it was way fun! How was the excursion? Dad called it a safari haha. sounds like a ton of fun down in aruba though. So jealous. But it's alright cuz we'll be goin to Europe soon enough. :) Haha was the crab pretty big? Or was it just a little guy? Haha  investigators are doing good. ANd the ward members are always awesome of course. I am lovin my companion. He's a way good guy with a strong testimony of the gospel, and missionary work. What's not to love? But yeah! Our week.

Monday - P-Day in 영등포
After emailing you guys we went to 영등포 Youngdeungpo and played games with a bunch of people. Elder Wiseman and pruner were there so that was fun. Played some sports. And i also wore the beatles shirt dad gave me so that was fun. :) haha then we came home and had dinner and hten made a bunch of calls and then went to visit a less active and then we came home and called more people. And that was our monday...nothin too exciting.

Tuesday - Balloon 전도, Less Active Success! and Robert
Tuesday was really good! We had our studies which were super good of course, then we went and got lunch and then we made a bunch of letters to members that we had to give out. that was good. took a little bit of time but it was worth it. Then we went and tried some balloon jundo or balloon proselyting. we made the balloon animals for people at the park and they really liked it! It was awesome. Super fun. So that was good. Then we went and visited some less actives which was really good! We had all the people who like guard the buildings be super nice to us and let us in and a few of em were home! So we were able to leave some stuff and a short message, that was super good. Then we went and met Robert or 양태윤 at KFC. We had dinner with him and then we shared a mesasge about what he needs to do to get a testimony. we are trying our hardest to get him to have one, but it's so hard with him cuz he's an 18 year old with some serious problems...stress. but it's okay. we'll keep trying. i love him so much haha he's the best. 

Wednesday - District Meeting and a 전도 activity in 봉천
Wednesday was super good too. We had our studies, i received some last minute revelation for district meeting and then we went to 봉천 Bongchun for district meeting. We had a zone proselyting activity after so that's why we went there. anyway, district meeting was pretty good! We talked about how to improve our studies and we also read the talk "miracle of a mission" by jeffrey R. Holland which helped to bring the spirit pretty strong. Not to mention that a bee flew in the room so what do we do? Behead it with scissors haha it was super scary. anyway, that was fun. Then after the meeting we had the activity and we switched our companion and went out to talk to people. I was with Elder Arredondo. he's way cool. He's serving in gangnam right now .But we had a ton fo fun. Talked to a guy from england and one from japan, that was cool. then we went and had dinner and then we had english class which was super good! 

Thursday - Exchanges with Elder Meeks and Tons of Miracles!
Thursday was super fun. I was on exchanges so of course it was way fun. We had our studies iin the morning and that was cool. For lunch we had papa johns so that was beyond delicious. Then after lunch we talked about their area and helped him to set some goals for things that he can do better. that was super good. He's a great guy. anyway, then we went out and talked to people. The first guy we talked to we gave a book of mormon to! So that was super cool! Then we kept takin to people and then we went and visited some members. One of the ones we visited was less active and we left a note at her house and she texted us later and said thank you so much! You guys are the best! basically...haha but it was aweosme. Then we went to visit more and we ran into one of our investigators on the street! That was crazy! Then we went to the others and ran into another investigator on the street and invited em to come ot church! So that was super col! Then we came home and had dinner and then we went and met a member 허태영 ho tayyoung. He's the coolest. haha he's a way nice member. gave us tons of food. tons of meat. and then we taught him about how he should watch a church video with his family and then we came home!

Friday - Weekly Planning, 주장훈, 고중희
Friday was really good. We had our studies and then we went and met 주장훈 Joo Janghoon. He's a member. He served his mission in Ogden, Utah. and also got his MBA at duke. So he's way cool. Loves college basketball. coolest guy. :) haha anyway, we taught him about faith and how he can strengthen it. then we went and had lunch. then we went and did weekly planning which was cool! Then we went and met 고중희, or jonny ko. Haha he's a solid member. i really like him. recent convert of 2 years so that's cool. We got dinner with him and then we talked about how he can do missionary work. thatwas good! Then we came home and had to finish weekyl planning. 

Saturday - English Class, Robert, and 신재현
Saturday was like all the other days, super awesome! We had our studies and then we went and got ice cream with Robert. He's doin good. He actually read part of the book of mormon so we were excited about that. we talked to him about prayer and commited him to pray everyday. so that was good. then we went to the church and got ready for english clas and then we had it! There were a lot of peolpe there so that was awesome! Then we met 신재현 Shin Jayhyun. He's the man. we had to refer him to another area cuz he lives in incheon. so that was too bad. but it's okay. we basically just got to know him, answered his questions and set some expectations. so that was cool! Then we went and got dinner! Then we ewnt and visited some less acties, then we did PMG TIP And that was pretty much it! 

Sunday - 식사 and Jason
Yesterday was a super good day! We had companionship study and then went to the church like normal...then we greeted all the members and had church which was super good. Then we had our weekly coorelation meeting with 최영규 Choi Younggyu. love him so much. haha anyway, that was cool. then we came home and had our studies and then we went to 김미경 Kim meegyung's house for dinner. that was way good! The bishop and his wife were there as well as a new american couple who moved into our ward named the Kern's. they're adorable. haha love them so much. he served his mission in korea, actually in this mission. so that is cool. Anyway, after that we went and taught Jason> He's doing good. Haha the english part was good. And then 최영규 came and we taught him the gospel. The problem was that both of them love to talk way too much. Haha but it's fine. They talked a lot and basically just answered 정재승 Jason's questions the whole time. so that was perfect! Then we came home! and that was our week!

Thought - Testimony of the Book of Mormon
So i recently finished the book of mormon and wanted to let you guys know that i know it's true. I restarted it this week and am already to 2 nephi 10. Haha i can't put it down. It's so good. :) Anyway, let's listen to a prophet bear his testimony on it. I love that video so much. Always hits me so strong. The book of mormon is true. And any person who reads it and prays about it the way moroni describes will get that answer. So if you haven't done that, or if it's been a while since you have i would invite you to do so. To pray about it so you can regain the knowledge or gain that knowledge that it's true. :) Love you so much! 

Elder Breinholt

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