Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Mission Rocks!!

Hello my awesome family! It sounds like you had an awesome birthday kenah! Keep drivin mom and dad crazy with that Ukelele. :) Haha that's really fun that you guys got to go up to Utah state to see Alynn and Kira and also watch Anja's soccer game. :) Oh of course it was fun for alynn to spend her money. ;) Um if you could actually send me some deodorant, that'd be great. They don't have it here. Like Koreans don't wear deodorant. They wear cologne. So yeah... Haha other than that actually if they have come out with the 2013 mini scriptures I would love a set of those. Just like the triple and Bible separate. That can be my Christmas present. ;) We got transfer calls on Saturday night and our entire district is staying the same except for we are getting two new elders in 안성, the furthest area away from the mission home haha. So that's cool! I love everyone in our district they rock.
Alright so this week I'm just going to go over the highlights and not a day by day thing. Mostly because Elder Atkin got a pretty dang bad cold so we didn't have too many opportunities this week. So that was sad. Anyway, first highlight! I went to a 목욕탕! which translates to bathouse. Haha it was super cool. Just a buunch of guys chillin in a bunch of hot tubs. I'll be honest, I've never felt that clean in my life and my hands have never been that soft, you know what that means haha. Then we went to FHE and that was super fun! I shared the same thing that alynn told me too and it was super good! That's a way good idea! I learned that really, it is our families and the Church that give us the most happiness, peace and joy. Without Family, this life really isn't nearly as happy as it can be.
Wednesday at our combined zone meeting. hahaa this one is awesome. We were watching this clip from the district on stress and this sister was like "these people are speaking spanish and I can't understand a word they're saying, it's my 3rd day, I was so stressed" President Morrise pauses it. Turns to all of us and says, "Now when spanish speakers say stuff like that, don't you just want to say 'Wow what a baby!'" Hahaha we all died. because its so true. Spanish speakers have no idea how easy they have it. That day we also taught Julie. She's the lady who took us to that nice chinese restaraunt i sent pictures from. She really has a hard time seeing anything with faith. Everything has to be historically correct and make sense. It's so hard. She has faith i know she does! Otherwise she wouldn't be meeting with us. But I learned that without faith, no matter how strong the spirit is, they will never believe. Also another thing I learned is that as missionaries we have to gain trust not only from the members to be successful, but from the lord. We have to show him that we will act on the promptings he gives us and that we will always be obedient. Because then the success can come.
Thursday we taught Jennifer Stoy. She's the lady we met with last week. Say hello to our newest progressing investigator! She read the 소개장 just like we asked. That's the introduction by the way. And she's been praying multiple times a day. So awesome. We taught her about prophets and why it is important to have one guide us today. And boy did I learn that this week. She's so prepared. She really wants something and she feels like this is it. So i hope she continues to read. Oh I read a talk by D. Todd Christofferson that I think should be given in every single priesthood it's that good. He talked about how more and more guys are just sitting around and being passed up by women. They are way more likely to drop out of school and there is a common attitude to not want to become anything. He said men especially in the church and cannot sit around and waste their time. They need to educate themselves past high school and prepare themselves to provide well for their families, be examples in our home church and neighborhood. It seriously is so good. I would reccomend reading it. Then I read a talk by Dieter F. Uchtdorf on Regrets and Resolutions. He said that people's biggest regrets are that they waste too much time on things that really don't mean the most to them. They all wished they would have spent more time with the people they love and that mean the most to them. So true. I can understand that. I miss you guys. Everyone so much. But that's okay, because Korea deserves it. :)
Saturday we had Sean's baptism! Sean is the other Elders investigator. He is from new york and is here with the army. It was so awesome. He literally was so prepared. The Lord does prepare people. If the situation didn't happen exactly like it did, he never would have found the gospel. His girlfriend, now fiancee i might add, was going to go on a mission but her parents refused and didn't let her. That was super super hard on her. So a few months went by and she even went less active because of it. Long story, not a lot of time. Anyway, she called the missionaries one day and introduced them to Sean. If it wasn't for that, Sean never would have been found! So yeah. Also I read a bunch of conference talks. Needless to say I'm so jealous you get to watch it this weekend. I have to wait because it comes a week later here so they can translate it. :((( Haha i am dying. It's going to be Christmas. So pumped! But some things I learned. From PResident Eyring's talk "Where is the Pavilion?" I learned that we think that the lord hides himself, when really He doesn't. He's always there for us happy to be there. But we don't follow his will. We don't submit our will to His and that's when the pavilion comes. We put it there. Another talk by him that I really liked was "Come unto Me" I learned that the savior won't give us everything we want and ask for. But he will give us everything we need to get through. And that's super amazing. We are so blessed. Then I read "Lord, I Believe" again by Holland. It was so awawesome. Seriously. Like he rocks. But one thing this time that touched me in particular was just a scripture. "Lord I believe, help thou my unbelief." Because i think that is me all the time. Haha like I believe i do! But I need help to believe even more. To be even more truly converted.
Sunday rocked! President Morrise was in our church! He came to speak to the Korean Ward. Even sister Morrise spoke! By the way! About half of her talk was in Korean! So cool! Haha it was awesome. Anyway, Sunday we went to a 시사 with Brother Khan. Amazing story. He had been inactive for 13 years. He runs into Elder Wedam and Pruner and Home Plus and that was all he needed. He's been back at church every week and even gave a talk this week! So flipin awesome. He's an inspiration haha. But from the lesson that Elder Wedam taught and just from our conversations with him. He was muslim and a super rich one at that. LIke there aren't very many people that have given up what he had to give up to join the church. But I learned that God really is a God of Miracles. He does still perform them. Though often they aren't anything like healing someones blindness, though sometimes it can be. They most often times come in small things. I consider it a miracle that families can be close. Like the fact that families grow closer everyday through the gospel, thats a miracle everyday. The fact that I am on a mission right now, that's a miracle. They still happen. We just have to look for them. And that's what I've learned this week. It was a good one. I feel like from this one week alone I've grown a lot. I have lots of pictures to send so you'll like that. :) Ok! I better go. Love you so much!
Elder Breinholt

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