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August 3, 2014

I can't believe it's august either. It really blows my mind to be honest. Haha like i hate how fast time is going. School's about to start for you guys, and korean's are still studying as hard as if they were in school. :) haha no way! How do you always happen to meet koreans? And yeah I heard about the fusion place in provo from a missionary in the MTC, he said it was way good! So check it out! Yeah that golf course looked way nice! Dad i'm starting to question whether you work or not cuz all i've been getting lately are funny pictures and you golfing. ;) haha yuba will be way fun! Let's see how david does! haha who else is nervous! The new area is good! I do like it! Our ward rocks. Like they're way good. No there is nothing crazy like people shoving people onto the subway, but if you ride it in rush hour there are people making sure that the cars don't get overcrowded. Seoul's subway system would blow your mind with how good it is. I don't think that i got an email with songs....but i'll be lookin for it! Alright so our week.

This one was a bit slower than most. Well it still went fast, just we didn't see anything cool. it's wicked hot here now. like 90 ish degrees every day with 60 or 70 percent humidity. So that's some fun fact for the always outside missionary. :) but i love it. I'm liking this new area. Okay so monday! We had our normal stuff and then we went and emailed. Which you know. after that we went to a huge park to celebrate Sister Mortensen's (A sister in our area) birthday! THat was fun. We sat down on some grass and relaxed. So that was super nice. Our whole district was there which meant one other area of 4 missionaries. So I heard this week also that in Seoul mission right above ours that there are some wards with 10 missionaries and some even have 14. So taht's crazy! The most in our mission is the mission home with like 8 plus a senior couple so yeah 10 as well. But all of the other wards have 6 or 4. Anyway, side tracked. Okay! Haha so we did that then we went and got dinner together! That was okay. Haha we have a sister in our district that's from new zealand. She's super cool. And her accent is awesome. haha so anyway, then we went and tried to hunt less actives down but none of them were home. :( That's a big problem we run into haha. Okay. Tuesday! We had our studies and then we went to that big park to talk to people. Talked to a few drunk people, classic, and also a bunch of old guys playing a game called 장기. Jangi. It's korean chess. It's actually super cool and i like it a lot. It's pretty interesting and a good change from american chess haha. so that was fun. then we left the park and got a 빙수 (BingSu) Which is the korean version of a shaved ice. Pretty delicious. They always have fresh fruit on em. So we got that to cool down. THen we went and tried to find less actives but none of em were home. We totally saw a kid eat it so hard though. It was so sad. Haha so Koreans happen to ride on the back of bikes a lot and these 10 year old kids were riding a bike and the one on the back fell off. So what happened was they were rippin it down a hill. I'm talking like i don't know how they got going that fast cuz the hill isn't even that steep. And then there was a speed bump and the kid driving kinda lost control and it made the one kid on the back lose his grip so he went down off the bike and slid like five feet face to the pavement. It was so crazy. Haha he hopped right up and then a bunch of old ladies started yellin at em and took care of em. but that was an adventure. He wasn't even bleedingt that bad though so weird. anyway, that was crazy. Then we had diner and walked along a little creek type thing talking to people. It was chill and super fun. then we came home and made some phone calls.

Wednesday! We started the day off right with a fun coorelation type meeting with all of the missionaries in our area. So 6. haha 3 companionships. But we just talked about how we want to work iwth members and less actives and stuff like that. to do it in a way that is effective and doesn't waste time. So that was fun. Haha then we went and met a super cool guy whose english name is moses. He's super funny and cool. He is pretty old so he learned english back in the day and so when we asked him how he was doing he goes oh i'm groovy. haha too funny. anyway, we talked to him and tried to get him to read the book of mormon but he pulled the classic korean and said he was busy. :( but that's okay. Then we went to do some more less active hunting. none of the people were home of course. haha koreans are literally never home except for when they sleep i swear. but that's fine. anyway, we saw a dude playing with pigeons! haha he had food in his hand and so thaey would get super close to eat it and then he would grab em and stuff way weird but pretty darn funny. then we talked to people and came home and had dinner that was good. Then we went to the church and had english class. I talked to one of the class members about neuroscience so that was interesting. Although he didn't know anything haha. but anyway, then we had english class which was fun of course. :) haha so yeah. Thursday was good! We got up and studied, which i'm really liking. Since we don't have any investigators yet, i guess it could be good to share some of the stuff i learn! I've learned a lot. But i'll get to that in a little. So we then went to 영등포 (YoungDeungPo) for zone training meeting. That was pretty decent. Haha it was a little too long for my liking but still good. It was on asking questions and listening and how that's what christ does. So thatw as good! After that we had dinner together as a 노량진 ward. That aws good. We got chicken from a super good place. :) Haha then after that we went and met our recent convert 이승룡 (Lee SeungYong). He's doin awesome. Reading the book of mormon and reading liahona talks, like it's great. Shared 2 nephi 4 with him when nephi prays to god and he liked it a lot. He's a solid convert. haha so yeah!

