Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Two Baptisms This Week!

Well hello there cute family! We had the two baptisms this week! Which was really a miracle. I'll be sure to tell you about it. The next transfer day is November 9th, a saturday, because of a combined mission president something haha I'm not really sure. So this transfer is only 5 weeks. That BYU game seriously sounds so crazy! Haha that's amazing! I'm just glad they won. :) That sounds like a lot of fun. I'm so jealous that you get to go to like every single one. I won't even be able to see a football game on tv for two years hah, but that's okay. Yeah Jayden turned in his papers! :) Seriously, so glad! Proud of that kid. I want to talk to him super bad. But I'm in Korea... Anyway. Super excited  for him. That's exciting! I heard Brandon got his call to Georgia! THat's so cool! He's gonna be awesome. I'm not sure about Adamsguy, I keep forgetting his email at home, so I'm gonna put it in my journal tonight. Give Jayden a call or something to see if you can get to his opening! I'll tell him to let you know. I hope he does. :)
So this week! Tuesday we had interviews with President. You're gonna like what I say next. So after it was over he comes up to me and asks me, how do you feel about training Elder Breinholt? I was like...hmm well sure! I mean we won't be able to communicate with anyone, but we'll do our best. So, it could happen soon. I doubt it will happen this next transfer, but it definitely could happen soon! That's pretty dang stressful! Haha but it's okay. IF that's what the lord wants me to do, I'll do it. We went to this super delicious restaraunt. I thought Kenah would like to hear about our food haha. The restaraunt is called YooGaNe, and what we order is called 떡갈비. It's basically fried rice with 떡, which is like compressed rice stuff, fried rice, kim (seaweed), some 고추장, which is spicy red sauce, then cheese. It's so good. And yeah! THen we taught the 한국어 반 which is basically Korean class. You've heard about it. Super fun to teach. Haha i just hope we aren't teaching them wrong.
Wednesday we got up and did our normal thing. But I was just studying about light and what a light Christ is and I came across this verse in Ecclesiastes I think...haha it's chapter 11, verse 7. It says: Truly the light is sweet. And I just loved that because following Christ and keeping the commandments truly is sweet. It is so much better and happier than not doing what we are supposed to I guess. We had district meeting, which took up a ton of time haha. Then me and Elder Pruner did like a mini split. He had to go to get money and we just wanted to do some 전도 while they were planning our halloween party. So we were just walking around right. Trying to talk to people. Then some guy stops us and is saying something in english, but i couldn't understand him. He's like come with me! So we follow him up some stairs into this room. I'm pretty dang sure it was a gambling ring. It smelled like a casino, and there were like some sort of games set up. Yeah it was intense. THen we were like, uhhh we gotta go! So we just left haha. Pretty dang cool/a little bit scary. Then we met with our..what's the word in english...ward mission leader. So we did that and then we had english class! I love that thing! It is so awesome haha. A bunch of cool people came. But! 하유진 had his baptismal interview and passed! So awesome! I was super excited. But 박희정 who is the lady who brings him to church and her son is his friend, took the baptismal record to his mom to sign for permission ya know. But she wasn't going to. So apparently the parents are probably going to get divorced so she wasn't sure and wasn't going to sign it. But a lot of prayers and begging by 박희정, she signed it and he could get baptised. Ah so awesome.
Thursday we went to Pizza School for lunch! It was delicious. It is 5 bucks for a Pepperoni, but not pre almost as good as little caesars. Haha but after that we met with 김현철. Or Kim Hyun Chor. He's super cool. He's like 66 I think. Actually he was a referall from Elder Champion. So that was good to talk to him again! I miss that guy. But he's interested in english. So we got to know him, spoke english with him. Which like no 66 year olds are as good as him. He's super super good. And he's totally fine with the message part. So that was good as well. We think he will make some progress. :) Then we went over to our branch president's house for a 식사! That was super good. We had lasagna and american grapes. Dang it was super super good haha. But yeah! That was about all that happened.
Friday, oh hey you'll like to hear this. We've been going to the gym every morning. Heck yeah. I'm gonna be ripped! Just kidding all I do is ride the bike cuz it's like a leg work out, plus cardio, plus I'm not sore the next day. Haha so that's a plus. Anyway, we had our scripture study class. I'm discovering I can understand a decent amount. Haha I just can't speak. It's hard for me. But that's okay it'll come. Then we went to 김밥전국 for lunch! We love that place. That Translates to Kim Bop Heaven by the way. Haha so we get like some sushi type things, but korean style, and like bibimbop, and donkkas which is a pork cutlet type thing. THen we met with 정우채! He's super cool. I think I talked to you about him last week. Anyway, he's super cool. He wants to improve his english which is super cool, but also he just wants some help. He wants to be better and he's coming to the right place to do it. I'm really proud of him. He came to church sunday! But I've never seen someone so nervous in my life. Haha he seriously. Dang. It was bad. He walked in and we talked to him for a little bit, but he left before sacrament. So that was too bad. Hopefully we can get him to stay next week.
Saturday was awesome! It was a "Senior Day" for me. Which basically means that I have the phone and stuff. But luckily! No one called haha and we didn't ahve to call anyone. was kinda just a normal thing. Anyway, oh yeah mom I saw that you wanted to know if we have a cell phone. The answer is yes! We do. So we went and put up 광고's (english flyers) in the downtown area. I'm gonna have you guys knowing some Korean by the time I come home. ;)  THen we met 이천수! We went down there and they took us to a super cool garden type place! They are so nice. I have some pictures. It was really cool. Anyway, that place was cool. And it was super good to talk to them and see them again.
Sunday! The 침례!!! Seriously, that baptism was awesome. It was my first one and it was a double one. But before I got to that sorry one second. So In the english branch a guy was giving a talk and said something that I raelly liked. He said "I believe in a God who is in the salvation business, not the damnation business." I loved that. Like seriously, God wants us all to return to Him and He loves all of us so much. But yeah so we had the baptism! Ah. I could feel the spirit so strongly. 김나 영 is the girls name and 하유진 is the boys name. They rock. 김나영's uncle invited us to dinner next sunday! He's the one that I met at the 식사 forever ago. He's awesome. His english name is Ted. :) Anyway, we're hoping we are going to see him more often than once a transfer. But he's wy cool. But the baptism. Elder atkin baptzed 하유진. And the young mens president baptised 김나영. So that was cool. Both of her parents came and her grandma! So that was super exciting. I hope they felt something. But you nver know. THen we talked with the other elders investigator for a while and came back to the apartment! And that was our week! Pretty dang crazy! I love it here. This place is amazing. It's getting kinda cold, but with suits today is kinda hot. Anyways, I love you guys. Keep beeing awesome. Let me know if there's anything I should be aware of, like aubrey having her baby. That blows my mind. SHe's going to have a two year old child by the time I come home. What the heck. I'll be sure to send Janae some baby clothes too so that when she has it, it will have something to wear already. :) I'll have it say: I love my south korean uncle. It'll be awesome. Love you a lot! Have a great week.
Elder Breinholt

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