Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Monday was good! After emailing we called some people trying to set up appointments but that didn't pull through haha so that was too bad. Then we went up to an area called 방화(BangHwa) and explored. We found a super super cool park. It's like totally silent there up right next to the mountain. Way nice. We ran into a member there so that was awesome. Then after we ran into two super cool guys. One was super good at english he studied in texas for 6 years. So good. LIke he was fluent. Surprising cuz he was like 65. We ended up talking to him for an hour and a half! It was awesome! We taught him basically the whole restoration and he had a book of mormon at his house, but he wouldn't give us his number cuz he's too busy. Whatever that means. Way lame! ah! Haha he is an elder in the presbyterian church. so he's dang serious in it. Like he goes from the second he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep to church on sunday. and every weekday he is there every morning for morning prayer. Intense haha. he was so cool though! I hope we ran into him again. Pray for him. His name is 이창섭 (Lee ChahngSup) So cool. So that was our day. Tuesday was good too. WE had service which was good. WE did dishes so that was hot. Sorry if it seems like i'm yelling at you when i say WE. My finger gets stuck haha. anyway, so me and elder empey got to talk to our service buddy and then we went to mcdonalds of course. Oh haha our service friend (박원찬) asked me if i was part hispanic or anything and then he goes yeah like i think that hispanics are the most stylish and best looking people. Awe yeah. :) haha. anyway, that was funny. Then we met 김진혁. He is doing good. WE talked about his questions about the restoration pamphlet for a while and that took a long time then we moved onto the plan of salvation which gave him tons of questions. Ah intense. It would blow your guys minds so i'm not even gonna go there...haha. but yeah. then we had english class and that was wy fun! I love it! We did our normal thing. Pretty sweet! Then we went out and talked to people for a little.
Wednesday was probably the weirdest day of my mission. Like by far. Ah just wait haha. So we had our studies. I got deep into 2 nephi 2 this week. It's a good chapter. Like it took me 4 days to get through it haha. so good. but anyway, we had lunch with the 목동 district because we decided to have combined district meeting to switch things up! So it was delicious and then we had district meeting! Elder nemelka taught It was really good! Then we went out and talked to peopl after we got home. Well first elder empey did TIP, the passoff program. THen we went out and talked to poelpe. WE talked to a super cool guy and got his phone number so not really anything weird happening yet. :) haha then after dinner we went up to a place called 발산(BarSan). It was where the weird stuff happened. We talked to an old guy who lost everything so he moved from gangnam to here in government paid apartments. Way sad. He was divorced and stuff. Ah. So he aws nice. THen we decided to get ice cream and sit down cuz it was hot. Worst idea ever. Like honestly haha. As we were sitting down this 40 year old lady comes and starts talking to us and just like kept asking the same questions even though we answered them, she just couldn't hold ont o anything we were telling her. haha so crazy. and she started to hit on elder epey touching his arm and she even invited us to go back to her apartnment! Way weird! Ah!! Yikes. THen while we were talking to her this super weird guy came up to us and ga ve me the willys. ah he was creepy. And then this lady said her daughter that was good at english was coming so we waited and the daughter came...she was like 10 years old. haha wha in the world. then she asked us for our phone number so i pulled out the phone and she goes no no not yours i want elder empey's! Haha little did she know our phone is shared.But like it was way funy. Then we got out of there really fast and on the say home we started talking to this kid who came up to us and gave us a hug and kissed me on the cheek. On both one. Haha so weird. Then we went into a pharmacy cuz we have some friends there that we wanted to talk to. They're awesome, we are trying to get them to come to our english class. But they wont come! Ah stress. Haha then the second we left some dude started yelling at us to follow him so we were like uhh oky! Sure! And he led us to a russian couple who doesn't speak english and so they just walked away and were like oh sorry! Way weird drunk guy. Haha too funny. so that was our crazy wednesday.
Thursday was awesome! We went to the temple! Yeah baby! That was so good! Ah I love it. I wish we could go every week. I really do. Ah. THen I got to talk to elder warnick so that as awesome. Miss him. Then i bought a book of mormon study guide. The byu one. It's wayyyy good. I would suggesyt it to anyone. It's like 5 bucks. not bad. then we went to taco bell which was delicious. i love it haha. then we came home and chilled and made peanut butter cookies and bang. THen we went out and talked to peple. way good! friday was good too! We had lunch with our investigator 김진혁. He's awesome. Just do what we ask you toooo. haha so we had what is called 순대국. :) So good! It's blood sausage stuff that i actually really liked. Mine had kimchi in it. So good. Hey have you guys been to the cupbop place?! Grandma said she loved it! haha so that was cool. got to know him more. ten we came home and tried to do weeekly planning but we got distracted by ou investigators question. Maybe i'll toss it on in the end of the email...not really worth it for you guys to worry about though haha. so yeah. then we had our weekly coorleation meeting with our ward mission leader. That was way good. I love him. haha actually we did it at his house so his son was there and they gave us watermelon and i was playing with the son and made him fall in the watermelon peels. haha so my bad! Whoops! Haha anyway, then we had a meal with him at a duck restaraunt. Way good!! It was a whole duck in a soup! So delicous! So we ate that and 변창기 told us the story of how his friend almost drowned him at BYU Hawaii. I didn't realize how good he was at english until now. He did his senior year in america and served a mission and went to byu hawaii. meaning, he's perfect. literally. He sounds like an american when he actually speaks. Its amazing. Plus at work every day it's in english. ah so good. haha so that as aweosme. THen we came home and finished weekly planning. so fun. haha
Saturday was great! during our studies our bishop called us and wanted us to go to the church to help him move some stuff for a musc conference. that was aweosme. THen we came home and finished our stuff. Then we went out and visited a less active who wasn't home, actually they moved. so that was lame. The area they lived in was cool though! Haha then we went to 방화 again and chrcked it out for a while and saw the col park again. then we went over to 손종천(Son JongChun)'s house for a 식사. We also had a 20 minute lesson which is where we teach part of one of the lessons and then they tell us what we need to fix! But we nailed it. Haha they actually asked super super leading questions that went straight through it. Way cool. So that was fun. THey gave us spaghetti. Gotta love that. :) I decided today that i like korean food more than american food! So that is fun. Haha then after that we came home! Yesterday was also great! We had church which was way good! Actually we had to talk during it. On how the atonement and sacrament are connected. Way easy. Oh not in sacrament we talked in sunday school. The atonement and sacrament. Easy. When we partake of the sacrament we become clean. And to become clean we need to do it through the atonement! So always remember him throughout the week, don't do it again and you'll be good. :) That was fun. So yeah! THen after church we went down to 개봉(GayBong) for a huge activity in their ward. All 30 something missionaries from our zone (stake) came! It was awesome. We were all split up from our companions other than me and elder empey and went and visited less actives with members. It was way good! I got to know this kid way well! He's the coolest! His name is 조재원(Jo JayWon). He's a cool convert. He's the only member in his family. And he wants to go to byu. On the bus to visit some members we ran into sean one of the elders' investigators who they couldn't meet this week so hopefully that'll get going! That was awesome! Then we came back to the church and ate watermelon and had a report on how it went. It was way good! And then we talked to people the rest of the night! So overall a really good week! I love you guys. I can't believe megan is going to Africa. That's so crazy cool. She'll be awesome. I know the church is true, and that the Lord is in charge of this work. I know that Adam fell so we can have joy! I love the church and what it allows us to become and what kind of people it teaches us to be. It's true.
Elder Breinholt

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