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July 6th, 2014

No way! That's crazy that David is supposed to be okay! That's awesome! Also, world cup sounds way intense. :) haha Oh sweet! That's awesome! I love packages. :) haha alright. Actually this week for our ward we have to take like 20 pictures so i'm gonna probably have a lot next week! So that'll be good. :) haha anyway I'm stoked for your package. Good luck in the young womens! Who was in there? Someone that I don't know? So weird that the ward has changed so much...ah. Also, way weird that tanner is home. That blows my mind. Like seriously. It doesn't feel like he left that long ago. Was stadium of fire awesome? I'm way jealous. I always loved it <3 haha I haven't eaten the silkworm larva yet sadly. I keep forgetting. slash putting it off. I'm gonna do it this week. I promise. Yeah so the reason that I did the interview is because I am the district leader. Imagine that. A bunch of 20 year olds are in charge of saying whether or not someone can join our church. :) haha i think that is a testimony of the truthfulness of it. :) The 30/30 program is where we teach or just talk in english for 30 minutes and then we teach the gospel for 30 minutes. So it's an hour program. Okay I will be sure to bear my testimony. :) haha um the language like there is always more you can learn. I am not like that good. Probably behind where i should be! I can understand sure! haha but its still hard. speaking is hard. Listening is way easier. but yeah! You heard me in my prayer a few months ago! That's about where i am. :) haha so yeah!

Our week! Monday was good! Alynn's birthday! we went down to an area called 부천 (BooChun). It's a way nice and cool area. We played soccer. Well sort of. it's called 촉구(ChokGu) It's way fun. It's like volleyball, tennis and soccer all mixed together. Pretty awesome! It's fun. So that was a nice relaxer for the week. Then we came home and went grocery shopping and then we had dinner and elder empey did his little teacher training improvement thing. That's what the mission gives us to study korean from. It's way good. It's like you have to learn scriptures and vocab and all like focused around the PMG principles. So that' was good. Then we were going to meet an investigator but he cancelled so we just walked around and then made calls! Tuesday was fun. We went to service which was was way good. I love it. We did dishes and holy cow. I don't think i've ever sweated that much in my life. It's like so humid and hot that you just die. In fact i think that a lot of it was just steam condensation. So bad. But still fun. ) Then we went to McDonalds and i spilled my drink everywhere right as i was sitting down. So embarrassing. Like literally the worst haha. I felt so dumb. It was a ton of soda just all over the floor. then we came home and had language study then we went and met 김진혁(Kim JeenHyuck). He's way cool. I think I've told you about him in the past. Anyway we taught him the first lesson. I am pretty sure he felt the spirit. He said that there had to be some sort of proof that Joseph smith actually saw god and was called to be a prophet. Hello book of mormon! haha it was perfect! Like so we talked about that. I know that the book of mormon is true guys. You'll see later. Friday we had an experience where like it just reinforces to me how true our church is. alright.  so yeah. He said he would pray and stuff. Then we had english class and that was awesome. Then we just went and tried to talk to people!

Wednesday was good! We tried to call some less active members but they were all either non existent numbers or they didn't answer. So that was lame. Then we went and started talking to people. We had a few really drunk people who talked to us. That was entertaining. Haha too funny. Okay so you know how in the world the churches are separated into like Presbyterian lutheran and methodist and others. And then there are like tons of just churches that are named like random things like the Abundant Church and its a presbyterian church? That's like huge in korea. Everyone wants to know what 교(Kyo) you are. so we are of course the "몰몬교" (Mormon church). So we say oh we are from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! And they say know like what 교 are you? And I kept saying the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! But they think that is like the one church we represent and not the same everywhere cuz that's how everything else is. So then you say mormon church and it makes way more sense to em. haha so confusing. but anyway. that's a little bit of korea for ya. then we just walked a long ways and that was fun. We talked to a ton of students. then we tried going to a part of our area that we don't go to that often so we went and visited some less actives and some peoople who come to english class. that was fun. she gave elder empey a haircut in like 5 minutes. that was cool! Haha then we went and talked to people and came home! Thursday was good too! We were packed full! haha so we went to the church to have lunch as a zone. that was fun. got to talk to some of my missionary buddies. Oh hey dad might like this. So I don't know how big your mission was but ours has around 200. it's huge! anyway so then we had a zone training meeting thing! That was good. We talked all about the book of mormon. One thing that I don't know why this never hit me before is that we need to keep asking if the book of mormon is true to keep our testimony of it strong. then we came home and we had interviews with President Morrise. That was awesome. They did them at our house this time. That was way fun. :) haha i lilove him. So i don't know how much you guys know about Preach My Gospel but there are 5 lessons and usually you teach the 5th one after baptism, but now the first presidency doesn't want the aim on baptism as much as it is, they want it on the temple so in order to help  people to see that same vision we now teach the fifth lesson which is all about the temple and serving others and stuff. pretty good. so yeah! Then we went to the church and had our lesson with our dear friend 한용호. That was pretty good! I love him. he's way cool. So like the first half of our lesson was normal and then the last half hour we hit him wayyy hard with baptism. Cuz we've been meeting him for a while and hasn't really progressed too much. so we asked him to be baptized and he kept saying no like i'll do it later or i'll go to church when i go to america so elder empey pulled out the big guns haha he shared two "Don't procrastinate the day of your repentance" scriptures with him. It was good. He needed it. So hopefully this week when we meet him he'll be okay and want to be baptized. I think he was a little shaken up. haha but anyway. then we came home! ah. so yeah. 

