Sunday, May 17, 2015

MAY 10, 2015

Ah words don't describe how good it was to talk to you holy cow. Like dang. So awesome. I don't really want to take too much time today since i already talked to you, so i'm gonna keep it short and sweet. :) 

Highlights of the week:
Monday we had a ton of miracles. We visited a bunch of people and they were all home! So we are gonna have some serious progress with them soon! We are hoping. :) They're less active and just a non member. so yeah. :) Then we ran into a lady who used to be an investigator at the store so that was stinking cool. She was way nice and told us to call her so we are hopefully gonna meet her soon! we met Jason and taught him about moroni seven and charity and then we went and got chicken with him! Way fun. :) i love him. hope he progresses soon. 

Tuesday we met simon and taught him some of the articles of faith...we'll see if he makes any progress. but i dunno. then we met Easun and taught him about the plan of salvation so that was so awesome. haha wednesday we had district meeting and talked all about following the spirit so of course that was good. then we went and tried to find places to do tae kwon do with our investigator but i don't think it's gonna happen...that was fun though! Then we had english class and had to get ready for a member baptism. there were bugs in the baptismal font we had to fight off. those were scary....but it's fine it's handled. :) haha

Thursday was our temple day which was way fun! I love it. That was super super good of course. always love it. after we went to gangnam with elder pruner. super fun. we went to the nike store which was cool and went to a few other stores. but it was way sad cuz he goes home soon. Friday we had our zone training meeting which was way fun. we had ice cream at it! From baskin robbins! So good haha i love it so much. we talked about setting goals, extending invitations and also using time wisely. so thatw as super good. i thought it was well done. and then we had weekly planning! 

Saturday was good. we met robert and his dad for lunch and shared a message on prophets and asked em to read a talk together on prophets. so good. then we had english class and played ping pong with one of the students after to build a relationship with him. that was good. so fun. :) and then one of the members brought us gelato! That was dang delicious! and that was saturday. yesterday was good. we had church of course and our studies and then our weekly coorelation meeting. but that was our week. nothing too exciting. haven't met with too many investigators lately. but we are turnin up the heat and workin really hard to see some miracles. prayin hard. pray for me please. i need all the help i can get to see some serious success over the next 6 weeks. i can't believe it's that close. love you more than words can describe. you guys are the best. dang i miss your face. so good to see you. 

elder breinholt

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