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July 28, 2014

 Hello my family! how are you! I think I am emailing a little before you're used to this week. That's probably how it's gonna be from now on though haha. Yeah i like my new area. it's good. Mom we don't have a new dryer of course. No one in korea does. Only at the office do they have a dryer. haha we hang dry our clothes. I'll try to take more pictures its just hard. ah i'm sorry. haha so the major religion is definitely christianity. not buddhism. Buddhism is what all the people who don't got to church say they are.   Anyway, this week was super awesome! I have a bunch of pictures to send you! Hope you're ready. :)
> Monday was a good last P-day in 화곡.We went to the 목동 church for a party! They have some recent converts that are twins and it was their birthday so they had a party for them. :) haha it was super awesome. It was way fun. We -layed scum with them for a while and then after that we came home and had dinner and teh tried to find less actives but none of them were home. :( So that was sad. Tuesday was my last day in 화곡! Ah! But it was way good. Busy, but good. We had our studies and then we went and met a member for lunch. That was so awesome. It was called 샤브샤브. Which translates to...some stuff that is like bacon but not as bad for you and made out of beef. So in other words, delicous. :) Haha it was way good. Sorry if i can't type, we have to go fast here cuz we are at a library and they have like a ligitimate timer that if you aren't done within the time it just kicks you off and you can't get on. so sad. anyway, we had lunch with her and she wants to take herkids to canada soon so that's some news for ya haha. anyway, then we had district meeting which was awesome! I really liked it! It was all about working together with members and you could feel the spirit kinda guide our conversation. Long story short we came up with an idea for our ward where we are gonna get a FHE thing going with the single adults and then like help the members with theirs. So i think that'll get things goin in good ol Hwagok. :) Then after that we went to baskin robbins for icecream with one of our members. She's pretty cool. But shes crazy. So like it was fun. I had some sort of delicious caramel turtle ice cream. mm. haha anyway, then we came home and i finished paacking really fast then we went to the post office and i mailed my stuff off. then we had a pizza party with 한용호 and some other english class members. i think they put pictures up on be lookin for em haha. anyway, i should have some on dropbox anyway, so that'll be good. Then we had english class which was way fun. Haha last one in hwagok! Then we were going to visit 변창기 the ward mission leader but he wasn't home...:( so we went to visit the bishop at his bread store and it was aweomse! Their store is super cute. You'll get pictures of those too. :) Hha so yeah. We took pictures with them for one last time and then we came home!
> Wednesday. Transfer day. We had personal study and then got on the road to 신도림역. Or ShinDoRim station which is in the middle of seoul. I don't know if i told you guys this or not, but all of the transfering missionaries go there and meet and then go to their areas after that. Pretty dang awesome. Haha so we got there talked to all the missionaries for a little bit, got some pictuers, then we came home. To 노량진(NoryangJin) it's a good place. pretty center seoul so there are a lot of big buildings but its cool. I'm in the same house as Elder Pruner again. We lived together in pyeongtaek and were super good friends so it should be way fun. :) Haha then we had like area intro, oh i opened your package! Haha it was super funny. All though i would have liked a full package of all the stuff you sent i got the joke. :) haha good one. ;) Anyway, then we went to a super massive park called Borame park. It's cool. Then we went to a subway station with tons of people talked to some people and stuff. Oh hey i don't know if i told you last week but my new companions name is Elder Bryner. He's super cool. He's from West Jordan. He went to Copper Hills high school. So yea! anyway, then we came home and had dinner then we had english class. Our class is super fun. One of the members, pretty crazy! haha but it's fin. He comes like 30 minutes before class to practice his basketball shot. Backwards from the free point line. For a half hour. Haha it's super funny. I got in on it :) anyway, then we had english class and that was fun. Then we came home! Thursday was basic. Haha we got up and studied then we talked about how we wanted to do missionary work in noryangjin. I really want to push working with the members because that's where i've seen the most success. So anyway, We talked about that for a while and then we were supposed to have some planning meeting with the sisters and other elders, but they couldn't come so we just cancelled it and talked to people and called some poeple. Then we went to visit some less actives. I like this area. This is all super new to me. :) haha so it's good. Anyway, we tried to find some less actives, but either they weren't home or they moved sadly. We knocked on one door in the basement of a house and 5 philipinos look up at us and are like uh hi? They are like running some sort of factory. It was weird and smelled like paint. Haha anyway, we asked em if a person was there and they were like haha it was way weird. Anyway, then we had a meal appointment with 허병석 (Ho ByungSuk) and his wife 김은희 (Kim UnHee). They're super awesome. Super star members. He was just released as the stake president two months ago. He's so cool. And their apartment is super nice. Like 21st story and stuff. It felt like i was back in a nice marriott again. <3. haha so that was cool. They fed us some super good chicken stuff. Wee talked alot about missionary work and how we can get it going cuz he is now the high priest group leader. so that was cool. Then we shared amessage on how seeking the kingdom of god first can bring blessings. turns out that that was like his favorite verse. so that was awesome! Haha Really though ever since i've become a missionary I've been able to feel the spirit a lot more. And I think that's because i've been thinking about god first and always. So It happens. :) haha and it can happen for you guys too as you try to share the gospel to your maybe one friend who isn't lds. ;) haha anyway, that was our thrusday.
