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August 17, 2014

Hello! How are you! This email is gonna be different cuz I'm sick of writing the same thing each week and plus, i think it'll be a good one. I've thought about what i'm gonna write about but i'll start with the highlights of our week. First of all all of our appointments cancelled...so lame haha. But other than that, on monday we had a meal appointment with the oldest man in our ward. That was an adventure. Haha he's a boss. he's only like 67 but he looks like he's 85. He's way cool. his name is 윤세영. Or Yoon SayYoung. That was fun. We had the soup that has a whole chicken in it so it was super good. But yeah! Tuesday night haha we hiked the steepest hill i've ever seen in my life. It was super fun. Haha i was beyond tired. There are some pics of that that you'll see. But i did it from the top so it's kinda hard to tell how steep it is. Wednesday we had district meeting and that was good. It was on how to begin teaching and basically just doing it well. So yeah! And we also had english class which was fun cuz we went to the intermediate class so they actually sort of new english. On thursday we saw a guy go up to a random girl and give her yogurt and when she asked why he said cuz you're cute! and then he walked away. It was actually super funny. Cuz nothing like that ever happens here. haha he was pretty funny. Friday we had weekly planning. Saturday we went to a funeral for a guy in our ward. He's super cool. He used to be the stake president. That was fun. You bow twice and then a half bow at the deceased person and then once at the people who are related to them. Pretty cool. Sunday the stake president came to our ward and he's the coolest guy ever. He teachest at the harvard of korea and is professional at tennis and violin. So cool. haha and then we had a proselyting activity that night. But yeah!
So since i've been a missionary for a year and two months i thought I would talk about some of the things i've learned so far on my mission. The importance of somethings that i don't think i realized before. They're nothing ground breaking, in fact you guys already know probably everything i'm going to say, but it's good to review i think.
First and probably the most important is scripture study. At least a good hour each day. Whoever said even if it's just one verse, yeah that's not true. Haha the difference of the spirit in your heart when you have a good scripture study that day is pretty dang noticeable and lately i've been having that. A lot. It makes the book of mormon so much better and it has gone from oh here we go another personal study to more of seeing it as a privilege to get to read the scriptures. I have grown a huge understanding of how important the book of mormon is. If you don't have a testimony of it, get one. Cuz if it's not true, there's no reason to go to church, follow the prophet, or even keep the commandments. But because I know it is true, it changes everything. It makes the world a happier place and gives you a purpose to life.
Second is the importance of baptismal and temple covenants. They're what help us return to our heavenly father. Without them, we wouldn't be able to receive as many blessings in this life nor would we be able to even get back to God. So they're super important. We need to make them, and we need to keep them. We need to keep them in remembrance always, because that is where the strength to endure the fiery darts of the adversary comes.
Third is the importance of prayer. When you have a good prayer at the end of the day it helps you to feel refreshed. PMG says that while you pray you should feel the spirit and feel refreshed. So, when you pray with real intent and a sincere heart and have a legitimate conversation with your father in heaven you can feel the spirit and you can see god's guiding hand in your life. Especially as you thank him. That's when i can really feel the spirit and know that he actually is there. And that he loves us. Plus it's through prayer that we ask questions to god and wait to receive revelation. Obviously the scriptures as well. But you know what i mean. I've really gained a love for prayer and i love being able to do it at the beginning and end and as a missionary, many, many times throughout the day. It really helps to bring the spirit into your life as well.
The next is the importance of the restoration. This goes along with the importance of scripture study, but it's a little different. I was listening to the one dude's talk from conference. He talks about joseph smith and all the blessings that have come because of him. Elder Corbridge i think. IT's way good. The restoration has been prophecied of since isaiah and even all of the apostles and christ knew it was going to happen. Joseph smith is awesome. I love Joseph smith. If it wasn't for the restoration where would we be? We wouldn't have the priesthood to have a prophet on the earth or administer the saving ordinances that we need like baptism. We wouldn't have eternal marraige or a knowledge of the celestial kingdom, we'd still be in darkness. So, the restoration is super important.
The last thing that I want to talk about is the importance of family. It's central to God's plan. Family is where we learn about the gospel as kids, it's where we learn to pray and read the scriptures. In our families it's where we can feel love and receive the strength we need to make it through the trials of this life. As a teenager i used to think it was weird when people would say that were having a rough life. But now that i've been a misisonary and grown up a little. Still not very much, but just a little, i've seen how trials come and effect everyone differently. I also saw how blessed i was at the fact that i really didn't have anything hard happen to me as i was growing up. Grandma died and so did grandpa, but like that isn't hard once you have a testimony of the gospel. In fact you can see it as a blessing for them. But family. Ah. I love you guys. Haha i miss you a lot and i see how blessed i was to be able to be a part of your family. Also, people tend to think that missionaries are spiritual giants or that we are perfect. We are far from that. But i think that everyone can have the same spirit with them if they would first, have a good at least hour long scripture study each day. Next, pray sincerly multiple times a day. And the rest is just going to the temple, church, and keeping the commandments.
Well that's all i wanted to talk about this week. Was how you guys and the gospel have blessed my life. Over the last few weeks i've started to gain a knowledge of how awesome the gospel is. I love to study it. The scriptures holy cow. If you want to you can feel the spirit unbelievably strong through them. I hope you guys have a good week. Love you and miss you.
Elder Breinholt

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