Friday was good! It was independence day! So for lunch...actually it didn't even cross my mind to eat something american. We had 부대찌개! Which is basically korean american food. Way delicious soup stuff. Anyway we had that and then to start weekly planning we sung all three american songs in the hymn book. :) haha but then we got a text from a kid named 이진우(Lee JeenOoh). He's the 20 year old we met like last week. way cool. So anyway we met him and he's like yeahhh my mom said that if i meet you guys my mom is going to disown me. so i can't meet you guys. In fact i'm not even supposed to be meeting you right now. so we talked to him about that for a while. geez. i don't get it. satan is working soo hard on everyone right now. Like seriously all of our investigators are gone cuz of him. so frustrating. But anyway. then we went and played pingpong for like 10 minutes and then talked about the first vision. when i asked him to read it i'm almost 100 percent certain he felt the spirit. I asked him to read it and halfway through he stopped and kinda put the pamphlet down and handed it back to me. And then he wouldn't read anything from the book of mormon. But like after the lesson as i was looking at it. I know he felt the spirit. He felt something. I know the church is true guys. This is satan workin at people. He gets em stuck in the nieve ways. Ah. But that's okay. Just try to give some extra strong prayers for korea. We really need em. then we came home and finished weekly planning and talked to people! Saturday was good too. We tried to visit a few members but couldn't find their house haha. of course. less active. so that was lame. we just talked to people until we met our less active friend 김현 (KimHyun) So good! Actually. Haha so we met him adn talked to him then taught him about prayer and asked him to read alma 32. He said he would! So hopefully he gets some desire to come back to church! I'm stoked for him! then we came home and had dinner oh! Actually on the way to meeting him a drunk guy stopped us and started talking to us in english and was like hey you guys! I love you! no idea who he is haha. so anyway, he starts talking to elder empey in english and is like hey do you like fruit?! What kind do you like?! And the first thing elder Empey thought of was this weird korean fruit called 참외 (ChamWay) It's alright. and there happened to be a Chamway cart behind us and he bought us some! Haha so nice of him. it was funny. anyway then we went and wandered over to a park that was super nice. It had a lake in the middle. ah so nice. and we ran into a member there. Actually way funny. Korean.s. They had like tents and stuff set up on some "grass" like 5 feet away from the road it was awesome. haha i love korea. Sunday was a good last day to the week! We had personal study and then went to the church to say hi to the members! That was fun! I love them! Then in sunday school we talked all about family history. That was actually really interesting! Kinda want to do it! haha they have really stepped up the website. Family search or whatever it is called. Like it is super good now! so yeah. Do it! And take the people to the temple. :) haha so then we went and after church we tried to find less actives with some members but that didn't really work out too well. no one was home. :( so then we practiced our song that we have to sing in like 12 days. that'll be good. :) haha so yeah! Then we came home and had language study and dinner! Then we went out and talked to people and had our weekly coorelation meeting with Byun Changgi! He's the coolest. Haha so yeah! That was our week! Pretty good right? long email. haha those are the best. :) So yeah! Um anyway, i'm jealous that you were in america for the 4th of july but it's okay. have a good week. I love you to the moon and back! 

Elder Breinholt

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