Friday not too much hapened. Except for it turned to august which is blwing my mind. Ah stress. But oh well. So we had 2 appointments for friday but they both cancelled so that was sad. :( So we had lunch and then we had weekly planning which was classic. We did it at the church so that we could have some air conditioning and that was way good. Thenw e went and got ice cream at baskin robbins. Okay so i don't know if i've told you this but baskin robbins here is way nice and way good. Haha there is one at like every subway station and they are probably the most common foreign restaraunt here. It's crazy. anyway, we had that then we went and talked to people around the baskin robbins and then we had dinner and went down to a area pretty far awaythat was fun. We tried to find less actives but none of the addresses had the door number which is weird. Okay so in korea a lot of the like villa things are locked, but if you're smart...the code is always written somewhere you can see it from the keypad. haha it's too crazy. So getting into locked things here isn't even hard. Anyway, we looked for less actives and then came home! Saturday aws good! We got up and went to soccer with our ward. There were like 6 people there other than the 4 missionaries who went so not too many people this week. But it was still fun! We played that for a while! That was fun. Then we came home and showered and had our studies. After that we went down to an area called 신림 (Shilleem) It's a pretty busy area with lots of malls and stuff so we went to look for less actives. but, we couldn't confirm any. So then we raninto a guy who used to be the elders quroum president a long time ago and is now less active. We talked to him for a little bit and he wouldn't give us anything. We asked for his name and wouldn't even give us his name. Way weird. Cuz usually less active members are super nice and willing to talk and give you all the information you need haha. but anyway, then we went to the big park again and talked to some more of the jangi playing friends. they're cool. thenw e came home and made dinner. we bought a cookbook haha. So we bought it cuz we are sick of the same thing all the time. So i'm excited. Plus now i can actually eat somewhat healthy. So anyway, the dinner was pretty good! It was some sort of chicken stuff then we went to 노량진역 which means nothing to you guys but it's a good subway station for talking to people and tried to get em. but no one was too nice to us haha. anyway, we talked to them for a while and came home. Sunday was a good last day of the week. Although our recent convert couldn't come to church cuz he was so sick. :( So that was sad. So literally all of our appointments cancelled but that's fine. So we got up and went straight to the church for our weekly coorelation meeting with kim seurgi. He's way cool. I like him a lot. A good ward mission leader. After that we sung as members came in. We had like 12 people singin with us so it was awesome. :) haha itw as fun. THen we hadchurch! For some reason there was a youth activity or something so none of them were at church. Kinda confused...but yeah. Church was good. Nothing really too noteworthy. But it was way god. THen we came home and had our stuies and then we had dinner. It was the same thing that was from the cookbook. :) haha it was good again too. My cooking skills are pretty dang aweosme. ;) so then we went to talk to people and stuff and that was fun then we came home and called a bunch of ward members and got appointments set up for this next week. I'm excited for all of em. It should be a really good week. But yeah! That was our week! Okay so today i was reading in 1 nephi 17 and one thing i really liked. Verse 21. Laman and Lemuel are complaining to Nephi and they say: "Behold, these many years we have suffered in the wilderness, which time we might have enjoyed our possessions and the land of our inheritance; yea, and we might have been happy." The reason i liked this is because how often do we think ah I'm not gonna keep that commandment cuz i can be happier if i do it my way. They thought doing things their way would make them happy, but really the only way to find happiness is to obey the commandments. :) I'm hoping to realy get member missionary work going. I hope we can. We'll see what happens. Keep on rockin family. I love you so much. Thank you for finally emailing me jace. You're the best. :) You guys rock!

Elder Breinholt

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