Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June 29, 2014

Haha hey thanks mom. :) I love you. How is the world cup going? I know korea is out and america plays like belgium soon. But other than that i don't really know anything. Oh the rodeo looks way cool! Shoot i hope that david is gonna be okay! i'm prayin for him! That's way cool of his work! way nice! Yes I love your packages. :) They're the cutest. Oh hey before I start my email. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYNN! How about that? I get to email on your birthday. :) Love you hunny! Okay so monday was way good. We went over to the 목동(mokdong) elders house and played bang for a little bit and made brownies that were way good. that was way fun. I love bang. :) It's a way fun game. I would suggest playing it! After that we went to 김영미's house. She is the mom of 오형석 the guy who just left on his mission for england. That was way fun. Got to see some pictures of him and we had chicken. That was way fun and delicious. I love chicken. :) haha just kinda geting sick of it to be honest. we shared some fun stories and then we shared a message about how important prayer is. It was good i felt the spirit. Then as we were leaving they gave us this stuff called 번대기 (Bundaegi) It is silkworm larva. Some people like it most people hate it. I think i am going to eat it this week and take a video so keep your eyes open. :) haha but yeah! That took up our whole day!
Tuesday was good too. we had lunch and then we went to try and talk to people before our lesson with 최인식. He basically told us he wasn't interested in the gospel so we are going to drop him. So sad. like honestly. I'm pretty depressed about it. I really liked him. Ah. I'm so confused by people. He was focused on english and our focus was the gospel. so yeah. Then we went to the church and I interviewed the other elders investigator 이록(LeeRok) for baptism. He's the bomb. Like super good kid. Super golden too. They found him a month ago. He's way cool. He is a senior in high school and is a badminton superstar. So that's cool. Other than that the interview went way good. He has a solid testimony and even wants to become a missionary one day. So like needless to say he passed with flying colors. I made sure he knew he wasn't allowed to go less active. :) I read D&C 20:37 with him and asked him if he feels like he fits this description and he said yeah and just talking like he was prepared. He's so cool! haha anyway. then we had some celebratory chicken iwht him and then english class and our weekly coorelation meeting. English class was awesome! A new guy came, but i think he is going to do the 30/30 program which is awesome! Haha so that was cool. Wednesday! it was way good! We decided to have lunch as a district at the church and just order food. Another reason why i love korea. You can order anything you want to your house. McDonald's? Delivers. Way cool haha. but yeah. So we had chinese food. We'll have to get it if you guys come. The black noodle. It's called 짜장면 in korean. Pretty tasty! Haha so anyways, we had that and just talked for a little bit before district meeting. Then we had districtmeeting which was good! It was on prayer. Which is always a good subject. So that was fun. Then we had singing practice for our song we have to sing in a few weeks. I have to hit a super high note which is literally impossible for me. I'ts so high. Ah. Then me and Elder Hakes we started a split. Or exchange. It was way fun! We came home and made some calls for a little bit! The investigator who came to church this week said he didn't like church because we didn't have an educated person speak. Meaning like a preacher who has been to college and gotten a theology degree. haha so he probably won't be coming again. then we went out and started talking to people. That was fun. We started talking to a guy named 이진우(Lee JeenOoh) He's way cool. He's 20 years old and wants to learn english so we invited him to english class and we played basketball with him for a little bit. So that was awesome! Then we talked to some more peole for a little then came home!
Thursday was fun. we got up and studied then had lunch. after that we went to Baskin Robbins and got icecream with a member named 문재현 (Moon JayHyun) She is way cool. She's a way solid member missionary. She had a referall for us. We were going to go meet her on saturday, but turns out the referall is going to the phillipines and doesn't get back for like a month or so. so that's lame. :( but yeah. She's way cool. She gave two referalls to the other elders too. Then we went and met our friend 김혀준 (Kim HyohJune). He's cool. But he isn't interested in the gospel. So...sadly. Another investigator dropped. AH so lame. I hate it. He just wants american friends, which is too bad. Ah. Then we came home and had dinner then had our lesson with 한용호. He's makin me angry haha. Not really mostly. just frustrated. Ah. We brought a member and he just like uses the same lame excuses every time. I just don't get it. But we think that we figured it out. We think that he doesn't read the scriptures for spiritual upliftment just for like intellectual. So we are going to talk to him about that and honestly will probably drop him too sadly. Friday was fun! We had all of our studies. I've been reading Jesus the Christ lately and that's pretty cool. The description of leprocy is pretty darn intense. haha i love it. but yeah. So we had weekly planning which was cool. Then we went and tried to meet this guy but he didn't answer the phone...I called him like 10 times. ah. and so we tried to meet him but it didn't end up coming through so we just talked to people instead. then we had a 식사 with some members. That was fun. They're way cool. Well he's the guy that yelled at 한용호 a few weeks ago...but he's still cool. :) haha so yeah. They gave us chicken again...i love it, but it's kinda annoying. All the koreans think that we just like chicken and not korean food. Haha it's funny. They all assume that we eat like hamburgers and pizza for every meal. Also, the chicken here is fried chicken. Like KFC...and i didn't ever eat that in merica. so yeeah. and that was friday!
Saturday was pretty cool. We went and met 이진우 the guy me and elder hakes met. So we played basketball and pingpong with him and were able to set up the english program with him to do in a few weeks. So that'll be good. He actually came to 이록's baptism but left before it started...Kinda lame. I hope we didn't scare him off. I'm kinda worried. but we'll see. I think it'll be okay. Then we talked to people for a long time. then we wnet to our member 손태원 (Son TaeWon)'s house. He's the coolest. He's super small and so is his wife. :) We had a practice lesson with him which was way cool. his conversion story is cool. His little sister in junior high wanted to be baptised and his parents didn't really care for church but in order to give her permission they wanted to make sure it was a good church so they had him check it out. so he studied with the missionaries for like a few weeks and decided it was fine and she got baptized. Then he decided to investigate it a little more since it was a good church and for 8 months he studied literally everything the missionaries had before he was baptized. He was a senior at the time. So that's his story! And he met his wife in that ward as well. :) Then we got dinner with him and it was delicious, then we talked to people as we walked home! 끝! Then sunday was good. :) haha we had church and greeted members, always a good time. I can't believe that june is over. ah so crazy. but yeah. so we had church and then after we had 이록's baptism! That was way well done. Because it was right after church a TON of people came. It was awesome. The entire room was completely full. So good for him. so the baptism was awesome. then we had a meal after which was what is called 냉면 or cold noodles. That was okay. They aren't my favorite. Maybe we'll try em if you guys come since it'll be summer. Actually the last week or two has been hot but it's been like alright. Not too terrible. Then we went out and talked to people and then planed our message for our meal appointment. that was good. I love the family we had a appointment with. They lived in hungary for the last four years. So that was awesome. the youngest son is like 12 and literally fluent at english. unbelieveable. So we also shared a message on prayer with them which was good! We all shared experiences. pretty fun. :) Haha and yeah the rest of the night we tried to talk to people. But that was our week! It was good! Thank you for your prayers. You guys are the best. I miss you like crazy! Alynn I hope that your birthday is the best one yet. :) You're the coolest. :) I still can't believe dad's mind is blown. Nice choice though. Ah have a good week you guys. :) Love you!
Elder Breinholt

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