Monday, October 7, 2013

One Transfer Down!

Can you believe I've been in Korea for 6 weeks? Because I can't. If time keeps going this fast I am going to be home in what will feel like next week. I'm glad you liked the pics because I got a lot this week! We went hiking and took some good ones. :) So I got some for ya! So good to hear that the Cougars are rockin in football. :) Love it. Well at least against Utah State. By the way! We don't get to watch conference until this weekend because they have to translate it and stuff! So that really stinks. I'm so jealous of all of you! Seriously, like I wish so bad I could watch it. So tempted to get on right now. Ah. Sorry that it wasn't the same poppy. :) When we do watch it, we will watch it at the church. By the way, what candy did you want again? I am going there today so if you respond quickly, it can happen. :) Okay so this week! It rocked! We finally got our two baptisms solidified so at least one is going to happen for sure and I'm pretty sure they both will. They're scheduled for the same day on the 20th! So pray for them! 하유진 and 김나영! Gonna be awesome! Our area is really on fire right now. Like seriously. Alright!
So Monday. after I emailed you we went up to 수원 to get some baskin robbins with some other elders and sisters in our zone. I was licking it on the cone right? And then...the cone shatters and my ice cream is about to fall on the ground but hey I've got skills so I caught it in my hand. It rocked. I saved my ice cream. except for the fact that I had melting ice cream all over my hand. Haha but I could still eat it. Oh I also bought Harry Potter 2 in korean. It's super cool. But I can't read it....haha strugglin. Then we came back and played bang! At FHE, but everyone ganged up on me first. So I lost first in both games we were playing. It was rough. Haha that game reminds me of the Banks. Because they love that game I think. Either that or one time I was over there and they were playing it.
Tuesday started the 4th month of my mission! What the heck. We went down to 안성, the furthest area away from the mission home which is an hour ish away from us. Haha so we went down there because we got to help the elders down there serve a less active lady on her farm. We went to town! We pulled out all of these sesame/poppyseed things out and weeded that whole area. Then we pulled corn out and weeded. Dang. I was so sore. Today is actually the first day I'm like not sore from that. Haha I know. Baby right. Then we went to lunch at Noodle tree. It was delicious. I'm so sorry they don't have that in 미국. Then we made the trek home. And since we didn't get any studies we finished the day with the three hours of studies we had to make up. Forever right. But one thing that I really liked. I reread Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk on Regrets and Resolutions because I felt like there was a lot to learn from it. Something that I really liked this time was when he was talking about enjoying the journey.We need to stop looking forward to when something will happen because we think we will be happy then and just let ourselves be happy now. Life is not meant to be enjoyed in retrospect. 
Wednesday rocked too. Obviously, I'm a missionary so everyday does. But I read more talks too. haha I'm sorry I need conference to be here. I'm going to literally cry of joy when I get to watch it this weekend. I read "trial of Your Faith" by Neil L. Andersen again. Haha I learned that we need to treasure, strengthen, pray for more, and proctect and defen\d our faith. It isn't something we can be passive about. ALso i learned that it is our imperfections that help us to become perfect. Super awesome. Like we have imperfections for a reason. So that we can learn and grow. Without them, why come to earth? After that we went around and tried to visit a less active, but she wasn't there. :( Then we just put up fliers for forever! Haha partyin missionary life. Then we did some area book work stuff and had English class! I shared the thought with Elder Pruner on faith! It was so aweome. THen I asked 심우진 to pray. He is the kid who is going to be baptised, its his friend. So when he prayed he was like "And please bless 하유진 that he will be baptised. So freakein cute. I almost started crying. But also! I learned that in Korea, parents don't name their children. Cna you belive that?! They have someone do it for them. Blows my mind. But its because everyone's name has meaning.
