Thursday, May 7, 2015

APRIL 26TH, 2015

This week was a way good one!

Monday - Shoppin P-day 
So after email we just went to a terminal to do some shoppin but that was a let down cuz they didn't really have anything. So sad. So we just walked around and shopped. Kinda nice to just relax. Then we came home and had chicken for dinner and then we made a bunch of calls. Then we made some cards and visited a less active and yeah!

Tuesday - Jason and Dinner with 최상업
Tuesday was really good. After our studies and lunch we wrote a bunch of cards for members which was really good. We're trying to take em to all the members and get em excited about missionary work. Just get some referrals ya know. :) Haha then we went and met Jason at the library. that was good! We talked more about the gospel and he kind of like said we were forcing him to do things when in reality he was pressuring himself. so that was kinda stressful. but it's fine. Then we went to 양재 yangjae and part of our area where 최상업 Choi Sangup lives. He's the man. His daughter's husband is the owner of cupbob in utah. :) haha anyway, we had some dinner and then we did a practice lesson. We taught the restoration. I wish i would have taught better. A year and 10 months in and still need practice teachin the restoration...but it's alright. we can always improve. :) and then we came home!

Wednesday - District Meeting, Fast Day, and 전도!
Wednesday was really good. We were fasting as part of a 40 day fast in our mission and we saw some crazy miracles! Haha anyway after studies we went out and took some cards to some members and talked to them, shared a good message, then we had district meeting! That was really good. We talked all about being humble and talked about the problems of pride, watched Pride and the Priesthood by Dieter F. Uchtdorf. So good. I would suggest listening/watching it. Anyway, then we decided since we were fasting we needed to work pretty dang hard on finding so we went out and talked to people, just tried to follow the spirit and that was really good. Talked to a bunch of people got a bunch of numbers and also had a guy come up to us at the very end who wanted to meet us! So that was stinkin awesome! So cool! Then to end our fast we had Pizza school. Ah so good. haha anyway, then we went to the church and got ready for english class and that was way good! Just a classic day at english class. then we were going to visit a member with the bishop but they weren't home so we learned lots of korean from him. :) Pretty good day!

Thursday - Cancelled Appointments Day
So we started the day with 4 appointments and by lunch they all cancelled. :) So that was kinda lame. But it's alright. Then we took some cards to some members which was awesome. THen we came home and claled tons of people. Elder Coleman's knee is hurtin him so we had to talk to sister morrise and stuff about that. so that was fun. then we went and got dinner and then we delivierd more cards to people which was great. Then we visited some less actives up near the marriott so that was fun. haha 

Friday - Weekly Planning and Exchanges with the Zone Leaders
So Friday was pretty dang awesome! We had our studies and weekly planning which was great! Haha Then we had to go to 영등포 Youngdeungpo to meet up with the zone leaders which was good. Then me and elder kelson came back to 서초 seocho and ate at the Chinese place as a district. that was fun. then we came home and got ready for an appointment and then we went and met him! That was way good! We met Easun. We talked about the plan of salvation and are hoping he gets a lot more interested here real soon haha. but that's alright. then we came home and elder kelson had to do some pmgtip with some people so that was good too. :) 

Saturday - Robert, English Class and Less Actives
Saturday which was yesterday for you guys was good. :) haha anyway, we had our studies and a little training since i was on exchanges with the big zone leaders haha. I learned a lot about what i need to do better. But yeah. Then we went and met Robert or 양태윤 and got hamburgers with him. They were huge! There's a picture. You'll enjoy it. :) We taught him about the importance of the book of mormon and i made him promise me to read the intro which he still hasn't done. ah pain. but it's alright. then we made our way to the church and got ready for english class which was good. Mr So from noryangjeen came so that was a little stressful. I used to think that he was good at english then i came to seocho and now i see how bad he is haha it's kinda sad. but that's alright. anyway, then we met up with elder coleman and we got back together then we went home and had dinner and then we went and visited less actives again. that was good! Then we visited 어덕수 Oh Ducksoo who is a non member. we are trying to spark some interest in him. i hope he pulls through. anyway, we shared a good scripture with him and then we came home. 

Sunday - Ward Conference and 2 people at church! 
Yesterday was so good! We had companion study then we went to the church and greeted some of the members on their way in. 어덕수 the part member family guy, he came to church yesterday! That was super awesome! I think he liked it. We'll see when we visit him this week. :) haha but anyway, we called this guy who's been wanting to come and he said he'd be there at 11:45 so we leave like halfway through church to meet him at the bottom of the hill that our church is on, and then he's like oh i'll be like a half hour late, so we go back to the church and the second we get back he's like i'm here! Where are you? And so we had to go back and pick him up haha it was stressful. but it's fine. i was dyin of heat at the end. it was fun. :) but he came! And that's all that really matters. :) haha and it was ward conference so there were tons of people there! That was way good. :) Then we had a meal after church and that was way good. Loved it. Then we had our weekly coorleation meeting with the man 최영규. I love him so much. Then we went home and studied and had dinner and then we mad tons of calls for this week! Still have more to make though! Haha but yeah, a pretty good week. :)

Thought - Missions
This morning I read again the talk "The Miracle of a Mission" by Jeffery R. Holland and wow it was good. I don't really want to quote anything from it, but i just want to tell you guys how much missions change lives. Like it's taken me a while but i'm finally realizing how much I've changed over the last two years. For the better of course. :) But I can honestly say that I've loved every day of my mission. And it means more to me than anything else. No way I'd rather be doing anything else and I know that anyone who goes on a mission will be happier during these two years or 1 and a half years than any other time. and that is simply because you're doing the work of the lord and he watches over us. I love it so much. And I love you so much. Have a great week. :) 

Elder Breinholt

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