Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 27, 2013

Alright so this week. :) We went down to the actual city of 평택 and i bought a sweet nike jacket for my winter thing. It's getting kinda cold here! Not too bad, but some days are pretty cold. We looked around for more winter stuff, but we couldn't really find any. So we'll probably look more next week. That's about it for monday. haha nothing too exciting. Then Tuesday we  studied and did our normal thing. Elder Atkin and Pruner were sick so we left them at the apartment and went down to 펴택역 and just kinda talked to people for a while! That was some fun. haha it was kinda hard but that's okay. But then we came back and taught Korean class! I seriously love teaching that. That's what I'm gonna miss most about this area. Oh we get transfer calls this saturday! So if I'm leaving you'll know the next time you hear from me! Anyway, we taught them the other version of numbers. I think I've told you guys that they have two number systems. But yeah. I feel super smart when I can actually teach people. Like they didn't even know how to count. So that made me feel good. :) Wednesday we had district meeting and english class. Before every district meeting we have lunch as a district. I got 치즈라면. Aka what you bought me when I was in the MTC with cheese. It's pretty delicious. I'm getting more and more used to spicy food. My nose still runs and stuff, but I've gotten used to it haha. But that was delicious. They really like us there. It's called 김밥전국. Or Kimbab Chunguk. They're everywhere. But we go to the same one all the time so they'll give us aloe drink and stuff, pretty awesome. :) But then we had the meeting thing. After it, the Quigley's, one of the american families, were moving to Oklahoma so they couldn't take any food home with them so we got to take their food! We came home with three boxes. Funny story. Right when we were getting out of the taxi, the bottom of my box gives out. Everything rolls all over the street, it was super embarassing. Haha it was pretty funny. Anyway, then we had English class which was super cool. Elder Dewey was there, he's new in our district, and he is like 6'5. haha everyone loved it. So funny. We had a new guy come. He was 16 and his name was 현대인, or modern times person. Super cool name right? So that was fun. :)
Thursday! We went to that 유가내 place for lunch again. So good. Haha we went there today with one of the members. He rocks. It is 김용환's brother 김용호. 김용환 is the cute big kid that i sent a picture with. :) Anyway, then we made some english flyers and posted those up every where. We talked to a cool old guy who acted pretty interested, but he told us he didn't have a phone number. But...we weren't to sure about that. Most old people have just as nice of smart phones as the kids do. Oh! It's only like 10 dollars a month here for 초등학교 (elementary) kids to have a smart phone. how crazy is that?! SO a lot of the time like 10 year olds have smart phones. Super crazy. Anyway, then we wnet to the bogg's for a 식사. If you guys remember Jennifer she's the one we teach with the Boggs. But she couldn't make it sadly. We had like white sauce noodles. Delicious. I love american food. I shared the thought at that. It was on 3 Nephi 11. About how it took 3 times before the people looked up. They hear a voice and try to look around them to find out who it came from, but can't recognize it. Same thing the 2nd time. It wasn't until the third time that they were able to understand it. And it's because they looked up. So I just shared that we need to remember to always look up. When we need answers, we have to look up or we won't receive them. Then we went to the church because Elder Atkin had to have an interview for his temple recommend before it expires. That was cool. We got to see President Morrise! He rocks.
Friday was another normal day as a missionary! But I read Uchtdorf's talk...again. haha we need the new liahona's so that I can read the new conference talks. Anyway, it was the Of Regrets and Resolutions one. So something that stuck out to me that time was when he talks about finding something good--something to cherish--in each day. I sort of extended that to people and I think that that made it powerful. That we need to always try to find good in others because it is super easy to find the bad. Anyway, I thought that was cool. So then we had weekly planning after we went to Pizza School! Gotta love that party. haha it's really not that bad. Anyway, then we went over to the Hernandez's for dinner. Theey are seriously so awesome. The perfect example of a member missionary. She's like yeah I was talking to my friend and I bore my testimony to her and now she wants a book of mormon so do you guys think that you can get me one in Thai? Also, I just got here, so I'm gonna need some more Korean and English and spanish book of mormons. Keep in mind that we gave her like 5 of each earlier. Haha it never is going to end with that lady. She's awesome. Then we come home and we got a call from a guy named 김영호. He's like hey so...I want to learn from you guys do you think you could meet? Do you think you could meet tomorrow at 10 AM? Haha we were like heck yeah! He used to be an investigator but got too busy with work, so he had to drop. But. Now he's out of that and wants to learn! So we do english and gospel with him. Get this. We go to meet him. And this baptism that had been put off and put off happened to be at 10 AM that saturday. So we were in a room talking to him and we were like oh they are all going to watch a baptism! He's like hey oh can I watch?? We were like of course! Haha it was so awesome. So, that could have been why it was put off for so long. For that one moment. The lord is in control guys.
But saturday! So we met 김영호 like I told you. We taught him english for a while and asked him to read the introduction to the Book of Mormon which he said he would. So we'll see how it goes! :) After we met him we went the that 김밥전국 place again. So delicious. Haha then we had our 경전공부 반! Or scripture study class. That was a lot of fun! I'm gonna be honest, I can understand about 10% of what is said, but I can keep up. haha it's hard. Love it though. Just gotta keep studying. It's really hard to push myself to study here though. Just because we have all of our American members, and we only have lessons every once in a while, like 3 times a week that I have to study for...but just gotta stay motivated. :) Then we had the American Branch's halloween party! That was so cool! Jace will like this. One kid dressed up as a minecraft guy. It was actually super cool. He looked like just like a person from minecraft. I wish I would have gotten a picture. But he just put a box on his head that was designed perfectly to look like a minecraft guy. Cool. Anyway. That was a lot of fun. Those members are super cool.
Sunday! We were pretty dang busy in the Military Branch! That's never happened in there before haha. They asked us to teach a gospel principles class to some new people because the Ward Mission leader typically teaches it but he wasn't there. Anyway that was fun. Then haha coolest thing ever. We got to teach the primary kids I am a child of god in Korean. So cool. 난하나님의 자녀. That was intense. Haha it was a lot of fun. Those kids are loud. Oh it was the primary program! So flippin cute. Dang primary kids. Then we went to the Korean ward where 김나영 got confirmed! I got to stand in on the circle thing...yeah didnt understand a word that was said haha. Like...dang. Well I understood her name. That's about it. 하유진 didn't come for some reason. So I've learned that sometimes students have to go to school on sundays. Like it's required. How terrible is that?! Dang. Anyway, but that was awesome. So we went through church and then we had the 식사 with all of the members since it was the 4th sunday. That was delicious. Some curry stuff. It was really good. Anyway, then we went back and made up studies for like an hour before we had to get down to 평택 to meet Ted! He's 김나영's uncle. He's been inactive for like 20 years, same with his mom. But the mom said that after the baptism she wants to come back to church. It's just so far, which it is, also she's busy. So we are going to stop by there some more and just check up on em. But ted is like the coolest guy ever. He's super good at english and super stylish. He's way cool. So we talked to them and had some dinner. It was super fun. :)
That was our week! Pretty dang awesome! We have a lot of cool people here. I really don't want to leave. But if I do, it'll be okay. It'll be what the lord wants. :) I love all of you! Keepin on keepin on!
Elder Breinholt

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