Thursday I read a talk on Marriage by L. Whitney Clayton. It was freakin good! The points of it were: In the happiest marriages, both husband and wife consider their relationship to be beyond a pearl of great price. Next, they are built on faith in the Lord Jesus Chirst. THird, repentance and humility. Next, Respect, transparency and loyalty. Last, love. All of these things are seriously all important. You take out one and it is probably going to fall apart.Then we went to a 고기 buffet! So delicious. I love those things. I always eat my eyes out. IS that a saying? Probably not. But I eat a lot. We went because it was 용환's last week in 평택 before he becomes a missionary. :( I'm so sad. He's a missionary now! Cute little yong hwan. :( He's seriously going to be the best missionary. Cutest guy ever. Then we went hiking with 박희정, 심우진, and 김종하. She's the other Elders investigator so we went to build a relationship with her and because they needed a third man and we count! So heck yeah. We hiked and there are these just excercise machines at the top of this "mountain". So awesome. Mostly old people doing it. There are old people exercise machines everywhere. They just hang out and exercise. PRetty sure the old people here are in better shape than most 20 year olds in america. haha so cool. But onething that stuck out to me is that it's not about getting and racing to the top to enjoy the view. It's about the journey. If we were just racing to the top we would have missed a lot of fun along the way. Most of the exercise things were on the way up rather than right at the top. ANd that was super fun. We saaw some small tombs and stuff so that was super cool. But if we wanted to get straaight to the top we totally would have missed all of those things.
Friday! I read Dallin H. Oaks talk "Protecting the Children" That's a good one. Read it. He talked about how we need our children to grow iup in homes solidified in the bond of marriage. Parents should rarely get divorced. He saied that divorce now is an easy thing that you rarely think twice about. And when children are involved, they are rarely brought into the picture. It was good. I can't summarize it. Just read itl Then we went to our scripture study class. It was awesome! I had what is called by missionaries "the Black noodle" It's basically korean spaghetti. The food that is super common that everyone loves. It's pretty good! I liked it a lot! Then the rest of friday was taken up by weekly planning and making up the study that we missed. That's president morrise's thing. He always wants us to make sure we get all the study time. And honestly I'm so glad. It's worth it.
Saturday was super busy and awesome! We went over to the Hernandez's home. They are an amazing family. The dad isn't a member though. Listen to this. We gave her a bunch of book of mormons on sunday and saturday she had already placed two. Like whhat? So awesome. And he had oil for members to use if they ever didn't have any and needed to give a blessing! What the heck! We gave their daughter a blessing and it just made me so grateful for the priesthood and to have a dad who has it. Because I could get a blessing anytime i needed one. Then I blessed their home! That was super cool. The first time! Then we went to the church to plan our lessons because that was at like 10 that we had to go do that. o we were planning and a kid just comes walking into the church. We start talking to him and we sit down with him then he just starts telling us how we shouldn't believe in the Book of Mormon and all this random stuff. It was crazy. He was crazy! Haha Elder Atkind said he couldn't understand a lot of what he was saying. Gotta love that. It was weird. Then we taught 하유진! It was awesome! W etaught him all of the 2nd lesson that day! Then we went down to 평택 because we were meeting 이천수 and her family. We taught them english and then about God, families and prophets! We gave her and her cute little daughter a book of Mormon and they said they would read it! Super awesome! Ohh haha then we went to this place. It was a little tent restaraunt thing. I was gonna cry. But wasn't about to show it. There were spiders in the ceiling and comin down. Oh so gross. But it was actually pretty good food! Haha Ahh. Then on our way home at the 역 a guy came up to us and we started teaching him about the three kingdoms! So awesome! Seriously, like that was super cool. Things like that make you glad to be a missionary.
Sunday was the last day of the transfer! Nothing too big happened. We taught the two that are going to be baptised! That was awesome. We reviewed baptismal interview questions with 김나영 and taught 하유진 lesson three, or the Gospel. It was awesome. I got to ask a few questions and talk about faith and some other stuff. It was good. :) But yeah! That was our week! It was awesome! I hope you are doing well! From the sound of it, you're doing great! I hope conference was amazing, I'm sure it was it always is! Haha I miss you guys! Can't wait to see you in about 20 months! But at the same time, Korea is home. And its going to be hard to leave. You're awesome. Love you!
Elder Breinholt

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