Friday, October 18, 2013

General Conference! Plus 2 Baptisms comin up!‏

Hey my awesome family! How are you doing? This week was super cool. We got to watch General Conference yesterday and the day before which was so good. Like seriously. Ah. You'll here more about it. :) Anyway! I bought you guys some 마이쮸's! They are like Hi chews just korean. I'm gonna buy more and when I have enough I'll send it. I got your letters on thursday at the combined district meeting thing! So that was cool! It was so goot to hear from you. :) By the way! They took a month! Haha unless you sent them after the date on the letter. Anyway, it was good to read them. :) Monday we went to FHE and to 가정의 밤. That was super cool. We watched the Thomas S. Monson video movie thing "On the Lord's Errand". It is seriously so good. Love it. Then we talked to them about General conference and that they should watch it. Pretty dang awesome. I could really feel the spirit. I know that he is the right man to lead the church. I realized that he has been an apostle longer than mom and dad have been alive. Like dang. That's a long time. Haha seriously. He rocks.
Tuesday we made cookies for our recent convert and one of our investigators. We basically prepared for our Korean class we were teaching all night because that was the first time we were teaching it so we had to figure out what we wanted to do. So we teach americans Korean! How cool is that. I don't know Korean...but I'm teaching it. :) haha so that's cool. It actually makes me feel smart. Like they can't even read....but oh well. It's funny. So we taught them how to read, how the characters are organized and stuff. Then we ran out of time! Oh we also got to go on base and eat at the food court! That was delicious! I had Charley's! We had a sandwich and fries. Like heck yeah. It was so good. haha dang.
Wednesday we left as soon as we woke up! It was a Korean Holiday, not really sure which, so the members threw a party. We went down to 평택호 which is like a super cool area. There is a lake and a park and we hung out with the ward. We played 초구 which is like...volleyball and soccer mixed. Like you're on a court and kick the ball over a net, but it can bounce a few times, you have three hits to get it over. It's awesome haha. It was super super fun. I'm gonna always remember the bishop after each serve. haha so funny. He would be like oh "Nice Suhbuh!" For nice serve. Since they don't have v's, but that's the korean word for serve. So freakin funny. Hahaha oh my gosh. I laughed every time. But eh reason we went to that is because we wanted to hang out with the members and get to know them better so they will give us referrals. Because that's the best way to do missionary work. Plus two of our investigators were there, the two that are being baptized, so that's awesome. After that we went back and had english class! It was cool! but because of the holiday, not too many people came. Like 5 I think. Haha anyway, it was awesome. We wnt over a story with them because they are all pretty good.
Thursday was prtty dang busy! We woke up and did our normal thing. We had to go up to 수원, 곡반장 for the combined district meeting which is where I got their letters. :) Thank you so much for them! They were super aweosme! We got some good advice on talking to as many people as possible and seeing it as, every person you talk to is an offer to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then after that was over we planned our sweet Halloween party as a district. Haha it's gonna be cool. but it's on November 2nd, kinda weird. I'll let ya know more about that when I know more about that haha. Anyway, then we had to come home super fast cuz that place is like an hour and a half away and get to a 식사 with the boggs! They are the people we teach jennifer with, for kenah, she's the one who has the husky. :) So we ate with them and just talked to her. She really loves to talk haha. She doesn't really get a chance to talk to people other than at school, so she loves talking when she gets a chance. :) Then we went to the church to do some Korean Clas stuff when in walks in 정우채. He's a Less active who we tried to visit, but he walks in and tells us he wants to meet with us and practice english, even though he's already really good. And he wants to talk to the guy who used to be the bishop. So that was a miracle! As a missionary, my testimony of the spirit's influence has really grown. He is able to touch people in amazing ways that are incredibly personal to each of us. So cool. The spirit never stops workin. That's for sure.
Friday! In personal study I read the talk "Your Sacred Duty to Minister" by David A Beck or something like that haha. Anyway one thing he said that I liked was how priesthood holders have the duty to serve others, to serve the one. And it doesn't have to be just physically. It can be spiritually and emotionally as well. Then we worked on more Korean class stuff and did weekly planning. That was really our day. haha weekly planning takes forever.
Saturday was General Conference baby! Okay, seriously. They talked about marriage atleast twice each session. And how the world is going to end. haha seriously it's scaring me. But its true. Because the world is moving further and further away from God's standards, and that's not good! Anyway, I think I'll just start tellin ya what i liked! From Saturday Morning: Robert D. Hales - We all have to help each other through this life, no one can do it alone. I felt that in a lot of talks throughout conference. We are here to help each other. From Ulisses Soares that all things are possible with the lord's help. From Edward Dube (How freakin awesome was he by the way?) that we need to trust our leaders and take their counsel into consideration. Also, the lord wants our heart. Then David A. Bednar. Love that man. But one thing I learned from his tithing talk was that we often can't see our blessings without careful examination of our lives. And often times they aren't physical. Also, that we need to be grateful. It allows us to be happy and content in our current circumstances. Then President Uchtdorf. Okay how awesome were both of his talks? Seriously he is hilarious. I love him so much. But from him I learned that the church gives greater healing than any other source in the world. Also, that there isn't just one reason people leave the church. We can never assume, we should jsut help them. Also, Just because you have doubts doesn't mean you stop believeing. Everyone has doubts at certain times in their lives. Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. Saturday Afternoon! Boyd K. Packer. Righteousness will always conquer wickedness. I love that man. he's so cool. Then D. Todd Christofferson. How good was his talk? I learned that mothers can teach powerful lessons no other relationship can. Also, that marriage needs to be valued. Men and women complete each other in marriage. They are equal. I love that. Value women, and value marriage. Then from S. Gifford Nielson. He sounded like a game announcer haha. He taught me that no matter our circumstances that everyone can do good. We all can be a positive influence when we stop worrying about ourselves. From Arnulfo Venuzlo that miracles don't ahve to be big. When we are humble, they will come. Remember, small and simple is how the lord works. Then Timothy J. Dykes. It takes effort to find Christ. Also, one really good thing, is that when we forgive, we must forget. Then it was Holland! Oh my goodness. He always rocks it. He gives the best talks and didn't disappoint with this one. seriously. So good. But I learned that because He trusts us, because He knows we can do it, He gives us trials and he gives them to us often. Also, that no matter what we do, His love for us never changes. He will always love us. Always keep in mind that there are happier days ahead. Be greateful for even the smallest of victories. Cherish everyday, have charity because it will never fail. Find something good in each day, and always be kind. That was the best talk. man. Then it was M. Russell Ballard! When we reach out with love, we have no need to be fearful, people may not accept the gospel or you, but they will never forget the love they felt. When we are seeking to do our best, we will not fail. And the Lord truly does hear our prayers, each one. Then that was it! Dang. I love conference. There's Christmas. Anyway, then we went over to the Hernandez' house because they wanted us to come over. They were having a birthday party for their daughter. They invited all of their friends and we got to meet a bunch of people! They truly understand how missionary work should happen. It doesn't happen just by saying sit down with the missionaries. It happens by building relationships, then seeing if they will listen to us. Like mom said, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." So we had some super good Peruvian food. Anyways, then we went to priesthood session! Ah so good. Love it! Haha dang. I'm sorry. The first speaker wa L. Tom Perry. I learned that we need to live what we learn. And everyone has their own spiritual gifts, we should seek to develop them. THen was Gerald Causse. He taught that Christ never would turn anyone away, so how can I? We need to accept everyone and be a friend to all. Especially those who are maybe a little different than us. THen Robert D. Funk tuaght that we need to be humble, obedient and able to feel the spirit to succeed in misisonary work. Then Dieter F. Uchtdorf again. So funny. He made a reference to the "I've fallen and I can't get up!" Thing. I'm sure you all have seen it. Anyway, I learned that people can do it. Just sometimes they need a little motivation. Then they're in for life. They just need someone to reach out to them. So never give up on people. Then also that we allways need to try to be a little better. Rise up each time we fal and never give into temptation. Also to never lose hope. Anyway, next was cute little Henry B. Eyring. He said that a great priesthood holder is the good samaritan. Who stops and helps those in need until they are well taken care of. The whole purpose of the church is to serve others. Then a talk by president monson! Love that man too. mmm conference. haha. But i learned that whatever we do, we should do it with a smile. Live with no regrets and lift all those around us. Also, Christ never gives up on anyone, so I can't either. Dang. That was just saturday. :) haha I seriously love it. I'm so sorry. Anyway.
Sunday! Whoo! More conference baby. We went to the church greeted some of the members and started it. I'm just gonna do the major highlights after all of that from yesterday. Haha anyways, from Henry B. Eyring, Life is about loving people even when its hard and seems like thy don't deserve it. JJoy is guaranteed to the faithful. Then Dallin H Oaks gave an awesome talk. He talked about how ultimate happiness is within our families. And that marriage is crucial to that. And marriage in god's way. They seriously talked about that like 20 times. Also, we nee dto remember that our challenges are temporary, and we must have courage to stand up for what we blieve no matter what. Then from Richard J. Maynes: This life is about dedication, perserverance and endurance. From Richard G. Scott. No matter how long trials stay, endure it well. Follow the prophet, it will give you great protection. Then from the Prophet. :) Ansers don't come immediately, we have to be patient. Keep the faith He will never leave us alone. Be greatful. We can always be better than we were when we have Him lighing ou path. Then the Afternoon: So I heard there was a fly on some dudes nose, but I never saw it. :( Haha anyways, Quintin L. Cook was first. I learned that we need to stop wasting our time on things that don't matter so much like video games, TV, facebook, twitter and spend it on things that actually matter like spending time with family and loved ones. Also, again that children need mothers in thier lives. Then Neil L. Andersen. The priesthood enriches our lives and women give insight that no man could. From Adrian Ochoa, to stay focesed, look at warning signs, and remember to always look up. Then from Terence M. Vinson that we need to love God and have hHim as a close friend. Then it was Russell M. Nelson's turn! I like him too. Really all of the apostles rock. Anyway I learend that we need to remember that we are all children of God. We can learn to build up resistance against temptation. All things in this life are gifts, including death. We were each chosen to come to earth at this exact time for a reason. It is important and one of our main purposes to receive a body, but it is far more important to develop our spirital gifts while we are here. Also again, that Mariage is the key to eternal life and happiness. Like dang. I love conference. Oh hey. Inbetween the sessions we had our last lesson with 하유진! His baptismal interview is on wednesday! Whoo! So we taught him about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. haha kinda funny to teach that to a 10 year old. but it was awesome. :) Then 김나영 finally had her baptismal interview! She's gonna finally get baptized! So awesome! I'm so excited for both of them. :) So that happened on Sunday as well. I don't have too many pictures to send this week...aka like 1 or two. I'll try to be better about it, it's just hard sometimes. Haha anyway. I love you guys! I hope you had a good week! So good to hear that BYU won again! Seriously that's awesome. Haha I'm so proud of em. :) Love you all! Have an awesome week!
Elder Breinholt

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