> Friday good! We had weekly planning so we talked about what we are going to do with our recent convert 이승룡 (Lee SeungYong) He's way cool. Haha anyway, after wekly planning we went to a super cool university with a super cool dragon statue, but i didn't have my caera so we'll get ya a sweek picture next time. THen we walked around and tlked to people until deciding it was hot and we needed icecream. So we were sitting out side of the restaraunt that we were going to have dinner at enjoying our icecream and this less active guy comes up to us and starts talking to us so we got his number and are hopefully gonna meet him this week. :) haha so that was awesome! Then we had dinner at 유가네 with our district. That is the same place that we went to all the time in pyeongtaek that was super good! Haha so that was a nice memory. :) then we had a proselyting activity as a district where we handed out flyers for our fireside on sunday. that was fun. We ran into the other elders investigator and then we talked to him.  Then we went to mcdonalds and got iceream and came home! Haha Saturday was fun. We got up and 6 and went to 영등포 (A really huge church), to play soccer. it wasw super super fun. Our ward came. Not all of em just the cool ones. :) haha so that was super cool. I like them a lot. I got to know them through sports so that was cool. Then we came home and showered and had our coordination meeting with our ward missionleader which was fun. He's a good guy. His name is 김슬기 (Kim SurGi). He's way col. So that was fun. He just got married like 2 weeks ago. SO we had that then came home and had our studies then went down to an area called 신림 (Shillim). It was cool. we got dinner then came back to the church and had a fireside. That was super cool. our new stake president teaches at the best university in korea and plays the violin super duper well. haha i was very impressed. Other than that there were a bunch of people who performed so it was fun. :) haha so yeah! That was our day. Sunday was super good first sunday in 노량진. So we got up and ready to go then went over to the church to greet the members. We actually sing as they come in haha so that was fun. :) None of us are like excellent singers except for one of the sisters, but she wasn't there. so that was lame. then we had church! A super crazy guy showed up who turned out spoke pretty decent english. ah why do all the crazys speak english? Anyway, in priesthood i got to introduce myself which was way fun. I also got to tell the young men like my conversion story sort of...haha anyway, it was cool. THen in sacrament i gave like my introduction talk which was super fun! I was way nervous, but i think that it went okay. Haha i already know a bunch of the ward members names so that was aweosme. haha um yeah! Other than that after church we went home and had studies then went out and talked to people before dinner. After dinner there was another fireside. this time the sister who is super good at singing, sister mortensen sung and so did a guy and girl from another ward who are way good. it was super super good. the spirit was super strong and i decided our bishop is super cool. :) haha but like it was way good. They bore their testimonies on how music can influence our lives and it was just super good. centered around christ. ah so good. :) haha anyhoo. that was it! That was my first week in Noryangjin. I love you guys. you guys rock. Stay cute, and i love hearing from you. Thanks for the pictures. Can't believe June and ruby are so big. Makes me want to cry. They are still  just as cute. :) haha love them. Have a great week! <3
> Love,
> Elder Breinholt

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