Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm leaving 화곡 and going to new area 노량진 (NoRyangJeen)

 We eat sitting on the ground like a lot. Not at our house, but every time i've been to a members. It's because a lot of people's houses are too small to have a table. Also, they're asian. :)Haha I haven't gotten your package yet. Can't believe kenah is going to be in Junior high! So mind blowing! Holy cow they start school again in like a month!  Yeah . Okay! So guess what! I'm leaving 화곡! I got my call on saturday night and the 화곡 phase is over. I'm moving up to the big city! My next area is an area called 노량진 (NoRyangJeen). It's in like central seoul so expect some big buildings. :) Haha i heard that the ward there is super cool and so we'll see how it goes! I'm pretty excited! I'll miss HwaGok but it'll be a nice change. We transfer on wednesday! It'll be good. Okay so our week. 

Monday was good! Still can't believe where megan is going haha. So cool. Then we went to the mokdong church and played bang. Way fun. Just a bunch of games actually for preparation day. That was fun. Then we went and visited a less active and he had moved which was sad. The dude who ansered it thouogh had just gotten out of the shower haha he didn't have a shirt on it was pretty funny. Anyway. That was monday. Not too much to report. Tuesday we didn't have service. :( But we were supposed to meet our investigator but he cancelled sadly. :( Which is fine. Then we started walking the streets. We decided to do this thing where we "let the spirit guide us" haha so at every crosswalk we would do rock paper scissors and whoever won or tied that determined which way we would go. It was actually pretty cool! We talked to a bunch of cool people! So that was good. Then we made our way back to the church for our appointment with 한용호. That was good! we talked about mosaiah 2 and 4 with him whic hwas super good. We just want him to be happy but there is something that he just can't quite grasp. Ah. But it's okay. Right when we were about to get down to business basically tell him either he gets baptized or we drop him he got a phone call and we had to leave. so lame. Ah. But it's fine. We got dinner with our english class members! So good! It was 해물찜! Which is basically seafood and sprouts with spicy sauce on it. Haha it was way good. I was impressed. Honestly, i love korean food. I'm gonna cry when i have to leave just because of that. ;) haha but yteah we had dinner with them and then we had english class! That was awesome! I learned a new word! Literally the longest word i've ever seen! One of our class members was showing off and showed us it. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicordcanoconiosis. Or something like that. Like what? Who even learns words like that. haha anyway, then we had our weekly coorelation meeting and that was awesome!

Wednesday was good too. :) We got up and had our studies and then we went to mokdong for district meeting lunch. We had district meeting together. That was fun. Haha lunch was good. After lunch on the way to the church elder empey grabbed a cicada off the side of a tree and it started just like yelling and stuff. It was way funny. Then I gave training at district meeting! Pretty good. Haha i liked it. I don't know if other people did, but hey. Haha soo yeah! That was fun. It was all about the book of mormon. :) So then after that we came home and we went out to find a less active but i forgot my camera battery...i put it in the charger in the morning haha. so i couldn't find the guys address. so lame. So we did our rock paper scissors thing again for a little bit. It actually led us up a really big hill. ah so hard. But hey. haha we did it. Then after dinner we actually found him and got to talk to his wife so that was cool! And then we found our bishops wife's bread shop! she's the coolest. Her bread is also really delicious. She makes like all kinds. Korea...they make all the american stuff korean and it's delicious! haha Then we had singing practice for our performance on saturday. Thursday we had service! And it was super super fast. Like 45 minutes. It usually takes 2 hours. so that was nice! Then we went to McDonalds after of course. I ordered a chicken sandwhich and hello week ruiner. It had a hair like cooked into the breading just barely sticking out. Haha it was pretty gross. I thought i would let ya in on that one. :) Then we went and met 김진혁. He's a little bum. Haha he doesn't really care about the Book of Mormon or getting a testimony he just wants proof. So it doesn't make sense. Haha the book of mormon is the proof buddy. And he asks us dumb questions that when we answer them correctly, he says oh no that's not right. like oh gosh dude come on. haha it is dumb. So he's gone haha. so sad. then we came home and had language study and then we had singing practice which was fun. our song is was There is Sunshine in my Soul Today. I hope that it gets on dropbox. I have like 8 videos going up. But it's taking forever. I've only finished 2 so hopefully they finish by the time i'm done emailing. Anyway, then we went out and visited less actives but none of em were home. :( ah so lame. haha but that's fine. 

Friday was good! I started marking my scriptures like straight from PMG. I'll take a picture and show you guys this week. I don't know why i haven't. Lame elder breinholt. but that's okay. anyway. we had wekly planning that was good. haha then we had singing practice again and that was fun. then we went and tried to visit a less active but he wasn't there. then we went around our area and i ended up getting a hair cut from one of our english class members. She's way cool. It took like 5 minutes. It was way fast! haha so yeah! Then we came home. Saturday was intense! haha we went up to a cool part of our area and talked to some people then we visited one of our membrs. Turns out he has an actual house! With a yard! haha it was awesome! I couldn't believe it! But yeah! THat was fun. We tlaked to him and shared a message and then he took us to dinner! we had some sort of noodle stuff that honestly i didn't like really at all. but that's fine. they don't know that. They think that I thought it was delicious. :) so yeah! Then we went to the church and had a music conference thing. It was with the primary it was way cute. One of the videos if it gets up is a missionary doing a song with a little girl from frozen, so cool. She like mouths the words, way cute. you'll like it. it was a fun night. Then we got our transfer call and I told you how that turned out. :) Sunday was a good last sunday in 화곡. We had church and that was awesome. I like this ward a lot. They're way cool. In fact, we told one kid that we had to leave on wednesday and he started to cry. So sad. Sooo sad. ah. i didn't know what to do. So we tried to comfort him. :) haha then in sacrament we gave like our final testimony. It was good. I discovered something about me this week. I am very professional and get right to the point, not really too much emotion when it comes to stuff like this. So mine was good. but kinda short which is fine. haha anyway, then we had lunch with the ward which was awesome. then we came home and had language study and dinner and then we went out and talked to a bunch of people and the less actives we tried to visit weren't home but that was our week! A good final one in 화곡동, 서울시, 대한민국. I am sad to leave but it will be a good change. I'm excited for this next ward. We'll see ya from there. :) Have a good week family. I love you and pray for you every night! Keep doin the little things in life that bring us closer to the savior. Actually one thing i've noticed lately is this time as a read the book of mormon it's like all i want to do. When personal study ends i'm like nooo like just 5 more minutes!! It's way fun. i am really liking it. And I feel the spirit stronger too. Have a good week. :)

Elder Breinholt

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