Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 11, 2014

Oh yeah mom i'll be sure to look him up. ;) haha no i'm not district leader anymore elder pruner is. He's one transfer ahead of me so that's usually how it goes in our mission. Wow i can't believe school is starting again. That's super super weird. Jace is going to be a junior and kenah is going to be in 7th grade! What the! I swear i was a junior like yesterday. Ah. Dang. So crazy. Yuba looked like a ton of fun! And paddleboards, that sounds super cool! I don't even really know what those are but hey, that's cool. :) haha What the! I can't believe that Cody Young is going on a mission already. Hey where is he going? That's really crazy. Haha jace would get sunburned. :) You guys are too cute. Ah so our week!
Monday was cool. It wasn't p-day though so after email we had lunch and called people to try and get some appointments but no one was willing to meet us haha. Then we went out to talk to people which is the basic stuff ya know haha. Then we had dinner and stuff and then we went out to visit less actives and then we walked into a CU, a like convenience store place and started talking to the worker there. He was way cool and studying english so that was aweosme. He was reading harry potter so we had a connection there haha. I love Harry Potter.  haha anyway, so we got his number and have been talkin to him. Hopefully we can turn him into an investigator. We'll see though. Then we went to the church to make calls since it was raining and we ran into a dude who came to english class 15 years ago. That was crazy. He still had that name card the missionaries gave him in 1999. haha so we invited him to enlglish class made more calls and then came home! Tuesday was pretty good! We had our studies and then went down to a place called 신림 (Shillim) to meet one of our members for lunch. His name is 정경수 (Jung KyungSoo). He's way cool. He's the elders quroum president. He fed us 냉면! They're cold noodles that are pretty good! He added apples to em. I was impressed. It was really good actually. So yeah! Then we shared a message with him about what kind of a difference prayer has made in his life. So we asked him to pray for missionary opportunities with his wife. So hopefully he does that and has some! Then we went to another members' house to do a little visit. His name is 김성환 (Kim SungHwan). He's super cool. He's the ward secretary. So he's cool. Haha he fed us tons of fruit, peaches, so good. And also corn and he went off about how much better korean corn is than american corn. Haha it was so funny. So that was fun. And we asked him to do the same thing! To pray for opportunities to do missionary work.  THen we came home and had dinner then went out and visited less actives, had some people slam the door in our face, and then went to some super sketchy apartment complex. Haha that's why it's on there if you see those pictures. So sketchy huh? But someone lived there! So we went and checked it out. But no one was home. Ah. Stress. Then we came home! Wednesday was also pretty good! We got up and had studies and then had lunch as a distirct. It was 샤브샤브 which is the like baconlike beef. Haha it's super good. You'll have to try it sometime. So yeah! THen we had district meeting! It was realyl good! We talked about working with members and how to do that! Our mission is really pushing ofr it right now so hopefully we see some miracles. After district meeting a couple came up to us looking for a preacher so that they could join our church. It was crazy. But after we told em we don't have one you could tell they felt a little awkward and stuff so they said they would come to church but they didn't...ah. After that we went down to visit our recent convert 이승룡 (Lee Seung Yong). He's doing good. We love him. haha sharted a super good scripture with him. 2 Nephi 5:27. And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness. ! I like it a lot. Cuz it's how we are supposed to live in this life. :) Then we came home and had dinner and then went to the church for english class! That was fun! Only two people showed up though. We played rock paper scissors with em haha they liked that. and after that we came home!
