Sunday, May 24, 2015

MAY 17, 2015

Monday - Call Day
So we got to call you and that was awesome. So good to see you guys. Dang i love and miss you. But after skype i think i told you the kitchen at the church flooded so we spent some time cleaning that up. that was fun haha. kinda stressful, but we got it under control. Then we came home and relaxed. I packed a ton of stuff and got a package ready to send home...still need to send that....oh well. haha anyway, after p-day we went and talked to people for a while and then we came home and made calls.

Tuesday - TIPoff and 이록
So tuesday was super fun. We had our studies then we went to 영등포 youngdeungpo to meet the zone leaders so we could do PMGTIP with them. I finished the 2nd lesson and stuff so that was good. Then we came home and had to help the sisters move all their stuff cuz the sisters in 서초 got shut down. So sad. So we helped them with that for a little bit and then we went and met 이록 Lee rok. he's the man. He's actually a recent convert in 화곡 Hwagok ward that i interviewed to be baptized. We ate mcdonalds with hima dn then we went to the church and taught him about enduring to the end. I thought that was really good. Super guided by the spirit and i could definitely feel the spirit there. so cool. :) We committed him to go to church this week cuz he said he hadn't been in like 2 that's sad. but anyway, then we went to 어덕수 Oh ducksoo's house. and taught him about god which was aweosme. then we came home and called some more people. 

Wednesday - Transfers and 양재
So Wednesday was a party. haha Elder Andersen left so that was beyond sad. I love that guy to death. Super awesome guy and missionary. But that was fun. Then we went down to 양재 Yangjae. It's a cool part of our area and like the furthest away. Anyway that was fun. we went down there to bring letters to members and stuff but like what i didn't realize is how far apart the members that was too bad. it was way pretty. but we were able to do it and it took forever...but it's fine. Then we came back and looked for more places to do tae kwondo with Easun but President Morrise basically shut us down for doing it. but that's fine. Anyway, then we went ot the church and got ready for english calss and had dinner and then we had english class which was way good! so yeah! 

Thursday - Wind Symphony and District Meeting
Thursday was good too. we got up and had our studies and then we went and got district lunch which is now the 4 elders so that was cool. Then we had district meeting which was on repentance and commitments. so that was good. Super good actually. then we went and visited some less actives and talked to some cool people and then we came home and had dinner and called people. That was good too. then we went to the seoul mission with Easun and 차성욱 because we got permission to go the the BYU wind symphony thing. That was so good! Haha the choir that was with em was eh, but they were really good! I was impressed. So that was super fun. Plus i got to see all my aweosme friends that were in the MTC with me. Holy cow i miss those guys so much. They're the best. Also, a less active sister that we invited came! It was such a party! haha i loved it! And Robert, a member sat with us too. so we had a party goin on. haha it was way fun. and then we came home! 

Friday - Weekly Planning and 과천
So friday was cool. we got up and studied and then we had weekly planning and that was the same as the last 100 i've done haha then after that we went and got dinner and then visited less actives and then we went to a place called 과천 Gwachun which is actually out of our area but we had to visit someone there so we went! And that was awesome! Then we went to visit a few other less actives and on the way met some really cool people! So we have high hopes for finding new investigators this next week. but yeah! 

Saturday - 유복준 and Robert
Saturday was cool. After our studies we went and had lunch and then we went and met Robert near his house at Mcdonalds. That was good. We talked with him about Christ and committed him to read the living christ. so good. i'd suggest reading or re reading that one if you haven't. but yeah then we came back and had english class which was fun. then we went and got dinner and then we met 유복준 Yoo bokjoon. or Daniel Yoo. and his wife. He is super awesome! He met with the missionaries a while ago and we ran into him last week! We basically just got to know him and his background...he's pretty dang rich. anyway, got his whole life story, taught a little and then gave him a family proclamation to read. that was aewsome! then we came home and made calls. those were good. 

Sunday - Church, Less Active, Calls
So sunday was way good. We had comp study then we went to hurch and we met a guy we invited to church on the way. we told him to be there at 11:45 for sacrament but he showed up 2 and a half hours before he was supposed to be there. but that's fine! So he came to church with us. he's someone we met on the street this week. So that was a cool little miracle. Also, our ward mission leaders daughter came home from her mission this week in the seoul mission. she was a way good missionary! Like listening to her testimony i was just like dang i want to be you! haha anyway, but after church there was a meal and then we came home and studied but i spent a good amount of the time talkin to robert on the phone cuz he's going through a hard time right now. so that was fun. then we had dinner and then we went to look for less actives. that was a party. we have fun me and elder coleman. i really like him a lot. he's a great missionary. you can forward that part right to his parents if you'd like. ;) haha just kddin. anyway, then we came home and made some calls for this week to set it up. 

Thought - Choose to Believe
So I read Elder Clayton's talk this week and wow it's so good. Just wanted to share one part. "Every day each of us faces a test. It is the test of our lifetimes: will we choose to believe in Him and allow the light of His gospel to grow within us, or will we refuse to believe and insist on traveling alone in the dark? The Savior provides His gospel as a light to guide those who choose to believe in and follow Him." Basically we have to choose everyday to do the things necessary to get closer to him. Read the scriptures and pray. I can't tell you how many investigators don't progress and how many people go less active simply because they stop those two things. so do em. every day. :) 

Elder Breinholt

PS. See you soon. :)

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