Thursday was temple day! So that was awesome of course! We got up and went straight there. I love the temple here. It's super cool. Anyway, we were in a korean session though. But it was way cool. Ancient Korean is super duper cool. Cuz it talks like the scriptures or whatever, super cool haha. anyway, we had the temple and it was good. Then we bought some study aids and stuff then we went to costco and had lunch. I had a chircken bake and bought lucky charms. So good. haha i love it. THen we went to our church and watched movies with our district. Well we watched the testaments haha. it was fun. then we headed over to the bishops house cuz we had a dinner appointment with him. He's the coolest. Turns out! He records one of the korean voices in the temple. Probably cut that out before you put it online haha. anyway, yeah. he does. so cool. he took us to a super good beef place. ah so delicious. it was right by his wife's book store. then we went back to his house and showed him pictures of you cuties and stuff then we shared a message about the restoration. it was good! I love joseph smith. We told em to keep trying Moroni's promise and to pray often whether or not the book of mormon is true. Cuz if it's not, there's no point in anything that we do. The bishop shared his experience about when he found out it was true, it was way cool. he's the best. ah. then we came home! Friday was way good too! Haha we had weekly planning at the church which was whatever. it was nice in the air conditioning. Weekly planning. I'll have to tell ya about that sometime. haha anyway, then we went down to 신림 to talk to people. I had a guy talk to me about jesus. It was way weird. He like leans over to me. Hey, you speak korean? I say um yeah a little. And he whispers in my ear. Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins so you should believe in him and go to church. Hmm. okay homie haha. it was super funny. There are actually lots of those people in korea. love it. anyway, then we went and got dinner and then we went and visited our friend named Bong. He's so cool. He's a leather worker. He makes 400$ leather wallets. they're so nice. Super thin and just like way high quality. He's so good at making leather. Like it would blow your mind. Plus he's a super super cool guy. We are trying to get him some gospel interest. But like i could talk to him all day. So we are friends with him and we sorta talk about the gospel so hopefully we can get him into it here soon. But aftyer that we were super far from home so we had to go home. Saturday was fun too! We got up and had soccer which was fun. We played at a highschool so it was outside and nice. But the ground was dirt. Haha a lot of the schools have dirt instead of grass because of how expensive it is to keep it up here. so yeah we played soccer there which was awesome and then came home and showered then went to 김슬기 (Kim SurGi)'s house for our weekly coorelation meeting. That was fun! Haha he gave us some super good orange juice and pistachios. He also fed us a baked potato, egggs and bacon. So it was like i was back! Haha but i realized how greasy and bad for you bacon is. Anyway, then me and elder pruner were on a split so we went out to talk to poeple. That was fun. talked to some nice people. Then we found Jeffrey. Haha we were talking outside of one of our member's houses getting ready for our message, anyway, elder pruner turned and went hey is that a bunny?! So i turned and was like what the! It is! There was a bunny in the middle of the road. haha it was so funny. So elder pruner named it jeffrey and we protected him from being eaten by a cat. it was cool. so that's what the picture is on dropbox^^. then we had a dinner appointment with 김용(Kim Yong) and his family. They're super cool. We had chinese food so that was good! Then we shared a message about the srestoration as well. Itwa ssuper cool. I love the restoration. The spirit was pretty strong. Then we went out and talked to more people adn then came home! On the way home we started talking to a super drunk guy who long story short ended up giving us a hug. Haha it was pretty funny. Sunday was good! We went to the church and started saying hello to the members and stuff. Then the mission president came! That was fun! President morrise his wife and one of the counselors came. That was fun. They seemed to help a lot. THey trained our ward about how to be a good member at member lessons and stuff so taht was cool. They just are the best haha. i love them. After church we had a meal and that was good. I talked to some of our cool members and stuff. then we came home and had studies, elder bryner passed off and then we had dinner. After that we had a district subway 전도 activity! That was super fun. It was raining pretty bad so we decided to do it in the subway. Elder Bryer had a drunk guy grab him and sit him next to him and he was just talking to him super loud. Like yelling but in a nice way. Haha he was rubbin his eyebrows and stuff it was super funny. but yeah! We had that for a while then we came home! And that was our week! One thing from studies. 2 nephi 2:25 "Adam fell that men might be and men are that they might have joy" I've been thinking alot about this lately. The whole reason we are here is to have joy. So if you aren't, figure out what's goin on and change it. :) I wish i coulda gone to yuba with you guys, but i'm likin where i'm at. :) Seoul, korea. I'm basically in downtown now, so it's cool. :) haha anyway, have a good week! Love you and miss you!
Elder Breinholt

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